Best of Smartphone Experts, 5 July 2009

BlackBerry Storm OS Sneak Peek And Mini Review

Well, we all know the Storm 2 is on it's way but for all you original Storm owners, RIM has not forgotten you exist. Development of the 5.0 OS for current Storm versions steams ahead just as it does for all other 5.0 upgradeable devices and today we get a look at the new OS. Albeit, not a huge look but hey, it's better then no look--which is what we have really had up until now.

BenezBlog, has posted up quite a few screenshots of in action on the Storm and while the look is not really in depth, it does look rather polished. First impressions of the OS are also shared on the german blog so check it out and see what may be ahead for all you original Storm owners. Well, those of you who haven't decided to move onto the Tour that is. 

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Free BlackBerry Media Roundup For July 4th 2009!

Hey Everyone! We're back again with another exciting Click's Picks. Being the 4th of July, many of this week's picks of free media for your BlackBerry are very patriotic. Be sure to click through on the image above to see my favorite BlackBerry wallpapers, ringtones and video picks for the week past. Happy 4th of July!!

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TrainSchedule Now Available In App World - Put Train Schedules On Your BlackBerry

I just checked out TrainSchedule from and must say I really like it. It puts train schedules at your fingertips and makes your daily commute or that weekend trip a lot easier to handle. After installing the app, you are presented with a list of trains - everything from Amtrak to the Long Island Railroad. You simply pick a line, install the schedule and you're done.  You can download multiple schedules, map your trip with GPS and even integrate railroads for connecting trips. This is a fantastic application for those that commute on the train or just want to have multiple schedules handy.  A free trial is available OTA from or in the CrackBerry App Store. The full version is also available to purchase in BlackBerry App World (for six months of service).

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Hot New FutureX Theme From Hedone Designs

Hot New FutureX Theme From Hedone Designs

It's been a while now since Hedone made his return back to theme making and shortly after his return he sent me an email to let me know he had a lot of cool ideas come to him in his short break. He also let me know he was going to be putting those ideas to work into his new themes and FutureX is indeed one of those ideas come to reality.

FutureX is totally graphically pleasing on any device and has some super cool features built into it. The theme itself has 15 customizable icons on the main screen split into 3 sections as you can see from the image above. While this feature is only supported on Bold, 8900 and Storm devices, it is a great way to lay out the icons so that everything is accessible.

FutureX looks good - from the icons right down too the wallpaper it is well-designed through and through. If you want see it in action Hedone has posted a video for us all too look at as well, you can check it out here. FutureX is available for Bold, Storm, 8900 and all 83xx, 88xx and 87XX devices but each will vary due to their limitations.

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Telus And Bell BlackBerry Tour Appears In Best Buy Flyer!
Sure! The folks at WMExperts will be excited about the above images as well, but that's ok. They are welcome to their joys in life just as much as us BlackBerry users are, but the real story here is the BlackBerry Tour up top in the photo which was taken from the Best Buy Canada online flyer, which adds even more confirmation that the time for the Tour on Telus and Bell is drawing ever so close. We've seen the pictures, we've seen the sales documents and we've seen the emails sent to the "Platinum Perks" customers... all that's left is the wait and that my friends may be the hardest part.

[ MobileSyrup ]

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Rogers Releases OS for the BlackBerry Bold

All you Rogers BlackBerry Bold owners out there should enjoy this one, especially if you are a firm believer of only running "carrier approved" firmware on your device. On the Rogers BlackBerry downloads page you will now find that is now available for download. This release is the same that CSL put out that helped AT&T customers unlock the network selection mode on their devices, which of course is not locked down on Rogers branded ones to begin with.

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BerryBuzz 2.0 Private Beta Adds Alerts for BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and More

I just got word from Bellshare that their popular app BerryBuzz has been updated and is in private beta. BerryBuzz lets users select custom LED colors on their device for emails, SMS, calls and more. There are a ton of new features in this version, including the much desired BlackBerry Messenger alert and even Facebook. Users can select a "disco" setting, change flash intervals, silence alerts on certain days, slow down the LED and more. If you want to get in on the beta, send an email to with the subject "BerryBuzz 2.0 Beta". Keep in mind that Bellshare will be receiving a huge number of requests and they may not all be honored. The original BerryBuzz is still available at for $5.95. Check out the Bellshare Forums for more information. 

