TELUS confirms they'll be carrying the BlackBerry Style as well

Just in case you were wondering if the BlackBerry Style would get any Canadian carrier love, TELUS has confirmed they'll also be offering the device at some point in the near future.

“Today Sprint announced that they will offer the BlackBerry Style 9670. I wanted to reach out to confirm that TELUS will be offering the BlackBerry Style here in Canada. Pricing and availability information still to come.”

I'm pretty sure TELUS will not be the only carrier either. As noted though, no date or pricing has been confirmed at this time. But, it's always nice to see carriers confirm a future release date rather than leaving customers wondering. 

Source: MobileSyrup

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We knew the BlackBerry PlayBook would be the first BlackBerry device from RIM to feature a non-removable battery, but since the PlayBook was unveiled at DevCon many of us have been wondering just how big of a battery would be inside the new tablet. Afterall, the PlayBook is fairly small in total size, but with dual core gigahertz processors and the ability to run flash, the PlayBook is going to want to suck back the juice.

Thanks to Jim Balsillie's speech at GITEX, we now know the answer to this one... 5300mAh. To put that into perspective, the BlackBerry Torch has a 1270mAh battery and the Bold 9700, known for it's uber long battery life, has a 1550mAh battery. So with 5300mAh, I'm guessing even with fairly heavy use the PlayBook should be able to make it through the work day and play time afterwards. I pinged Rene over at to see what size of battery the iPad sports, but apparently Apple doesn't give out those specs. One thing is for sure - RIM has always cared about the battery life of their products, and I don't think they'd make an exception on their first tablet.

On the memory front, while RIM didn't announce anything officially at DevCon they did have both 16GB and 32GB models on display. Also new on the GITEX PlayBook slides was the mention of a 64GB model. Good stuff - that's the one I'll be buying! :)

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[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

This year at DevCon we got to see President and Co-Chief Executive Officer Research In Motion, Mike Lazaridis speak about the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now, come time for GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) we get to hear Co-Chief Executive Officer Research In Motion, Jim Balsillie drop his thoughts on the upcoming tablet. In addition to introducing the BlackBerry PlayBook to the Middle East, Jim Balsillie also announced BlackBerry App World 2.0 and the BlackBerry Torch. While not much new was noted, any PlayBook news is great news to us. You all still excited? 

Source: TBreak

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Research In Motion website mistakenly shows off BlackBerry Bold 9780 info

Let's face it, Research In Motion never really has been great at keeping secrets on their website. With UAProfs for unreleased devices easily accessible by anyone who knows a model number it's rather easy to confirm some devices that are out there before announcement. One thing they did manage to keep secret though was the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 however, well that's not really a secret any more especially after today when information acknowledging the device showed up on the site. As you can see in the photo above it looks like Research In Motion is getting the site ready for launch of the device as demos and links are being set up. All of it appears to have been cleaned up now but, we're sure it'll all appear again soon. Must have been a glitch in the Matrix that made it all show up suddenly then disappear again.

Source: BGR

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BlackBerry Style Promo Video!

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Following up on the official press announcement, features and specs sheet, and photo gallery, you can also check out the official RIM product video for the new BlackBerry Style 9670 Smartphone from Research In Motion.

The BlackBerry Style is the first flip phone from RIM to feature a full qwerty physical keyboard and will be available from Sprint this Halloween. Check out the video above and sound off in the comments!

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BlackBerry Style Officially Announced! New Full Qwerty Flip Available from Sprint Oct. 31st for $99.99

We've been following the BlackBerry 9670 for a long time now, so it's awesome to see the Sprint exclusive BlackBerry Style 9670 get announced today. The BlackBerry Style will be available from Sprint this Halloween for $99.99 (after mail-in rebate) on a 2 year contract. The Style will be styling in two colors at launch: Steel Gray and the pretty sweet looking Royal Purple (see BlackBerry Style Image gallery). 

The BlackBerry Style is the first CDMA BlackBerry to launch with BlackBerry 6 and also the first flip phone from Research In Motion to feature a full physical qwerty keyboard. We had the chance this past Friday to get briefed on the new phone by David Smith, VP Product Management at RIM and David Owens, VP Marketing at Sprint, who were both excited about the Style on Sprint. For more info you can check out the BlackBerry Style tech specs, visit and keep reading for our notes from that call and for the  the full press release.

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BlackBerry Style Features and Specifications

BlackBerry Style Features and Specifications

The BlackBerry Style 9670 is the first CDMA BlackBerry to launch with BlackBerry 6 and is also the first flip phone from Research In Motion to feature a full qwerty keyboard. Launching in the USA as a Sprint exclusive, it also rocks a 5 megapixel camera and dual displays - in addition to the internal display there is an external display for previewing messages.

