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[Winner Announced!] The annual CrackBerry No Tricks Just Treats Halloween contest is here!

Congratulations to our winner, Hopper1976!

We're having a party, but no costumes are required! Simply leave a comment on this article on CrackBerry for your chance to win! It's time for our annual No Tricks Just Treats Halloween contest here at CrackBerry! This year we are keeping things short and sweet, and we're giving the winner their choice of either the new BlackBerry Motion or a BlackBerry KEYone (your choice of Silver or Black Edition)!

To enter, just leave a comment below. This giveaway is open worldwide, but keep in mind that international winners may have to pay duties or taxes on their prize, which is out of our control (sorrrry).

We'll close the contest down at midnight PST on Halloween and post the winner here November 1. Good luck to everyone that enters, and Happy Halloween!


Want a second chance to win? I'm running another contest over on Instagram, where you could also win a BlackBerry KEYone or Motion! Head over to @crackberrykevin to enter!

🎃 Halloween Giveaway! Enter NOW! You can win your choice of a BlackBerry KEYone (Silver or Black Edition) or a new BlackBerry Motion! • Instructions: • ☑ COMMENT on this post saying which of these awesome new Android-powered BlackBerry Smartphones you'd like! • ☑ TAG up to THREE friends who you also think would like a new BlackBerry so they can enter as well • ☑ FOLLOW @crackberrykevin and @blackberrymobile on Instagram • You have until Midnight PST on Halloween to Enter. Entry is open worldwide. Have a spoooktastic Halloween and Good Luck! We'll update this post on November 1st with the Instagram username of the lucky winner! • • • #BlackBerry #Android #Halloween #sweepstakes

A post shared by CrackBerry Kevin (@crackberrykevin) on Oct 29, 2017 at 3:21pm PDT

BlackBerry UNSTOPPABLE Tour comes to London this Friday - RSVP Now!

BlackBerry Unstoppable Tour comes to London this Friday - RSVP Now!

The first stop on our BlackBerry Unstoppable European Tour is London, and we're all set for a fantastic evening of BlackBerry fans and those thinking about picking up a new BlackBerry KEYone or BlackBerry Motion coming together.

RSVP now for the CrackBerry UNSTOPPABLE Canadian Tour and check out the latest BlackBerry Smartphones!

This is your chance to experience the newest BlackBerry Smartphones in your region, hang with other BlackBerry Fans, CrackBerry Kevin, and Bla1ze!

In addition to our upcoming European tour, we'll be heading back to Canada to close out our events tour for 2017 as we continue to celebrate CrackBerry's 10th anniversary and the new excitement for BlackBerry Smartphones this year ushered in by BlackBerry Mobile. This time around, we'll be starting in Vancouver, then heading to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and finally wrapping things up in Kitchener/Waterloo.

As with all of our BlackBerry events, we'll have plenty of food, drinks and BlackBerry fans in attendance, along with the latest BlackBerry Smartphones such as the BlackBerry Motion and BlackBerry KEYone for attendees to check out. We'll also have swag and prizes to give out too and for the Canadian tour we're also planning on having BlackBerry Motions and KEYones on hand FOR SALE! So if you've been holding off on getting one of these phones until you can get it in your hot little hands, this could be your time to buy. More details on that as we get closer to the event dates.

If you're a longtime CrackBerry reader, a BlackBerry fan or just thinking about picking up a new BlackBerry Motion or BlackBerry KEYone, these are events you won't want to miss! Hit the links below to jump over to the Meetup page for your city where you can RSVP. Once you're signed up we'll be sending out updates as we finalize our venues for each city and the meetup events occur.

I'll also be working my BlackBerry Motion and BlackBerry KEYone's hard on this tour, so you'll want to be following @crackberrykevin on Instagram where I'll be posting lots of photos, stories and even firing up live streams. So if you can't be there, you can still join in on the fun!


Hit the links below to jump over to official Meetup Page for full details and to RSVP. Once you're RSVP'd, you'll receive email updates as we get closer to dates, locking in the location and providing additional info.


If you haven't yet, be sure to visit our global CrackBerry Meetup Groups page, where you can sign up for your city. If an official CrackBerry Meetup is coming your way, we'll be sure to let you know.

Register for a CrackBerry Meetup Group In Your City

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BlackBerry Motion - Top 5 Features I'm Loving So Far!

The newly-announced BlackBerry Motion has made it into my CrackBerry clawing hands and in this video, I dive into first five features that have caught my immediate attention.

Given the similar specs of the phone to the BlackBerry KEYone, the Motion aka KEYnone definitely stands up nicely as a sibling / complimentary device for those who want to go full touch over rocking a physical keyboard. I'll be saving my full first impressions and review until I spend more time with the Motion as my daily driver, but even in using the phone just a little bit there are some immediate features that stand out.

I want you to watch the video though, so hit play and enjoy the show. And be sure to check out the other videos below where I do some durability testing to see how built for everyday life the Motion is.

CrackBerry is back in MOTION with the UNSTOPPABLE European Tour - RSVP NOW!

Calling LONDON, FRANKFURT, PRAGUE and PARIS... this is your chance to experience the newest BlackBerry Smartphones in your region and hang with other BlackBerry Fans and CrackBerry Kevin!

2017 is a year for the CrackBerry record books as we celebrate our 10th year anniversary, and the fun isn't stopping as we head into the final stretch of the year. With the BlackBerry Motion starting to hit select countries, we're kicking off another round of CrackBerry Meetups, hitting Europe and Canada again before we call it a year and pick it up again in 2018.

