WES 2010 Dates Announced: April 27-29 in Orlando, Florida. Registration Begins In January

For anyone who has been following us here at CrackBerry for a while now, you may be aware of what WES (Wireless Enterprise Synposium) is. But just is case you're not sure, WES is Research In Motions showcase event of the year where big things happen. WES 2010 is set to be a great one considering planning for the 2010 event began right after the 2009 event ended. The CrackBerry team will be there to bring you all the news and information, but this post serves as a reminder for those who may be on the fence about attending this year.

Registration begins in January and early birds get that $400 off deal you'll not want to miss out on. Thinking of attending but not really sure as of yet? Take a look through last years events to learn more and plan your budget for WES 2010.

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[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Next up in our string of BlackBerry EMEA Alliance Summit videos courtesy of MobileDeveloper.tv is one about a realllly interesting application/service from Handheld-PCS called Hand-e-Pix.  Hand-e-pix takes advantage of the camera and GPS functionality of the BlackBerry and allows users to share photographs which are time and date stamped and geotagged. Other contextual information and free text can also be added to the images which are sent in real time to a securely hosted back office database the 'hand-e-pix media manager' here the information can be sorted, searched and shared. Images and incident information can also be viewed in a GIS system and online maps, such as Google Maps.

So with Hand-e-Pix we are not talking about consumer use here - this isn't about sharing photos with your friends and family. We're talking about enterprise and government use, for example, police officers being able to now use their BlackBerry to take photos and submit them directly into a force's evidence database. There are loads of applications here. Check out the video - very interesting stuff!!

[ video source ]

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AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8520 Units Arriving in Stores?!!

It looks like some AT&T stores are getting the Curve 8520 units in stock. The device was announced a few weeks back, but was stated only as "in the coming weeks". Still no definitive release date, but apparently its not far off. Nothing showing up yet on the AT&T website either. We'll keep you updated if anything else pops up, but if you're looking to grab an 8520 you may want to give your local store a call and see if they're holding out on you.

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Gwabbit To Release Free Version Via BlackBerry App World

Gwabbit is a handy application for those who get a lot of emails and do not want to constantly be adding new contacts to their BlackBerry manually. Gwabbit takes care of that for you by adding your contacts information right to your address book automatically if you do so wish for it to. Some users however, may have been put off by the pricing of the application which is set at $9.99/year.

In response to that on December 8th, Gwabbit will release a free version only available via BlackBerry App World. The free version to be released also has a new feature built into it, we'll leave it up to you guys to decide if you like it or not though. When adding a contact, your device will email the person letting them know they were added to your address book using Gwabbit. Useful? Bothersome? Worth the savings of $9.99? Let us know in the comments folks.

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Track Your Diet Online with MyNetDiary - 50 Free Subscriptions

Many people get lost in their diet trying to keep track of food intake and counting calories. MyNetDiary hopes to ease the pain and help BlackBerry users stick to their weight loss with their handy BlackBerry app. The app allows you to quickly and easily log food, so you can always keep track of right where you're at. Features include:

  • Much quicker food search: searching while you type. It also learns user's preferences on the fly, so food entry most cumbersome in other calorie counters takes only a few taps/clicks with MyNetDiary.
  • The best food database - over 91,000 foods - accurate and up to date. Older BlackBerry apps have about 7,000 foods, and several new apps rely on user-entered foods
  • The BlackBerry app syncs with our state-of-the-art web site, all Ajax and very fast and easy to use.
  • Modern and well organized community for people to share their experiences and receive support and motivation from peers.
  • Twitter integration: choose what you want to send, and MyNetDiary will send the tweets from the BlackBerry app or from web site.
  • The BlackBerry app is as advanced and full-featured as our great iPhone app. This is truly the most comprehensive and easy calorie counter for BlackBerry. 

If you're looking to stick to your diet and can't seem to get it right, maybe MyNetDiary will help you get on your way. You can check out the free app in BlackBerry App world. We have 50 free 1-month subscriptions to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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Review: Seidio Innocase 2 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

[ This post comes via our Community Review forums from member C 86. Post your review and if we promote it to the blogs you'll receive a coupon for free accessories or apps from ShopCrackBerry.com. ]

Here is my review of the Seidio Innocase 2 for the BlackBerry 9700 along with their new style holster!

