Tawkon for BlackBerry Smartphones updated - on sale for half off until July 6th

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By Michael Hepples on 1 Jul 2010 11:17 am EDT

A couple of months ago, we covered Tawkon, a mobile application designed to measure and reduce the amount of radiation you may be exposed to while using your BlackBerry device. The debate about radiation has always been a hot topic, and the comments to that post were a perfect example of that, ranging from people that were happy to have the ability to monitor their radiation levels, to those who proposed tin-foil hat conspiracies. Whatever your leanings happen to be in this debate, the fact remains that legislative bodies around the world have begun to take steps regarding cell radiation, passing laws mandating the disclosure of this information in the public health interest. 

The development team at Tawkon have been hard at work since my last post, updaing their application to now work with the 9000, 8900 and 85xx series of devices, and they have also provided a more in-depth look at the inner workings of the application, for those skeptics needing proof that it isn't just an abra-cadabra act. Cellular radiation is a huge "elephant in the room" right now in the industry, and Tawkon is flat-out the best solution out there if you are concerned about monitoring and reducing the radiation you may be exposed to in your daily usage.

To celebrate both Canada Day up here in the frozen North, and the upcoming Independence Day holiday, Tawkon has reduced the cost of their application to $4.99 starting today and running through July 6th.  For more information on Tawkon, you can check out their website here, where you'll find tons of links and resources on radiation as well as videos of the app in action.

Reader comments

Tawkon for BlackBerry Smartphones updated - on sale for half off until July 6th


Unless you sleep with your phone you are not getting enough radiation to make a difference.

Btw standing in front of the microwave is not going to kill you either ;-)

As an engineer myself, our community finds this as one of the worst "praying on people's fears" scams of all time.

Tawkon I really don't care what other f***** think of thsi app. But to me its an awesome app! and I feel the worth $5 for this app (currently on sale) Knowledge is enpowering, how rightly it has been said!

3 cheers to Tawkon!

Wish you all the best!

Silly as it is, the "prayer team" app makes more sense than this one. This app would be harmless if it was free, but these buys are actually trying to make money by exploiting phone MW radiation phobia that is common in clueless people. BTW, I have a degree in microwave engineering.

For all you skeptics out there, I got it (not on sale - doh!) and it's a great app. Apart from giving me peace of mind that I'm doing whatever I can to lower my exposure to radiation, it actually also conserves battery and my BB is lasting significantly longer without recharging. So however it does it, I can see that it's reducing the effort my phone is making and that makes sense to extend also to radiation levels. So in several years from now, all you skeptics might be feeling smug if no connection is proven, but I'd rather be safe than sorry... and in the meantime, I'm getting longer battery life... and it costs about a coffee & muffin (actually it cost me 2 coffees & muffins). Small price to pay for peace of mind.

Tried the app, and it is the real deal. They are actually NOT trying to scare us consumers, hence the name tawkon (talk ON) but telling you when,where, and how to talk to be safe. Also increased my battery life. Great app...