Toysoft has dropped another great app for the Storm and Storm2 called CallerInfo. The app displays custom information on the screen for incoming calls. When a person in your contacts calls, CallerInfo shows their city and last call date as well as any custom info you have entered (birthday, anniversary, note). When a call is ended, the app will prompt you to enter a note that will display the next time the user calls. If you are looking to get a little more out of your device, you may want to give this app a go. It is cool to see the info when the contact calls, and you can be sure you won't forget important dates (just pay attention so you know if someone is calling you on their birthday!). CallerInfo is on sale in the CrackBerry App Store for $2.99 until tomorrow.

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Business Trip or Backpacking, Bring your BlackBerry

After writing the review for GPSed, I had the urge to go on another trip. During the summer, we took an amazing family trip to Gibsons, British Columbia. I did promise not to touch my BlackBerry during that week, and I did surprisingly well (I only twitched a little). A promise is a promise, but I didn’t even think to argue its usefulness; even on vacation! It only makes sense to do anything possible to make your trip (business or personal) productive, stress-free and exciting…or relaxing. The last thing you want to do is become stressed with planning your vacation and even more stressed during it.

So, without jumping off the travel train, I’ve compiled a list of applications you may want to look at before your next trip. Have to check your flight? Need to choose a hotel?
Where are you going to eat? How do I say this? With so many applications available to you, it’s hard to decide which ones you actually need. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to juggle through applications that aren’t required, and miss enjoying your trip. Before you pack your bags, pack your BlackBerry with much needed travel apps!

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Windows 7 Ultimate Theme for All Devices

Windows 7 Ultimate

With the recent official release of Windows 7 for your home PC, we have now been offered a Windows 7 Ultimate theme for our BlackBerry devices. The Windows 7 Ultimate theme is available for all BlackBerry models from the 81xx series and above. If you are looking for a feature loaded theme that offers a very easy to use interface and runs about as smooth as Windows 7 for a PC, the look is over. This theme offers a fully functional Start Menu, which allows you quick access to your media center, music, settings, connection manager, sound profiles, your application screen, and finally a shut down button to power down the device. Along with the Start Menu icon, the theme offers four slots which are user defined that allow for quick access to any other application that you use on a regular basis. Some of the devices support a hidden today feature from the home screen icons, which is very easy to read since all the icons line the left side of the screen. If you are looking for a clean theme which is easy to use and offers quick access to many features of your device, check out Windows 7 Ultimate by VSMThemes while its on sale for the low price of $2.49 through November 1st.

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Sergey let me know that he released a small app called FancyLog that allows quick access to the Event Log. As most know, access the event log means cranking out a key combo that can sometimes be a hassle. With FancyLog, just click the icon and you're in. This app is a great tool for developers or hardcore users who often need to access the Event Log quickly (it is especially handy for Storm users). The app has a super low footprint and is compatible with all devices running OS 4.2 or higher. Best of all, its totally free.

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iluvmybb finalist - APPLECALYPSE

Entry #33 - APPLECALYPSE | View All Contest Video Submissions >>

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

* That's it. All ten finalists have now been announced. stay tuned for the community vote!! *

With it being Halloween tomorrow, it's fitting that our tenth finalist in the I Love My BlackBerry video contest center around Zombies! As chosen by the CrackBerry community in our WildCard vote, Kevin Leung's entry puts us in a world where iPhone Zombies have taken over (scary thought, I know!). There were a lot of firsts for Kevin and his crew in putting this entry together - you can read the story behind the flick below. Awesome video!!

That's it for announcing the finalists. But there's plenty of iluvmybb fun left to come. We'll kick off the final vote tomorrow, and while that's open for a few days will be running some bonus round posts and shout-outs highlighting some of the other awesome entries submitted. Huge kudos and thank you once again go to everybody who submitted an entry!

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Problems With The WiFi On Your BlackBerry Storm2?!?

Problems With The WiFi On Your BlackBerry Storm2?!?

