Persuading iPhone and Android users to download BBM

By James Richardson on 12 May 2014 12:07 pm EDT

When it comes to instant messaging we all know that BBM is the best cross platform solution out there, but do all of our buddies who are using an iPhone or Android device? I was recently with a lady friend of mine and I told her she should download BBM to her iPhone. Her reply to that was "That's what all the kids use isn't it?"

In a way she is right as BlackBerry does have a large market share of teenagers - particularly here in the UK and some other regions around the world where legacy devices are still selling and are cheap. But in addition, most adults that use a BlackBerry also utilize BlackBerry Messenger. We know that since BBM went cross platform the number of subscribers has increased dramatically but I still know plenty of iPhone and Android users that are not using it - despite me trying to convince them. I've also been successful with a bunch so I'm not a total failure!

So I thought I would put together a quick list of my favorite benefits of using BBM over the largest competitor - WhatsApp. I don't mind admitting that I use the app for a few of my good friends that haven't yet made the transition over to BBM, but there are a bunch of reasons these sort of folk should consider BBM and here's my top list of things you can tell them to help them make the commitment:

BBM 'D' & 'R' compared to the WhatsApp ticks

Most WhatsApp users I know think that once they see the two ticks on the message it means it has been delivered to the recipient. This is far from true. What they in fact mean is that the tick number one shows the message has left your device and tick number two means it has hit the WhatsApp server. With BBM things are a lot more reliable and simplified and a real sales point if you ask me.

Once you send the message you'll see small tick showing the message has been sent. That tick will pretty much instantly turn into a 'D' for delivered and then a 'R' for when the person has read the message. The great thing here is that you know for sure they have the message and also that if they don't reply straight away there could be something up. This feature alone kicks WhatsApp's butt!

Have just the contacts you want

The way that BBM and WhatsApp allow you get contacts are very much different. With WhatsApp it will automatically pull in all contacts from your address book if that user is also using the app. Some folk may like this, but the downside is that you may then get pinged from people you don't really want to engage with.

With each BBM user having a unique PIN the contacts you have with BlackBerry Messenger will either be people you invite or people who invite you. With the latter you have the option to decline and ignore their request if you like - meaning you can only communicate with the people you want to. I know I've made the mistake in the past of accepting a BBM invitation only to be bombarded with stupid questions which became rather annoying to put it politely.

BBM Channels

With BBM Channels now accessible to all BBM users it's the perfect place to keep up to date from not only personal channel accounts from friends or the famous, but also top brands - and the number is certainly increasing. In a way, BBM and Channels is almost like its own social network as you can like and comment on Channel posts and even interact with the Channel moderator - all clever stuff.

File Sharing

When it comes to file sharing both BBM and WhatsApp have the abilities to send picture, video, contacts and voice notes. Since BBM received its last update sharing is a whole lot easier compared to WhatsApp and nicer on the eye too.

From a WhatsApp chat you need to jump into the overflow menu and select which option you wish to share and it works pretty well, however jump into BBM and things are just a lot more user friendly.

From within a chat it's just a case of tapping the paperclip tab to the left of the chat box and you'll then be given five icons to choose from. These include returning to the chat, taking a photo, voice notes, Glympse (which we will come to shortly) and finally an icon for sharing a bunch of stuff as you'll see above. Here you have instant access to your media gallery, calendar entries, contact sharing, location, files and Dropbox - all good stuff.

When it comes to voice notes you get a nice large microphone icon where you can tap to record and send a voice notes super fast.

Location sharing

Both BBM and WhatsApp have location sharing but BBM has some extra features built right in thanks to Glympse. With WhatsApp you can quickly send your location to another user and they will see it on a map. That's all well and good if you are remaining static but BBM takes things to a whole new level.

By selecting the Glympse icon in BBM you will not only be able to share your location with a buddy for where you are just at that moment in time. Once Glympse is opened you'll see a timer on screen and here you can choose how long the recipient can view your location for. This is perfect for if you are on the move. For example - you are on your way to meet friends. Send them a Glympse and they will be able to view your location in real time from 5 minutes up to 4 hours depending on the time you select. It doesn't get much better than that and it works a treat.


Not everyone will be a group user but BBM certainly does it best. Sure, WhatsApp allows for group chats but it isn't the same experience as with BBM where you can create groups, invite folk to join and then all interact in one conversation as well as uploading images, lists and events.

In fact, in 2013 when me and the CrackBerry team were in Orlando for BlackBerry Live this is the main way we communicated, as it allowed for us to all be in one real time chat to ensure we were being assigned the right tasks to complete and meetings to attend etc. You can't beat it in my opinion, even if it's just a family group for arranging a meal or party or just a general chat. BBM Groups has it all.

Let's get our iPhone and Android buddies onboard

The proof is in the pudding so you really need to show your friends the benefits of BBM over the alternatives. With BBM being free to download for all platforms and setting up an account only taking a minute what have they got to lose by giving it a shot?

There are of course a ton of features within BBM which beat the other instant messaging clients, however the ones I have chosen above are the selection that I feel will most benefit iOS and Android users (and soon to be Windows Phone and Nokia X platform). Feel free to add your favorite features into the comments and let us know how getting your buddies to switch is going?

Let's all try harder and get the BBM subscriber numbers rocketing up.

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Persuading iPhone and Android users to download BBM



i kinda forced my peeps to BBM, but iPhone users are having problems getting notifications on new messages constantly which pushes them back to Whatsapp :( hope BBM gets updated soon for iOS users...

Wifes iPhone 4 is shottie with notifications, she BBM's me but I tend to text her when I need something as she doesn't seem to see the message. Can't afford to wait and see. I wonder if this is a work phone issue for her and her iPhone friends there, not getting proper notifications? BBM app not having the proper permissions

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I am with you on this. The iPhone parts of my family liked BBM, but the lack of consistent notification drives them back to just texting.

I keep promoting BBM with my business associates. However a big fix needs to be the notification bug, or lack thereof.

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

I was told the same thing. Some iPhone and Android users don't get the notification of a new message.

Posted via CB10

I was on Android using BBM with no issues along with my fiancé who was also on Android with no issues. Both of us had Note 3's. We moved the BB10 and it's been even better. However...

1. My brother who is on Android and has a GS2 has issues. Mainly, he says it makes his phone run slow. So, even though he's willing, he's not keen on using it right now.

