Missing those classic ringtones from your old BlackBerry? Here's how you can get them on BlackBerry 10

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By Adam Zeis on 27 Feb 2013 11:05 am EST

If you're using a BlackBerry 10 device like the BlackBerry Z10 or Q10, you may have noticed that the ringtone selection is a bit lacking to say the least. There aren't nearly as many built-in tones as previous BBOS devices - but that's ok. We have tracked down most of the classic OS5 and OS6 ringtones/alerts so you can grab them and easily transfer them to your new BlackBerry 10 device

Astute? Assured? Lucid? ChiGong? They're all here and ready to be put to good use. Just grab the file here, drop it onto your computer and then transfer over the tones you want (all of them, duh!) to your BlackBerry 10 device. It couldn't be easier! Enjoy!

Download classic ringtones for your BlackBerry 10 device (1)
Download classid ringtones for your BlackBerry 10 device (2)

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Missing those classic ringtones from your old BlackBerry? Here's how you can get them on BlackBerry 10


Mega is awesome. No stupid file size limits, top security, and no data mining.

A secure cloud service is exactly the kind BB users want :)

....Astute? Assured? Lucid? ChiGong? They're all here and ready to be put to good use. Just grab the file here, drop it onto your computer and then transfer over the tones you want (all of them, duh!) to your BlackBerry 10 device. It couldn't be easier! Enjoy!

Sweet! Was wondering if I would have to leave some of these in the past. I liked how BB made these a native OTA for legacy BBOS devices after OS6+ so I hope eventually they do the same for oficially for BB10. Thank you for giving us these to use in the meantime.

Put them in the already configured "Blackberry" folder on your SD card and then the "Ringtones" folder. That is where they belong and then won't show up in the music player.

When you format an Micro SD Card with the Z10, it doesn't make a Blackberry folder like the old OS did. It makes books, camera, documents, downloads, music, photos, videos, voice. I had to create a folder called ringtones on my Micro SD Card and it's still showing up in the Music player.

Unless there's a way to place them on the device's location of ringtones because I can't seem to make them not appear

Are you sure you're looking at the SD connected drive and not the Z10 device drive? My SD card has it but the device does not.

I am indeed.

Did you move your SD Card over from your old device or did you format it and start anew?

I formatted mine and I'm going to text out a separate 16gb card to see if there is a difference. I'm going to install it, format it and see if this makes a difference.

But I know for a fact that the old OS formatted the drive differently, folder wise, than the Z10 does. It makes that Blackberry folder with other folders (audiobooks, documents, pictures, podcasts, ringtones, videos, voicenote) within it.

Yup, no difference.

And I'm not even viewing the SD Card through the USB connection, its through an SD Card reader so the devices drive isn't even connected.

Hmmm...I have a couple devices and SD cards and can't remember now if this one was reformatted by the Z10 or not. Sooo, my suggestion would be to create a directory folder called "BlackBerry" and create a "Ringtones" folder under that so it is hidden from the root and see if that keeps everything separate from the music player.

Yup an SD card formatted in the Z10 does NOT have a ringtone folder. And if you create one, it will show up in the music player!!

Did you try creating it under a different parent folder so it isn't right off the SD Root directory? ie: SDCard > BlackBerry > Ringtones

Here's what works:

Format the microSD card using an old BlackBerry device

Insert the microSD card in the Z10

Copy music to the following folder:

SD Card > BlackBerry > Ringtones

Note: the old device will make a Ringtone folder for you


@cyprusfire and @jstirtzinger

This (> BlackBerry > Ringtones)doesn't work! At least not for me.

ALL SOUNDS on the phone, internal and card storage, are detected by the Music Player, just as all images are detected by the Picture viewer. ALL OF THEM, no matter where they are.

This is annoying, as it seems pictures to do with applications, or browser viewing become 'recent', same with sounds.

There needs to be separation, this needs fixing. If you want ringtones, they should be able to be in a folder that the music player won't see/access/play them. Same for photos/images.

It would also be nice to be able to find where the device sounds ("Tones") are located, but this folder appears to be well hidden/locked away.

Thanks for this. I read that other people had issues with that and was wondering if there was a dedicated ringtone folder on BB10. Need to get everything ready for when it releases here next month....hopefully.

Try adding the Music Tones to a dropbox folder then going to your BB10 device then settings and notifications and browse music then hit the drop box tab and choose your ringtone

Are the classic ringtones/notifications not available through BlackBerry World? Thats where I downloaded them for my 9930.

Mega site doesn't work at all. It just keeps retrying and retrying. Why is this the only place to download from?

There was a ringtone i had on my blackberry 8100. it was specific to at&t only.. does anyone know what it may be?

Echo the comments that Mega freezes up during download. Tried Chrome and IE on different PCs with the same results (Chrome consistently hit 27% and IE got to 38%). I also was not successful downloading

Thanks for the new link! So where exactly can you move these files to on the phone? SD card, Device?? I don't want these mp3 files to be playing on my device as music files when listening to music.

Use the "Blackberry" > "Ringtones" folder that already exists. That way they won't show up in your music player.

THIS WORKS - Caps lock so everyone can see that this solution actually works. Formatted my card using my old blackberry and put my ringtones in the Blackberry > Ringtones folder and they don't show up in the music player.
Thank you jstirtzinger.

