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BlackBerry Messenger for the PlayBook screen shot appears on the AppWorld Page

While doing my daily poke around the forums this morning I notice a thread started about BBM on the PlayBook natively, so instantly my interest was sparked so I checked it out. Inside there was a link to the AppWorld page, which now showcases the photo that is shown above. Whether a photoshop mistake, or a sign of things to come, we are still unsure but we can definitely hope that this is part of the 2.0 overhaul that we have been waiting for!

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SK Telekom makes OS for the Bold 9900 official

If you are a BlackBerry Bold 9900 owner who isn't a fan of leaked OS's, but instead prefers to only install official variants you will be pleased to know SK Telekom has made OS Last week we saw this version as a leaked OS, but today it has been made an official, so get to downloading. As always, be sure to back up your device, and excerise caution while installing this release, and be sure to let us know in the forums how it goes for you.

Download OS for the Bold 9900
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BlackBerry 7 owners, have you installed a leak, hybrid, or kept the official?

  BlackBerry 7 Smartphone owners, what has been your behavior in regards to the operating system? 

For the first time ever since owning a BlackBerry device I have yet to feel the need to install a leaked OS, or make any other modifications, and in talking to some others that I know with BlackBerry 7 devices, they feel the same way. Sure, the OS that came on the 9930 isn't perfect, there are kinks like every other OS, but I have yet to feel compelled to switch it up and install one of the leaks, or mess around with anything else. 

So for those of you who have upgraded to a BlackBerry 7 device, have you installed one of the leaks, messed with a hybrid style install, or kep the device stock and been using it on the official OS? 

Hurricane Irene wants to shake us all night long, are you properly prepared?

With Hurricane Irene knocking on the door of many east coast residents, several of us will be left hoping and praying that the power doesn't go out. While most of this may be common sense to you, we here at want to ensure that each of you are kept safe, so let's look at a few reminders to keep you safe.

  • Got batteries? Charge them. Every single battery, spare, extra spare, the one that is under that inch of dust, yes all of them. Odds are with a storm like this power may go out, and who knows for how long, so be prepared, charge everything you can.
  • Car charger, if you don't have one, run out and try to grab one. While it may seem silly, your car can still charge your phone without power in your house, you will be thankful later.
  • Use SMS/BBM to keep in touch, it is often more reliable than the phone networks, they will be super congested, keep safe, use messaging.
  • Use your device to take pictures and document any damage that occurs, if you don't already have one, set up a private online album or storage location where you can keep them safely. Your insurance company will thank you later, big time.
  • Download a flashlight application. Sure you probably got a few flashlights, but since you will have your device around one extra won't hurt any.
  • Be mindful of others, refrain from any OS or BBM upgrades or rebuilds that would cause them to drop and rejoin any BBM Groups that they belong to. There will undoubtedly be widespread loss of power for extended periods of time (possibly up to 8 days), Anyone in the path of the storm is at risk of power failure and their BlackBerry may be their only means of communication, their only lifeline.
  • In order to make sure that cellular communications networks are available for first responders, communicate as much as possible via BBM, SMS, and e-mail, rather than by making mobile phone calls. BBM has been noted many times to work when cellular services fail, use it and leave cellular services open to those who need it most.

Our pals at Android Central have received some great comments from their readers, be sure to head over and check those out, and share any tips with us that you think others can benefit from.

Source: Android Central; Thanks, to rrrebo, SCrid2000 for the additional tips!

iSpeech brings Bush and Obama text to speech apps

Just what you have always wanted, right? Input some funny text and hear either Bush or Obama speak that text to you, who could pass that up? The folks at iSpeech have developed some fun little applications that allow us the countless hours of fun of typing random things, and having them spoken by folks who have run the US. Now you can have that conversation with the president you have always wanted to have, excited?

Update - Downloading the free application will get you only the text input to voice, if you want to use your device microphone to record something to be translated you are have to upgrade for $3.99. This purchase is made in app, and requires you to input your credit card information in, no option to buy a full version through AppWorld.  The registration screen requests a phone number which will allow you to use the SMS functionality but you can scroll to the bottom and select skip if you wish to opt out of that.