2. My son who doesn't have a phone yet (and won't until we say he's old enough!) only uses his iPod. He can do everything just fine and having him use BBM to voice-chat over wifi in lieu of another phone line is a godsend. The only problem with his device is the utter lack of notifications. There are NONE. No visual, audible, tactile, nothing. I've looked at his notification settings and everything seems kosher but, if I were to judge iOS's version of BBM, I would rate it a solid 3 or even 4 stars out of 5... if I were always looking at the app and was completely deaf. Unfortunately, this is reality. I couldn't give it more that a single star and honestly wouldn't give it any if I could rate lower than 1 since there is no point to a messaging app that fails to let you know you have any messages.

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

They have to have the app running on the iphone in the background for messages to appear delivered. They have to turn notifications on also in the iphone settings to get notifications. Just have to set it up.

My son has not received a text from my z10 to his I phone all week. He just finally agreed to BBM. 15 year old was not hip on me getting the R. Lol. But we have been chatting via bbm all day. I have sent him stickers. He's jealous. Lol.

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This was really happening on the beginning. Bit, since the last few updated, the app is more solid for ios android. my iPhone friends are using BBM and really enjoying the app.

My awesome Z30 just impressed you again!

Having the same issue with iPhone and Android users. Some of the more tech savvy people know how to set things up on their phones, but those who don't just give up and never try again

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Yup iPhone notifications are terrible! My friends constantly say they never got notified! My android friend (note 2) had then problem sometimes as well.

Picture sharing is still better on whatsapp IMO because you are able to view a decent preview without opening it, plus it's In full quality from the get-go vs having to click request HQ etc.

Those two things were enough to get my friends to switch back to whatsapp

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Exactly what one of my lady friends told me when I asked why she dropped bbm on her iPhone. Basically said it sucks

Posted from that new Z30

Um no thanks BBM for Android and iPhone is very unreliable. I instead use KIK which is must faster, has the "D" and "R" and can do so much more in the app. Like for instance sending an unlimited length video which u can't do with BBM> I also can send youtube vids, no file size restrictions for videos/pics, sticker, can search any image on the web and send all within the app etc.

KIK is much better then BBM and more reliable.

Really? No file size restrictions? That seems
... surprising. I would think there had to be some limitations. Even email is usually restricted to 50MB.

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Yeah. These reasons won't mean much if the app is generally buggy and laggy. The fact that BBM doesn't use GCM (so you have to leave it open with an icon in the notification bar) is a huge turn off for a lot of android users I talked to.

They addressed that a couple of months ago! No longer need to have the icon there for it to work as intended.

Really? Delivery and Read notifications aren't good enough? Glympse location sharing isn't good enough? Privacy concerns and the ability to add who you want isn't good enough? I think they are good enough. The problem is adding friends isn't currently easy enough so people download it and they have one or two friends on there. This needs to improve.

In your opinion! I love the D & R's and hate the fact that whatsapp let's any person who has your phone number see your profile. Just waiting for BBM on desktop then it will be perfect - in my opinion!

Posted via CB10

Facebook Messenger (for example) provides D and R notifications and couldn't be easier to use (it's literally attached to FB). And it works consistently across all platforms (even Windows Phone). BBM is great in theory, but it's not reliable and very buggy (cross platform). Kevin himself has admitted to BBM being problematic on iPhone and Android. I've tried getting people to switch, but my efforts ultimately crashed when BBM simply didn't work as intended for my non-BB friends. And the bad experience will now keep them from ever trying BBM again.

Not only do FB messages not always get pushed in time, but FB is horrible for communication. Ever looked at some of the ads they show you on FB? It's all based on things you do on your computer because they go through your cache. I wouldn't trust FB with anything, let alone a private conversation.

"kevin himself has admitted..." ...

First of all, Kevin isnt an authority on anything... Secondly he is not a BlackBerry fanboy.. the fact that he 'admits' that bbm is problematic is no stronger of a testament of bbm's issues/strengths than anyone else commenting on the issue.

Fully agree.
The finding friends/invitation process is way too cumbersome at the moment. THE nail in the coffin, if they don't improve that very soon.

I really enjoy bbm, and it has many great points. The ability to send files (any type of file, not just pictures) makes it a great business tool.

BBM's big disadvantage for me is I often get friend requests, such as 'Robert would like to be your friend on BBM' (or whatever the wording is) and I'm thinking 'who's Robert? - I have about six Roberts in my phone contacts'.
Not wanting to contact back each Robert and asked if they have recently tried to befriend me on BBM, and not wanting to authorise a request with a complete stranger, I quietly decline the BBM request.
Which may contribute to the fact I have about 4 BBM contacts, and 20 on Whatsapp.

Posted via CB10

I agree sk8er, needs to be easier. Maybe they can tie pins to phone numbers and show people which of their friends are already using it, then give them the option to invite the people they want.

Posted via CB10

Also feasible to have a phone and no phone number and still be able to use BBM. With whatsapp I believe a phone number is required.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I'm finding it harder than I thought to get people to install BBM, even people who used to have BlackBerry see reluctant. I personally love BBM, especially on my BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Yeah... I try convince my friends who use to be BlackBerry user to install bbm... and 90% of them still refuse to install their once favourite msg apps... but still successfully switch 37friends into bbm...

 BB FANS via Q10 

I don't have to tell my friends much, most downloaded and used BBM the day it was launched on iOS or android

Have hard time getting people on as well. Not sure what's up with them. I guess BB is in the name. Maybe we need it to be QNXm. Then maybe they will try.

A relative of mine keeps trying to download BBM to GS3 but process hangs each time. What's up with that?

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Damn that white Q10 is sexy. Hopefully the new BB Classic and BB 10 keyboard phones look that good.

I find a lot of people I know use BBM in addition to the others. There's seemingly no one platform to rule them, which is kinda the problem. All of them do something great that the other doesn't.

I would say that bbm has groups whereas whatsapp has multiperson Chat + groups.. groups is something separate altogether

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Only reason I use WhatsApp is that pictures are not heavily compressed to the point they just look horrible.

That's it. Also they should change how the profile pictures get also so compressed they look like crap. There's no point in putting a cool picture if it's not even going to display correctly.

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I think whatsapp has the edge over bbm for file sharing. With whatsapp you can send multiple pictures at once.

Posted via CB10

And also the pics you send on BBM are by default everytime asking for a HQ pic is a nuisance!

Posted via CB10

It's still a nuisance. Images are not even at a decent quality.

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Same with me. I shut off sms.

Glympse is pretty awesome. I just hope they introduce bbm money and more people will switch.

I'd also like to see bbm service accounts. I guess that will come with m2m.


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Glympse is the best,when my wife wants to know when I will be home, I simply send her one and I won't get the constant "almost here?"

Posted via CB10

They need to switch phones or jump off a cliff. Make them an offer they can't refuse. Apple users are scum

Posted via CB10

Really? Apple users are scum? Honestly, what's your problem dude? I can't believe we have people like you in CrackBerry that judge people based on their phone of choice, you're the one who's scum here.