We've now confirmed location, dates and times for our European tour. We'll be starting in London on November 10th, followed by Frankfurt on the 14th, Prague on the 16th and finally Paris on the 18th. Like all of our meetups this year, we'll have plenty of food, drinks and BlackBerry fans in attendance, along with the latest BlackBerry Smartphones for attendees to check out. We'll also have swag and prizes to give out too!

If you're a longtime CrackBerry reader, a BlackBerry fan or just thinking about picking up a new BlackBerry Motion or BlackBerry KEYone, these are events you won't want to miss! Hit the links below to jump over to the Meetup page for your city where you can RSVP. Once you're signed up we'll be sending out updates as we finalize our venues for each city and the meetup events occur.

I'll also be working my BlackBerry Motion and BlackBerry KEYone's hard on this tour, so you'll want to be following @crackberrykevin on Instagram where I'll be posting lots of photos, stories and even firing up live streams. So if you can't be there, you can still join in on the fun!


Hit the links below to jump over to official Meetup Page for full details and to RSVP. Once you're RSVP'd, you'll receive email updates as we get closer to dates, locking in the location and providing additional info.


If you haven't yet, be sure to visit our global CrackBerry Meetup Groups page, where you can sign up for your city. If an official CrackBerry Meetup is coming your way, we'll be sure to let you know.

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CrackBerry Kevin Fasting Fundraiser Complete: 20lbs dropped and $13k raised for hurricane relief efforts!

CrackBerry Kevin's Fasting Fundraiser is now complete. In 3 weeks CBK dropped 20lbs through fasting and exercise and helped raise over $13,000 for Hurricane relief efforts!

October 14th, 2017 - Hi Everyone! A quick update here in regards to my #FastingForFlorida challenge. I fly home Sunday back to Canada, which means this event has officially come to an end (that said, you can still hit the link at the bottom of this post to contribute to the disaster relief efforts of your choice).

It's been a transformative three weeks for me. On the fundraiser side, it's been amazing to exceed our $10k goal and raise over $13,000. On thee personal side, I feel like a 21 year old CrackBerry Kevin vs. 37 years old. I managed to drop 20lbs through fasting, strict diet and exercise and I feel simply awesome. I'm really taking this experience as a strong turning point to make sure I maintain both this focus on health but also on giving back and doing everything I can to help others.

Be sure to watch the video above for an update. And if you're curious to hear more of the nitty gritty details of my three weeks, be sure to stay tuned for the CrackBerry Podcast getting recorded early this week.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed. Your support is TRULY appreciated!

ORIGINAL POST: September 21st, 2017

I'm in Miami the next three weeks. Instead of over indulging the way I tend to when I visit Florida, I'm going to fast and give the money I'd normally spend on food and booze to the American Red Cross to help fund Hurricane Relief Efforts

OK CrackBerry Nation... it's time for... something a little cracky. For those of you who have been following this BlackBerry-loving community for the past ten years, you'll know that from time to time CrackBerry Kevin does slightly crazy things. Sometimes it's crazy for the sake of crazy, and sometime I try to make the most out of that craziness and raise money for good causes. Example: Here's a video of me eating a giant raw onion to help grow my Movember mustache quicker.

I'm tackling this new stunt as a way of raising money in support of Hurricane relief efforts. If you have the means to contribute and haven't yet, please hit the link at the bottom of the post to jump over to the official fundraising page where you can donate to the American Red Cross. I'd love us to raise a whack load of cash. And if you don't have the means to contribute, no worries - I'd appreciate your positive energy the next few weeks as I eat a lot of... air. Hopefully there will be some entertainment value here too. Be sure to watch the video above for the official #FastingForFlorida challenge introduction! :)

21 Day #FastingForFlorida Challenge

Over the past decade Florida has been my home away from home. Mobile Nations is HQ'd out of Florida and we have many people spread throughout the state. I spend a lot of time visiting colleagues and friends in Miami. And for many years BlackBerry would also hold their annual WES/BlackBerry World conference in Orlando every May, which was always the highlight of my year. I am lucky and grateful for to have sooo many fond and unforgettable Florida memories (including an awesome Bachelor party weekend...which I mainly remember).

Normally when visiting Miami I tend to indulge - lots of food and lots of booze. I can't help it. As a Canadian living in Winnipeg (COLD LONG WINTERS) coming to Florida always puts me into vacation mode, even when I'm here to hustle and get work done. Somehow flying into Miami today and thinking about all those who have been impacted by the recent (and ongoing) hurricane disasters hitting Florida and the Caribbean, transitioning into my default Miami lifestyle just doesn't feel right. So instead, I'm going to do the opposite. For the next three weeks I'm going to fast while here and take all that money I save by not eating or drinking and donate it to hurricane relief efforts. That's $3,000 I'm going to personally pledge. I'll do it safely - following the protocols outlined in The Complete Guide to Fasting. I'll also chronicle the experience for those who have ever wondered what's it like to give up food and exist off 200 calories a day (mainly soup broth and Kombucha) for three weeks. Be sure to follow @crackberrykevin on Twitter and Instagram for the daily updates and visit the #FastingForFlorida Fundraiser Page for regular updates.

