Telus BlackBerry Tour 9630 Available for $229.99 Pre-Order At Best Buy Canada

Yesterday we learned Best Buy was accepting pre-orders for Verizon customers, and it looks like has the Telus Tour available for $229.99 - $20 cheaper than a direct Telus order. Telus customers can jump over to and check out the Tour. Odd that neither the Verizon nor Sprint Tours show on yet. The Telus online pre-orders will be good for in-store pickup only. Check out for more info.

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Facebook v1.6.0.21 Released Many Fixes For Calendar And Friends List Refreshing!

Recently RIM pushed through an upgrade to it's Facebook application. Moving up from, version is now available for download at all the normal locations, but this time around a lot of bug fixes were included (Sound familiar?). Fixes include better calendar integration and how the friends list refreshes - that's the basics of it. If you would like a more detailed look at what has been fixed you can review the RIM knowledge base articles as outlined below for more information.

  • KB18441, informs that the unending “friends refresh” issue has been fixed in
  • KB18442, provides a resolution and workaround for restoring BlackBerry calendar events during an OS upgrade when the Facebook calendar can become set as your default calendar. Basically, this version of Facebook avoids that issue, according to the article.
  • KB18674, informs that Facebook for BlackBerry will display a maximum of 1200 friends.
  • KB16369, details the Facebook for BlackBerry minimum requirements.

If you are a BlackBerry facebook user, it's suggested you grab this update to ensure that the application runs correctly for you at all times. I would even take the step of reccomending that you remove the current version installed previously and download the latest.

[ Source ]
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Bell Officially Launches For BlackBerry Storm!

*UPDATE* -Bell Has Pulled The Update For Unexplained Reasons

Canadian CDMA carrier Bell has officially launched their latest Storm OS. Many of you surely already have the released version but for those of you who only install official carriers release now is your time to get in on the love for your BlackBerry Storm 9530, go ahead get your upgrade on.

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Huge Free Update to Word Shuffle! Game Saves, New levels, Sounds And More!

One of the hottest games in the Shop CrackBerry Store for the BlackBerry Storm got a massive update not too long ago. Word Shuffle from Epic Applications is a insanely addictive word scramble game where you have to find as many words as possible in the allotted time. Not always the easiet thing to do, but it sure is fun. With all the new additions to the game it is one you don't want to miss out on. Check out some of the new features:

  • 200 new levels-No one needs to worry about repeats now that the number of levels nearly tripled! 200 new challenging levels were added, and the buggy levels have been removed.
  • Sounds are back-As promised, I was able to fix the issues people were seeing, and brought sounds back. Your sound preference (on or off) is also saved.
  • Save your games-You now have the option of saving your games at the end of each level
  • New High Score list-A high score list was added keeping your 10 highest scores and levels
  • Even better use of the Storm-Don’t like swiping down to submit a word? Now use either of the convenience keys!
  • Bring back last entry-You can now swipe up to bring back up the last word you entered
A nice list of upgrades added to an already awesome game, you can check out Word Shuffle from Epic Applications today for $2.99.
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Review: BB:Robot Scheduler for BlackBerry Smartphones

While I was on my vacation, I had time to reflect upon various ways I could make my schedule a little easier to manage. As the saying goes, there is a time and place for everything. Unfortunately, your own timing may be a little off. Even with the uber powerful BlackBerry smartphone available to us, our sometimes busy lives may cause some hiccups in our schedules. There have been times when I get home from work exhausted and collapse on the couch, only to have to get up seconds later because I forgot to do something. I look towards my BlackBerry and say "Can't you just do it for me?"

I set my sights on BB:Robot Scheduler for a solution. Since the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I can honestly say that pretty much anything with robot in its name immediately caught my attention. BB:Robot Scheduler seemed to be a pretty simple application but, like Transformers, there's more than meets the eye. You can use the application to create schedules for almost everything you do with your BlackBerry. With audio recordings, sharing GPS locations, messages, calls, etc, ready to be scheduled, you can take a breather and focus on your next vacation plans. Read on for more.

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Contest Winners: 100 FREE 1-Yr Subscriptions to SmrtGuard!

*Update - Save on SmrtGuard! - If you didn't win a free copy, the good folks at SmrtGuard have set CrackBerry readers up with a 10% off discount to purchase. Just FOLLOW THIS LINK! *

Last week to celebrate both Canada Day and Independence Day we held a contest for one of CrackBerry Nation's favorite apps / utilities / services, SmrtGuard. The results are in, and 100 lucky members can enjoy the week that much more now. Winners will receive a full year subscription to SmrtGuard (an awesome $45 value). Thanks to everyone that entered, and congrats to all the winners! And if you didn't win, don't worry... you know another CrackBerry contest is just around the corner (have you entered in our Win a BlackBerry Tour contest yet??). 

