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BlackBerry Help and How To Video Tutorials

BlackBerry Help and How To Video Tutorials


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Welcome to's Gallery of BlackBerry How-To Video Tutorials!

New to BlackBerry? Like to learn via video? Then you've landed in the right place! Follow the links above to discover BlackBerry tips, tricks, how-tos and tutorials that will help you to unlock the potential of your BlackBerry. 

For more BlackBerry help videos, be sure to visit's youtube channel.

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BlackBerry Help and How To Video Tutorials


Got a second hand BB Q5 Found out belatedly that a BB ID has been registered into the device. How can I change this. Hope to get help here.

why did BlackBerry supply such a limited number of tones, alarms, notifiers, etc.. on the BlackBerry z10 as opposed to my Torch? To make things work, I cannot download free ringtones for BB z10 on any site or from any app

I have reached the max for pictures on my BB Bold 9900 and I have downloaded them all to my computer and want to delete them off my phone all at one time as there are 2335 pictures. How is this done? I do not see a delete all option.

good day
I have a blackberry 7980 and i just want to know is there a device update for it yet, and what are the best apps for this phone????????

I got a new unlocked blackberry bold 9930 free from Verizon and trying to use with my son tmobile sim the voice works well but the internet will not work on the device Tmobile need help with make this work. have data plan on sim .

All my applications from my Media folder have been moved onto my home screen after downloading a theme. I didn't like the theme so i deleted it, and now all of my Media applications are on my home screen and i am unable to move then or do anything with them, i've tried re-booting. I really want them back in that Media folder, please help.

Megan B. Lowery
Does anyone know how to use their BB without the trackball? my trackball came out and I need my phone until I can order another trackball? If so please give me some information so that I can use my BB!! I am soo lost without my BB!! thx

my blackberry pearl 8120 phone camera and video won't work everytime i would click the right convenience key it would state "Could not start the camera. Close other applications and try opening the camera again." please help me with this problem. thank you


How to properly clean keyboard on your balckberry, I have a 9300 and I wonder if I can use a toothbrush and alcohol ????

how can i email a friend videos . the send/share isn't in my menu for videos in media?
bold 9700

I have a Curve 8900. Is there any way to set a different tone for email, a different tone for text, and one for calls?

every time my phone rings it shows the previous caller. How do I change it to show the person calling?

i really need someone to help me with my connections on my blackberry bold 9700... if you how to do this please help me....
it catches the wifi but it's not saved for when i go to the wifi area...

I downloaded some ringtones from here and I wanted to put them on my BB Storm 9350. When I plug my phone into my computer, though, nothing shows up. I can't figure it out.

I have a blackberry bold v4.6.0.303 (platfrm and i have been trying to upgrade it to v5 but it just would work. I tried following the videos on Youtube but it lead me to no where and i am very disappointed. So is there anyone who can help me out with this issue. Id be very thankful

i need help on unlocking my blackberry curve 8350i i forgot my password and now i cant get in . if someone knows a master password or something please let me know id appreciate it . Thanks in advance!

i have the blackberry curve 8520,and it's hard trying to get ringtones in my phone. i followed the instruction some1 gave me and told e to send them 2 my email i did that but instead of being in y ringtones it is saved in2 my music.... plz help i tried many diffrent ways and im getting a headace!!

i have a blackberry curve 9300. and a macbook pro laptop. and a wireless router.. im pretty sure i have tryed everything to get wi fi onto my bb but when i enter the PIN into the router and click connect this popup comes up saying it could not connect and i have to change my settings and i have to check with the administrator... please help me!! X(

For months I could upload by clicking FB, but for some reason it will not work anymore. Can somebody please help me to remedy this problem. My children are not having a problem doing it from there phones. We all have BB Curve 8330. Thanks!

I cannot get the video I took with my BB 9650 to play. I copied the files to my computer to use Adobe Premire by the file formate REM is not recognised. Is there an application to convert these files? Please help I captured awesome video I need to use!


After watching the video on how to take the back off, my smart friend successfully removed the old trackball and input the new trackball. He put everything back as the video explained yet two of the keys won't work. Any suggestions? Phone is no longer under warranty from blackberry. It's the blackberry 8900.


I cant get video from web to play on my bb 8330. i need step by step instructions on how to mess with my phone so i can watch web videos. please help me!

