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Cortado Flight Mode allows users to download emails prior to turning off data connections

Ever been sitting on the plane mid-flight when you decided to pull out your BlackBerry and catch up on reading some emails, only to realize that half of them have not fully downloaded, and with no data connection you can't fetch the rest? Don't worry, you aren't alone. It happens to a lot of people, as we never really think about it because generally we have a data connection and we can download the extra. Luckily the folks at Cortado have created a simple way to solve this issue.

Cortado Flight Mode is a great application that allows users to switch their device to Flight Mode by turning off all wireless connections, but it is delayed by a user defined interval (set standard to 60 seconds) allowing recent mail to continue to pull from the server and store on your device. By pulling the mail from the server, users will no longer be stuck with only part of the email on their device wishing they could read the rest, instead they will have the contents of the email, but attachments will not automatically be downloaded. Fear not, if you are a heavy email user, you can set it to only pull contents of emails from the last 24 hours, or light users can remove that cap and have it set to pull all of them. Upon landing, simply launch the application again and it will re-establish your connections for you and you are good to go. For only $1.99 this is a great application for those e-mail hungry, travel happy individuals.

More information / purchase of Cortado Flight Mode

AT&T finally approving BlackBerry Bridge (doesn't allow for free browsing!)


Remember when the PlayBook was released, and everyone was all giddy to go and download BlackBerry Bridge was soon as it was live, only to realize that AT&T customers were not supported? Well, after what feels like an eternity it appears as though today AT&T customers will have the ability to download the application officially through BlackBerry App World. Users will be able to access information that is coming to their BlackBerry device, such as emails and calendars, free of charge, but if you want to use the web you will be forced to sign up for the $20 tethering package. Keep in mind, you can still download the "unofficial" version from right here but AT&T could still try to charge you in order to get tethering to work.

Source: AllThingsD

Update - It's official, folks. A tethering plan will be required for web browsing, and full information on the release can be found here

American Airlines application now available for BlackBerry devices

American Airlines has officially announced the release of their BlackBerry application today, which is aimed to help users flying their airline have a much better experience and give them all the information they need while on the go. Whether a frequent flyer, or an occassional traveler, navigating airports while trying to keep informed about the status of your flight, your departure gate, and whatever else is going on can be a daunting task, but now American Airlines users can stay informed of all of this while on the go, all from their BlackBerry devices. This free application is available for BlackBerry devices running OS5 and OS6, and while it doesn't show official support for the BlackBerry Storm, it will work on the device.

Download the American Airlines application from your BlackBerry

Check those pesky OBD-II trouble codes from anywhere with your BlackBerry


Whether you are a full time mechanic, or just a hobbyist, keeping track of all the different OBD-II codes for various vehicles is a nearly impossible task, and while not everyone wants to keep their laptops handy with them, odds are you do have your BlackBerry with you. If this is the case for you, then we have just the app for you, OBD-II Trouble Code Lookup, which allows users to access nearly 11,000 diagnostic trouble codes while on the fly right from their device. Simply select the make of your vehicle (over 20 brands recognized currently), and the code that you have, followed by pressing the search and just like that you are finding out what is going on. The application will create a pop up that tells you what the issue is, then give you an option to dismiss the pop up, or search the web which will give you even more information on the issue. If you are into cars, and like to get hands on and do things yourself, this is a must spend $1.99 for you.

More information / download of OBD-II Trouble Code Lookup 

Easily add new numbers to your contacts with Add to Existing Contacts (ATEC)


One thing that has always bothered me was receiving a call from a friend that was not from the number I had stored for them, whether it was an alternate, or secondary number, and trying to add that to their existing contact card was quite a pain. Luckily, gone are the days of writing it down to edit the contact from another screen, or copying and pasting to add it, instead meet ATEC, or Add to Existing Contact. The folks at MRythm Technologies must have also felt our pain, and that is what inspired them to make the experience easier for all BlackBerry users, and for that we are very thankful.

The process is quite simple, after receiving a phone call from a number you wish to add, press the menu button then select Add to Existing Contact, and from there you can replace the old number you have stored, or add it in addition, and you can select what type of number it is as well, be it cell phone, work, home, etc. Just like that you have added an additional phone number to a contact of your address book, without ever having to leave your phone application. The application is available for $2.49, which is a small price to pay for the added convenience that this brings.

