WorldMate Mobile Travel Service keeps making travel easier

When you are a BlackBerry user and you travel; be it often or just simply on random occassions, I have never come across a better application then Worldmate. Personally, I use it on my BlackBerry and when I had an iPhone I also had it installed there as well. The latest news from Worldmate is that they have updated to version 4.0. This update, brings a lot to the table in terms of how exactly Worldmate function and how it can better assist you in your travels. A new service addition has been added to Worldmate:

WorldMate introduces TripCatch to their BlackBerry application, an opt-in service that monitors a user's BlackBerry inbox for travel confirmation emails and then automatically imports them into their WorldMate account. Skipping the manual step for users, TripCatch grabs confirmation for flights, hotels, rental cars and more, generating detailed trip itineraries. Ensuring privacy, TripCatch is certified with the Privacy Seal from TRUSTe so the only information accessed is explicitly allowed by the user.

With TripCatch automation, confirmation emails for flights, hotels, rental cars and more generate detailed trip itineraries. The WorldMate service also includes flight alerts, calendar synchronization, and itinerary integration with mapping, navigation and LinkedIn contacts. Using TripCatch bypasses the old method of adding items to you itinerary wherein you had to forward all conformation emails to a specific email address before they would be added. TripCatch is an opt in service as well, so if you try it out and do not like you you may opt out at any time.

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Accessory Poll: Do you protect the display on your BlackBerry with a screen protector?

Find a Screen Protector for your BlackBerry  Do you use a screen protector on your BlackBerry?survey software

Last night I was out with one of my lesser friends (I say lesser friend because he's actually an iPhone user) and we got into a bit of a debate about screen protectors. My buddy is absolutely anal about having a screen protector on his phone - the first thing he did when he bought it, before he even used it once, was put on a screen protector. It makes sense I guess. A well-made, well-applied screen protector will ensure your smartphone's display remains in pristine condition. You do look at the screen every time you use your phone, so a scratch on the surface can become annoyingly obvious - it turns into that thing you see every time you have the phone in your hand.

That conversation had me wondering this morning about where CrackBerry Nation weighs in on the screen protector debate. Do the majority of us BlackBerry users apply a screen protector on our Bolds, Storms, Curves, Pearls and Tours? Or are more of us BlackBerry exhibitionists and go naked and risk a scratch or two? I'm curious to see the results of this one, so cast your vote above and sound off in the comments with your screen protection / disaster stories!

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Wirelessly sync iTunes and your BlackBerry using Music WithMe - 10 licenses to be won

Looking to easily sync your iTunes music with your BlackBerry? Music WithMe has the answer. This cool app installs on both your BlackBerry and PC, and then your iTunes playlists/tracks are synched with your device. The music goes to your memory card and stays there (its not a streaming app like some others) and you can sync as much as you'd like. Change a playlist in iTunes and it reflects on your BlackBerry - that's that. The full version of Music WithMe sells for $14.99, but we have 10 free licenses to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Contest winners: Overboard Waterproof Case, osXv2 & Screen Muncher

Nothing crazy this time around but a few contests to keep our prefect streak going. New app Screen Muncher, a great theme in osXv2 and one of my favorite accessories the Overboard Waterproof case. if you're a retialer/developer and want to run a contest of your own, hit us up at editorial(at) Full winners list after the jump. Congrats to all the winners!

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MLB At Bat 2010 for BlackBerry Review

MLB At Bat 2010 for BlackBerry Review

Review of MLB at Bat 2010 for BlackBerry Smartphones

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Ah, the smell of fresh-cut grass, the warm sun on my face, the sounds of the stadium: a man yells out, "Programs, get your programs" as another passes by selling peanuts and ice-cold beer. The ballpark is filling up quickly as a sell-out crowd is expected for this match between the National League-champion Philadelphia Phillies and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals' starting pitcher has just finished warming up, the umpire yells "play ball" and the games is about to begin. It sounds like there is an air of excitement throughout Busch Stadium in St. Louis and as I drive around in my car in Northern Indiana, running service calls for my day job, I can feel it too. In fact, it feels like I'm right there at the game thanks to the Gameday Audio feature in MLB At Bat 2010 for BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry theme roundup for July 12th, 2010 - 50 copies of Frozen Yogurt to be won!

Contest: 50 Copies of Frozen Yogurt to be won. Leave a comment!

Happy Monday theme junkies! It has been a crazy week here at Roundup Central, and I'm loving the themes I'm looking at rightr now while finishing my second pot of coffee. I have some stellar picks this week, by some of the best in the business. We have some new devs, as well as some that are making a return to the lineup. Hit the jump, and we'll get to the good stuff.

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Impatiently waiting for BlackBerry 6? Grab the next best thing today, Five Point Nine!