My Challenge to You / Your Company

While I'll be personally donating $3,000 to this campaign, if you can contribute, please do. The more we raise the more I'm going to make sure I see this thing through to the end (no cheating!). Every dollar raised helps. I'd love to raise over $10,000 at a minimum. And more would be even better. And if any person or company is willing to match or exceed my donation, you a lot of CBK love is coming your way. Let's do this!!

Visit the #FastingForFlorida Fundraiser Page on CrowdRise to Contribute!

Black Edition vs. Space Black vs. Limited Edition Black BlackBerry KEYone... Say what?!

Double tap this photo if you think I'm a jerk (but secretly still 🖤 me) for posting a photo of THREE BlackBerry #KEYone Black Editions because you want one right now but need to wait a little longer! 😂 #hoardingphones #blackberry #10yearsofcrackberry #android #IFA2017

A post shared by CrackBerry Kevin (@crackberrykevin) on Sep 2, 2017 at 9:39am PDT

The new blacked-out BlackBerry KEYone goes by three different names and variations depending on where in the world you live. There are some differences between each model. Let's set the record straight.

For those of you jonesing for the newly-announced black version of the BlackBerry KEYone, I don't blame you. It's one hot... err.. dark looking phone. You really can't go wrong with the KEYone in either color - my informal polling so far has shown about a 50/50 split on the debate of which of the two color schemes looks best. That said, when it comes to the black KEYone, there's more than just a color decision to be aware of but a specs and price one as well. And, to add a little extra confusion to the mix, the black version of the KEYone itself comes in three different varieties depending on where in the world you live. Let's clean up the confusion!

Key Differences of the Black BlackBerry KEYones explained

We'll get to the black Black KEYone's in a second, but first, we need to recap where the original KEYone is at for this discussion.

Original "Silver Edition" BlackBerry KEYone - 3GB of RAM, 32GB of Storage, $549USD outright/unlocked pricing. There are regional variations of this phone supporting different carrier bands and versions of the keyboard the phone ships with, when it comes to the name and RAM and Storage, it's all the same.

Now, when it comes to the black KEYone, there are three (well, more like four, I'll get to that) ways that the KEYone is being referenced:

1. BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition - You can think of this effectively as BlackBerry Mobile's default worldwide edition of this phone. Compared to the original BlackBerry KEYone, it ships with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of Storage. There's no US pricing for this phone just yet (will get to that shortly), but based on the Canadian pricing it looks like these bumped specs add about $100 to the price of the phone.

2. BlackBerry KEYone in Space Black from AT&T - On September 1st, AT&T began selling the KEYone in Space Black color scheme. Design-wise, it looks identical to the Black Edition, but specs-wise it's the same as the "Silver Edition" KEYone, with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. AT&T is selling this blacked-out version of the KEYone for $500 outright, which is about $50 less than the original KEYone. With a date for the spec'd up Black Edition not being announced yet, I'm assuming AT&T has an exclusive on the color black in the US, at least for a little while, so for now if you're in the US and really want a Black Edition KEYone your best bet would be to buy it in Canada and get it sent over. But honestly, the price of ~$16 bucks a month is a pretty sweet deal.

3. BlackBerry KEYone Limited Edition Black from Optiemus India - The BlackBerry KEYone is now being marketed, sold and supported in India by BlackBerry licensing partner, Optiemus. While this phone ultimately carries the Made in India sticker (my understanding is some final assembly and software loading happens in India), as we saw with my review unit it's really the identical device to the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. There is one exception though - the Made for India KEYone also features a Dual SIM card slot (note, the second SIM card uses the MicroSD card slot so if you're running two SIMs you can't take advantage of expandable storage). Note, if you're outside of India and decided you really, really, really needed to have a dual SIM KEYone, you could buy it from Amazon India (you'd need somebody in India to re-ship it to you outside of India), but keep in mind if you run into any need for support or warranty issues you would need to deal with BlackBerry Mobile India (Optiemus) and not BlackBerry Mobile (TCL).

4. Bonus - KEYone in China - Recently, the BlackBerry KEYone began selling in China through (their equivalent to Amazon). In reality, they're selling the Black Edition KEYone with 4GB of RAM and 64GB and one SIM card slot, but they're keeping it simple, and it's just called the BlackBerry KEYone.

But.. but. but... Why?!

Many times this year I've said that 2017 feels like the good 'ole days of BlackBerry are back, and this slightly confusing rollout just adds to that. If you think back to phones like the BlackBerry Curve, we saw different colors and iterations of the phone with every carrier. AT&T had the BlackBerry Curve 8300 and 8310 (with GPS!), while T-Mobile had the Curve 8320 (with WiFi!) and Sprint/Verizon launched the Curve 8330 in CDMA. And carrier partners often launched a special edition color exclusive only to them.

With TCL Communication aka BlackBerry Mobile effectively relaunching the BlackBerry phone brand this year as they roll out the KEYone to more and more markets, it's clear that they're working with carrier and retail partners on marketing and distribution partnerships (they're just not selling the phone online unlocked). It's a smart move as this one of those tactics that helps get BlackBerry in front of users again as in many places it's been out of sight and out of mind for many years (I love seeing the KEYone in Sprint locations!).