Star Wars fan? Come join us C00121E8E

It's fact. Not judgment. Its blackberry or nothing except vertu. Kia drivers scum. Obama voters. Scum. Beats headphone wearers, scum. Starbuck drinkers, scum.

10.3 is awesome! Q20 all the way. BlackBerry for life. Death to apple.

Posted via CB10

Haha, I'm a KIA driver. Never thought I'd buy one, but it was almost new with a healthy chunk of the 5 year warranty left, and too cheap to let it go. Had a Holden previously, would've loved a new VW (still got that 1970's one!).

And a BlackBerry user. I have five BB devices. Q10, Z10, T 9810, PlayBook 64, "Cyclone".

Scum? :-))

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Good luck with that in the U.S..

BlackBerry has a way to go before anything named BlackBerry sells here.

With JC putting an effort in everywhere else but here I don't see it getting better.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! OS:

I always get the same thing here in the states. Why bother? Texting is free with most plans, so why should they have something extra. I'm not in the corporate world and I am almost 30 so I wish I had more reasons to get them on board.


Do you get charged for sending mms in US. In the UK we get charged for sending pictures so text is dying out.

Posted via CB10

No, MMS is free on most postpaid carriers here. Plus the fact that unlimited text plans are now basically bundled doesn't make people think twice about using the service. And since these people aren't really downgrading by going to IM, I guess most don't care (even though BBM is clearly an upgrade over SMS/MMS.) Now, for a while, when unlimited SMS/MMS cost $10-20 per month, it probably wasn't a good idea to pay for both text and data (for smartphone users, who are pretty much forced to get data,) when just data could get both jobs done. But now, carriers have realized that texts aren't the cash cow they once were, and prices have normalized.

That was my rant and I'm sticking to it, but AR, have you tried selling the Glympse and D/R features? These two helped me convince a few people to download BBM. But I agree with you--if you don't have extenuating circumstances (like a lot of contacts overseas, or constant non-picture file sharing, etc.) it's a harder sell.

Problem with iPhone and Android users is they rely on the media to tell them what's cool and what they should be using.... Media is sponsored by companies, hello!

So I was under the impression that the first tick meant it left your phone and is now on the server and the second tick means it has reached the recipients phone.

But it doesn't mean they've opened it. My son always has his phone on silent and I want to know when he has read the message not whether it's been delivered to his phone that's stuffed in his pocket!

Posted via CB10

It is a source for unneeded drama, oh you've read my message why haven't you answered, why are you ignoring/avoiding me blablabla lol.

You are right. I was "what?" when I read this.

The second tick equals the BB "D", but there is no "R"...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

The problem is that I got friends to download it and try it during launch but it was so buggy and the experience was horrible for most users. When 2.0 came out I tried to get them to download it again which was impossible. It also seems that people using older iPhone and Android devices are getting the worst performance as well (messages not being sent and app lag). BlackBerry needs to address this before they add to the user base.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Solid list, and stuck just to features without even going to security or reliability, which I know some don't care about but some do. My sales pitch usually starts with: "better features, better security, better reliability." When people are crazy enough to ask how it is better than text, I also add "faster."

I probably managed to convert about 70% of everyone I'd texted in the previous couple of months and a bunch more. A few are ridiculously stubborn and will still only text me, which drives me crazy. I'm pretty much the stereotype BlackBerry person: my phone is primarily for efficient communication. If you are deliberately foiling my attempts to communicate with you efficiently, I am not happy.

Friends who have iPhones don't use it for these reasons:

- they dont get notified when messages arrive
- Glympse map I send them, the arrow remains static and does not move. (yes, all locations are turned on.)
- multiple pictures can't be sent

Well something wrong..
I do send Glympse to my daughter on iPhone 5S and she did received them all the time and can see me moving on the map.
Originally she did not get any sound when receving message, but that's because she had set her notifications to mute.

As a general tendency, BlackBerry users want to be warned when they receive message... that is not always the case for iPhone users.

Posted via CB10

I had recently a long talk with a fellow in New-York. At first he asked for a Skype. I just answered :

Ok, fine !
Sype : [my skypoe contact]
BBM (*preffered*) : [My Pin]

And while he gave me his skype (email) contact, I've sent an invite along with my response.
The guy is an Android user (was a former famous BlackBerry user); after more than an hour on BBM voice he conceded he "never had such a quality long lasting call". Thanks BBM, thanks my Z30.

What I mean by this is that the very best way to promote BBM IMHO is to have a real life situation and turn it into success ... Just think about it next time someone sends you 25 SMS or emails or want to reach you over Skype !

In my personal texting circle the D&R feature is a negative. D is fine but R elicits an obligation to reply in a timely fashion.

Posted via CB10

And that's a problem because what? People are lazy and don't want to respond? I've heard this same argument before actually, even from my own friends. Let's put it this way, I have adjusted my perception of our friendship in those instances. Bottom line is that if you have time to read the message you have time to a knowledge it, even if you don't per-say have a formulated response.

Posted via CB10

You are making a wrong assumption, it’s not about laziness per se (and even that is not a good argument to enforce read receipts upon everyone). With smartphones and instant communication, it’s difficult to keep a bit of breathing room at times. I appreciate my private moments and don’t want to be in a position where I have to be available for everyone all the time. I’ve been in several unpleasant situations where people thought I ignored them, even though I genuinely thought that a later response would be fine too or I forgot about it. It’s making more of problem of something that doesn’t need to be one. It puts more pressure on people and perhaps causes some more stress. I decide when to read my messages, just as I decide when to respond. Good friends will respect that. Texting used to be a form of deferred communication, nowadays it’s equal to a textual form of a phone call it seems.

I love Whatsapp for being ambiguous about it. I disabled it on Apple’s iMessage too. If BBM has it enabled, that’s even another reason not to use it.

But then on whatsapp people can see when you're using it. I've had quite a few friends who have seen that their other halves are messaging on whatsapp in the middle of the night or when they're supposed to be doing something else - no privacy there!

Posted via CB10

True, I don’t like that either. Hopefully someday, the recent expansion of privacy options makes me confident.

My expectation is they'll respond when they are ready, even after message is read. I extend the same courtesy I expect others to offer me. Much better than folks being able to see when I am actively online.

Posted via CB10

I wouldn’t say it’s much better, they’re equally bad. I don’t care whether people respond immediately or not either, but I know that not everyone thinks like that, dejanh (above) being a good example.