* Update - It seems that now at this point if you're suffering from this issue, simply resending the service books may fix it (without need to call in and change plans). Try that first before you spend anytime waiting on the phone! Dig into the forums at the links below for more details. *

If you listened to the CrackBerry podcast recently you would have heard us make mention of users in the forums having some issues with the WiFi on their BlackBerry Storm2 devices. As it turns out, this appears to be a fairly large problem for many of the customers who have purchased a Storm2. The issue is a known one to Verizon at this time since it's their issue to fix (not RIM's) and they are working on a complete fix for it but no ETA for that fix is currently available. Instead, work arounds are needed in order to ensure the WiFi is working properly.

The issue at hand is when WiFi enabled the device is not able to fully transmit voice and data at the same time and the WiFi logo stays greyed out, indicating that it is not fully connected to whatever WiFi service you set it up to (All white means connected). The fix for it currently at this is to call Verizon and have them place you on a more expensive data plan ($45+ BES Plan), power cycle your device and resend your service books. All should be fine after that, just be sure to ask about a credit for the difference between plans. But I guess the real question here is how did this glitch ever pass through Verizon's hands unnoticed?

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New BlackBerry Tour Arriving On Sprint Next Year?!?

New BlackBerry Tour Arriving On Sprint Next Year?!?

A few days ago we gave you a hands on look at the BlackBerry essex, aka Tour2, aka 9650 (maybe). At that time, the details pretty much assumed it was heading to Verizon as soon as feasibly possible, even though the hardware reviewed was not the VZW hardware, but the Sprint version (chrome band around the device vs. the darker VZW color). While none of that has really changed as the essex will still make its way to Verizon, Sprint is making no bones about letting people know they will have it in their line up though.

During a Sprint website customer interview, Sprint executive David Owens offered up some facts about what to expect from Sprint in the next little while. One of those facts follows the path taken by Verizon, dig the quote from the online chat:

"Sprint will "add Wi-Fi to [the BlackBerry] Tour" and have other Wi-Fi BlackBerries going forward."

The other fact quite obviously is that what we know now as the essex, will show up on Sprint sometime next year and this may help with some of the frustration new Tour owners were looking at in thinking Verizon was going to release an updated version as soon as possible. So how are you Sprint Tour owners feeling now?

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BlackBerry App Roundup for October 30th, 2009!

BlackBerry App Roundup for October 30th, 2009!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you're all looking forward to a spook-tacular weekend full of treats, goodies, hauntings, and perhaps even a few cool beverages :) We've had another great week here at CrackBerry, and I'm particularly pumped about the arrival of the Storm2. If you haven't checked it out yet, read Kevin's BlackBerry Storm2 Review. Getting back to business, here are the apps covered in this edition of the BlackBerry App Roundup:

In Case You Missed It: Little Chirp Twitter Client for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife 1.7, Google Voice Updated, Boingo Mobile WiFi for BlackBerry

New This Week: Hourglass, faceRate, HDD Halloween Theme, Mario Madness

Apps on Sale: Lock Tilt, Empower SMS Viewer, One Touch SMS, Berry Wars, Calendar Date

Cool at BlackBerry App World: BlackBerry Developer Conference Mobile Guide

Freebie of the Week: Amazon App for BlackBerry

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Pandora Version 1.1.2 Corrects 5.0 OS Issues; Now Available For Download

Finally, that 26 second song skip issue has been addressed in a new release of Pandora put out a few days ago. 5.0 OS users can now download version 1.1.2 to correct the issue.

"Good news - we just put up the new Pandora 1.1.2 update for 5.0 operating systems including Storm 9530 on 5.0 and the new Storm 9550. Other non-5.0 devices will have to wait a few days before it will be available while we finish testing, however most of the changes in 1.1.2 are to support the 5.0 OS."

Nice to see Pandora give some love to BlackBerry Storm2 owners right out the gates as well. If you are not running a Storm device, keep checking to see if the update is available if you're running OS 5.0. As of now on my 8900 running 5.0 OS 1.1.2 is showing as available.

[ BBOS ]

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SmrtGuard Now Available Through Indosat In Indonesia And Version 2.01 Release Announcement

We here at CrackBerry have been following SmrtGuard ever since it was in beta form many months ago. While at WES we were in attendence with the makers of SmrtGuard as they signed a deal with Indosat, Indonesia's largest BlackBerry device wireless carrier to white label SmrtGuard and make it available to all of their customers.

The day has finally come and now i-Guard (SmrtGuard) has indeed been released to Indonesian customers for their devices. This is a great time for SmrtGuard as it shows you can go from a beta application, improve upon it as you grow and end up in a great position with carriers and users. 