For the full features and technical specifications list on the BlackBerry Style, you can download the official BlackBerry Style Tech Specs .pdf and keep reading more info. 

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BlackBerry Style Images and Photos

BlackBerry Style Images and Photos

We've been following the evolution of the BlackBerry 9670 since the first photos of it popped up back in April. When it comes to the look of the BlackBerry Style, the opinions have varied. At first the push back was pretty negative on this full-qwerty flip, but as we've come closer to the official announcement and seen more photos and vids pop up on the Style, from my obversations of the comments to date it seems more people are starting to like the look of the Style. I know wasn't a fan of it at the start, but the official press photos and images of the Sprint BlackBerry Style are looking pretty good. I'm actually really loving the look of the Royal Purple - it's not a color scheme I'd rock personally (the Steel Gray would be more my style... or all white of course!) but I can definitely see this one proving to be a hit with all the Sprint BlackBerry ladies out there. I just showed the photos to Miss CB and her reactions we're "it's kinda cute!" 

There are plenty more images of the BlackBerry Style below, and for more information be sure to check out can out the BlackBerry Style Announcement, BlackBerry Style Features & Specs page, and BlackBerry Style forum.

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 17 Oct 2010

BlackBerry Pearl 3G and BlackBerry Curve 3G now available from AT&T

If you've been holding out for a BlackBerry Pearl or Curve 3G, now is your chance to finally pick one up from AT&T. Announced previously while we were at DevCon10, AT&T has kept to the date listed in the initial press release. If you're looking to grab either one of these devices the break down in pricing is as follows:

  • BlackBerry Pearl 3G - $149.99 after instant rebate.
  • BlackBerry Curve 3G - $99 after instant rebate.

Those prices assume a new 2 year contract and a data plan of at least $15 or more is required to be purchased as well. Remember, both of these devices are BlackBerry 6 capable despite coming pre loaded with OS 5. But what I really wanna is, any former 8100 users out there excited to finally see the 9100 arrive on a US carrier? Thanks C_h0use!

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Dropbox for BlackBerry updated to v1.0.34

Dropbox for BlackBerry updated to v1.0.34

Another Dropbox for BlackBerry update has arrived. In case you missed it, version 1.0.34 is available for download. Updated from version 1.0.32 this release covers quite a few bugs that users had submitted. The full change log is below:

  • saving non-ascii texts results in garbled text
  • handling of edge cases when running out of space on sd card and in device memory
  • open-edit-upload usecase wasn't working for devices with encryption enabled
  • share link freezes for some users
  • open-edit-upload usecase fails for files with non-ascii filenames
  • "would you like to allow logging" dialog shouldn't appear on first launch
  • on rotatable devices, in image gallery, the displayed/cached image is smaller than screen size (shouldn't happen)
  • app should ask for permissions in advance on first launch
  • app should support multiple third-party app associations for a given file type (e.g multiple pdf viewers)
  • music/video stops when screen fades out
  • user gets a "not enough room to write file" message when trying to open a file that's already open in docs2go

If you've had issues with previous releases you'll want to make sure you update. Each update seems to get better and better so be sure to fire off some feedback if you experience issues.

Source: Dropbox
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New official NFL themes for your BlackBerry available now!

Airborne Studios has just released something exciting for the 2010/2011 NFL season for all the football fanatics out there. Not one but 32 new animated themes, officially licensed by the National Football League, are now available to purchase. Turn every day in to game day, and proudly show off your love for your favorite team. Each theme is custom made including a sharp set of football icons that blend perfectly with the colors for each team. Brand new battery/signal meters and message indicators show that no detail has been overlooked. And one of the coolest features is the animated homescreen with hidden dock, configured to only show the animation when you scroll around your homescreen so battery life is conserved.

All in all I think any BlackBerry owner would be happy to have such a well built theme on their device, and any football fan would be even prouder knowing they are supporting their team by sporting team colors everywhere they go. These NFL animated themes are available now for $5.99, and a wide variety of devices are supported. Check them out, I think you'll be impressed!