I know after today's sneak peek video of BlackBerry 6 by RIM, many of you are jonesing to get your hands on it! Until that happens, I think the next best thing one can have is a parity theme for your current device that provides a a little taste of BlackBerry 6 right now. Enter the Five Point Nine theme by WJD Designs.

Five Point Nine is essentially the same theme as WJDDesign's previously #1 best selling OS6 theme. It had to undergo a few minor tweaks to keep the lawyers from a certain company happy, including a branding change, but it's now back in the catalog available for sale. Five Point Nine is available for the BlackBerry Storms, Bold 9700/9650, Tour and Curve 8900 (running 5.0). It sells for $2.99.

Click on through to the Five Point Nine product page for full details, more screen captures and video. As for the new name Five Point Nine... well, that was all me. When Wayne relayed his re-branding dilemma to me that was the first name that popped into my head. :)

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New Official BlackBerry 6 Teaser Video!

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

* Update: Our BlackBerry 6 Forum is Now Open!! Check it out! *

With all of the pre-release hardware leaks of late that have showed off glimpses of BlackBerry 6, it's nice to see RIM up their game with a new BB6 promo video.  Over at the official BlackBerry blog, Andrew Bocking, VP of Handheld Software Product Management, expressed his excitement for the updated operating system. RIM let us know that:

In addition to the new fluid user interface, the new video illustrates a few of the new applications and features in BlackBerry 6 that will provide users with a mobile experience that is both fun and approachable, yet extremely powerful including:

  • redesigned home screen
  • universal search
  • context-sensitive pop-up menus
  • revamped BlackBerry Browser powered by WebKit
  • new applications like Social Feeds (which integrates all your news and social networks into one destination) and more

Check out the the video above to get a better idea of the new look and new features coming in BlackBerry 6. All I want to know now, as we all have for months, is which in-market devices will get the BB6 update? Is 6 only going to be made available to devices with 512MB of memory (or more)? Or will we see existing devices like the Bold 9700, Tour or Storm2 also get a BB6 update in time. I **think** I know the answer to this question, but it sure would be nice if RIM just told us. If we're going to need to be buying new phones for BlackBerry 6, I'd rather know sooner rather than later so I can start saving my pennies. Be sure to sound off in the comments with your reactions to the video!

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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ScreenShot updated to 2.0 - free version now available!

One of most important tools I use is a screen capturing application. When reviewing applications, it’s important to realize that the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, really does hold value. It’s one thing to talk about an application; it’s another to be able to view its images. Not only that, but it’s good to have images as proof in certain situations, or to even help with troubleshooting.

S4BB recently announced that version 2.0 now brings a free version of ScreenShot, on top of the already existing full version. ScreenShot supports the following image formats: JPG, GIF, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG and WBMP. One feature I like is the ability to set a delay, enabling you to capture hard to get shots (this is available in the full version only). Main features for both versions include:

  • Screen shot can be viewed right after it was taken
  • Screen shot can be sent out by email conveniently after it is taken
  • Camera shutter sound
  • 1 click image capture

The full version also allows you to change the shutter sound, modify the file name and select the image format. The full version typically goes for $4.99, but it’s on sale for $2.49 until July 22nd at the CrackBerry App Store. Funny, BlackBerry App World has the same application on sale for $4.99 from $9.99, go CrackBerry!

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iPlus4 by BerryMobi - A fresh new look for your BlackBerry, on sale now!

So Apple finally caught up to BlackBerry in some areas with IOS4, adding folders and "multi-tasking" to it's OS. Still, I'll take my BlackBerry any day, nothing else quite compares to the experience. There are those that love the look and feel of the Apple platform, and for them, there are themes like iPlus4. A full set of iPhone icons are included, and every component in the theme has been fully skinned to provide the overall look and feel of the iOS, with the function of a BlackBerry. Three homescreens provide access to 16 user-defined applications, a "mini" screen which shows only the bottom dock of icons, and a dedicated wallpaper view. Round it out with a hidden today, and you have agreat new theme for your BlackBerry device. Available from the CB store, on sale for $3.99 until July 18th.

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BlackBerry Protect Preview - RIM introducing FREE remote backup, restore and locate service to BlackBerry owners!