The downside of this, of course, is that with more partner wheeling and dealing happening, it's more likely that these types of situations arise, which can be a bit more confusing for us consumers. I get the mechanics of all this of course, but in CBK's head, it does feel like it would be easiest to just do one blacked-out KEYone and roll that baby out everywhere under the one name. Maybe with the KEYtwo! :)

3GB RAM / 32GB Storage vs. 4GB RAM / 64GB Storage

One of the questions I've been receiving a lot of recently is whether or not the additional GB of RAM in the black KEYone increases the speed/performance of the KEYone and makes the Black Edition the KEYone to go for. Based on my usage to date (MrMobile's too - see his excellent video embedded above), I'd say not really, but maybe... it depends. Both variations are equally fast in regular use. More RAM doesn't make the phone snappier in daily use - technically where it could/should make a difference is that if you're running a lot of apps all the time that chew up RAM it'll help prevent slowdowns (especially as you're jumping back and forth between a bunch of open apps). So for some I could see that the extra GB of RAM could/should make a difference, but for me at least -- and I run a lot of apps -- it's felt more or less similar. As for more storage memory, while I always side with the more the better, the fact that you can throw in a MicroSD card if you need more storage space makes this benefit more of a nice to have than a potential must-have. If you watch my initial KEYone review I said I wouldn't mind a version with a bit more RAM and more storage, and low and behold that device now exists! Good going BlackBerry Mobile making dreams come true.

Overall, if you like silver and want to save some money, going with the Silver Edition KEYone is totes fine. If you like black and want the extra RAM, you're going to want to get yourself a Black Edition. And if you're on AT&T and like black and want to save some $$, the Space Black will work well for you too. And if you desperately want a KEYone with dual SIM cards, you can get one from India. It's going to be the same quality as every other black KEYone, but just keep in mind that if you run into any issues your support is through Optiemus and not TCL/BlackBerry Mobile who is supporting the KEYone in every other market.

May the Force Be With You

Phewww... So much for being super concise. It turns out there's a bit to know on this VADERBERRY. In a world where CrackBerry Kevin makes all the BlackBerry phone decisions, I think I would have opted for this special edition of the KEYone to be called the KEYone Pro or KEYone World Edition, jacked up the price a bit more if necessary, and rolled it out with 128GB of storage, 4GB of RAM and Dual SIM across all international versions and offered this configuration in both Silver and Black. That said, I'm super content they've spec'd up the KEYone a bit more more with an alternative color and version that fans like myself can get behind. And did I mention the blacked-out KEYone is damn sexy?! Easily one of the most eye-catching phones of all time.

Hopefully, that helps. If you have questions, drop them in the comments or our CrackBerry KEYone forums.

If you're interesed in learning more about KEYone and buying your own tap here!

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What matters most to you in a BlackBerry All Touch smartphone?

We're interested to see what our community actually wants from an all touch BlackBerry device. Take the survey!

Looking back, we've seen BlackBerry embrace the all touch form factor as early as 2008 with their first all touch smartphone the BlackBerry Storm. Subsequent versions and new models like the Torch 9860 have kept the flame alive for BlackBerry all touch smartphones, and most recently with the move to the Android operating system, we've seen two all touch BlackBerry devices the DTEK50 and DTEK60.

Some people love these handsets and others never gave them any attention. With rumors online swirling about a potential new all touch device built by BlackBerry Mobile brand we're interested to see what our community actually wants from an all touch BlackBerry device. BlackBerry historically is a phone with a physical keyboard, yet the DTEK series had some small considerations like the convenience key that helped make them feel a bit more BlackBerry-esque.

We're still waiting for a true BlackBerry all touch device that honors the brand heritage in a more focused way. As the weeks fly by we're looking to see what matters most to you, our readers, as it pertains to a new BlackBerry All Touch. User's like the one below have made their desires super clear, we're interested to see what you have to say too!

Survey Time: It'll take you 3 to 5 minutes to fully complete this survey.

Survey Requirements: You do not have to have previously owned an all touch BlackBerry to take this survey, however, those who have interest in one are appreciated!

Win a Free BlackBerry KEYone in @CrackBerry's Back to School/Work Giveaway! [ Winners Announced]

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: September 1st, 2018 - And we have THREE winners to announce in CrackBerry's Back to School with a BlackBerry KEYone giveaway. From entering on the contest (by leaving a comment on this post), the winner is wrecker385. And by entering on @crackberrykevin's Instagram Giveaway, the two winners are iam_xtopher and austinhuche. Congrats to the winners and HUGE thanks to everyone who participated. Keep following CrackBerry - you know another giveaway is just around the corner!

For many of us, our summer holidays are coming to an end which means it's time to get back to school and/or back to work. If you're not looking forward to that, hopefully, this giveaway will cheer you up. I've been out of school for a while now, but if I was starting off the new academic year, I could think of nothing better to get my school and work hustle on than rocking a BlackBerry KEYone courtesy of

Enter to Win a Free BlackBerry KEYone:

How to Enter:Simply login to and leave a comment on this article (the one that you're reading right now). It's as easy as that. Your comment can be about anything - but if you're looking for an idea drop a note as to how you're going to put your KEYone to use so you can get your school or work hustle on!

Contest Details: The giveaway is open worldwide. Entry deadline is Midnight Pacific Time on August 31st. We'll announce the winner here on CrackBerry on September 1st. The winner will be contacted via email to arrange details on getting their KEYone.

Bonus Chance to Win: If you're looking for another chance to win a BlackBerry KEYone, be sure to follow @crackberrykevin on Instagram. If you visit this post, you can leave a comment for your chance for you and friend to each win a KEYone.

Good Luck!

Thanks for participating. I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC summer holiday and has fun as they transition back to school/work life. I think it's going to be a busy and fun fall around here, so be sure to visit CrackBerry regularly!