First off I have always loved Seidio's products as they are great quality products and last forever! I still have my holster from my 8300. I have used an Innocase 2, holster and Innocase Snap for the 8900, and loved every single one of them!

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Flixster Works Out The Kinks And Finally Releases Native BlackBerry Application

Ok, so Flixster has had this sitting in the wings for a while now but due to some unforseen issues it's arriving later then planned. With that out of they way, Flixster has released their native BlackBerry smartphone application through BlackBerry App World. What was previously just a web page launcher is now an awesome on device app which allows you to check new video releases, read reviews and view trailers provided your device supports it. You can even use your GPS location to look up and view theatres and show times in your area.

After the rocky start, I have to say I am quite pleased with the implementation here - it really is a great looking and functioning application for BlackBerry smartphones. Well worth the download if movies are your thing for sure. BlackBerry App World states all devices and all carriers, but I cannot fully confirm that information so let us know in the comments what device you are running it on so we can get a collective list going.

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I got word that Trapster has been released and features some cool new updates. Everyone's favorite speed trap app has been been revamped and is better than ever. The first difference you'll see is the updated UI - so there are no more old school fonts/boxes. There is now a manual location setting for devices without GPS as well (good for devices that block 3rd party apps). The Virtual Radar narrows and elongates based on the speed and direction of travel to help better find "traps". The trap filters let you customize your alert settings to your liking (choose not to be notified of alerts or set threshold). Perhaps the coolest addition is that of the custom sound themes. You can now choose to hear alerts in various voices such as Arnold, Geroge W. Bush, Austin Powers or Yogi and Boo Boo (check out some samples above). To get the latest update, just head over to trapster.com from your device.

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Crutchfield Launches Mobile Site

Crutchfield Launches Mobile Site

Electronics retailer Crutchfield has launched their long-awaited mobile site. The site is optimized for mobile viewing, and incorporates many of the features found in the standard website. Customers can view specials, browse by category, search products and more.

Many of the same unique features available when browsing Crutchfield.com from a computer will be available when shopping from a mobile handset. For example, visitors will be able to use Crutchfield's Outfit My Car process to identify their vehicle and find audio and video gear that fits the car. Users can also make purchases directly on their mobile device through a secure checkout process that has been optimized for mobile phones. 

You can check out the Crutchfield mobile site by heading to crutchfield.com from your device. 

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Epic Applications has been on a roll as of late. Druglord Wars is one of the top downloaded games in BlackBerry App World and is sitting in the top ten in the CrackBerry App Store. This time around, Epic Applications had added OS 4.5 support to their popular Pipe Dreams game while adding a new highscore board that was recently added to Druglord wars as well. Right now Pipe Dreams is on sale for only $2.99 in the CrackBerry store until December 4th.

For More Information On Pipe Dreams And Downloads Click Here

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Official OS For The BlackBerry Storm2 9520 Released

BlackBerry Storm 9520 owners can load up on some official goodness today. TIM Italy has made available for download OS for everyone to enjoy just in case you missed it or were not wanting to install the leaked version a little while back. From the reports in the OS forums, the OS is quite good and probably worth a look if you are running anything less then.

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Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 Now Available For Download

Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 Now Available For Download

It's been approximately four months since we last heard anything from Opera regarding their new Opera Mini 5 beta. At the time of release, Opera Mini 5 got off to a bit of a rocky start for some users after having looked at all the comments on the announcement post. This time around, beta 2 has been released andwhile the verdict is not out as of yet for the majority of users. I, myself am already having some issues with it on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 where it does not recognize the trackpad when being used as the "enter" key. You have to physically use the real enter in order to get it to register. In all fairness though, Opera did advise me that the 9700 was an untested device and may not work right. 

Opera Mini 5 beta 2 can be downloaded via your BlackBerry browser by heading to http://m.opera.com/next should you decide to grab it, be sure to leave some comments and let us know how it's working out for you.