Download iSpeech Obama
Download iSpeech Bush

Mobilicity brings OS official for the 9700/9780 and the 9300

With the recent release of the BlackBerry 7 devices, followed by quite a few leaks and official OS drops, owners of BlackBerry 6 devices were probably left wondering if they were forgotten about. Today Mobilicity has dropped OS as an official release for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9780 along with the BlackBerry Curve 9300.  Remember, be sure to have a back up of your device prior to installing, and proceed with caution.

Download OS

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Switching from iPhone to BlackBerry

Going from Apple iPhone to BlackBerry? Here's what you need to know!

Whether you started out with the iPhone as your first smartphone of choice, or you were an ex-BlackBerry user who got frustrated, the time to come back to the platform is now. With tons of options in the smartphone world it is hard to make a decision, but at the end of the day most of us rely on our phones for a lot, and you need a phone that will be there for you. With the recent release of the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, the upcoming devices that are yet to be released, and already the talk of a QNX based phone, don't you want to have a productivity machine in your pocket to help you get through the day? Let's hit the break and take a look at a few things that will help make your switch back to BlackBerry, or your first purchase a breeze.

Quick Tip: Add to existing contacts in BlackBerry 7

For as long as I have been a BlackBerry owner it has always bothered me how inconvenient it was to add new or updated contact information to an existing contact in my phone book. We have looked at other options which were pretty good, but still nothing like having it built into the OS itself, but all that has changed with BlackBerry 7. Take a look at the video above to see just how easy it is, and how to do it for yourself, and stick around as we continue to dive through all the changes that BlackBerry 7 brought us!

BlackBerry Curve 9350/9370 lands official OS from Sprint

If you happen to be lucky enough to have one of the yet to be released BlackBerry Curve 9350 or Curve 9370 you will be happy to know that Sprint has released a brand new official OS. is available for download, and while we are unsure of what it fixes, or any issues that it may contain, it is yours to install. As usual, be sure to proceed with caution while installing this OS and be sure to jump in the forums and let us know how it goes for you.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9350/70
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OS becomes official for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 from Telus, Bell and Redington

Always fun to see three carriers bring the same OS out as an official release for a device that has yet to be released, but if you are a lucky user who happened to snag a BlackBerry Curve 9360, give this a shot. OS is the latest official available for this device, and yours to download now. While it is an official, you will want to be sure you are careful while loading, and be sure to discuss in the forums what kind of results you are seeing

Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9360
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BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS official from Vodafone New Zealand

If you enjoy updating your BlackBerry Bold 9900, but prefer to only load an OS that lands as an official instead of leaked versions, Vodafone New Zealand has given us something new to play with. As we know leaked yesterday, and today Vodafone New Zealand has released an official OS for the 9900, Eventho this OS is an official, excercise caution when installing this on your device, and be sure to let us know in the forums how it goes for you.

Download OS for the Bold 9900
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Facebook for PlayBook updates to version

Just the other day we saw Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones receive an update, and today an update for Facebook for the BlackBerry PlayBook is rolling out. While this update is also a minor one, any update that fixes issues that we are seeing is always welcomed. In todays update we see a fix for crashes that occurred while viewing comments and likes on various posts. Head into App World and grab the update, and let us know if the update fixes things for you!

Download Facebook for PlayBook update

BlackBerry PlayBook Native SDK reaches closed beta; developers can apply now

Ever since the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook we have been looking forward to the Native SDK to be available to the developers to see just how far they can take their development. We have seen the Adobe Air SDK as well as the WebWorks SDK but unfortunately we have been waiting for the official Native SDK to arrive. Well we just moved one step closer to it becoming a reality as today RIM announced on their Developers Blog that the Native SDK has reached a closed beta phase and they are allowing developers to apply now for access to all of the goodness.

The closed beta is limited in space, and will be on a first come first serve basis, so if you are an interested developer be sure to fill out the form now! This news is the start of many good things to come, let's hope the beta goes smooth and they are able to get this into the hands of all the anxious PlayBook developers.