You could also send a quick "will get back to you in a minute / shortly" if you can't give the full reply instantly

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Seems easy to circumvent. If I'm too busy to respond, then I'm too busy to read. I put off reading all of my texts, emails, and messaging apps until it is convenient for me.

Of course, having the hub makes that really easy...

Posted via CB10

I dont see what the issue is. If your busy, set your status to busy (does anyone use the status thing anymore?) So if your status is anything but available, you should feel free to read your messages and not feel obligated to respond, as you've already let your contacts know your busy. My friends understand that my busy status means that I can usually read what you send me, but dont expect a response until my status is 'available' .

As a former BB owner for about 7 years who now uses an iphone I can tell you that BBM on Iphone is terrible....unreliable, notifications are spotty at best and it's just too unreliable to count on. I need my message app's to be instant and reliable in order to use them. With a wide range of chat/text app's out there, you need to have multiple platforms now so BBM is one option of many.

I think BBM for iPhone 5/5s needs a fix because I've also noticed the same issue. But iPhone 4/4s work OK for notifications.

I love bbm and have tried several times to get people on, only being successful in a small handful of cases. I think that the problem is that it needs to be advertised somehow because people generally only want what is shoved in their faces, especially on TV. Create a cool image and let them know it's free to download and use, and people will flock to it.

Posted via CB10

Main response I get from friends is "no one uses bbm." that's the end of it I have gotten quite a few ppl to switch over but due to frustrations with cross platform they get delayed responses and is very buggy with android, apparently an issue with battery drain. I havnt heard issues with my friends on iPhone though

Posted via CB10

My husband deleted BBM off his Android phone since it is a battery drainer. My friend and her daughter, who are iPhone users love the WiFi calling features and have gotten their families to use it for long distance calls.

Sent from my Q10 or Z10.

The battery drain issue on Android was fixed months ago. I assume he tried it when it first came out and hasn't tried it since?

Personally I have managed to switch 4 of my closed friends that didn't think BBM was worth trying. These 4 friends have switched at least 20 other people that would not have tried BBM, if it hadn't been for me making my 4 friends switched to BBM. This is more of a word to mouth business, and it works. The main actions that BlackBerry needs to address are the bugs, they must get on them right away and make the app as flawless as in our Blackberry devices.

Via my Z10 #Ichooseblackberry10

unfortunately for me what's hard is keeping my friends on BBM because I'm their only BBM contact so it'll be weeks before they decide it's not worth it and delete the app. for my younger friends Kik is all the rage here in the US. sad to say but i'm thinking BBM going cross platform is late to the game.

I can barely keep my wife on BBM. The issue is that the BlackBerry version is feature rich version (integrated with Calendar and Contacts smoothly)... the other versions (iPhone for my wife), has a neutered down experience. I would say, can't you get the calendar from the group... nope. :(

My son in law put BBM on his android and complained about it eating his battery.

Posted via CB10

Speaking of sms, blackberry really needs to do something about the texting on bb10. I'm constantly restarting my phone because it just stops working. Also why can't we have emojis? Even Facebook messenger has them. Other platforms have better sms features and reliability, which means less reasons for them to use bbm.

Posted via CB10

I was managed to get my android friends to download BBM :D
But not iPhone users because bbm is not so reliable and stable on ios ...

Posted via CB10

IPhone friends didn't have any luck with it, just drained the battery and didn't deliver messages. Android users seem ok, but often the messages sit there undelivered until they wake their phone (even with the app running all the time).

BBM still works great on BlackBerry devices though. Version 6 is perfect on a 9900 (fast, uncluttered UI) for chatting and sharing media, while the Z10 version is still fast while having many more features (that I personally never use).

Hey or really impressed by the way BBM works on non BlackBerry devices.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10!

Hey or.... = NOT REALLY....

I loathe the auto correct on these damned touch screen phones. Q20 come fast enough...

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10!

In Germany it's hard to find people to try BBM.
I got about 200 contacts at WhatsApp and 3 of them were open to try BBM.
They don't see a reason why to use it. Frustrating

Tell them about the NSA, Google snooping, Facebook ownership, information and activities leakage, public profile visible and other checking when you've been active, etc...

Just hit the paranoia trigger... might work ;-) there has to be a way...

Tell them about Angie Merkel's Z10!

Also set up a channel if you like, or show them Channels...

Did they give any other specific reasons?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Hahaha! I wish that would work!
Germans are not that open to try "new" things. They need a prove that it "works" or that it's "better".
If you tell someone: "Hey! Wanna try BBM? It's a great messenger!"
Most of them will reply, something like: "If it's really better, why doesn't anyone use it? You are the only one who uses it!"
Then you tell them, just to try it, they won't try it, because WhatsApp work - so why try anything new...

Really complicated.

The only huge feature missing in BBM, which I hope is added soon, is in group chat - the ability to see who's read the message. Rip the concept directly from Hangouts, if necessary, but it needs to be there in some way. Other than that, the reliability on iOS is sorely lacking.

Telegram beats all. It's actually the most secure, has desktop/chrome clients, no file size sharing limit, and many more features. Only thing is... its not for BB10.

Last week, a few of us on BB10 tried to get a friend who has a nexus 5, to install bbm. The install was easy, but it tomb two days for her to get my contact invite. And I send it while standing right next to her . It was an eye opener, if that how awkward bbm on Android is to use. No wonder it's hard to get people into it.

Posted via CB10

The same ...... my Android contacts have less trouble than iPhone contacts---who seem to have to check BBM (open app) to see if there is an incoming message (defeating the point of a text) rather than receiving prompt notice that they have a BBM.... i.e. no HUB for all messages in one place.

A few months too late on this one I'm afraid. BBRY should have made usable apps in the first place. You know what they say about first impressions. Now most people who I've asked to download BBM hate it and haven't transitioned. Back to Whatsapp which they never left. Some major issues with BBM: group picture sharing is too difficult (don't know why it took so long to put in inline sharing), doesn't go to last read message and it's too unreliable cross platform. Messages sometimes arrive late and are out of order making conversations confusing and sometimes entire chatrooms get wiped out.

Can't wait for BBM Video to go cross platform. That will being a lot of people on I think.

Posted from my CB via the power of "Q"

I thought the ticks on WhatsApp meant... One tick was it had been sent to the WhatsApp server and the second it had been delivered to the device.

Posted via CB10

I don't get the whole issue with letting your phone contacts add you to BBM. Why the heck not? I'm mean, they can already text you, right? This is the number 1 reason BBM is not beating the likes of WhatsApp. The way I see it, if a contact is important enough to be a contact of yours, let them add you. Or at the very least, allow them to send a request which you can ignore or decline on. Simple. Otherwise, BBM just makes it too hard to grow your contacts organically. WhatsApp will prevail if BBM doesn't allow this type of contact discoverability.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

I'm having the same problems as Canadian nick, in that friends don't want to download Bbm. A few have tried it but say what's app is much better.