"We have tracked down the classic OS5 and OS6 ringtones..."

This does NOT have all the OS 5 ringtones. Missing are all the BBGroove, BBInspired, and BBRelaxed ringtones. Also, there are more BBPro ringtones like ElectriCall, Confirm, GungHo and Link. Also missing are other Notifier ringtones like Cricket, Crystal, EtVoila, Magic, and one I use a lot - Nymph.

Someone needs to strip the ringtones from the OS5 ringtone file you can get from BlackBerry. It's a .cod file, so I don't know how you extract them.

I see they edited the post to say "...most of the classic OS5 and OS6 ringtones..."

I still say that very few, if any, of the OS5 ringtones (which actually goes back to much older OSs as many of them were midi files) are even in that file.

I did find the old ones in an old Crackberry post though. Now I can have the same tones I started using on my old 8100 when I finally get my Z10.

Waiting on you, AT&T...

Can't access dropbox from work so just did this all through my Z10 using the Crackberry 10 app.

Took all of 30 seconds to download, unzip, and browse to settings to see my options in the notifications!

Super impressed right now with the Z10 !

I downloaded the first one from Mega but I couldn't download the second one due to no more bandwidth from the owner's side.
I too would like to know if they're different or if they're the same.

Thanks ADAM I have been waiting on RINGTONE info, I hear alot has changed and not for the better, Why do companies move backwards, WP cant use your own MP3 Ringtone and now I hear you cant set custom ringtones for contacts. Thats a step BACKWARDS and I was affraid of this, still not as bad as WP but I hope ALLLLL these missing features are filled in ALLLLLLL of them, That includes the BlackBerry Font and Email settings like "delete on handheld only" option... BB has moved forward and backwards

can u do messages to? How detail can u get? is it the same in the old OS? Also I have heard that in email there is no option to keep or delete on handheld only option. no need for Caps.

For the love of all that is holy could you upload it somewhere where I can actually download it. For those who already did DL, make a mirror or something, it's annoying when both links aren't working!

Getting Decryption Error, or it stops at 27%. The Box one shows that the user is out of bandwidth. Is it that everyone is trying to get a hold of these tones? The ones on my Z10 are so few that I cannot tell if its SMS, Tweets, BBM, Email. All for the same tone.

This will not work on an SD card that has been formatted in the Z10.

I tried to create the missing BlackBerry/Ringtones folder but the music app still picked it up. So unless you want all these ringtones (55 of them) playing as regular music tracks... SOL.

After reading all of the above I remain confused.

Which device should I use to format the SD card? System 6 or Z10?

should I then create a folder on the SD card "Ringtones" and then drop them in there?


This is so sad, Mega gives a decryption error and Box is out of bandwidth :(

I was so excited for this file, and now it seems I can't get it. Help, Kevin!

I got same error, today I had to install Google Chrome and it downloaded. I can email you the zip file if you are willing.


If you are like me, you probably think this is ridiculous that you cannot keep the music player from displaying your custom ringtones. I find it even more absurd that I need an old Blackberry to solve this issue. Well, look no further. I have a solution. Make your ringtones folder in the "Voice" folder on the device memory or on your SDcard, put your custom ringtones in there, and Viola!, no more ringtones in your music player! Thanks to a co-worker of mine for figuring this out.

I can't seem to be able to download. First file stalls and second file says host out of bandwidth...helo?

Posted via CB10

I was missing my BBRelaxed_Gong and Notifier_Sonar ringtones in a big way on the Z10. Thanks to you I now have the back. Thanks Adam!

Links not working for me :(
Box appears out of bandwidth again, and first link hangs for me as others reported.

Any suggestions or alternate locations?


Posted via CB10

Yes please...is there another mirror available (or at least some additional bandwidth on the box.com link)? The mega link finishes for me, but has a decription error every time...now that BB10 has officially launched in the USA, I'd sure love my old BB tones on my brand spanking new Z10 from T-Mobile! Thanks much... :)))

Thanks Riggs111, took your advice and had the 55 ring tunes moved into the 'Voice' folder on my SD card. 64 GB will take some time to fill up.

Thanks for increasing the bandwidth, I was finally able to download from the box.com link...awesome! In addition, I would agree with one of the previous posters that all the BBGroove, BBInspired (especially Chivalry and Orchess), and BBRelaxed ringtones are missing from this group of tones...also a few of the BBPro ringtones like ElectriCall, Confirm, GungHo and Link aren't present, as well as some of the other Notifier ringtones like Cricket, Crystal, EtVoila, Magic, and Nymph. Having spent almost 2 years each on both a 9700 and then a 9780, I have gotten quite attached to some of the OS 5 and OS 6 ringtones...so if any of these others can be dug up and posted, it would be greatly appreciated! :)

I have my ringtones in the "Voice" folder but when I try to customize a contact...I only see my music folder. I have no visibility to the rigntones. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Seriously? A download of "classic" ringtones that doesn't include a classic telephone ring ringtone?

ok, I have to be blonde lol. I downloaded the ringtones to my computer and now how the hell do I get then from the file folder on the BB. I cant seem to get BB Link to let me load it on to my phone.