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Crisis Averted - Existing Verizon Customers Can Now Pre-Order Tour As An Upgrade

The rumors were flying all week long that existing Verizon customers wouldn't be able to upgrade to the Tour.  For some reason, Verizon didn't list the Tour on upgrade pages for current customers, and it seemed only new contracts would be able to snag the device. The net was a buzz, and it seems as if Big Red was listening.  Existing customers can now head to the upgrade page on Verizon's site to pre-order the Tour.  A $70 online discount is applied, as well as any New Every Two discounts if available.  Now everyone can now let out a big sigh of relief. 

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Ahh... this one totally brings back fond memories as I was indeed an owner of the original Executor keychain and played with it non-stop until my older brother eventually stole it from me, put it on the floor and jumped on it until it crumbled into little pieces. I still haven't forgiven him.... though I guess I can let the issue drop now as new from Generation Media Group, bbExecutor mimics the original Executor keychain and offers up 8 of those classic assault sounds, including the ever-popular machine gun.  Be sure to watch the video above to see bbExecutor in all it's glory.

The app is available for both the Storm and non-touchscreen BlackBerry smartphones and is currently available for 99 cents (until July 31st - $1.99 regular price). You can grab it from the link below and be sure to check out the original Executor after the jump!

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BlackBerry App Roundup for July 3rd, 2009!

Happy July everyone! To all Canadians, hope you had a great Canada Day back on the 1st... and to all of our American friends, hope you have a great 4th of July celebration this weekend. This week in the roundup we have the following titles:

In Case You Missed It: ZonaSnap Screen Capture, Nobex Radio Companion Adds 250 NPR Stations, PatternLock Lite for the Storm, WiFi Disabler, BeeJive Storm Beta Updated

New This Week: Bubble Defense, Bartender's Bible, Arcade Side Golf, Can't Stop Solitaire Collection, The Art of War

Apps on Sale: QuickPull Pro, Berry Labyrinth, Tip Calculator, Flashlight Pro, NetworkAcc - Mobile Network Accelerator

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Mobile Reader

Freebies of the Week: Stitcher Radio

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XING Launches Free Application for BlackBerry Smartphones

XING has finally launched their services for BlackBerry devices all nice and neatly rolled into a great looking aplication for its users. Not sure what XING is? Here is what Techcrunch had to say about the company:

XING is the leading European network for business contacts. Far more than a directory of business contacts, XING makes your professional network an active part of your life, enabling members to discover professional people, opportunities and privileges through its unique discovery capability and advanced contact management tools.

So the XING mobile application empowers its users to use the XING services to keep everything nice and organized and with OTA synhronization of contacts, personal messages and appointments this will stand as a huge productivity tool for all those who use it. With support for numerous languages and vast user base XING could be just what you need to get ahead of the game.

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No Pre Order Tours For Sprint Customers!

No Pre Order Tours For Sprint Customers!

With Pre ordering offerings available for Verizon devices a lot of Sprint customers were also wondering if they were going to be able to get in on the Tour fest as well. A post over at BGR shows that Sprint will not be giving any love to its customers when it comes to the Tour and pre-orders, as seen above. Srdoherty is the manager of social media and interactive communications at Sprint and wasted no time in driving the nail in the coffin. But I'm left wondering why the heck not? Sprint customers out there, did Sprint drop the ball here?

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BlackBerry Tour Available for Pre-Order from WireFly: New Customers $179.99; Existing Customers $199.99

I just came across this thread in the CrackBerry Forums tonight that's getting some interest from folks looking to pick-up the BlackBerry Tour from Verizon. Wirefly, who by the sounds of it sells a ton of devices for Verizon, put the BlackBerry Tour up for pre-order today. For new customers the price is $179.99 -- $20 cheaper than Verizon's direct price -- while existing elgible Verizon customers can upgrade to the Tour for $199.99. Be sure to check out all the details/requirements first before purchasing. You can follow the links below to learn more.

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Review: Motorola S9-HD Stereo Bluetooth Headset

I have stated the following fact many, many times before; music is a huge part of my life. From singing along to Raffi when I was quite young, to playing in several high school bands as a loud and proud band geek, my love for music rivals my love for the BlackBerry smartphone. So rather than have these two loves fight for superiority, I made it my mission to have the two work together. BlackBerry? Check. Micro SD loaded with music? Check. The perfect way to listen to music on my BlackBerry? Pending. I've found my perfect wired headset to listen with, but wires aren't always a viable solution. On my desk, with my wireless keyboard and mouse, there's not a wire to be seen, and I would prefer to keep it that way.