Posted via CB10

BBM Group soundso great but got strange usability issues. I got someone who worked for me to use BBM on his iPhone as means of communication with me. I set up a Group.

I love fact that I can set common calendar entries (his annual leave) but they disappear once the time is reached. On my Z10, the entries are syn'd with my "Calendar" app even when they are gone in calendar folder inside the Group in BBM so it is alright. But on iPhone the entries are never syn'd to his "Calendar" so once gone from BBM the entries are forever lost & no longer traceable by him.

Likewise chats in a Group disappear over time in my Z10.

Posted via CB10

I've been marketing pro bono for BBMx since day one! But, James we all know that "we all know that BBM is the best cross platform solution out there" isn't exactly the case especially since day one...

It took several updates to get BBMx working decently (and I'm not saying falwlessly here) on iOS and Android.

And I'm still whining about basic things like persistent notification when you are in an open chat (just like our berries do). Luckily BlackBerry finally officially logged the problem but without solution so far...

I recently demonstrated Glympse to some droid friends but before people start 'digging' all the BBM goodness they need to see it as a flawless IM application. So far I'm giving it probably 6 out 10 points.

Posted via CB10

Ive been trying! They are hanging on by a thread. Need group mute for ios and android, landscape mode and in chat unread messages seperator.

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

The managers at my work use it for a group and they update each other. They got a new manager and I asked her if she was in the group and she said not yet because she didn't have bbm, she was like I'm so anti blackberry, i said why? And she like they just no good, and I'm like how, she replies they just are.

And there you have it folks the way people think and the biggest obstacles

Posted via CB10

I had something similar. Was on a SharePoint training course and the trainer was demonstrating the wonders of iPhone, Android, windows phone (she had an android phone, iPad and windows surface with her) when I asked about Blackberry she said ' me and Blackberry don't get on' I asked her if she was on BB10 to which she replied ' I've never used any Blackberry - I just don't like them' unfortunately these ignorant people are out spreading the word!

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Hopeless, it's too late. There is actually no space for BBM in social market.

Posted via BlackBerry Q10

If you lived in the U.S., your friend wouldn't have said "You mean the thing all the kids use?" She would have said, "You mean the thing nobody uses?" or "What's that?"

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

My friends on iPhone find both pointless. They are happy with i message because that's what everyone uses naturally anyways. Why every information in 2 places when you can have it all in 1 place through text messages and i message? I can see where they are coming from. +, BBM does not have the same feeling as it did on legacy devices, I'm sorry to admit. Just isn't the same without the belt and the slow load times on BB10 and the layout. Really isn't worth it to me. I think it's great for groups and stuff but otherwise I don't use BBM. My dad is the only contact I talk to regularly

Posted via CB10 for Z30

Not pointless if you want to make a data voice call. Don't believe imessage has such a thing yet.

Not saying that's a good enough reason to switch, but it's a feature BBM offers bundled that imessage doesn't.

Posted via CB10

BBM group messages keep piling on. It's not like whatsapp where you start off at your last read message. Its been a pain for friends because of that.

Posted via CB10

I invited my friend who used to be a BlackBerry fan to install bbm on her iPhone and later on she uninstalled it because bbm crashed all the times. It's really hard to convince people if the application is full of bug and lag.

Posted via BlackBerry Q10

Great read James. Thanks. I'm always trying to do the same.


It's like pulling teeth but slowly AND surely, they are coming around to it. I show business people the file sharing and group possibilities and that gets them realizing how fast and efficient it is.

The number one reason I won't use BBM: No desktop client. Support this and Windows Phone so I can talk to my girlfriend and my friends on all my platforms and I'll happily use it. For now, I'm satisfied with Hangouts.

At my suggestion, a few of my friends have downloaded BBM & enjoy using it once they do. Each time I've suggested it though, their response is, what's BBM? That's the battle we face, marketing. Not many people are familiar with it.

Posted via CB10

Until you can switch devices and bring over conversations BBM will continue to play second or third fiddle to other messaging systems. I like the inherent security and functionality that BBM provides, but BlackBerry does need to work out how to marry that security and functionality with the ability to move seamlessly between devices.

Posted via CB10

Want to get more cross platform folks to download BBM?
Get BBM video cross platform up and running MonkeyFighter!

I only use bbm and made all my friends download. If you wanna message me it's bbm or sms or call. Simple as that.

 BlackBerry Q10 

Many mobile plans have plain SMS text messaging bundled without additional charges. Back when they were nickel and dime-ing ya for each particle of a letter, BBM would be a no brainer for a smartphone user.

But here in UK although most packages have unlimited text we get charged for sending pictures in text

Posted via CB10

Good point, barney009. BlackBerry could give us a hand getting the word out with some well-placed ads on TV or the internet.


My whole family is on BBM and I push it at work too. In fact, I'm trying to get it as a standard IM offering to all our iOS users via BES10

Posted via CB10 & my killer BlackBerry Z30

Please let us know how that is going. In the family it was easy. I don't usually make/take phone calls, but you can almost always hit me up on BBM.

I just posted this article on my Facebook page along with my PIN. Let's see how many new invites I get.

Posted via CB10

Good article, James. I made sure to share it on my Facebook wall so my friends will see how BBM is better than WhatsApp.

Cheers. :)

A lot of people i know in Belgium have iPhones and being real honest, most of them hardly know how to use a smartphone. They just bought an iPhone for the status or to show off, nothing more. I'll bet that a lot of people worldwide just follow the herd without knowing why. Most of those same people don't care one bit about security or have absolutely no clue, in this country anyway but I'll bet you it is a worldwide phenomenon.

BBM got everything except maybe multiple images at once. But...but...the UI is so...well not pretty.

It's not naturally flowing. These 3 vertical dots aren't speaking for anybody.

An "on the go" tutorial and suggestions should be developed. I.e. : "new parents ? Congrats, would you care us to show you how lists and bbm can change your life?"

Actually you have to understand the logic of the app...

The so called BlackBerry flow is lacking there.

Many of my friends did turn back to WhatsApp seen more "easy to handle" and more visually appealing.

So it's a matter of taste and ergonomics. It is very personal and this is maybe why we are using BlackBerry's... but the rest of the world seems to look for something different. who's right ? Who's wrong...

Posted via CB10

As long as I have to go through this invite procedure it is hard to persuade anybody to use BBM, including ne.