More information / download of Add to Existing Contacts

Keep safe in the car with Speed Limit Alarm


Ever start driving down the highway, music blasting, windows down and next thing you know you look down and you are going 15 to 20 over the speed limit? Don't worry, you aren't the only one, sometimes it is to easy to get in the zone, and want to just go without checking the speedometer, but gone are those days. Speed Limit Alarm is a great app for any BlackBerry lover who spends a lot of time in the car, and the concept behind it is quite simple. The application contains a built in analog speedometer which users can set the speed of the designated roads (prior to begining your journey to keep it safe) and if your vehicle reaches this speed and exceeds it the device will beep alerting the driver they have exceeded the limit. For 99 cents this is a great safety application that should be installed on every BlackBerry to ensure that while on the roads you are alert and aware of your speed easily.

More information / purchase of Speed Limit Alarm from AppWorld

TuneIn Radio Pro spices up on the go radio with tons of features - 50 copies to be won!

Having music in my pocket with me while on the go is definitely something that I find to be a necessity, and while I don't like to load my SD card up with tons of music, I do like to have a variety with me in case I am in the mood for something different at that time. Some local radio stations play quite a nice mix of music around me so at times I find myself wanting to listen to the radio, but while not near a car or a desk it can be a bit hard -- that is until TuneIn Radio. We have previously talked about TuneIn Radio, but they now have a Pro version which allows users to record the radio content or to pause the live radio if they wish, which are pretty handy features for users on the go. Whether a casual radio listener, or a music lover, this is a must have for all BlackBerry devices!

More information / purchase of TuneIn Radio Pro

Contest: We have 50 copies of TuneIn Radio Pro to give away courtesy of TuneIn! To enter, leave a comment below. One entry per person please, contest ends this Sunday at Midnight. Good luck!  

Snakes Classic brings back mobile gaming memories

Remember the days of Snake being the only game on your cell phone, and competing with your friends to see who could muster up the highest score? While gaming on mobile devices has come quite a long way, sometimes it is nice to go back and enjoy the simple classics that got us started. Snakes Classic is a great free game for your BlackBerry device that brings you right back to those days with a fun game. Users can configure the speed of the game, so you are able to start of slow to get back in the grove, and then speed it up as you get used to it again, and users can also configure the keypad controls, which will allow you to select buttons which are easy for you to reach and remember. If you want to kick it old school for a little, and enjoy some throwback memories, be sure to download your free copy from AppWorld today.

More information / download of Snakes Classic 

Stream your favorite mixtapes on the go with DatPiff Mobile for BlackBerry

Music has always been a huge part of my life, and with an ever changing taste, and constant changes in musical taste I have found that mixtapes have become a personal favorite for myself. For me downloading and syncing music to my mobile device has never been something that I was interested in as I always forget to keep it up to date with the latest stuff I have downloaded, but those days are no more. DatPiff Mobile is a great application for users which allows you to stream mixtapes on the go, watch music videos from the site, as well as rate, search and favorite mixtapes for easy finding on the computer. Unfortunately the application is not compatible with the BlackBerry Torch, (though if you download the Storm version from their site it will work) and they are still in the process of developing their BlackBerry PlayBook version, but if you have a non-touch screen device, be sure to head to AppWorld and download your copy for free today!

More information / download of DatPiff Mobile

Wedding Organizer for BlackBerry Smartphones; keeping couples sane one task at a time

It should come as no suprise to anyone, there is a whole lot of stuff that goes into the planning of a wedding, and it can be rather easy to overlook something that needs to be done if you are not meticulous and extremely organized. No one wants to carry around a notepad with them everywhere they go so they know what has been done, and what needs to be done, so why not just keep all the information in your beloved BlackBerry since it is always with you anyways.

Inside the Wedding Organizer application you will find 172 tasks (told you there was a lot) organized into 17 categories such as attire, beauty, honeymoon and more, which allow you to focus on a single section if you want, or just complete the tasks randomly. Each task is given a timeframe for the completion, which is based on how far before the wedding it should be done, like 2 to 3 months or the day before, allowing you to know where you stand at all times. If the 172  tasks included aren't enough you are able to add your own to the list so you can ensure that you don't miss anything for your big day. So if you are in the planning stages, or plan to be popping the big question soon pick up your very own copy of Wedding Organizer for only $2.99 from the CrackBerry Store while it is on sale.