RSVP Now for a Special Edition CrackBerry Meetup in Berlin on August 31st!

BlackBerry Mobile is teasing something for IFA 2017, so we're taking the CrackBerry Meetup tour on the road to Berlin, Germany to get a first hand look! RSVP now to take part in the fun!

Update: August 26th: We still have a few spots open to attend our special edition CrackBerry meetup in Berlin this Thursday. It's going to be a great turn out, and we even have some BlackBerry fans flying in from all around Europe for it. If you can make it, RSVP and we'll see you there. Going to be a fun night!

Earlier this week BlackBerry Mobile dropped a teaser that they have something special to announce at the upcoming IFA tech show. So in true CrackBerry fashion, we're packing our bags and heading to Berlin, Germany, so we'll be there to get a first hand look at whatever this new BlackBerry hotness (or maybe darkness, based on the teaser video) may be.

Also in true CrackBerry fashion, and building on the success of the 15 meetups we've held this year, we're going to host a Special Edition CrackBerry Meetup in Berlin on August 31st. If you're a BlackBerry fan and live in Berlin or can make it there, this is a meetup you won't want to miss. The event will run from 7pm to 10pm - you can find full details and RSVP by hitting the link below.


Follow up test from JerryRigEverything confirms KEYone display can stand the test of time

Two months after the date of his first BlackBerry KEYone durability test video, Zack sacrificed a newly-purchased KEYone to see how well it would hold up to his bend test a second time around. In his first test, the KEYone was getting the green light all around until it came to the bend test, where his KEYone unit's display separated from the chassis. Based on this, the KEYone ended up on JerryRigEverything's Shelf of Shame. That's not a good thing, especially for a phone that touts durability as one of its key selling points.

BlackBerry Mobile was quick to respond to customer concerns and confirmed that additional measures would go into place to further strengthen the adhesion of the KEYone's display. They also reaffirmed that if anybody should already own a KEYone and run into an issue where the screen starts to pop out, that they'll replace it.

I highly recommend watching the new video - it highlights just how stuck in the KEYone's display is. Zack couldn't pop it out by bending it, and even blowdrying the glue to heat it up didn't help to ease the display out. In the end, the adhesion was so strong he destroyed the display while trying to remove it.

Based on this extreme durability, Zack has removed the KEYone from his Shelf of Shame and changed it to buy a recommendation - "I can fully recommend it as a phone that will stand the test of time."

Where to Buy the BlackBerry KEYone

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Take CrackBerry's BlackBerry KEYone Owner Super Survey!

Take CrackBerry's BlackBerry KEYone Owner Survey. We'll be sharing the results with BlackBerry Mobile - this is your chance to participate and have your voice heard!

The time has come for us to post our first BlackBerry KEYone owner survey. As regular visitors to CrackBerry know, our BlackBerry KEYone forum has been filling up with informal owner feedback since the phone first began rolling out to customers months ago. By getting this feedback provided in a more structured survey format, it helps us to get all the information in one place which makes it much easier to analyze - the good, the bad and everything in between.

For BlackBerry KEYone owners, this is your chance to offer feedback on your KEYone experience to date. We'll be sharing the results of the survey with BlackBerry Mobile so they can take the feedback of our CrackBerry community into account as they continue to work on delivering experiences that meet and exceed the expectations of us demanding BlackBerry users. As a heads up, this survey is fairly in-depth and we ask a lot of questions to better understand your usage patterns and some of the most critical aspects of why you made your KEYone purchase and why you choose BlackBerry over other alternatives on the market.

Survey Time: It'll take you 8 to 20 minutes to fill in depending on how detailed you want to get with some of the open feedback questions.

Survey Requirements: Only take the survey if you already own a BlackBerry KEYone (thanks!).

Take the Survey

BlackBerry KEYone Cases - The best one to buy!

Since getting my hands on the BlackBerry KEYone earlier this year, I've primarily used the phone naked (not me naked, I'm wearing clothes, but the phone is naked... as in without a case on it). I like the feel of the KEYone naked, and it has proven to me time and time again that it can take bumps and drops with ease.

That said, as I've met more and more BlackBerry KEYone owners in person, I've noticed that many are rocking a case on their KEYone. So with that in mind me and the team did some research into the various KEYone cases on the market and ordered a handful to check out and try out ourselves. Be sure to watch the video for a concise look at them. There are plenty of options, depending on what you're after in a case. You really can't go wrong with any of the cases highlighted here - it all depends what you like. Some people like flip cases, other people like skins, and some people need heavy duty cases to protect their phone from their butter fingers.

For myself personally, it's actually been the Incipio NGP Case that has stayed on my KEYone after this not-so-scientific but useful round of case testing was all said and done. Be sure to leave a comment with the case you're using and your thoughts on it. And if we missed any here that are worth checking out, let us know!

Where to buy the cases featured

Understanding the difference between the KEYone from Optiemus in India and the KEYone from BlackBerry Mobile, a business unit of TCL

With the cooperation of TCL, Optiemus is launching the BlackBerry KEYone in India under the BlackBerry Mobile India banner

Today, Optiemus Infracom Limited announced they are launching the BlackBerry KEYone in India and will be available as of August 8th as an Amazon India Exclusive. This is awesome news for BlackBerry fans in India, because one of the most frequently asked questions I have received this year is Will the KEYone launch in India?