Why should I be reluctant somebody to text me who has my phone number anyway? I don't get it. For me talking is more personal than sending messages. I have only received three BBM messages so far in total and all three were spam. Sad, but true.

Posted via CB10

I recently used a Nexus 5 for a few days because I had sold my Q10 and my Z30 had not arrived yet. I used Google Hangouts and I must admit, it was a good experience. The feature I enjoyed the most was the ability to see who has read what messages and see where they were in the chat, similar to 'R' for BBM, in a group chat. Both BBM and Whatsapp does not have this ability in a group chat.

May I add some kind of a blast here...?

Am I the only one who don't see the link between BBM and BBM channels ?

I mean, channels seems to be a standalone tool?! The BBM bridge is unclear.

It's a display and talk tool. You cannot engage from scratch. More tumbler than twitter. The big downside is probably it's half backed status and painful interaction.

Even if someone reply to your comment, it's very difficult to trace it. So it almost kill the little interactive stuff you may think of.

At this stage and even if I check the Mercedes AMG channel, I'm not convinced.

Looking at Kevin's own channel, it seems clear that this idea should be refined as not practical.

the channels aren't an asset to BBM in this delivery.

Posted via CB10

It's times like today, with the release of the 10.3 SDK, I'm reminded of how crazy - stupid - incompetent the previous BB regime was. This SDK - this super early build for essentially released and established devices, is nearly 200 compiled builds higher than what the 9500/9530 was released to the public with. In fact it's a higher build than the first Verizon MR on the 9500/9530. Silliness to the highest degree.

BB - you've come a long way baby! Too many folks still think of, and associate BB with the Storm/Tour lines, and it's like thinking of the 3DS XL like it was the Mattel Electronic Football from the 1980s. We as consumers can only do so much. A smart cheap marketing campaign to show folks how silly they are to think of BB as the same thing they were even 5-6 years ago would go a long way. A 30 second commercial showing people using old and outdated technology and refusing to acknowledge anything new, while showing how much the new BB10 can actually do. It will never make up for not having the Tylenol/ Dominos moment during the Superbowl, but it will help.

Anyways in the end there's one major issue with BBM: It's simply not good enough to make people move.

The D/R vs checks are definitely nice and an upgrade but a very minor one.
The benefits of the NEW (the old one sucked if it even really existed) file sharing is fairly minor too.
The location sharing... pisses the hell outta me. I don't know about anyone else but it infuriates me that Blackberry worked with them enough to bake it into BBM, but decided to withhold the app itself (which is FAR more useful). What a stupid decision. With the app, I can share my location with anyone. The way Blackberry did it was pretty much to say "Hey, we worked a deal out with Glympse to make it NOT WORK FOR ANYONE UNLESS THEY HAVE BBM."

Honestly in the end, the biggest incentive for anyone to use a new chat program is "are my friends using it?" If the answer is "my friends aren't using it" then most people aren't going to switch. And honestly, most of my friends aren't. I convinced like 8 of them to use it. 5 of them stopped.

Yep for me too... some are even unable to locate the app in their overcrowded phones... I think especially on an iPhone this old blue/white windows 3.1 look is definitely to bury somewhere very far.

Posted via CB10

Correction: One tick means reached server, second tick means delivered to device (does not mean it's read)

Posted via CB10

I think the "D" and "R" works a lot better on the kik app. Even though it was BlackBerry idea. Kiks works better to me.

Posted via CB10

I love BBM and have been using it for years, but I still have the problem of the messages not delivering reliably to my two daughters (with 4s').

I get the grey check mark but the D can take from 1second to 10 minutes.

I usually end up texting them in the meantime.

Posted via CB10

It is very difficult for me to get my friends on bbm as most of them don't even know about it.

In my opinion, is it because BlackBerry advertising campaign are weak and not well targeted for the right audience

Posted via CB10

The group setup in Whatsapp is laid out much better. I got my friends to switch to BBM but they all went back because file sharing in groups is kinda cumbersome. In Whatsapp you can upload multiple pics and you don't have to leave the chat screen to view them.

Posted via CB10

I'm not going to convince anyone to use BBM as long as the features aren't even on par with the competition. I've tried the iOS version and I was unfortunately not impressed. Voice calling isn't available unless BBM is active and running (big fat chance), which for me was the selling point. It's funny that I can call people on Skype, but not on BBM. I know iOS have some pretty severe limitations, but if the Skype team (and Viber, etc) can get it working, then so should BlackBerry.

I tried and got a handful of people to join with two falling off due to notification issues. I'm holding off until more features, such as video chat, are implemented. Then I'll try again. Hopefully, performance will continue to improve, as indicated in the details for the up and coming BBM release.

Posted via CB10

Sorry guys but the vast amount of people will just use what the default app is. That is why iOS doesn't let you change which app is your default. On iOS you'll see messages keep it's spot at the top. On Android you'll see Hangouts as it gets Google Voice integration becomes everyone default. For about six months now I've been able to have phone calls come in on my cell phone and be able to take the call on my pc. I use google voice on Sprint and I have the hangouts Google chrome app and it's pretty great. It rings my pc about 10 seconds or so before my phone if i'm logged in. I can't think of any reason I would switch to BBM. I'd have a huge battle getting my friends to put this on just for me.

Let me illustrate this... It would be like trying to get everyone you know to move from Facebook to G+. It isn't going to happen. As long as the default apps are good enough most people won't take the time to do it. They don't care.

Same with Whatsapp lol, the person you are having a convo with...if they are replying it says typing.

Posted via CB10

Issues with notifications on Android and IPhone users. Though when I message my fellow blackberry users it's fine. I've gotten 28 of the people I talk to most to use BBM. Though they want better notifications and landscape mode.

Posted via CB10

As for Bbm on iPhone, I have one friend who has it and it works altho I've noticed that it takes a few mins to's the same with android, I have my dad as a contact and again it takes a min or so before the D shows up.

Most of my contacts won't touch anything to do with BlackBerry, for them there is nothing Bbm can do that is better than say Whatsapp. Trust me I have tried to get them to download it and try it but anything BlackBerry they run a mile. Personally I couldn't give a toss what they think but suffice to say I don't stay in touch with them through messaging. If they want to contact me then it's via phone. I deleted Whatsapp a long time ago and haven't used it since and neither will I use it.

Posted via CB10

I tried but i failed. My friends want their list of contacts full and when they enter on bbm, they just see whole list. That's all. They don't mind about security or sharing all kind of files. They simply enjoy with more friends they can, no space for any other platform than whatsapp. This is the reality. Unfortunately.

via my super Z10

BBM needs to expand Groups functionality to include managed lists - with tasks, in-progress & completion, sort & find functions. Also I'd like to share videos and files, not just photos. We can comment on the files or videos too. Remember, this is your own social networking group. It should be all about collaboration, so basic project management tools would be an awesome addition!