More information / purchase of Wedding Organizer

BlackBerry Bold 9900 simulator surfaces online

Since not all of us were able to attend BlackBerry World this year that means that we all had to live out the Bold 9900, and OS7 through our computer screens by watching hands on videos from those who were lucky enough to play with it. If you have been dying to get your hands on OS7 and see how it differs from OS6, and to get a little alone time with the 9900, you can now simulate that relationship with the device simulator. So, if you aren't out with the family at a bbq, or doing something else this Memorial Day weekend give it a download and check it out for yourself.

    Click here to download the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Device Simulator 
      Source: N4BB

      Count your calories on the go with Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal

      Now a days it is very important to many to watch what they are eating, and to ensure that they are getting the proper amount of nutrients during the day, and without having intense knowledge about it knowing what to eat and what to substitute can be a bit difficult. At the end of March the folks at MyFitnessPal LLC brought their extremely popular Calorie Counter application to BlackBerry devices, and it is a great tool to help you manage your caloric intake on a daily basis. Initiail set up is quite simple, they ask for you height, current weight, goal weight, and your activity level, then after selecting how much weight you want to lose per week it will set a calorie goal for you per day.

      Simply add the foods, drinks and snacks you have throughout the day as you consume them, and add any type of extra activities you are doing, be it a walk, run, or any other cardio activity, and it will update accordingly. Users can weigh themselves every night, and enter the information which will generate a weight loss graph for you, and also after all foods for the day have been entered, and you select to submit them, it will tell you how much you would weigh if you continued to eat like you did that day in five weeks. For a free application, this offers plenty of features, and is a huge help for anyone who needs a bit of extra help in shedding some extra pounds they have been carrying around, so be sure to grab your very own copy from AppWorld today.

      More information / download of Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal

      Ladies, track your period on the go with Period Calendar Deluxe

      Something that many ladies like to keep track of is their fertility window, and marking it on home calendars is great, but while on the go it is easy to forget. Not everyone wants reminders of it on their personal or work calendars, and lucky for you the folks at MobiDala have created Period Calendar Deluxe to help you track all the vital information while on the go.  While it may seem a bit silly to have an application like this you would be surprised at how much information is tracked by users in the application, giving you a much better understanding of it, and what to expect and when each month.

      Users can track the start and end dates, levels of cramping, temperatures, days which birth control is taken and much much more. The calendar will show which dates of the cycle are most fertile, and it even claims that it can show which days are most likely to conceive boys vs girls, and also help predict a due date. While some of these features are a bit much for the average user, it can be much simpler by allowing you to just add your information to keep track of just the cycles. Once recorded the data can be saved and extracted as a .csv file to view on the computer if you wish. If you want to keep track of your cycle while on the go, be sure to grab Period Calendar Deluxe from the CrackBerry Store for $3.99 while it is on sale!

      More informations / purchase of Period Calendar Deluxe

      BlackBerry 101: Importing picture folders on BlackBerry 6

      Whether you are upgrading your current device from a 5.0 OS to a 6.0 version, or you upgraded to a new device completely which is running BlackBerry 6, odds are that when you made the change not all of your picture folders were showing by default. When I made the switch the same happened to me, and I was rather nervous thinking the information was lost, but it wasn't and once the device is plugged into the PC it is all visible. Instead of moving the media into a folder that is showing, getting these additional folders to show is quite simple.

      1. Open your pictures application
      2. Press menu
      3. Scroll to import pictures
      4. Select folders which you want to show
      5. Accept the changes
      Pretty simple process, and then all your folders will be showing again. If at any point you want to hide that entire folder you can simply do the same process except this time you will remove the check mark which will remove it from public view. We have previously taken a look at how to hide and show single pictures, but this is an easy way to do it for the whole folder now. Enjoy!

      Review: HellBent Top Pouch Case 9650 - Leave a comment to win one!

      Leave a comment to win a HellBent case for your device! Keep reading for details.

      For me nothing beats the feel of a BlackBerry device without a case or anything on it, but unfortunately I don't always enjoy carrying the device around with me like that. Having to insert and remove the device from my pocket constantly opens up a whole lot of potential for it to get scratched up, and become old looking (big fear of mine). Predicaments like this leave little room for possibilities of what to use, but luckily there are quite a few holsters that are available to provide protection while not in use, but allow the naked style feel of the device while it is in use. While looking around, deciding which of them to purchase the HellBent Top Pouch Case caught my attention for a few reasons, so I decided to give it a chance. Hit the break with me to check out this case with a little more detail.