For many months I wasn't sure if it actually would, for good reason. As we clarified earlier this year, there are currently three companies that BlackBerry has licensed the BlackBerry brand to for the manufacture and sale of BlackBerry Smartphones: TCL Communication, Optiemus Infracom and BB Merah Putih. Optiemus has the rights to BlackBerry in India and BB Merah Putih to Indonesia, while China-based TCL Communication is the main partner globally supporting markets including North America, Europe, the Middle East, China and Latin America.

With TCL owning the hardware design of the BlackBerry KEYone, there was no guarantee that India would get a KEYone as TCL didn't have the rights to launch it in that market. That said, the launch of the KEYone in India by Optiemus shows that BlackBerry's hardware licensee partners can work together if they choose to.

The launch of the KEYone in India by Optiemus shows that BlackBerry's hardware licensee partners can work together if they choose to

In this case, it appears that Optiemus and TCL Communication struck a deal for TCL to supply KEYone components to Optiemus so they could launch the KEYone in India. I don't know the full logistics of how this hardware deal works, but what I can tell you is that the Optiemus BlackBerry KEYone I'm holding feels 100% a KEYone - the design, materials and build quality are of that same premium standard I've come to expect from a KEYone. It looks and feels identical.

[Update: After noticing that the box my Optiemus KEYone arrived in said the device was Made in China and manufactured by TCL and Imported by Optiemus, I reached out to Optiemus for further clarification. They noted that the first lot of Limited Edition Black devices ("just a few devices") was provided to them by TCL but come September the units shipping to customers will be Made in India.]

That said, there are a couple of differences under the hood from the KEYone units I have experienced to date - the Optiemus KEYone is shipping with 4GB of ram and 64GB of storage, the ability to run dual SIM cards and it is also available in a version labeled "Limited Edition Black." I love the look - I'd love to see TCL bring this blacked-out color scheme to their markets as well.

When it comes to the marketing, sales, distribution and support of the KEYone in India, this all being driven by Optiemus (not TCL Communication). Optiemus' marketing is aimed at the local Indian market, and if you buy an Optiemus KEYone, any/all customer support for this phone will be handled by Optiemus ( You can also find them on twitter at @bbmobileindia and on Facebook.

When it comes to the marketing, sales, distribution and support of the KEYone in India, this all being driven by Optiemus (not TCL Communication)

I think it's also important to note that while Optiemus is launching the KEYone, I don't think this means we can nor should expect all of the BlackBerry hardware licensees to always work together in this fashion. Just as BB Merah Putih launched the BlackBerry Aurora all-touch phone in Indonesia, I'd expect to see Optiemus to launch some BlackBerry phones of their own design. And I wouldn't expect all future TCL-built BlackBerry models to be available from Optiemus.

I think reception to the KEYone globally has been so fantastic that for this particular phone both parties wanted to make the roll out of KEYone in India happen.

Bottomline, the KEYone is coming to India and if you live there and buy a BlackBerry KEYone from Optiemus, you should expect the same awesome device experience that so many other KEYone owners have been enjoying.

Confirmed: Additional measures are now in place to further strengthen BlackBerry KEYone displays

Following up on their previous statement, a member of BlackBerry Mobile Support team posted in CrackBerry's KEYone forums over the weekend informing users that additional measures are already in place and rolling out now:

"As we've all seen by now in Kevin's real world durability test, the BlackBerry KEYone has been purpose built to offer a distinctly different, highly durable smartphone experience that can live up to normal everyday use. In a further effort to ensure all our BlackBerry Mobile customers and fans have an outstanding experience, we're implementing additional measures that add even greater strength and adhesive to the BlackBerry KEYone display. These new measures are already being implemented on new KEYone's and are beginning to hit our retailer and carrier inventories – and will continue to come in stock throughout the summer. If you've already purchased the BlackBerry KEYone, you're fully covered by our manufacturer's warranty, so if any issue arises, please contact us, and we can help you with a warranty replacement if needed."

While many users have picked up a KEYone and had no display separation issues, I'm happy to see that BlackBerry Mobile has taken steps to further strengthen the display further as it rolls off the assembly and ships out to retailers around the globe. I think we can all agree that rock solid hardware build quality is one of those aspects we believe makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry, so I'm glad to see this get nipped in the bud (I'd prefer to never see another forum thread or tweet about screen separation again!).

At this point in time, I'm not exactly sure what specific changes were made to strengthen the display adhesion and if there's a way to tell if a KEYone unit is manufactured before or after this change. I don't expect there will be any physical indications on device packaging to note the reinforced units as in reality this has been a pretty limited issue (not a Galaxy Note 7 blowing up type of thing) early in the rollout of the KEYone which will likely have a long retail shelf life. If you're one of the unlucky few who have suffered an issue with their KEYone related to the display, BlackBerry Mobile has your back. After all, that's why manufacturer warranties exist - if and when problems arise they'll stand behind their warranty. Case closed.

Want to learn more about your KEYone or need some help? Visit our KEYone Support Forum where you can access additional resources, including our BlackBerry Mobile Support Directory which will point you in the right direction in case you need to contact BlackBerry Mobile directly.

Winners to the BlackBerry KEYone Durability Giveaway Announced!

Two weeks back I put the BlackBerry KEYone through a series of "real world" drop tests and experiments to see how much of a beating the device could take. I started with four brand new retail units purchased from Rogers in Canada. If you didn't watch the video yet, you can see it above (over 400k views!). At the end of the day I only needed to destroy two KEYone units to get to a point where myself and I think everyone was satisfied that the KEYone could take a drop or two or three or four and keep on ticking.