Bbm's d-r is the best and one more great feature that wasn't mentioned is the fact that you could send any file up to 16mb not only pictures videos and audio (pdf apk) and that probably the biggest advantage bbm users have over whatsapp

Posted via CB10 on my awesome black Q10 or my white sexy Z10

It sucks on the iPhone, pictures always fail or send multiple of the same pics, messages fail to get delivered or sent from the iPhone. Its just a bad experience.

I have an IPhone 5c and my wife 2 sons and a daughter inlaw all have Android. I used BBM with my old curve and absolutely love it therefore downloading BBM it my iPhone. The reason I have an iPhone and not the awesome Z30 is I need specific apps for my job that only iOS has. I was able to talk my family into loading BBM to there androids and we use it all the time. My oldest son was moving back home from Texas and the glymps map was extra cool. On his trip back he would just text me his location and I could see his entire trip and see how close he was to being home. BBM is awesome. I can't wait for video chat!

I try but most of my friends thinks I am crazy to stick with BlackBerry let alone getting them onto BBM.

Anyway, I see their point of view with WhatsApp... as long as they have the phone number of their friend in their phone, they can chat and no need to exchange barcodes/PIN.

As long as BlackBerry stay Canadian, I'll stick to BB.

Demobigen (Powered by Blackberry® Q10)

I have implemented BBM as the main way to communicate to my staff. I post schedules up in the picture section and they all talk in the chat about shifts etc. I set staff meetings in the events. It has worked out great for me so far.

Posted via CB10

Sms answers next day. BBM within minutes. And if they b*tch about it I tell them to go to BBM for a quick response. They either call me now or BBM.

Posted via CB10

I was able to get friends and family to switch telling them I don't ready anything but Bbm and I refused to reply to texts.
IS at works won't allow what's app as they say it's a child app. Were all Bbm and BlackBerry

Rock on BlackBerry

Rkelly on his Zed10

The only reason a few of my family members have started using BBM is: BBM Voice. BBM Voice is now available on all platforms. The voice quality is STELLAR, far above skype or viber. I am surprised you haven't mentioned BBM voice in the article.

I know that, but BBM's voice quality is stellar. You really need to use it to experience the difference. It is like night and day compared to hangouts, viber and skype.

Before writing an article, please get the facts on Whatsapp and the check marks.
The first check mark means it has been delivered to the Whatsapp server and the second check means it has been delivered to the recipients phone.

BBM may be a better products, but it's a popularity contest.

Posted via CB10

BBM has everything and more that WhatsApp has.
Some people honestly I think don't use it cuz it has the word "BlackBerry" attached to it. I know some friends that use apps like Kik and those other messenger apps. Seriously kik?

I've been successful at getting friends and Family on BBM, 11 in total but my closest friends are a no go. Of my 6 closest buddies, only 3 downloaded BBM reluctantly, one seems to be fine with it now and even threatened to leave WhatsApp our main form of communication for BBM al together, once WhatsApp tries to charge him for another year of service, a second buddy is on BBM but hardly uses it, preferring WhatsApp and a third buddy left BBM altogether after only a couple of months of having it. He says it was too complicated to invite friends. Of the remaining three one refuses to get BBM, the other rarely even goes on WhatsApp and the last is willing to try it out but has a Windows phone. Guess he's going to have to wait till the summer. So that's my update. Really I would love it of all of my buddies gave up WhatsApp for BBM. I have left WhatsApp altogether since. Not paying for WhatsApp when I can have BBM for free!

Posted via CB10

I think OP has no idea about an app called line. Bbm and whats app are no way popular or have more function than line in asian market. Line is completely dominant and if you use, you will know why. Bbm is great but what attracts a user is im+goodies. Line has masssssive amount of free stickers..that is its main selling point + it can do everything bbm can do.Untill and unless bbm has loads of free fun stickers to download I dont see it doing good in asia. Asking 2$ for some not so fun sticker (with respect to designers) is not going to create a userbase and u know in im world userbase is almost everything. I have tried my buddies to switch to bbm and they didnt last a week. So convincing at present state would be difficult. Sorry.

Posted via CB10

Nice write-up James! When I ask people to download BBM I sometimes stumble for compelling reasons for them to do so but your points are all valid & clear, thanks!
I'm sure I'll continue to get some resistance but I can feel better about the arguments I make now.

Posted via CB10

Please tell me why it is the best? I use it and it is hit and miss... Have to switch to Skype or Line. It is different on android and ios ....versus bb. So what makes it best?

What happened to video chat and screen share on bbm? I'm a noob. I just started using bbm last month and I saw a video of kevin and the gang using screen share. I'm still figuring out bbm

Posted via my Awesome Q10 running

No messaging app is perfect or never goes down - whatsapp has been down many times - I used it but had to dump it because it sucked the battery down. Bbm needs to make adding friends easier, add video chat and the ability to buy credits for calls to non- mobile number (like Skype) .

Posted via CB10

I just realized a couple of nights ago that Glympse gave real-time data on the move. Pretty friggin neat, and handy.

I wish I didn't convince my two cousins to download it when it first launched.

The performance was really bad and no audio calling. They uninstalled it. I've tried to convince them to Re download to no avail.

Posted via CB10

At the risk of beating the dead horse some more I'll just say it:
All the great features and benefits of using anything BlackBerry aren't going to hurdle the general public perception of the product(s). BB (at least here in the USA) is generally viewed as "walking dead" and the only thing they can do, in my view, to overcome this is to dump some major cash into an amazing advertising campaign and go for it. I know they can't compete dollar for dollar with Sammy and Apple but they better give it a shot or restructure with a software only model and even then they have their work cut out for them.

My biggest gripe with BBM at the moment, is that it does not work with 'data services' turned off. SMS works always.

Don't even get me started with sharing....

I enjoyed bbm so much on my SG4 That I sold my SG4 and bought a z30. Whatscrap, fb, kik are pure garbage. Besides I now have so many channels that I enjoy. Whatscrap and the rest of the wannabes don't have channels.

Posted via CB10

I really like bbm and I use it as my main messaging tool, but I don't agree with your points :
If I tell a whatsapp user to switch to bbm and highlight your points, here is what he replies :

- I don't care if the message has been sent received or delivered, as long as I know it left my phone
- it is NOT an advantage I need to ask all my friends for the tedious bbm pins, whatsapp does all for me, why bother with pins?
-why switch to a platform, where I have to tell all my friends to switch too, just for the switchs sake? All use whatsapp, why not me?