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CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories and Applications for the BlackBerry Traveler

[ Our Holiday Gift Guides hope to get you going in the right direction when shopping for your BlackBerry family and friends this holiday season. This list comes courtesy of our forum moderators JeffH and chrisy520. They compiled a great list of items that no BlackBerry Traveler should be without.  There is a great variety of accessories and apps that should fill out your gift list just right. ]

Accessories and Apps for the BlackBerry Traveler

Use your BlackBerry as a speakerphone and as a high definition speaker to play your favorite music. The Motorola EQ5 Wireless Travel Stereo Speaker's slim and compact size makes it perfect at the beach or while relaxing in a bath. Delivering high-definition stereo sound, this unit features a rechargeable battery (charger included), and utilizes Bluetooth technology so you can stream soft new age music via Slacker Radio and turn that noisy Motel 6 room into a peaceful sanctuary.

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Rock your BlackBerry with PushLife

Rock your BlackBerry with PushLife

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I...love...music. You’ll always find a list of my personal favourites on my BlackBerry. They may not all be hits, or even well known, but they are “me”. For the longest time, I’ve gone through the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to load up my Berry. I was never really happy with the time and process it took to complete the transfer. I’m not talking about gruelling hours of downloading, but fellow users and abusers know what I am talking about.

PushLife introduced me to another solution; a solution that gave me more power over my media. Not only could I manage my media on my computer, I could also manage it on my BlackBerry. No need for wireless data usage, PushLife allows you to connect via USB. You can sync and update your changes in record time. Beyond being a music player, PushLife brings your media to life with images, lyrics, biographies, Twitter and more. Open up your media files and get ready to experience your media on another level.

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Reminder: Online BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009

Reminder: Online BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009

Just a reminder folks, the upcoming BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009 is happening on December 3rd. Registration is still open and it's free for all. The BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009 features four seminar tracks, all new content, new product demos and new resources to expand access to BlackBerry solution information.

Who will be there? Administrators, Developers and CIOs.
  • Seminar content geared to all areas of interest, from high availability and new capabilities of BlackBerry® Enterprise Server v.5.0 for administrators, and working with BlackBerry® Widgets for developers to understanding the impacts of virtualization for the busy CIO.
  • Mix and match sessions to gain big picture learning.
  • View these agendas Now – Administrator, Developer and CIO.

You'll wanna tune in to the live event as it will give some insight into Research In Motions plan for the year ahead as well give a great overview of the tools available to help BlackBerry developers in their processes. The live show begins on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009, 9am ET – 5pm ET.

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PCMag's Top 20 Free BlackBerry Apps

PCMag's Top 20 Free BlackBerry Apps

1. AP Mobile News
10. Opera Mini 5 17. Viigo for BlacBerry

As the end of the year approaches, you're bound to see lots of Best of 2009 type posts pop up aroud the web for all sorts of things. I know we'll be running our Cracky awards in the weeks ahead. Over at PC Mag today, Sascha Segan put up his holiday list of smartphone app freebies, covering 100 free apps on different platforms. For BlackBerry smartphones, Sascha went through 20 awesome and free BlackBerry apps:

  1. AP Mobile News 2.5.5
  2. BBNotePad 1.1.2
  3. Bloomberg Mobile
  4. Bolt Browser 1.5
  5. Facebook
  6. FlashLight 1.0.2
  7. Gmail 2.0.6
  8. GoogleMaps 3.2
  9. Ka-Glom 1.4
  10. Opera Mini 5.0 beta
  11. Poynt
  12. Qik Livestreaming 1.0.15
  13. Slacker Radio for BlackBerry 2.0.91
  14. ScoreMobile 1.2
  15. Stitcher Podcast Radio 1.2.14
  16. UberTwitter
  17. Viigo for BlackBerry 3.1.486
  18. Vlingo 3.2
  19. WeatherBug
  20. WorldMate Live

There you have it! Be sure to click over to PC Mag's full listing so you can get the blurb on each one. Are your favorite free BlackBerry apps on the list above? Did they miss any? If so, be sure to drop them in the comments to this post!

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My Wish for BlackBerry Santa: Add Personalize Ringtones and Notifications to the Setup Wizard.