Source: Developers Blog

Quick Tip: Hiding icons in just one or all panels in BlackBerry 7

Recently we took a look at how users are now able to hide various panels in BlackBerry 7 if they wish, so they no longer have to scroll through all of them, and now we can take that one step further. One thing that has annoyed me with the various panels is that icons show up in more than one of them, making it a bit confusing, and looking somewhat cluttered.

With BlackBerry 7 users are now presented the option to hide icons in a single panel, or throughout all of the panels, which helps remove some of the clutter, and keep the device nice and organized. Take a look above at how to accomplish this, and stick around as we continue to dig through all the smaller changes of BlackBerry 7 in comparison to other OS versions.

Comcast brings the XFINITY Mobile App to BlackBerry


If you are a Comcast subscriber, and a BlackBerry user you will be very happy to know that they have brought the XFINITY application to the BlackBerry platform. The application allows Comcast subscribers to take the best features of their television, internet and home phone on the go with them while on the go and stay connected from anywhere. The application brings tons of features along with it, for example:

  • Access your Unified Inbox with emails and visual voicemail for your Comcast home phone service
  • Schedule recordings on your DVR so you never miss a show
  • View TV Listings, filter by Movies / Sports / HD / Kids, set up reminders that are integrated with your Blackberry Calendar
  • Forward home phone calls to your Blackberry or any other number
  • Sync your XFINITY Address Book with your Blackberry contacts
  • View On Demand movie trailers 
More information / download of XFINITY Mobile 

Switching from webOS to BlackBerry

As many of you already know we recently found out that HP has halted webOS, a decision that has probably left a lot of webOS fans out in the wild wondering what their next move was going to be. While this decision from HP does not render your current device useless, it does open eyes to realize it is probably a good time to decide what your next steps may be, and transitioning to a BlackBerry device is a great choice for you webOS users. While some may chose to switch to Android, iOS, or even Windows Phone, let's take a deeper look into how easy of a switch it would be for you to grab a new BlackBerry device and move from one platform to another without any loss in productivity.

Facebook for BlackBerry receives an update to fix timeline refresh issues and application freezes

We all know that Facebook for BlackBerry is a hit or miss, depending on the user, but today the folks have released an update to address some issues that users were seeing. Many of us, myself included, got stuck with a timeline that wouldn't refresh or once the application was launched, it would just freeze up -- sometimes to the extent that a battery pull was needed. The update to version should address both of these issues and probably some others that they didn't list, but either way be sure to hop into App World and grab the update now.

Download the Facebook for BlackBerry update

Quick Review: Case-Mate Barely There for BlackBerry Curve 8500 and 9300 series

Leave a comment on this post to win a Case-Mate Barely There case for your device!

Picking out the right case for your device always seems to be a struggle, there are so many options, and each of them have their very own advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a quick look at the Case-Mate Barely There Case for the BlackBerry Curve 8500 and 9300 series devices which is a slim, low profile case that fits the device very snug. If you are looking for maximum protection, this isn't the one for you, but if you want something to keep the device from being scratched and to give the device a great feel in your hands, your money is well spent on this case. Check out the video above for some more thoughts on the case, and to see the fit on the device.

Contest: To win a Case-Mate Barely There case for your device, just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

More information / purchase of Case-Mate Barely There for BlackBerry Curve 8500 / 9300

A quick sit down with Jerome Carty of Kisai Labs

To say BBM Hackathon was an eye opening experience would be an understatement, seeing all these developers in such a small area, willing to share secrets, and help eachother out was a great thing. I was able to pull Jerome Carty from Kisai Labs away from his computer for a second time to ask him some questions around BlackBerry development, get a little more from his point of view, and see what he had to say. Let's hit the break and take a look at some of Jerome's favorite applications, his thoughts on the development community, and what he has in the works for us currently.

A quick sit down with Michael Barnes of Nickel Buddy

While at the BBM Hackathon event I took some time with the developers to sit down, get to know them a bit, and figure out what their experience with BlackBerry has been thus far, and why they continue to support it like they do. Earlier we posted a behind the scenes view of what takes place in BlackBerry developement, but this time we sat down with Michael Barnes of Nickel Buddy LLC and got to ask him some more questions and see his own take on it all. Hit the jump with me as we ask Michael some questions and get a little more into his mindset on a daily basis.