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BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - CES 2017, BlackBerry Mercury, BlackBerry QNX

As expected, CES 2017 brought forth quite a bit for BlackBerry from multiple directions. We got to see the pre-production models of the BlackBerry 'Mercury', plus BlackBerry QNX made several announcements surrounding autonomous driving technology. If you missed Upstream last night where we discussed all the announcements, you can get yourself caught up right now by downloading the audio or checking out the video replay!

Check out BlackBerry QNX's autonomous prototype vehicle in action

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As announced earlier BlackBerry and Renesas Electronics America put their a 2017 Lincoln MKZ autonomous prototype vehicle to the test at CES 2017 with help from the University of Waterloo.

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any video of that exact demo but BlackBerry QNX has uploaded a video of the two test cars in action on their respective test tracks. Plus, there's an overview video of everything they're bringing to CES 2017. Check out the videos!

BlackBerry and Giuliani Partners team up to combat cyber threats

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Following up on the announcement of BlackBerry Secure in December of last year, BlackBerry has now announced the comprehensive mobile security platform has been chosen by Giuliani Partners to support the firm's cybersecurity consulting services for government and enterprise customers.

John Chen to take part in 'Self-Driving Cars: New Rules of the Road' panel

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As part of the SuperSessions happening at CES 2017, BlackBerry CEO John Chen is scheduled to take part in the Self-Driving Cars: New Rules of the Road panel and if you're interested, you can tune in live.

BlackBerry QNX and Renesas collaborate on autonomous driving technology platform

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The BlackBerry QNX news continues to flow out of CES 2017. This time around, BlackBerry and Renesas Electronics America have announced a new collaboration to develop an automotive-grade technology platform for autonomous driving.

BlackBerry Mercury

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Ahead of CES 2017, TCL teased that they would be offering a look at the first device to come out of their smartphone software and brand licensing deal with BlackBerry and they've now made good on that, though, they're keeping a lot of the finer details surrounding the phone secret for just a bit longer.

BlackBerry QNX launches embedded software platform for autonomous drive and connected cars

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In the lead up to CES 2017, BlackBerry QNX let it be known the show would be big for them and they're already off to great start, having now announced what they're calling their "most advanced and secure embedded software platform for autonomous drive and connected cars." also known as QNX SDP 7.0.

Here's another teaser video for the BlackBerry 'Mercury' ahead of CES 2017!

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Just in case the earlier teaser was not enough for you, Steve Cistulli, President and General Manager for TCL Communication, North America just dropped another for everyone to take in.

BlackBerry begins rollout of January Android security update

Beta Zone has been updated with the new details as well, so some of you will start seeing it pushed as a 'beta' release.

Seemingly skipping the Beta Zone testing phase this month, BlackBerry has now begun their rollout of the January Android security update. As posted on the BlackBerry Knowledge Base, the software version is available immediately for BlackBerry powered by Android smartphones that have been purchased direct from BlackBerry.

TCL drops video teaser of upcoming BlackBerry 'Mercury' ahead of CES 2017!

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With TCL already letting it be known they will 'unveil an evolutionary first in the mobile industry' and include a first look at how the BlackBerry brand will live on at CES, perhaps getting a tease ahead of CES 2017 is no surprise, but that's exactly what Steve Cistulli, President and General Manager for TCL Communication (TCT), North America dropped on Twitter.

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - 2K17

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - 2K17

As we wrap up the holidays and head right into 2017, for the podcast this week we decided to take a quick look back at BlackBerry's 2016, what we expect to see in 2017 starting with CES, which kicks off later this week where we're expecting to hear more from TCL, QNX and more! Tune in.

BlackBerry 'Mercury' could make its way to Verizon

BlackBerry 'Mercury' could make its way to Verizon

While TCL has already committed to telling us more about their BlackBerry plans at CES 2017, that certainly has not stopped the bits and pieces about the BlackBerry 'Mercury' from popping up unofficially. The latest comes by way of Roland Quandt, some of which has been floated about before, but some of which is certainly new information, such as a possible launch of the device on Verizon.