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BIS 3.2 rolled out to North American BlackBerry users

BIS 3.2 rolled out to North American BlackBerry users

Having seen BIS 3.2 released to APAC and EMEA users already, many folks in North America should now be waking up to find that their BlackBerry Internet Services has now been updated as well. Reports from all major carriers indicate that the update went as planned and the new options are now available. Those options include:

  • Google Calendar Sync - The option to sync your Gmail calendar with your BlackBerry calendar
  • Automatic Login Enhancement - Username and Password in order to access the BlackBerry Internet Service no longer required when on your BlackBerry
  • Show and Hide Password Option - Subscribers can choose to show or hide the passwords for all email addresses that need to be validated by clicking the Show password or Hide password options.
  • New Password Criteria - Newly created passwords for BlackBerry Internet Service accounts and BlackBerry email addresses must meet new criteria.
    • Must include 8 to 16 characters
    • Must include at least one letter and one number
    • Cannot include the word "password"
    • Cannot include the user name of the BlackBerry Internet Service account or BlackBerry email address that the password is associated with
Some long awaited additions there. Have at it folks and let us know how the calendar sync is working out for you all should you opt to use it. Word is it works with Google Apps as well which is a plus.
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BlackBerry App Roundup for October 15th, 2010! Win 1 of 100 copies of BuzzMe Premium!

Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! Yee-haw! I’ve been mighty happy this week. Why? Well it seems as though a whole herd of new apps decided to mosey on in. Lately, it’s been drier than a desert. Kevin also got his hands on an Allerta inPulse SmartWatch. He’d better watch out, because I know a particular bandit who’s got his eye on that! Today, we announce the winners of the QuickLaunch giveaway and also give you the chance to win one of 100 copies of BuzzMe Premium from BigTinCan! Have a rootin’ tootin’ weekend! Giddy up!

Freebies of the Week: CNN Election center, CalendarShare

In Case You Missed It: ESPN Radio, 2.0

New This Week: Calorie Facts Nutrition Diary, GPS Find, Camera Mate

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Newsy

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 100 copies of BuzzMe Premium!

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CrackBerry Podcast 059: We talk everything BlackBerry (and even have a new Podcast intro!)

And we're back!! Following up our live on location BlackBerry PlayBook & DevCon10 Super Special we jumped on the Skype-waves this morning to record up a CrackBerry Podcast. Unfortunately Craig is absent on this one but we do have have Adam, Bla1ze and Dave.... and we promise Craig will be on the next show. 

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[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

With all of the news from BlackBerry DevCon 2010 now behind us, it's been a little quiet this week in the world of BlackBerry. On the other hand, it's been a huge week in Microsoft land with the official launch of Windows Phone 7. If you're not up to speed on all the news, be sure to head over to our sibling site WPCentral (formerly WMExperts) to learn about everything Windows Phone.

Following up the Windows Phone launch, Microsoft loaded up the above commercial to their youtube account.  It's pretty funny actually - instead of focusing on their new phones, they instead hone in on all of us crazy CrackBerry Addicts out there. Funny stuff. Maybe it's just me... but the commercial actually makes me want to own a BlackBerry, not a Windows Phone. I mean, if a phone is that good that you can't take your eyes off it, then why wouldn't you want it?! :)

On another CrackBerry Addiction related note, our updated CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse book has just been released.  The paperback will be available Oct.19th, but you can already grab the electronic version from Amazon. 

So what you do think of the commercial? And how about Windows Phone 7? Sound off in the comments!

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Verizon BlackBerry Tour, Bold and Curve software updates arriving today
*UPDATE - 8530 gets OS while Tour and Bold got*

As was mentioned previously, Verizon is set to send out software updates for the BlackBerry Bold, Tour and Curve 8530 starting today. The official word we were sent is:

Verizon Wireless will have software updates available for the BlackBerry Bold 9650, BlackBerry Curve 8530 and BlackBerry Tour 9630 starting today at 6pm EST. These updates include software enhancements to all three devices. For more information about the updates and instructions on how to download please visit, or depending on your device.
In case you were wondering it doesn't look to be a BlackBerry 6 rollout for the Bold 9650 but, Verizon hasn't updated the pages yet to say which OS' will be released. They still say for the Bold and Tour and
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BlackBerry Style 9670 promo materials arriving in Sprint stores

The BlackBerry Style may not be the most anticpated device there is, but it's definitely buzzin' in the rumor mill. We have heard mixed things as of late on the arrival date, the latest being October 31st. Well we have a feeling it's not too far off now that these promo materials have popped up in some Sprint stores. The flyer notes that the Style 9670 (looks like we had the name right all along) will be the first CDMA device to launch with BlackBerry 6, the first full-QWERTY flip phone and also a Sprint exclusive (for now anyway). Also included as promos are some BlackBerry 6 mobile screen cleaners. All in all a good sign that (like it or not) the BlackBerry Style 9670 is definitely on the way. Keep reading for more images.

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