In true CrackBerry fashion, I decided to give the two leftover (and unscathed!) devices to give away! Here are the winners. One was chosen at random from comments left on the original CrackBerry article and the other was chosen at random from comments left on the YouTube video.


See! BlackBerry outlasts them all! Keep this brand strong! I'd gladly take a KEYone to upgrade my Z10! I've been waiting for the right Android phone, and I think this is it! My pocket is screaming for the KEYone!

Claudia C.

A lot of people (including my kids) make fun of me because ever since my first BlackBerry phone, I have been addicted and have never bought anything else. My kids switched to apple and subsequently Samsung, but I stuck it out with BlackBerry and now it's like we're being rewarded!! I've always had a great experience with my BlackBerry and have never felt deprived. Thank you for making these videos. BlackBerry and CrackBerry rocks!!

Big congrats go to the winners and thanks to everyone for entering and helping spread the word. This is CrackBerry so you know we're never too far away from our next giveaway - so be sure to keep it locked to CrackBerry for your next chance to win.

From the Editor's Desk: USA A-OK

After a fun weekend in NYC, the CrackBerry World Tour continues in the USA this week with Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago about to feel some KEYone love!

Hey CrackBerry!

As I type this it's just after midnight and I'm lying in bed in my hotel room in NYC about to go to sleep. I need to catch some quality ZZzz's because tomorrow kicks off a world wind tour of CrackBerry craziness! We'll be hitting up 5 cities in 5 days as we continue to celebrate 10 Years of CrackBerry with our CrackBerry KEYone World Tour!

I also have some other quick updates to share, so keep reading for more. Keep in mind I'll probably be a little quiet on the CrackBerry article front this week, so be sure to follow @crackberrykevin on Twitter and Instagram (you can find me on BBM Channels still too), so you don't miss out on any of the action this week - we'll be sharing a lot as we meet more BlackBerry fans IRL! At the end of this week we'll be at over 15 CrackBerry meetups in 2017 with a total attendance between them of nearly 2,000 people. Amazing!

CrackBerry Meetups This Week

If you live in/near one of the cities we're visiting, hit the links below to jump over to official Meetup Page for full details and to RSVP.

Boston - Monday, June 19th

Washington, D.C. - Tuesday, June 20th

Atlanta - Wednesday, June 21st

Dallas - Thursday, June 22nd

Chicago - Friday, June 23rd

All attendees will have a chance to go hands on with the BlackBerry KEYone and we'll be giving one away at each event!

Monday's Boston meetup is sure to be a blast. Boston is the hometown of Michael Fisher aka MrMobile, so we'll be doubling up on the meetup fun. Bla1ze will be there from CrackBerry too, as well James Nieves who will be overseeing the KEYone demo area. James will also be at our Washington DC and Atlanta meetups too!

A Memorable Saturday in NYC at Yankee Stadium

If you follow the CrackBerry team on social, you may have noticed a reunion of sorts was taking place this weekend in NYC. BlackBerry Mobile sponsorship took over Yankee stadium for the NYCFC vs. Seattle Sounders match up and as part of the activities BlackBerry Mobile hosted 40 CrackBerry fans in a sweet suite to take in the game.

Awesome time at Yankee Stadium today watching the NYCFC beat the Seattle Sounders 2-1 in a very wet and entertaining match. Huge thx to @blackberrymobile for hosting an awesome event. 40 BlackBerry fans in the VIP Suite made for a truly memorable afternoon! Swipe left for more photos! #NYCSC #blackberry #BlackBerryKEYone

A post shared by CrackBerry Kevin (@crackberrykevin) on Jun 17, 2017 at 2:12pm PDT

It was an awesome event and nice to see BlackBerry KEYone advertising come to life. Huge thanks to BlackBerry Mobile for hosting and inviting so many passionate fans. I know everyone in attendance had a blast!

BlackBerry KEYone Durability Test Giveaway Deadline!

If you're reading this you've likely already watched the BlackBerry KEYone Durabilty Test video I posted to Youtube a few days ago. The reaction to the video has been fantastic. I don't like destroying phones, but in this case it had to be done and I'm glad the video turned out to be entertaining as well as informative. It's now at over 300k views! If you didn't watch it yet, you can watch it below (and if you did watch it, watch it again!):

At the end of video I make note that if you leave a comment on the YouTube video or this article that you'll be entered for a chance to win a KEYone. For those who have been asking, the deadline on this giveaway will be Midnight on Sunday, June 25th and we'll announce the winner early the following week. Good luck!

Will Android Nougat come to the DTEK 50/60 and Priv?!

This question continues to pop up daily in CrackBerry land.. in the forums, on article comments, in my inbox and on my social feeds. For the most part, the answer I tell people is "don't get your hopes up - don't think these devices will get updated and you should probably just buy a KEYone." Given that BlackBerry is out of the hardware business and it's leaving that now to its licensee partners, to me this makes sense (they'd want to minimize their investment in supporting hardware if that's no longer their primary focus).

Of course, given BlackBerry's commitment on security updates, it could make sense for an update to be issued as it may prove easier to keep these devices up to date if they're all on the latest/same versions of Android.

For the record, I sent John Chen's Office an email asking for an update to this question so we can (hopefully) finally get a definitive answer on it. Fingers are crossed we'll have an official statement on this soon. My hunch is still that my current answer probably is the most accurate one.


