A quick video look at the BlackBerry Blend Beta dashboard

By Bla1ze on 12 May 2014 12:54 pm EDT

Now that we've have some time to play around with the latest BlackBerry OS 10.3 leak and poke around the files a bit more, we've also dug some more info on the BlackBerry Blend Beta. Previously we showed you some images of how it looks and how we thought it would all work together but we've found some new information as well that's certainly interesting and offers some insight as to where BlackBerry is going with this.

  • Most definitely a web interface that will run on any HTML5 enabled device. BlackBerry has also included device checks to ensure it will work properly. Of those devices supported there is the BlackBerry PlayBook, Android tablets, iPads and of course, desktops.
  • They appear to also be working on apps for Android and iOS as well, likely container apps which serve as launchers to the interface.
  • You'll be able to pair your device(s) by barcode or NFC. For example, launch the BlackBerry Fuse application on your tablet and scan the barcode or ensure that NFC is enabled on your tablet, press the 'Pair' button, and place your devices back-to-back.
  • When you connect from a browser you are greeted with a dashboard page which gives you the summary from each application linked to fuse. Default ones are BBM, SMS, Email, Hub, Calendar, Contacts. You can then go into one specifically and pretty much do exactly what you can do on device.
  • Third-party apps can also interface with the dashboard. There will be developer API's available and apps such as Box, Dropbox and BlackBerry Express are noted in the system already.
  • Supports a file manager system, meaning you can push files to your other devices from your BlackBerry and vice-versa.

You can click play on the video above to get a look at in action though, it is a limited demo of sorts and not fully functional. It just offers a look at how it will all work and how you'll be interfacing with it whenever BlackBerry gets around to finally making it official.


Alvin Tang

This is going to be awesome!


That's exactly what I thought when I saw this! I WANT THAT on my tablet, my PC, my BlackBerry! :)


I want this for my job place. This way I can contact all my employees from my desktop and in the house all of my friends. Pure awesomeness....

Although BlackBerry should have shut up about this one and just launched it when ready cause this way you will soon see WhatsApp on desktop before this gets out. Mark my words

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Plazmic Flame

It really is going to be great if executed properly. BlackBerry should have been the first with the cloud services seeing as how they were kinda dancing at the gates of it so early on but I guess you live and learn.

Although this was a contained demo, I really hope the final product moves just as smoothly. It will also be awesome to be able to just jump on the web and start using BBM. So good.


I would pay a subscription for this.

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Definitely lots of potential there but BlackBerry needs this to work seamlessly and get it out and available quickly!

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Exactly. Especially with more and more info becoming publicly available these days. They can't afford to wait another 6 or 12 months for it to be out. Don't want the competition to rush out a functional similar service before BB does. Just this once, let it be handled quick and correct.


Nice can't wait :)

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Wow, can we get a leak of this somehow?



Technically speaking, anyone who has 10.3 installed has it. It's just blocked by PIN. If you know how to work with Node.js, Angular and Grunt though you can make some magic happen lol.


I wish I knew more about that sort of thing, always something I have been interested in



Sounds great! Can't wait :)

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So, you mentioned that pairing will be via NFC and/or bar code scanning. Any idea what the connection options will be? USB, network (wifi, wifi direct), bluetooth, etc?

What I'm really getting at is, will I be able to connect to the html5 service using my work laptop browser without having to install anything that requires admin rights?

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As far as I know, it creates a local server on whatever device and then you can just visit it via a browser window. There may be other options but I can't find them if there is.


Will we be able to migrate the calendar, contacts, and bbm chats to the device we pair it with?

From my z30


That means that it is going to work with Linux, too?

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I recall Symbian S60 2nd Edition by Nokia had a similar application that did something similar to this ... limited to hosting a web based site from your S60 smartphone, then using SMS to chat back and forth, you able to blog and a few other things. The code went public and this was over 4yrs ago! I'm curious if some of that code came here somehow? Hmmmm.


So we're expecting Blend to be a part of BES initially and not available to the public right?

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Can not imagine limiting it to BES. This is essentially an evolution of BlackBerry Bridge which was not limited.


It looks good

"Battery Monitor v2.0"... headless, graphs, alerts, csv export!!!


Looks cluttered and confusing just like channels on BB10 does. Channels is the dumbest thing ever

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what exactly was confusing? lol


If you don't want to use it, then don't use it.


right!, but i bet they will


Good attitude to have if you DON'T want customers.