If you dig through CrackBerry Bluetooth reviews, you'll find a review for the Motorola S9 from way back. They were beautifully designed and performed well. Improving upon near perfection, Motorola also offers amazing audio delight with their MotoRokr S9-HD (yes folks, high definition) Stereo Bluetooth headset. Now that the music is playing, and the creative juices are flowing, let's see what this headset can do.

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Help Make Better - Take Our Surveys

As I made note the other day with our CrackBerry/SPE Developer job posting, lots is going on behind the scenes to really take to the next level over the months ahead (we even have a little 'header' clean-up coming in the next week just to fresh'n things up a bit in the meantime).

And as we work towards CrackBerry 2.0, we'll be coming to the you, the readers, members, and customers of, to help provide us with further information and insight so we can deliver the quality improvements that you want to see.

Survey Time: That said, today we have two surveys we'd like you to fill out. The first is a BlackBerry Needs survey, while the second is a CrackBerry Importance survey. Whether you visit this site hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even if this is your first time here, we'd love to hear from you. Thanks in advance for helping make even better!

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Contest: Win a BlackBerry Tour 9630 from!

With the BlackBerry Tour to be available from Verizon and Sprint on July 12th and shortly thereafter from Telus and Bell in Canada (and am sure other CDMA folks - Alltell, etc. will be getting it soon), it's time for us to have a good 'ole fashioned contest!!


  • Grand Prize - A BlackBerry Tour 9630! From your CDMA carrier of choice: Verizon, Sprint, Telus, Bell, etc.. We'll get it to you as soon as it becomes available for purchase.
  • Runner Up Prizes - $150 Coupon Code for Accessories from! We have three of these to be won. 

To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Looking for something to comment on? Why not tell us What you love about the BlackBerry Tour! After you enter for your chance to win, do us a favor and take our CrackBerry Surveys so we can help make this site even better! Contest entry closes Midnight PST on Friday, July 10th. We'll contact the winners on the 11th so you know before the Tour goes on sale that you won. Keep in mind you can enter more than once but only your first entry comment will be entered into the contest. Good Luck!

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Review: SmartAlerts for BlackBerry Smartphones

Despite being an admitted BlackBerry User and (mostly) Abuser, it is true that my BlackBerry smartphone isn't always attached to my hip. Yes friends, I can muster enough willpower to set it down on my desk, bookshelf, etc, and walk away. You massage your thumbs and view a world that isn't limited to 480x320 (well in the case of my Bold anyway). Those who truly know the addiction, understand that this peace will not last forever. You hear a subtle vibration from the direction of your device/dealer, perhaps a tone follows as well. The LED blinks red, whispering "Read me" over and over. Egads! Something has arrived, but you're not sure what or from whom. Is it important or can it wait? Your eye twitches as you fight the urge to lunge for your BlackBerry.

Okay, so maybe the addiction isn't that bad, or is it? But it would be nice to know who it is, or what you're being reminded of, so you can decide what you want or need to do. If you can't seem to make the decision on your own, SmartAlerts is here to assist you. If you want to learn how you can create filtered alerts for email, missed calls and more, read on!

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Yesterday Sprint dropped the word on Twitter that the BlackBerry Tour would be released on July 12th, and it looks like they showed it off on as well. Some eagle-eyed members caught a glimpse of the announcement on Sprints home page. Their Tour page hasn't been updated as of yet, but you can still sign up to "Remind me when its out" if you really want to.  Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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WHERE Updated for Curve 8900, Bold And Storm

WHERE Updated for Curve 8900, Bold And Storm

WHERE was recently updated over the past few days. Currently now sitting at version WHERE was updated to include better support for BlackBery Bold, Storm and Curve 8900 devices but it was an application wide upgrade meaning that all devices will see the new changes across the board. New fixes and features include:

  • New Gas Features - The WHERE Gas widget got a total redesign in this update. All gas grade prices are now available on main screen. Gas station amenities are now also included on the station detail page.
  • Improvements to WHERE Wall - In this latest update you will notice larger gravatar images, auto re-fresh mechanism, the ability to add links into posts, and a new Sports wall.
  • Changes to the way location is handled

With these improvements in place, the free WHERE application has gotten even better now and is a greater resource tool to have installed on your BlackBerry device, then it ever was in the past. Be sure to check it out today.

[ BlackBerry Rocks! ]
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