I hope you see what I mean, I really do prefer bbm but this is what others think..

Posted via CB10

I love bbm, but the problem is all my friends use whatsapp. I even downloaded bbm on their phones myself but still they are addicted to whatsapp. The problem again is "MARKETING". Bbm went cross platform, yeah! Everone knows this in India. But why it is better than whatsapp? No one knows. Hey blackberry people show some advertisement on the TV. Lure the youngsters in India.

Q10 is marijuana

BlackBerry did quite some marketing for BBM. The corporate park where my office is in Mumbai, BlackBerry did promo for a week, giving free gifts to everyone who downloaded BBM for ios and Android.. The promo guys told me they made thousands to download BBM.

Posted via CB10

All my friends and family who joined BBM at the time of its launch.. have now returned to whatsapp again... Even if I send them a BBM.. they simply reply back asking me to whatsapp them..

I do the same when they whatsapp me. I ask them to BBM me ;)

Posted via CB10

I have had friends that swore they would never download BBM. And they did. I think it is because it's better. I love my BBM. I use it every day and I would miss it if I'd not used it.

Posted via CB10

Love bbm. there is something rewarding and joyful to send a friend a 1.5 mb picture and watch it get sent at 150kb. whichever I want to send a pic I send away which allow me to keep the remained of my monthly data usage for backing up my device in the cloud 24/7. I have Line, WhatsApp. but i just don't find it as convenient since it's all in BBM. My wife is Indonesian and another reason why BBM is by Far ahead is. BBM Money... recharge bbm at an atm and pay ur bills, recharge your wireless or simply transfer to someone to order something. BBM Money has a real potential for expansion.

Posted via CB10

You realize this is nothing special. It downgraded your image a lot! This is just like sending a txt. I hate txt's because it make the photo tiny and bad quality. If you worried about bandwidth then I'm sure many chat apps have an option to do this but I wouldn't want to use it.

I'm trying but BBM is so buggie on iOS that people stop using it.
BBM should allowed to be use the same id in multiple device. I use a Q10, Z30 (primary phone) and iPhone 5S but is a pain in the ass, always changing BBM and BlackBerry Id, swap phones and so on.

via  Z30

Wow BBM doesn't work on windows yet. So it isn't the best out there. It is the best you can get. I love BBM.

Z10 10.2.1

Persuading iPhone and Android users to change the phone to BlackBerry 10....i managed to influence 3 of my colleagues...and they love it...

Posted via CB10

I've a Z10 and my girlfriend has a 9900 and I can't use bbm with her because she would need the service books. Really? Everyone gets bbm for free but legacy devices are stuck with a defective by design virtual velvet rope?
And in my country 9300 are being sold as the latest from bbm so it doesn't make any sense.
In that regard whatsapp beats bbm any day. I hope that gets fixed soon

I do tend to think of BBM as suitable mainly for those in their late teens/early 20s - guess this is an unintended byproduct?

Posted via CB10

James, you forgot to add:

- That you can also block a BBM after you (mistakenly) accepted the request.

- That you can have multiple conversations in one group. Not just one conversation per group as what is the case with WhatsApp.

Posted via CB10

The only benefit of WhatsApp is the ability to send more than one photo at a time. BBM needs this feature

Posted via CB10

BBM is user friendly, but only for BlackBerry owners, that's fact.
BBM is not fully functional on other platforms and if someone trying to put WhatsApp vs BBM - it's a lot easier to give you phone number to someone than remember BBM PIN. I'm, personally, always lost in software when I need to add someone to BBM.
I know it's not safe, but people prefer easy life first, then they start to think about safety (some of them never) - that is a fact which is hard to argue with.

Posted via CB10

I managed to get a few to download. I have 2 active contacts from Indonesia left. The rest just uninstalled due to phone lag, most decided to use wechat. another active user passed on. Can't text iPhone users coz they never hear the alert to respond. Basically given up on BBM but left it on device for nostalgic reasons.

File sharing doesn't work on iOS and some people prefer an "online" status so that they know when they can chat to someone instead of wait for the R to show up.

The only way I've found to get people onboard is to suggest it when a specific case arises, but even then most people have Whatsapp and don't see what the big deal with BBM is...

90% of asia now use IMs almost exclusively for communication with friends, family and work.

BBM has many competitors with greater features.

BBM needs to get groups right to stand a chance and its so long overdue it might be too late.

There are too many missing features on BBM right now, even BBM group mute or individual mute is missing on ios and android, despite it being a super basic function.

I am slowing losing hope on BBM to be honest. Too slow.

The 80 percent of people out there dont care for security, they care for convenience.

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

I succeeded in having my family members and many of friends partially move to BBM in a simple and somewhat cruel way, "if it's not through BBM, then i didn't get it!". but whenever you open a conversation to debate the best messaging service, you always get attacked by the frenetic WhatsApp herd.

My main argument is ONLY "Have just the contacts you want"

My husband has an iPhone and we use BBM to communicate. He's on deployment and it is perfect for Wifi calling and texting. Great way for us to stay in contact daily.

Posted via CB10

Almost every try is a failure... and that's maybe because neither I (a great BlackBerry fan) am that impressed with this BBM app. i love my Whatsapp more. And let me say this- BBM is not that reliable as u a re trying to sell it for. The status of a a person stays always or quite always the same and in the case of my friends is "available " while in really is not true at all! (Not everyone stays stuck to their devices all day long to change statuses...) When you say Available I understand that the other person is active right now and if I write to him/her I may expect an immediate answer BUT NO! That's never the case! The status stays on Available, because they have set it months ago and thats it! Either non existing anymore accounts that I have from the past, of ppl who during his years have made the switch from a BlackBerry device to another one - their pin code still stays on my list and says Available as a status???? What's this, BlackBerry?? And it happened many times that I who to such "available " ppl, while they do not use that pin for an age already!! With Whatsapp that can never happened! And you know why? Because you can always see when the other person has been online flash the last time and make some reasonable thinking about what happened with that guy if the app haven't been used for a while. Or you may know when exactly he or she has been online for the last and understand weather they are too busy or not! That's what I personally prefer than the two stupid D and R of the BBM. Sorry guys, not always true that BBM is that great... but this is my OWN personal impression. Cheers and let's hope for a decent fix for it!

The magnificent BlackBerry  Z10 ‎

Uhhhhhh? You want the app to magically know when the user is 'available' ... how would that work? Are you hoping for an MSN like experience where it sets the status to unavailable if the screen is off, and available if the screen is on? Im not sure that would work well with the way people use cellphones. The way the status feature works is perfectly fine.