He's right, it looks cluttered and the experience is horrendous at this point. I still don't understand why BlackBerry doesn't create a cloud service, it's always based off the device. I don't know if this is for security or if they just don't want to build the infrastructure, but everyone is moving toward device-independent services and data, and we're still stuck to the phone. Why can't I sign in to BBM or view my Calendar or access my BB contacts from anywhere? They're still relying on third-party services to allow people to sync everything up, I think that a huge opportunity exists in just simplifying things rather than complicating them. Nobody has hit the cloud/sync experience on the head yet, not Apple and certainly not Google, but it looks like BB isn't getting any closer with this "one device multiple screens" approach. Maybe the point isn't universal access to my content, in which case I will pass on this. Why use two devices when I can just use one?


You got all that from a 1 minute video of it? It's far from horrendous and is actually quite amazing how it's all built. You're seeing a portion of it here, not the full window. There's more to see. But, if that's all you got from it then so be it. I'll just say, you'll likely be surprised when it's fully shown off. :)


He has a lot of valid points. From the video it looks like its cluttered far from finished. I think his concerns are right as a BlackBerry fan. I hope Blend experience gets better, personally I lost interest after I hearing it was going to be browser based.


It looks amazing, the concept itself is awesome... you say there is more in there, are you able to show more or is not functional yet?

Can't wait to have this feature, seat at my office with my BlackBerry in a Window in my PC, I think the future of mobile is this concept somehow, small portable devices that somehow pair to bigger interfaces.

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What are you talking about. This is a brilliant idea and one that revolutionize communication and how we use the cloud simultaneously. The UI looks like a simplified Windows 8 and all the communication platforms packed in. M2M is starting to smack us in the face boys and girls.

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Say it with me: Windows 8 didn't bring in flat design. Flat design didn't come with Windows 8.


It has nothing to do with flat design. Think just a minute how this will change your day to day routine. Pretty impressive M2M implications.

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How is channels dumb? There are millions of channels now. People obviously like the concept.


we need BBM MOney ASAP integrated with BBM Channels now


I think it's pretty clear that this is a very, very rough and early beta, with different teams working on different areas independent of each other, with little attempts made to standardized or integrate the UI.

In other words: Keep your panties on; it'll get better.


I want to see you be able to BBM from desktop!


With Blend, it looks like you'll be able to do just that... provided you have a BlackBerry to connect to.


Drooling drooling drooling!!!! I can't wait. :)

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Garth Bamber

It looks top class so far. Question though: is there speak of being able to use the BlackBerry built-in GPS for any apps that might require it? This would be a real boon if so!

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No mention of that specifically, just that third party apps can interact with it. No broader explanation.

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This sets blackberry apart from the others.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


Good point. We've been needing a differentiator and this could be a strong one!

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Bingo, you hit the jackpot. If BlackBerry pulls this off in the next 6-9 months, everything else is going to look antiquated. Make it so Mr. Chen.

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Bingo .........walk up to an Ipad down load the container App secured by BlackBerry and Blend away ....send info , then sign off secure free no info left behind. I am sure the hackers are getting hungry if this catches on to hack the container app


Hate to burst your bubble but Samsung kinda already does this. My sister has an application on her laptop which allows her to control and access everything on her gs4, this includes BBM, text, pics, games, you name it. So yeah, they kinda beat BlackBerry into getting BBM (not including Bluestacks) on the desktop first. But, this looks much better.


This isn't about downloading a program and hard coupling you mobile to a computer screen. This Is about a wireless connection and two devices actively interacting with one another.

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Which is why I said this looks much better ;)


I'm going to love this, as I sit at my desktop most of my day. Can't wait for the next 10.3 leak. :-)


Will be a battery saver to. Will be able to "use" my BlackBerry via my laptop, while at work, with using the BlackBerry screen.

Need to have a non-BB phone version as well for BBM, with teasers of what other features that the user is missing by not having a BlackBerry phone.

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What about a BES environment ? Will it support.the balance mode?

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Looks awesome..
I expect and very much hope it's like with windows PC now, where if you have wifi on and you automagically see it.

The interface could use some work, not sure what the bottom half is but it seems like wasted space.

Please make this available to consumers as well as BES

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Freaking Awesome!

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This looks amazing!!!! I think this will be huge when it launches...

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I wish that he clicked on the email section

From my Z10


they should package this and desktop manager as a ALL in ONE application.


that really could be a game changer! hope it's fully baked when 10.3 launches (and i hope that 10.3 launches soon!)



My awesome Z30 just impressed you again!


I'll use this more often and it might be used more than what id use my smartphone. Perfect when in the office or when your smart phone is on charge.

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My only concern is that you'd need your phone with you at all times to use it. I get that nowadays everybody always has their phone at least near them but what is that radius that it will work within. If I'm home and my phone is charging can I access it from two stories up or down?