Aside from the Indonesian launch, SmrtGuard has also released version 2.01 to everyone which add's some long requested features and services:

  • Added New 'Where I've Been' Feature
  • Personal Guardian Updated! Now using Left Convenience Key with configurable trigger time.
  • SIM Guardian now can configure Email and SMS Alert Recipients
  • New and Improved Your Data Count Screen
  • SmrtGuard Web Dashboard improved sorting and export to CSV 
Be sure to download the latest update to get all the new features and if you are also a fan of Android devices, you might want to get in the Android beta version that has been released a long side the BlackBerry version. Big congrats go out to the SmrtGuard team on their continued success!
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Iris Series Theme in Blue and Pink - 50 Free Copies

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

From Ahaz designs comes the very cool Iris Series. Available in both blue and pink, the simple layout of this theme is sure to shine on any device. On the Storm, touch the center button to reveal the application icons. For trackball devices, there is a cool rolling motion for all your apps. The theme is custom from head to toe. Iris is available for the Storm, Tour, Bold and Curve 8900 in the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99. To enter to win 1 of 50 free copies, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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Disney Mobile Magic App on the Way for Verizon Customers

I have to say I saw this and definitely think its pretty cool. My mother would have loved to have had this years ago (and I'm sure my father would have hated it). I remember all my trips to Disney World as a kid, running around getting lost and waiting in endless lines for rides and attractions. Disney has just announced their Mobile Magic application that will soon be hitting Verizon's application center, and should make a Disney trip much, much smoother. The Disney app lets you view information on both Disney theme parks. You will be able to view your location in the park using the device GPS, as well as attraction wait times. There will be maps of the park and also character greeting and restaurant information. Overall this is shaping up to be one very cool and unique application. No word of the official launch date or pricing, but it will pop up in the Verizon application center in the near future. Thanks to Doug for sending this in!

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If only Kanye would have said the words I Love My BlackBerry before Spike Jonze slapped him for not being able to put away his Curve, this could have been a real contender in our I Love My BlackBerry video contest. This is a funny behind the scenes clip and is a bit of good viral marketing for their latest video We Were Once a Fairytale, but what I want to know is... has something like this has ever happened to you for real? I can't be the only one out there who's had to endure a slap or two for paying more attention to the BB than the person you're talking to (seriously hope the gf doesn't read this post or I'll have to take one more).

[ via ]

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BeBuzz - Free Version of BerryBuzz - Now Available in BlackBerry App World

The guys at Bellshare have released a free, slimmed down version of the best selling BerryBuzz. BeBuzz (the app had to be renamed since App World doesn't allow 'berry' in the title') lets you customize your device LED with various colors. The app doesn't have the full features of BerryBuzz, but if you are looking for a great free alternative you should definitely check it out. Features include:

  • Missed phone calls alert
  • Incoming Call alert
  • When multiple alerts are active at the same time, every color will flash in a repeating pattern.
  • Customizable rapid flashing LED for incoming phone calls
  • Customizable vibrate for incoming calls. Vibrates while ringing.
  • Disco LED color, will flash all colors in sequence

BeBuzz is totally free and is available from BlackBerry App World.

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[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Z Man Designs hasve outdone themselves yet again and come out with another unique theme for us. Transitions, the newest release from Z Man Designs, offers a clean, extremely functional home screen for users with a look so clean its bound to make you pick it up. This theme offers four fixed categories on the home screen, apps, messaging, media and settings, which hold other icons within them.

The first category, apps, allows the user to define three applications of their choice to show in this location. The second category, messaging, is split in half and the left side offers ease of use in being able to compose a new message, and the right side offers you the messages folder, as well as your calendar. Media is the next category in the row, which has icons for opening media folder, launching videos, and showing the music collection. The final category is settings, which gives the user quick access to edit phone options as well as launch the browser, and manage connections. While being able to offer users many options at their fingertips, they managed to keep the look very clean, and have come up with all custom icons for us that have not been seen.

If you want an extremely functional theme with a completely unique concept, be sure to check this theme out. Transitions is available for all devices and is only $2.00. Also, be sure to check out the Z Man Designs contest at where you can enter to win a lifetime of Z Man themes for free.

