HTML5 games said to run faster on Apple’s iOS than on Google’s Android but what about the BlackBerry PlayBook?

HTML5 Test
By Bla1ze on 6 Mar 2012 12:35 am EST

There is an article that has been going around stating that Apple's iOS is three times faster at rendering HTML5 games then that of Google's Android. The information was compiled by, wherein they tested various devices including the iPhone 4S, the iPad 2, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and finally -- the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

When tested on those various devices, Apple's iOS came out on top with the scores being based on's benchmark system called PerfMarks. According to the information, the iPhone 4S scored 252 PerfMarks and the iPad 2 scores 327, and that is up from 2009 when the iPhone 3GS scored 53. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, by comparison, scored 147 and the Kindle Fire scored only 25. The iPad 2 beat all Android devices, even those with better specs such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which came in with a score of 65.

Now, given that the BlackBerry PlayBook beats them all in the general HTML5 test when using Apple's Safari included with the most recent build of iOS for the iPad 2, and Google's Chrome Beta browser for Ice Cream Sandwich on a Motorola Xoom, we kind of can't help but wonder how well the BlackBerry PlayBook would do if tested. has the source code for their PerfMarks testing posted up on their Github but they've yet to make the full iOS vs. Android documentation available. They will be releasing that information at the second annual HTML5 Game Developer Conference on May 21 in San Francisco. Anyone feel like putting up a server and testing the PlayBook? The source code does include a spot for the BlackBerry PlayBook in the listing.

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Source: VentureBeat via: iMore

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HTML5 games said to run faster on Apple’s iOS than on Google’s Android but what about the BlackBerry PlayBook?


Very interesting. The long and short is that bb simply has to get the bb10 device out the door and show everyone its technical superiority.

My Friends call me a "Conspiracy Theorist," but can you blame me!? We (Playbook Owners) won the HTML5 tests, yet we don't get included when it comes to Experiments like this which are HTML5 based!? You tell me.

Hey Bla1ze, the HTML5 test measures how well your browser supports the HTML5 standard, not how fast your browser renders content. There is no correlation between compliance and performance by using this test.

The 2nd place winner using an old vs of the OS...I wonder what the score would have been had they used OS2.0

iPad2 would still win the benchmark --- because this is essentially a GPU benchmark and iPad2 has a GPU that is at least twice as fast as the Playbook's GPU.

Very suspect that they didn't use 2. 0 OS to test especially since the update has been out for a few weeks and the date on this report is March 2012.
I think they did test the PB using 2.0 and because it was better than the ipad ran the older data.

From what I understand is that iOS 5.0 uses hardware acceleration of some kind. Makes me wonder if the Playbook uses hardware acceleration for the browser and if so, can it be improved?
I seriously hope they will update the browser in the future if not for the rendering part, than for improving scrolling and bookmarking.

Does anyone know of any good HTML5 games out there? I've found a few sites that have some flash games that work ok, but not amazingly

These tests really have nothing to do with the technology but with how much money the company has to influence the results. This is the reason why Apple will always appear to be the best no matter what they do. The iPad 3 is already destined to be the "best tablet ever" even before it is released. However, with a rumoured quad core processor I wondering if it will have a short batter life, perhaps like its founder.

Point is, The Playbook should have been included, period. I'm tired of the Playbook not gettin its dues!!!!

They are trying to create another hype for IPAD3, but if They include playbook, they can't make any hype. The point is the company behind this test aim to give credit to apple and to create positive image for incoming apple products. This means Bias

Let's just put all the BS aside and be REAL! I say this "Unbiasly," the Playbook is an UNBELIEVABLE Device! With a REVOLUTIONARY Messaging Platform! How in the H-E- double Hockey Sticks, can it continue to get Absolutely NO LOVE!? Now I Understand how the uninformed, who really cares Consumer Can Ignorantly do so, but the Tech Geeks have no Excuse! The Truth lies deep within "fsecure's" last comment.

Whatcha mean "NO LOVE," I Love my Playbook: I call her Suzy and I bought her a frilly little neglige and I..... (just kidding, just kidding). Unfortunately, Apple is the new Microsoft, which I like to call "MacroSoft" (for obvious reasons) and they do hardware as well. RIM is facing an up hill battle and they have some tough times ahead, because Macrosoft is probably going to do everything they can to make them disappear from the face of the planet. RIM has excellent products, but Mac has everyone's attention, so if RIM wants to make any inroads into the market they're going to have to approach it like they are KIA, or Hyundai just trying to break into the North American car market by offering very good products, which they already have, at very low prices (which they have on their tablet, but not their phones). Even when they come out with the new BB10 phones and those phones are integrated beautifully with the Playbook, integrated better then any thing on the market, they're still going to have to maintain their "new kid on the block" mentality, because their ultimate goal is to get BB devices into the hands of the almighty consumer. So RIM had better quit pissing around, get together with their manufactures and start offering the consumer's a deal that they "Can't Refuse." Personally, I believe the Playbook is the best tablet available, with the best future potential, but hype is a commodity that is easily bought and both Microsoft and Macrosoft have deeper pockets at this time. The one thing, however, that the consumer pays more attention to then hype, is their wallet and RIM had better accept that fact and get on with it now, not next year.

Oh, and to stay on topic: benchmarks, like any statistics, can be made to shine in just about any direction you want. That's why politicians rely on them so heavily - statistics that is.

Ya... just skimmed though the report... and it's only purpose was crap on everyone else and say how great apple was, except for something they did not except, the benchmarks from the playbook that destroyed the IPad! They totally ignored because it did not server there purpose.

Pure BS!

This is where RIM needs to great aggressive and fix this misinformation being spread again RIM

1. QNX is not Andriod (They are trying to down play QNX and and lump it in with Andriod)
2. Running old and outed software
3. Talking about the IPAD is so fast but the IPAD lost almost every benchmark to the Playbook

RIM you have F@#$ lawyers, and they have been really useless to you so far. And has cost you business. Now it's time to make those lawyers earn there money !

Grow some BALL'S and start fighting back RIM. Make sure these sites correct there misinformation, if not make there life a living hell with lawyers.

To be fair, if both devices have hardware GPU acceleration, the ipad2 will be much faster in every benchmarking test --- because ipad2 has a much faster GPU than the Playbook.

When I was reading all those articles about this yesterday, all I was thinking was what about compared to the I have my answer

I can't believe they went as far as burying PlayBook's results down near the conclusion (which is heavily skewed upon iOS)

The word "BlackBerry" and "PlayBook" were mentioned only 4 times in the whole PDF, which simply means Google didn't pay enough and RIM said "meh" when offered the deal

While it is certainly true that PlayBook's specifications lost to iPad 2 (and thus would essentially lost during any graphics rendering benchmark) the fact that they heavily praised iPad 2 and iOS 5 like Elijah and Elisha badass combo really raised my eyebrows. Not to mention that they heavily emphasized on every single possible advantage iOS have compared to the others.

Especially the conclusion *giggles* ah, money... Steve Jobs got plenty alright. If Microsoft/facebook create tablets too, it would be publicity war, and consumers are eternally doomed