A new speed test app for BlackBerry - DegroupTest

By James Richardson on 17 May 2012 11:11 am EDT

I must admit, it isn't very often I browse through the 'latest apps' section of BlackBerry App World and get excited about a new edition with no reviews. However, today was an exception as I spotted an application called Test de debit DeGroupTest (roughly translated to "Throughput Test") which appeared to be a speed test app that works over both WiFi and 3G. This is something I am currently lacking from my collection of apps.

The developer is clearly French and the majority of the wording within the app is in French but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to get the app working.

And work it does -- it shows your download and upload speed as well as your ping, plus the center tab at the top of the app will take you to a results page, much like the more common known speed test app on virtually every other platform.

If there is another speed test application for BlackBerry that tests both WiFi and 3G I haven't found it yet, so although this one may be brand new and in its first edition, you may well want to check it out. With continued developer support this one could be quite well a beauty.

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A new speed test app for BlackBerry - DegroupTest


Fixmo Tools has a speed test as part of its lineup of apps. Measures both 3G and WIFI. You asked whether other apps existed to do that.

I've never been able to get the Fixmo Tools speed test app to run to completion. It always barfs part way through.

Fancy Speed Test is the shit, well, sometimes it does give out, but it's due to the server resetting the connection too soon, just like fixmo's tool speedtest.

But it's totally American. There are no test servers aside from one in literally every goddamn state. That's so extremely annoying because much to the dismay of most, there ARE other countries that exist. :\

Fancy SpeedTest supports all the SpeedTest.net servers out there around the globe. It will list first servers around your BB network provider. So if you are on Canadian BIS - they you'll get Canadian's servers first.

FST is not that finished yet. Does not have results history and sharing. Sorry for not doing that, it was more a first try version expecting more feedback from users. So far not much excitement and need I see.

If you really want all the features there - I can polish it to be worth comparison.

-FancyApps dev

Yes, please polish the app a bit.

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I have a BB9900 with It has a good looking splash screen, but that's all it'll do on my particular device. ????

I tried it on WIFI and 3G, my results are below.
WIFI 1822kb down and 448kb up
3G 896kb download and 196kb up

I don't like the screen size on my 9850, I can't see all the previous tests for the uploads.

I was always lead to believe that the results for these tests were always a bit... off because of the fact that everything has to go through RIM's servers. So since the days of SpeedTest and my 8300, I've not ever really had an interest in a network speed test on my phone. I may download this and give it a try, though.

That and fancy speed test. I know fancy speed test will give you an option to choose either Bits or Bytes as a testing measurement. Bytes are far more accurate, (Mega/Kilo)Bits are what ISP's use in their advertising.