Giveaway: The first 50 people to download this theme from our mobile app store via this link can use the coupon code CBTRANSITIONS to receive 100% off!

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MailTones For BlackBerry - Take Contol Over Your Email Notifications

Electric Pocket has been in the buisness of developing BlackBerry applications for a while now. PhoneFace, Flipside MP3 Player and txtForward have been some of their best-selling applications. This time around they are bringing MailTones to the BlackBerry community.

MailTones is an alert notification system that allows you to fully customize the alerts you recieve when getting an email. The currrent BlackBerry profile system is still far and above other devices out there but with MailTones you can have it the way you want. You'll be able to use the app to set a tone for a specific user, or one for all incoming emails from a specific domain or subject - making it easy to recognize incoming emails from work colleagues or customers. You can use the provided high quality ringtones or use your own if you do so wish. MailTones is available now for only $2.99 and has support for all devices 4.2.1 OS and above.

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BlackBerry App World Launched In Indonesia And Singapore!

BlackBerry App World just got a little more worldly yesterday as Research In Motion sent out their press release regarding the availablity of the official app store in Indonesia and Singapore. The version released in these areas will include region specific applications that will appeal to its users. Indonesia specific applications at launch include Taxi Indonesia Dialer, Makan and Caripromo; and Singapore specific applications include iCab SG. With Foyage, Spionard and Pintas available to both regions. Nice to see BlackBerry App World expanding its reach finally, a lot of users are still waiting though.

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Research In Motion Sponsoring All Set For The 2009 BlackBerry Developers Conference

The dates are now set in stone. The session catalogs are full. The mobile scheduler has been released in BlackBerry App World. And by now anyone who is cool, has already created their BlackBerry Developers Conference avatar. It's soon time for the second annual BlackBerry Developers Conference to get underway in San Francisco, Ca. The BlackBerry Developers Conference is a great opportuinity to get a look at developing for the BlackBerry platform and the very latest in software, hardware and tools from RIM and its partners.

This years event is jam packed with more than 110 sessions that will appeal to commercial developers for both enterprise and consumer markets, corporate developers, business decision makers and application architects and designers. In addition to the sessions, it also gives the developer community a great chance to speak with RIM experts in how to better their applications and platforms and bring them to business and consumers alike, as well as learn more about the tools to help them get there.. With such events as the BlackBerry Developers Day happening, everyone gets a chance to be heard. Be it through panel discussion or taking part in the Soapbox hot topics, no need to be an expert just have to have some great ideas on how to make BlackBerry Smartphones better.

Check out the full press release after the jump for more information or head on over to the BlackBerry Developers Conference website for the most up to date details and happenings.

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iluvmybb contest: Wild Card! You Choose the 10th Finalist!!!

Watch All of the Videos And Cast Your Vote Below!!!

SURPRISE! And here you thought we were going to be telling you who the tenth finalist in the I Love My BlackBerry Contest is. Nope. This one is on you. Since the final voting for the ultimate grand prize winner and runner-up will be done by the community, we wanted to give everybody a little practice in voting in advance. The judging team only picked nine finalist entries, so the single remaining finalist position is still up for grabs. Haven't seen your favorite video make the final ten? Then you'd better vote.

Wild Card Community Voting Details:

1. Check out the video entries!!!
2. Cast your vote in the giant poll below (current finalists excluded from vote)
3. Voting ends this Thursday (Oct. 29th) night at Midnight PST.

From there we'll announce the 10th finalist in the blogs on Friday. Community voting will begin over the weekend and run through mid-next week (fell a little behind schedule but that's ok). And to all the video entrants out there... feel free to use the comments on this page to tell everybody about your video and why they should vote for you! Good Luck!!! 

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Podcast Episode 043: BlackBerry Storm2 Launch Day

It has been a busy few weeks in the BlackBerry World, and somehow between all of the stuff going on in the blogs we fell of our podcast routine (yet again). The BlackBerry Storm2 went on sale today, so we took the event as a reason to fire up Skype and get a CrackBerry podcast recorded. With the BlackBerry Developer Conference coming up soon, the month of November should be busy with podcasts and more than make up for the dry spell. Enjoy the show! We were a bit rusty but we managed to get through the big news of the day and then some.

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