      QuickSlide lets you easily lock and unlock your Torch without any buttons

      Ever slip your BlackBerry Torch into your pocket or purse without remembering to lock it, and the next thing you know you have made a phone call, or browsing the web? Well, you are not alone and the folks at Boardwalk Mobile were feeling the same pain and have decided to do something aobut it. QuickSlide is the latest application from Boardwalk Mobile and the concept behind it is to lock your device for you without the need to press any buttons, or launch any applications each time you want to put the device away.

      After installing QuickSlide users can customize how long after the screen goes off for it to be locked, and boom, just like that the device will lock. There are also options that allow you to exclude applications from this, so if you were in the browser and the screen times out, you are able to resume activity without unlocking the device. Unlocking is quite simple, all you have to do is slide the device open, or by pressing the back button twice. The best part about the application is that it is as simple as installing it, setting it up, and then it does the rest for itself, and you no longer have to deal with that over sensitive lock button.

      More information / purchase of QuickSlide

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      Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones!

      Enter to win a set of Bluetooth headphones for your BlackBerry! Keep reading for details.

      Often times when looking for new accessories for your favorite BlackBerry devices most of the time is spent looking for a case, a dock or a new battery -- but one thing that is usually forgotten about is a nice set of Bluetooth headphones for while on the go. Many of us love musi and love our BlackBerry, and with Pandora, TuneIn Radio, or any of the other great options that are available, we are not always in ideal places to be able to listen to the music through the speaker of the device. Whether in the airport, on a bus, train or sitting in the office with a few minutes of down time, you most likely don't want to blast your music for others to hear, so why not carry around a set of Bluetooth headphones with you while on the go?

      Most of us are used to the constant tangles and all the time spent trying to figure out the nasty knots that are created by carrying around conventional headphones, but those days are gone, as you can simply pick up a set of Bluetooth headphones, and be wireless while on the go. With up to six hours of play / talk time, and four days of standby time these are perfect to charge and throw in your bag to carry around with you for those random times you may need it. In addition to being able to listen to music with them, if you get a phone call the music player will pause, and you will be able to field your phone call right from the same headset, which is great because you don't have to take them off and put them on each and every time. If music is a part of your life, and you enjoy listening on the go and want to remove all the wires from your life, Bluetooth headphones are a must have for you.

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      Review: iGrip Cigarette Lighter Mount for the 9650

      When driving around in my car I don't always have one dedicated place that I place my BlackBerry and often times I find myself forgetting it in the car because it isn't where I thought it should be. The amount of trips I have had to make back to my car just to grab my phone started to bother me, so I began to look for a better solution to meet my needs. Personally I didn't need anything that charged the device, or did anything fancy, just something that held the device, something that would allow for use of speakerphone, and something that required no skills to install. The iGrip Custom Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount was the first that caught my eye, and the price was right so I decided to give it a go.

      Upon arrival I was presented with two pieces, one was the back plate that the device snapped into, and the other was the piece that clipped into that and went into the cigarette lighter. Installation looked pretty simple to me, snap the two pieces together, stick it in the cigarette lighter, and snap the device in. Luckily, it was just that easy, so I put it in the car, and tweaked the angle of the bendable arm to allow me to see the screen while driving, and allow the microphone to be able to be used while driving. Immediately I noticed that trying to place the unit into the cigarette lighter was a rather snug fit, and required a bit of force to get it to sit securely, and it was twice as hard to remove which had me a bit scared.

      The clip portion of the unit fit the device very snugly, holding all the sides very well and ensuring it was secure. I had no fears after snapping it in of the device flying out or falling due to hitting some bumps while driving which was very comforting. On the top right corner of the holster there is a little tab that allows for a quick easy release of the device, which was very easy to access and worked well, allowing the device to be removed easily when and only when you wanted.

      Personally I would have wished for a longer arm for the device to allow for more play in angles, and positioning of the device to better meet the needs of everyone. The overall construction of the mount was very solid, but as stated above, the piece that goes in the cigarette lighter was a bit to snug for my own liking, but that could vary by car as well. If you are looking for a cheap, yet effective single location to store your device while on the go in your car, hit up the ShopCrackBerry store today and order one of these for yourself.

      More information / purchase of iGrip Cigarette Lighter Mount