In a stream of Tweets, Quandt notes the list of model variations for the 'Mercury' as well as claiming the device will come with a Snapdragon 625, a rumor floated about for a while now, but one he feels confident enough in confirming.

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Gala

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Gala

Given our next BerryFlow podcast was scheduled to take place on Christmas Day, we decided to have a bit of an impromptu gathering before the holidays fully took over. With BlackBerry's Q3 Fiscal 2017 results, new deals for BlackBerry Radar, TCL being vocal about the BlackBerry brand in their device portfolio and reaffirmations of the trajectory for BBM in 2017, there was plenty to discuss. Check out the video or download the audio now.


Just in time for your holiday photo taking, Inst10 for Instagram has now been updated. This release has multiple fixes across the board addressing the speediness of the app itself right down to new a new icon and graphics.

Modagrafics partners with BlackBerry to offer Radar IoT Asset Tracking System

The news for BlackBerry Radar is starting to add up. First, Titanium Transporation announced they would be equipping their entire fleet with the system and now, fleet services graphics provider Modagrafics has announced a sales agent agreement with BlackBerry.

TCL confirms plans to give a glimpse into what new BlackBerry smartphones will offer at CES 2017

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When the TCL-BlackBerry smartphone software and brand licensing deal was announced, we knew TCL had bigger plans for CES simply based on the tweets sent out but now the company has gone and made the news official. A new announcement today highlights TCL's plans to 'unveil an evolutionary first in the mobile industry' and include a first look at how the BlackBerry brand will live on in a new generation of smartphones as noted by Steve Cistulli, President and General Manager for TCL Communication (TCT), North America.

BlackBerry reaffirms their commitment to customer security and privacy

As we prepare to close out 2016, BlackBerry has been doing a little housekeeping so to speak and in doing so, they have been busy clearing the air and cleaning up some misconceptions about the company. Everything from what's happening in hardware, to the rumors of BBM moving servers to Indonesia and who 'owns' BBM have been clarified recently.

The latest clarification comes to us by way of BlackBerry's Chief Security Officer, David Kleidermacher, who has now reaffirmed BlackBerry's commitment to customer security and privacy. In the rather lengthy post, Kleidermacher lays out everything that BlackBerry has done in the past year to bolster their security and privacy efforts plus, lays out BlackBerry's practices, policies, and philosophies.

Titanium Transportation will equip their entire fleet with BlackBerry Radar

As mentioned on BlackBerry's Q3 Fiscal 2017 earnings call, Titanium Transportation has now signed on to integrate BlackBerry Radar. The mention during the conference call never made clear the scope of integration Titanium would be implementing but the company has now announced its entire fleet of trailers will be integrating the asset tracking solution to 'boost efficiencies, increase revenue per trailer and improve profitability'.

John Chen talks BlackBerry earnings, autonomous vehicles and more!

Following the BlackBerry Q3 Fiscal 2017 earnings report announcement and conference call, BlackBerry CEO John Chen hit several media outlets to discuss the results, profit margins, autonomous vehicles and more. One of his first stops was with Amber Kanwar at BNN, where he was pressed on when BlackBerry might turn over some overall total revenue for the company now that he has increased profit forecasts for the third consecutive quarter.

BlackBerry Q3 Fiscal 2017 earnings call live blog!

BlackBerry Q3 Fiscal 2017 earnings call live blog!

Now that BlackBerry's Q3 Fiscal 2017 earnings report is out, next up is the conference call and live webcast which will be held beginning at 8 am ET. You can tune in by dialing into 1-844-309-0607 or by logging onto the BlackBerry Investor site. As always, we invite you to join our live chat below and discuss the latest news with others. Additionally, a replay of the conference call will also be available at approximately 11 am ET by dialing 1-855-859-2056 or 1-404-537-3406 and entering Conference ID #18826550.