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Pre-Order Verizon BlackBerry Tour At Best Buy Mobile

Only 6 more days until "Tour Time" and everyone is starting to get antsy. I'll be at my local Verizon corporate store on Sunday, and sure many others will be venturing out early as well. If you don't have a local store in your area or just want to try and beat the crowds, it looks like Best Buy Mobile may be the way to go. Best Buy is offering Verizon Tour Pre-sales at all of their stores, and you can pre-order the device with a $50 deposit to be guaranteed a shiny new Tour come Sunday. There is no news of this on Best Buy's site so you'll have to swing by your local store to get in on the action. Big thanks to Michael for the image.

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BlackBerrys and Tornados

BlackBerrys and Tornados

This is a user submitted story from member Brett W (username ViperSBT). Note that the events of this story occur in the past - February 2008.

I bought my 8700 August of 2006 and have used and abused it the whole time. I have dropped it more times than I care to admit, but it has always worked and has never given me any problems nor has it ever lost its good looks... :) Last Christmas my wife (then 6 months pregnant) had a 12 month old Motorola Razor that with less use and abuse than my BlackBerry was in very rough shape (the screen was almost unusable). Being the thoughtful husband I am, I got her a new Blackberry 8310. She immediately fell in love with it and has been very happy with it ever since.

With that said, last Tuesday evening (Feb 5th, 2008) we were at our church by ourselves and I was working on some video editing for our church's television broadcast. My wife was monitoring weather on her BlackBerry and mine was sitting on the counter next to me. She was monitoring the weather because we were in the middle of a very bad storm and there were Tornado warnings. Everything we were watching was telling us the tornadoes were likely to be north of us, but that did not turn out to be the case.

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Excellent Tumblr Blogging Application for BlackBerry Devices

This is great news. Although it may not be new to some of you out there as the application is a little on the older side. I have personally never seen this application before and I have to say, I really wish I had of known about it before.

A lot of you may have personal blogs that you maintain. A lot of you may run those blogs on Tumblr and while Tumblr does make it rather easy to post items from mobile devices with their blog integration anything that makes that type of stuff easier is always awesome. Hippocamp has made a Tumblr application available for BlackBerry devices where in which you can create, edit and post direct to your Tumblr blog all from your BlackBerry Smartphone.

Now over that past day I have tested the application and I have to say it's genius how well it works. It's free, it's been regularly updated and the developer has much more in store for the application such as video and audio upload capability in forthcoming versions. If you have a Tumblr account check it out. Now, Wordpress - can we get that application you have been promising us? Because in the meantime I have been using ScreamingToasters-Wicked Wordpress App For BlackBerry ;)

[ Thanks, @jbyrdman ]
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Toysoft Updates: Sea Battle Game Now Available For BlackBerry Storm And PictureID Updated

Back in April Kevin checked out Sea Battle, a great game that was only available for trackball devices. I got an email from Danny at Toysoft today letting me know that Sea Battle is now BlackBerry Storm ready. Sea Battle is a Battleship game with great clean graphics and cool animations. Each player starts with 5 ships, and the first to destroy the opponent's fleet wins. It runs very smooth on the Storm and takes full advantage of the device's features. This is a great time killer and a steal at only $1.99. Pick up Sea Battle in the CrackBerry App Store.

Toysoft has also updated their popular PictureID app. PictureID allows you to utilize full-screen caller ID on your device. We checked out PictureID when it first came out, and a load of bug fixes and revamps has spruced up PictureID 2.1. PictureID is available for $9.99.  

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Slick OSXHD Theme For Bold And 8900 Devices

Slick OSXHD Theme For Bold And 8900 Devices

Typically I'm not a fan of OS themes on my BlackBerry devices, especially when it comes to Windows themes (there's just something about a Windows logo on my BlackBerry freaks me out). With that said I have to say I was excited when I installed one of the latest themes from EThemes. Even though it's a Mac OS X theme, it's an amazing looking one.

Icons straight from Mac OS X and integrated options set this theme apart. The 5 user customizable hidden bottom dock icons with a pop up "stacks" option that houses 6 other icons make this a quick access theme. Add in Quicklaunch integration and a Today Plus section and you have the killer combination that is osXHD. Be sure to check this theme out for your BlackBerry Bold or Curve 8900 today, it's sheer beauty. It's available for $3.99.

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Phone Assistant  v1.4.2 Helps Keep Your Contact Numbers Organized: Add New Contacts To Home or Mobile Directly

Have you ever come across a feature while using a different device that you wish was included on your BlackBerry? Believe it or not, I have on some Windows Mobile devices (yes, shocking I know). The Windows Mobile method of adding contacts is great, mainly because it asks you what type of contact you are adding. The BlackBerry OS defaults to the work section no matter what, so if you are adding a home number or mobile number you are forced to copy and paste the number into that section.