Will work via BT, WIFI, USB I imagine. So via WIFI - yes.


OMG how cool is that... Can't wait


This looks really cool. Looking forward to it. PlayBook support is great too!

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Been wanting EXACTLY this for so long, can't wait


Amazing stuff!

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I am excited this looks great


Shake and Tilt??????

Looks like I'm gonna need a 3rd monitor!!


Nice! I'd say about time but, you already knew that.


If my Z10 will act as a web server do make this UI possible, can my IE on my desktop access this web server via USB?


Game changer!

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the developer APIS will provide a platform for extremely cool apps. Very excited to see where this goes.

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Pls tell me they've put copyright laws on this?

From Zarafet my Z30.


Very exciting! It reminds me of the Hiptop/Sidekick dashboard (however that was cloud based). Totally happy for this to be device driven... it looks like their intention is for this to replace link eventually.

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Justice 005

This would really be great. An interface browser type service that will let me use my data securely no matter what platform I'm on!

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Very nice. Really looking forward to this.


This is the turnaround point!

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Am I the only one who is as confused about this as ever? What exactly is blend?

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My understanding is that it's a portal of BBM, SMS, Calendar, Contacts, Email, and supported apps to display on another device (desktop monitor, tablet, etc.). By having this Blend UI on your desktop, for example, you can send BBM messages, emails, etc. while working on the office or home computer. The plus side to this is that it is universal.

I'm sure I'm missing something but that's my understanding of it.

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Makes sense, I will have to try it out to see if it's really something I will find myself using regularly


Perhaps they could merge this and Link? Add the ability to backup and update?

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Hey Blaze,
this looks like a computer app.. in the settings, one of the options was, turn on ON computer startup... if it was a browser interface then that wouldn't be an option.


It doesn't need to be an app to run as a service. And on top of that, what you're seeing is part of the developer portion. In other words, some of it is developer only options. ;)

the brother

Chris, any news on when NFC Will be enabled on the PlayBook 4G/LTE

Matt J

The PlayBook lives!!!

Prem WatsApp

Yes it does. Plan to buy another one!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


First we wanted everything from our PC on our phones and now we want our phones on our PC... lol

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So is this essentially a website running on the phone that can be accessed via an paired device?


Could you post instructions of how to enable it??

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WOW..just wow!!!!! Want want want!!!.mind blowing with a capitol M....with blend well all be closer to having star trek like communication devices In our hAnds...blend will make our blackberrys a Swiss army knife of communication methods.
This is definitely a game changer for our beloved blackberry!


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Can we make phone calls from Blackberry blend?

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Hey Bla1ze ****
I liked the video. Loved it. But if anyone from BlackBerry is reading this comment, here is my feedback
**1 . Do not make it dependent on connecting your phone. Make it available on cloud.
If that's too much work, maybe you could make subset of this available on cloud? For example, for certain features (like file manager, text messages, hub) you must connect your phone. But for others like BBM - user just needs to login with BBM ID. No need to connect your phone for that. All you need to do is allow multiple/simultaneous logins and sessions of BBM.

**2. Release this (even with limited features) FAST! Then keep adding more features every 6-8 weeks. But release this fast. iPhone users have iCloud so releasing this quickly would give BlackBerry user Blend to talk about! Release this next month or the month after. But definitely BEFORE the end of summer! Before BACK-TO-SCHOOL starts!


awesome. if (when) this ever goes public, i hope it gives us the ability to do, view and edit BlackBerry Express docs.

saw the app/icon, so i hope it come true.

love my BlackBerry!

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Ankish khatri

Sounds like Airdroid app of android.

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I'm so excited :D

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Prem WatsApp

Good stuff. Hope this is just the start, and they add cloud services / cloud integration. I don't want Google...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


This is incredible i can not wait.... but yes before this is released this has to work smoothly and then out quickly.

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Blackberry Blend is one of the elements that will save Blackberry! And It will increase sales of OS10.
Release it as soon as possible!
It 'a very important utility!


For the first time i used bbm almost to its core and to be honest can't find anything to complain about quite the opposite my kids got over 50 other kids to download bbm today along ...time for BlackBerry to blow people's minds in real time not 6 months from now when others are catching up.......

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Made transatlantic video calls and screen sharing at the worst time...(during storm) and it worked amazingly.... all others are just copy cats long live blackberry, always stay real......

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They need to add voicemail to Blend, like Google Voice. In addition BB should take it a step further and offer an enhanced Voicemail tool from the hub that you could attach to appointments and emails.