I'd love to see this option get added! Do You Change Your Ringtone/Notification Settings or Just Use the Defaults?(poll)

* Update: Hmmm... so after 5,000 quick votes we can see that even among CrackBerry readers almost 20% of users stick to the ringtone and notification defaults. I would guess among those who are less BlackBerry enthusiasts that % would likely be twice as high (or more). That said... I think the stats show this is a good idea. Wouldn't hurt, that's for sure! *

The last couple of months I have spent more time living out of my suitcase then at home. You'll hear no complaints from me on that as I love to travel, but what is starting to drive me a bit bonkers is the fact that when I end up at events or in destinations where there are a lot of BlackBerry users around (CTIA, New York City, BlackBerry Developer Conference, etc.) I constantly, Constantly, CONSTANTLY hear the same default BlackBerry ringtones and notification sounds coming from people's devices. And as a result, whenever a BB makes a sound, you see everybody checking their own device since they too are running the default ringtone and alert sounds.

I think most consumer BlackBerry users (and CrackBerry readers) both know how to change up their ringtones and notifications and actually do change them up (I'm sure there's some who know how to change them but just like the default sounds too), but when it comes to the business / professional BlackBerry users out there who don't spend much time tweaking up their device (time is money right?) you often don't see them moving away from the default sounds. Not a big deal on a daily basis, but again, when you put a bunch of default BlackBerry users together in a room it gets really annoying when someone gets a call or instant message.

A possible solution? Why not add Personalize Ringtones and Notifications to the BlackBerry Setup Wizard? When people first get their new device, this could walk users through the process of changing up ringtones and settings right away. I'm sure it would have to at least make some sort of positive impact on this default ringtone phenomena I keep observing.

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Free Christmas StillScreens from DreamTheme!

Recently DreamTheme launched 20 new personalization products across 3 new app categories. This week they have just released a new StillScreen pack for the holidays and are giving out free copies to the CrackBerry community in appreciation for their continued support. The Christmas StillScreens app is a tiny loader app that gives access to holiday themed images of impeccable quality -- use them as extra backgrounds for your PrimeThemes for a totally personalized holiday experience . You can check out Christmas StillScreens or DreamTheme's other StillScreens packs by viewing them at www.dreamtheme.com.

For those of you that have already bought the 'Unlimited Dreaming' package from DreamTheme, the Christmas StillScreens are now available to you through your Unlimited Dreaming icon on your device. You can get Unlimited Dreaming, or anything else from DreamTheme's catalogue here at the CrackBerry App Store -- remember to use the code 'ENJOY' to get your free copy of Christmas Stillscreens and the code "Crack" to get an additional 15% off when purchasing through the CrackBerry App Store Client or Mobile App Store site!

* NOTE - MAKE SURE WHEN USING THE COUPON CODE YOU HIT UPDATE BUTTON BEFORE CONTINUING. The price needs to show $0.00. If you don't hit the update button, the free pricing won't take effect. *

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December 1st Already? Find the Perfect BlackBerry Stocking Stuffers this Holiday Season with our BlackBerry Gift Guides!

Seriously, it's December 1st already. I can't believe how 2009 has flown by. With the change of month the holiday season is officially upon us (it actually started snowing just a few minutes ago as I look out the window while typing this) which means if you haven't yet, it's time to start thinking holidays and buying gifts for your friends, colleagues and special loved-ones.

For the BlackBerry users in your life (or for yourself if you just want a gift you know you'll love!), might I suggest what I suggest every December - BlackBerry gifts!! To have some fun and give some insight into items you may not have thought of previously, over the next week or so we'll run a series of gift guides here on the blogs, written by volunteers from our CrackBerry forum moderators and twelpers team. The guides will cover both accessories and apps (though it is a little tricky to stick an app in a stocking - trust me, I've tried) for a wide range of BlackBerry-using folks.

Stay tuned for the BlackBerry gift guide fun, and in the meantime on behalf of myself and the whole CrackBerry.com team, may we wish you an early Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus (for the rest of us!), Season's Greetings and make it a safe and holiday season and CrackBerry New Year! :)

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Blurts Pro $4.99 Through Sunday - 50 Free Copies

Blurts Pro

Blurts seemed to come out of nowhere with a full head of steam, and it hasn't slowed down yet. The innovative app displays alerts right on your PC so you can keep working and never be distracted picking up your BlackBerry. Caller ID, email and SMS will show right on your PC, and you can even make and answer calls without picking up your device. Blurts works over Bluetooth and is truly an amazing app. Blurts Pro regularly sells for $5.99, but you can grab it through Sunday for $4.99 using the coupon 'BLURTS499' (This code will only work in the mobile app store or mobile app store client from your device).

Contest: We have 50 copies of Blurts Pro to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count. 

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