Whether a big innovation or small, we tend to always get hyped up at when Research In Motion introduces a new product or service to BlackBerry users (what can we say.. we love BlackBerrys!). Today's official word of the coming of BlackBerry Protect, which will be available in limited beta later this week and open beta later this year via the App World test center, is totally deserving of some genuine excitement. BlackBerry Protect is a free service offering from RIM that allows BlackBerry smartphone customers to remotely backup, restore and locate their BlackBerry smartphone, from wherever they are via their destkop computer. CrackBerry readers will be familiar with SmrtGuard, an application we've raved about here since it was still in beta... you can think of BlackBerry Protect as free RIM-built version that mainly accomplishes the same things. Key BlackBerry Protect features include:

  • Remote Device Management: Locate on map; Activate lound ringer; Lock / password change; Lost and Found screen; Device wipe
  • OTA Backup and Restore: Contacts and Calendar; Memos and Tasks; Browser bookmarks; Text messages
  • Administration: Based on new BlackBerry user account system (BlackBerry ID); Web-based end user portal; operator call center access

I had a chance to get a sneak peek of BlackBerry Protect and and am definitely happy to see RIM bring this service offering to its (consumer/BIS) customers for FREE of charge. Bottom line is it works as advertised and as you'd expect - the features/capabilities of BlackBerry Protect sort of speak for themselves. While the OTA backup and restore features are nice (would have love to have had these for a long time now), it's the remote device management that will make you say THANK YOU RIM if and when you ever have to use it (like if you ever misplace your device). Definitely another compelling reason to be a BlackBerry owner. Keep reading for some more images and details!

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Slacker for BlackBerry Review

Slacker for BlackBerry Review

Review of Slacker Radio for BlackBerry Smartphones

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

For me discovering Slacker was like discovering a gem amongst the plethora of blackberry apps available via download from the BB App World store. Sure there are plenty of music apps out there, but there is no other app worth coining with the phrase "radio on demand." And even though that term seems like a contradiction in the sense of what traditional FM radio is about, Slacker has gone to great lengths in providing a true ‘variety of music' experience while giving the listener the maximum control over their preferences and tastes.

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Thumbplay Music Store for BlackBerry Review

Thumbplay Music Store for BlackBerry Review

Review of Thumbplay Music Store for BlackBerry Smartphones

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]
Streaming Music is now as much as part of the BlackBerry Culture as e-mail, BBM, and track pads. Personally I use my BlackBerry more than any other source for music. Having a great music application, for many, is really a need and not just a want. Thumbplay introduced their own version of streaming music/music store just a little while ago and CrackBerry has given a lucky few some free three month subscription. Promising effortless playlist creation from millions of tracks, access to any album and artist, and wireless sync with you PC or Mac make this app look like a contender. In a world dominated by internet streaming radio for your BB device with great apps like Pandora, iHeart Radio, an app like Thumbplay might get overlooked, but this app should be on your radar.
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Wanna get a better look at the BlackBerry WebKit browser? See it in action! [video]

Here is a nice surprise for everyone as we head into the weekend. The good folks over at have just posted up a pretty nice video of the new BlackBerry WebKit browser running on a BlackBerry 9800. So far, videos have for the most part skipped over showing the WebKit browser so this is certainly the best look at it for now. Hit the video after that jump and let us all know what you think in the cooments. Personally, to me it's looking mighty fine now all we need is RIM to start rolling it out to users.

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CrackBerry Podcast 055: BlackBerry Juice. Or is it Jam?

Just in time for the weekend, we have a new CrackBerry Podcast recorded for your listening pleasure. What can I say about this one? Umm.. errr... you'll just have to listen I guess. We start off a bit slow, but there's some fun topics covered along the way. if you're a BlacKBerry enthusiast, you'll want to tune in!

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BlackBerry App Roundup for July 9th, 2010!

BlackBerry App Roundup for July 9th, 2010!

July 9th already? Time sure does fly. Of ocurse with summer and all things tend to go faster cause you never want it to be over.  In any case, Below are the apps I'm going to take a look at in the BlackBerry App Roundup for July 9th! Hope you guys find them all interesting and next week, I promise we'll have a contest again for you all.

Freebies of the Week: Weather Plus Lite, Weight Tracking, Stocks+

In Case You Missed It: Screen Muncher, Twitter For BlackBerry, Reuters Galleries

New This Week: System Dash, Drink Buddy, imgEdit

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Aces Classic Traffic Game

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TeleNav announces new partnership with US Cellular

Great news for all US Cellular customers today! TeleNav has announced a partnership with US Cellular to be their navigation service on several devices. Starting today, US Cellular customers with a BlackBerry Tour 9630, Curve 8530, or Pearl Flip 8230 can download Your Navigator Deluxe to their devices.

The best part is that US Cellular is following Sprint's lead and bundling the navigation service into their existing $30 data plan for the BlackBerry devices. I wish all other carriers would follow this approach.

In case you aren't familiar with TeleNav, here is what the service will bring to your device:

  • 3D turn-by-turn navigation
  • Speech recognition
  • Traffic rerouting
  • More than 12 million business listings
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Daily gas prices
  • Weather information
  • Integration with email/contacts/calendars
  • An online trip preplanning site (

Check after the jump for the full press release.

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