So I cracked my 8350i and everything is working except I can't make calls! It says the code or number I've dialed in incorrect. Can someone PLEASE help me with this? Thanks in advance!!!! Charlie

I purchased a wallpaper for my Verizon Blackberry 8830.
How do you download it to my phone from my pc?
Don't know much about a blackberry

I am trying to get an older 7130e blackberry reactivated however my carrier is unable to. The SDMA service program edit screen has a message pop up "could not read data". Anyone have any ideas? I have done "wipe handheld".

Is there an app i can use to watch live streaming video on my tour and also can transfer videos to my memory and watch them?

Why is it that when I delete something on my phone it doesn't delete on my email account on my laptop and vice versa. My husband has a droid and whatever he does on his phone and in his emails files, specifically Gmail, it happens on his phone and vice-versa. Can you help. Does the Blackberry have the same software as it relates to email accounts and connections?

I downloaded a them from I thought that it would be in Options, Themes but it's not there. What would I do now? This is kinda frustrating>

i set a password on my blackberry and i would like to turn it off, and have tried all ways to turn it off but when i get to general settings there is NO option to disable the password. there is a small red icon of a padlock next to the selection "Enable". how do i turn it off?

i dont know how to access my blackberry software manager,,,, i dont have internet so i am doing it with usb cable and nothing is happening

How do I sync my Blackberry calendar with my desktop calendar. I have heard I should use the Google Calendar on my desktop but I don't know how to set up the Blackberry calendar to sync with the desk top.

for me I had to go to gmail and hunt down the google app and install it on my phone. I forget where exactly I found it but it was in the section of more things for google. once I downloaded the app you click it and follow the prompts and it sync's it up. *looks for link real quick* ok here's the link I found. I hope it helps:
if it does not I got it by going to gmail then to my calender and then clicking the sync link at the top right hand corner. it took me to the page I posted the link to. thats all the mobile sync stuff for calender. I hope its what you need.

hi, i would like to know how to see youtube on my bb 9000. i tried everything and i can't do it. pls help. the message error that appears is: an error has occured attempting to play media. thx

I was trying to add my bb to my home network map but my bb is not displaying the IP address so I can't configure it.
How do I get the IP Address back on my blackberry 8350i?

I am not tech savvy, so I didn't expect to have any problems at all the first time I attempted to do this. That being said is there any resource material online or otherwise to walk me through step by step so that I understand the basics of transferring media files. The Blackberry 101 demonstrator is great if you are tech savvy,but I found it frustrating when I first attempted to transfer files. Any guidance would be appreciated,regards,Phil.

Hello My husband and I use Ubuntu linux on our pc's so of course the soft ware we got with our BBc8530's did not work.
So we had file transfer issues as well. I will share how we got around it in hopes it helps you and others. I dont know about your phone but ours has a removable micro sd chip. So we got the micro sd chip adapter. you slide the tiny card into the normal sized card. now our pc's have sd slots. you might need to get a usb sd card reader if yours does not.
we then put the card into our pc and tell it to open. there we find pre-made folders that are titled ringtones, music, documents, etc. so we just drag and drop the file we want into the correct folder and thats it. we tell it to unmount/eject and then stick it back in the phone.

I really hope that helps

well all i did was plug my bb into the computer, theres somthing u can download from and u get it on ur desktop and i just went into the music file. clicked the songs i wanted and dragged them into the file. hope this helps

Kimmi, how do I download the free ringtones onto my BB ? When I click on Download now it wants to save it to my computer but I don't know what to do from there, I am not very computer savy so I don't even know what drag to means can you help me ??
Thanks Barbara

yes you can at least you can on my phone BB curve 8530.
I had to change the sounds on my phone as my Husband and I have the same phones and it started getting comical when one phone would go off we'd both jump! LMAO
Lets see if I can walk you threw it....
go to your sounds Icon. there you can select a profile....
scroll down toll you see "set ring tones/alerts
in there you will find where you can change the sounds. Also understand that you can scroll down in the Sounds section to Edit profiles and in that you can set all kinds of things. I have a different profile for when I am sleeping and a louder one for when I am awake. in the sleeping profile I have all alerts shut off except for phone calls.
I hope this helps.