In case you were wondering on the title of this Editor's Desk post, it's a bit of a throw back to a 1991 episode of The Simpsons titled Mr. Lisa goes to Washington. Lisa won a school essay writing contest and was invited along with her family to Washington DC to compete against other students. USA A-OK was the title of the essay that ultimately won the contest. For some reason it popped into my head while writing this. :)

Finally, a big Happy Father's day goes to all the dads out there reading this. Hope you made it a great day!

Kevin Out!

Become a KEYone Delta Tester for BlackBerry Mobile Europe (UK/Germany/France)

Update: The KEYone Delta Tester application period is now closed. We had a GREAT response with hundreds of individuals applying. BlackBerry Mobile will be reaching to all those selected to participate in the program. Thanks for applying!

The European Quality team for BlackBerry Mobile is looking for a total of 30 Delta Testers -- 10 each from the United Kingdom, Germany, and France -- to take part in this program. If you meet the requirements, apply and it could be you!

Exciting opportunity here for some passionate BlackBerry owners who want to test the new BlackBerry KEYone and be part of BlackBerry Mobile's ongoing goal to deliver an exceptional user experience to their customers. I dropped word of this in CrackBerry's forums last week and we've had a pretty great response so far, but I wanted to spread the word on the CrackBerry blogs to give those who may have missed seeing the announcement a chance to apply.

The Delta Tester program kicks in once the device goes on sale, and select end users are invited to participate. Delta Testers will provide detailed qualitative feedback to the BlackBerry Mobile QA team about their experiences.

The European Quality team for BlackBerry Mobile is looking for a total of 30 Delta Testers -- 10 each from the United Kingdom, Germany, and France -- to take part in this program. The phone is provided by BlackBerry Mobile Quality team.

If you want to apply for your chance to be a Delta Tester for the KEYone, hit the link at the bottom of this post.

Application Requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Living in the UK, Germany or France
  • You must be able to communicate in English

Note, if you are selected for the program, you will have to sign an NDA.

That's it. Please only apply if you meet all of the requirements. CrackBerry members are the most knowledgeable and passionate smartphone owners out there, so looking for awesome people to apply. Make us proud!


RSVP Now for CrackBerry Meetups in Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago!

The KEYone fun continues as our CrackBerry Meetup Tour turns south to the USA with our Eastern tour, kicking off in Boston on Monday, June 19th and following up with Washington, Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago!

Update: Friday, June 16th - If you haven't RSVP'd yet for our US CrackBerry Meetups, get on it! We'll be in Boston on Monday and then fun continues from there!

As we continue to celebrate 10 Years of CrackBerry, we're getting set for our next round up CrackBerry Meetups. We've already hit up ten cities, including Barcelona, New York, Miami, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal and Kitchener/Waterloo.

Next, the CrackBerry KEYone tour heads to the eastern part of the USA, starting with Boston on Monday, June 19th followed by Washington, Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago. It'll be Five Cities in Five Days!

Our Boston meetup is going to be extra special. Boston is the home of Michael Fisher AKA MrMobile, and since he's been such a fan of the BlackBerry KEYone we decided to make it a joint CrackBerry/MrMobile meetup, which should be a blast! And since CrackBerry members all love Bla1ze, I'm working hard on getting him to attend this round of meetups as well (fingers crossed!).

I'm really looking forward to this five city tour, knowing that some of the attendees will already have their hands on the KEYone, while many of you will still be eagerly waiting for yours to arrive. Good times guaranteed!

BlackBerry KEYone shows it can take a beating in this "real world" durability test video!

As promised, here's CrackBerry Kevin's first attempt at a BlackBerry KEYone durability test video. Drop tests, stomp tests and more! Watch to the end of the video for a chance to win a KEYone!!

Recording a BlackBerry KEYone Drop Test video was one of the many ideas on my to videos to do list. After JerryRigEverything posted a video last week and the KEYone failed his bend test with the display popping out a little too easily, I prioritized this video to the front of the line and recorded it on Friday afternoon. I also went a little more all out crazy in the testing than I normally would have done otherwise, putting the KEYone through some "real world" durability tests to help prove it can take a beating.

I've been using the KEYone for over three months now and overall have been impressed with the KEYone -- be sure to read my BlackBerry KEYone review if you haven't yet -- and have found it to be a rugged and durable device based on my experiences to date. I've dropped it, sat on it, stepped on it, etc. without any issues at all.

For this video I purchased four brand new KEYones from Rogers in Canada to conduct the drop tests with. I only needed to make use of two of them in the video, so I'm giving the other two away (watch to the end for instructions on how to enter). After I eventually break the KEYone I dismantle it to get a better look at the adhesive that's holding the KEYone's display in. As you'll see, there is adhesive around the display (you can go re-watch the JerryRig video and see that unit has similar adhesive in place). I then break another KEYone (with great difficulty!) and take a look under the display of that one too.

Take note, I recorded this video before BlackBerry Mobile released their statement saying they're taking measures to strengthen the KEYone's display and will cover under warranty any display popping issues customers may have (overall this has been a small number of people). That said, based on my experiences to date and through the testing in this video, KEYone durability isn't something I'm personally worried about. It's a tough phone and as demonstrated in this video was tough enough to outlast the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8 in my Tesla Launch Mode drop test!

I hope you enjoy the video. I wanted to make sure it was fun and also representative of some real world testing. I hate destroying phones, but if necessary I can always conduct more of these test videos.

Where to Buy the BlackBerry KEYone

Update: Winner's announced here!