No longer will you have to do so though as Phone Assistant fills that void for the BlackBerry OS. Now if a contact calls you and is not in your address you will be prompted to add it and be given the option of where to add it to - Work, Mobile or Home. Awesome. Also, if your contact exists you can "merge" the contact information as well easily so that Home, Work and Mobile can all be added with great ease. It's a great feature to add to your device, especially if you are like me and are left wondering why something so small yet so functional was left out. Unfortunately, this feature that should be included free in the OS will instead set you back $3.99, but if you're a networker and always meeting and adding new contacts you'll likely get your money's worth.

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Available for Pre-Order: My BlackBerry Curve by Craig Johnston (CrackBerry Podcast Co-Host!)

This is what happens when we slack on our regular CrackBerry podcast schedule... CrackBerry Craig, my podcast co-host and CrackBerry's resident enterprise expert) goes ahead and gets to work on a BlackBerry book! He pinged me on Friday that it's now up on Amazon and available for pre-order. If you are a BlackBerry Curve owner wanting to maximize your device's potential, you'll definitely want to check out My BlackBerry Curve.

As for our next CrackBerry Podcast, we're recording it THIS Wednesday. Hopefully Craig will give us some more of the deets on his latest endeavor. And if you have any questions you want us to tackle on the show, be sure to email them into or leave us a message at 1-866-904-5772 ext 222.

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 5 July 2009

BlackBerry Storm OS Sneak Peek And Mini Review

Well, we all know the Storm 2 is on it's way but for all you original Storm owners, RIM has not forgotten you exist. Development of the 5.0 OS for current Storm versions steams ahead just as it does for all other 5.0 upgradeable devices and today we get a look at the new OS. Albeit, not a huge look but hey, it's better then no look--which is what we have really had up until now.

BenezBlog, has posted up quite a few screenshots of in action on the Storm and while the look is not really in depth, it does look rather polished. First impressions of the OS are also shared on the german blog so check it out and see what may be ahead for all you original Storm owners. Well, those of you who haven't decided to move onto the Tour that is. 

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Free BlackBerry Media Roundup For July 4th 2009!

Hey Everyone! We're back again with another exciting Click's Picks. Being the 4th of July, many of this week's picks of free media for your BlackBerry are very patriotic. Be sure to click through on the image above to see my favorite BlackBerry wallpapers, ringtones and video picks for the week past. Happy 4th of July!!

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TrainSchedule Now Available In App World - Put Train Schedules On Your BlackBerry

I just checked out TrainSchedule from and must say I really like it. It puts train schedules at your fingertips and makes your daily commute or that weekend trip a lot easier to handle. After installing the app, you are presented with a list of trains - everything from Amtrak to the Long Island Railroad. You simply pick a line, install the schedule and you're done.  You can download multiple schedules, map your trip with GPS and even integrate railroads for connecting trips. This is a fantastic application for those that commute on the train or just want to have multiple schedules handy.  A free trial is available OTA from or in the CrackBerry App Store. The full version is also available to purchase in BlackBerry App World (for six months of service).

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Hot New FutureX Theme From Hedone Designs

Hot New FutureX Theme From Hedone Designs

It's been a while now since Hedone made his return back to theme making and shortly after his return he sent me an email to let me know he had a lot of cool ideas come to him in his short break. He also let me know he was going to be putting those ideas to work into his new themes and FutureX is indeed one of those ideas come to reality.

FutureX is totally graphically pleasing on any device and has some super cool features built into it. The theme itself has 15 customizable icons on the main screen split into 3 sections as you can see from the image above. While this feature is only supported on Bold, 8900 and Storm devices, it is a great way to lay out the icons so that everything is accessible.

FutureX looks good - from the icons right down too the wallpaper it is well-designed through and through. If you want see it in action Hedone has posted a video for us all too look at as well, you can check it out here. FutureX is available for Bold, Storm, 8900 and all 83xx, 88xx and 87XX devices but each will vary due to their limitations.

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Telus And Bell BlackBerry Tour Appears In Best Buy Flyer!
Sure! The folks at WMExperts will be excited about the above images as well, but that's ok. They are welcome to their joys in life just as much as us BlackBerry users are, but the real story here is the BlackBerry Tour up top in the photo which was taken from the Best Buy Canada online flyer, which adds even more confirmation that the time for the Tour on Telus and Bell is drawing ever so close. We've seen the pictures, we've seen the sales documents and we've seen the emails sent to the "Platinum Perks" customers... all that's left is the wait and that my friends may be the hardest part.

[ MobileSyrup ]

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Rogers Releases OS for the BlackBerry Bold

All you Rogers BlackBerry Bold owners out there should enjoy this one, especially if you are a firm believer of only running "carrier approved" firmware on your device. On the Rogers BlackBerry downloads page you will now find that is now available for download. This release is the same that CSL put out that helped AT&T customers unlock the network selection mode on their devices, which of course is not locked down on Rogers branded ones to begin with.

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