BlackBerry officially rolls out OS globally

Back in December, BlackBerry updated ShopBlackBerry devices to OS (software version and it looks as though that OS has been released globally as well as many have started receiving it today from various locations around the world. An update to the BlackBerry blogs shows BlackBerry did start pushing out a new OS with some noted changes.

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1000 free copies of QuickPost available to download

QuickPost has long been one of my favorite apps on BlackBerry 10, and something I've sorely missed while I have been using the BlackBerry Priv. QuickPost allows you to Type Once, Post Everywhere. For those who frequently post to multiple social media accounts regularly, this app is great at being able to push out a status update without having to type it out repeatedly. What I love about it most is that it integrates with all native social media apps, including third party versions. So, I can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM Channels, LinkedIn and more, very quickly, all from one app.

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BlackBerry Priv goes on sale in France for €779

The worldwide rollout of the BlackBerry Priv continues, with the handset now available in France. Customers can order the device from the French ShopBlackBerry store for €779.

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Good Technology continues to prove its super secure

Good Technology, which is now a division of BlackBerry, has announced that several of its apps and servers have reached the highest level of certification available. These apps are ones that the company has made available on both iOS and Android, including Good Work, Good Access, Good Connect and several others.

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Rogers and TELUS Priv's now receiving January security patch

Update: Bell has also now started sending out the January patch, we've updated the post to reflect the addition.

Following the initial push of the January security patch for the BlackBerry Priv, Canadian carriers Rogers, Bell and Telus have now gone ahead and released the update to their Priv owning customers. The update itself comes in at only 16MB and is identified as being build version AAD250.

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Save on Anker's 13000mAh power bank at Amazon

Anker is offering its 13000mAh power bank with dual-USB output for just $25 at Amazon with coupon code WRS5DIQV. That's right, you can save $8 on this large battery pack that will provide you with enough power to charge your phone, tablet or just about any other electronic.

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AT&T brings back unlimited plan, for some

AT&T is once again going to offer an unlimited data plan, but only if you are also a DirecTV or U-Verse subscriber. Most U.S. carriers have moved away from offering unlimited data plans and towards data buckets for families, but AT&T is going backwards here and will begin offering the new plan, but it obviously comes with a catch. You won't be able to just sign up for AT&T or change your current plan to the new unlimited plan without subscribing to either DirecTV or U-Verse.

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How to set up multi-language keyboard support on the BlackBerry Priv

One of the great things about the BlackBerry 10 keyboard is that it supports a multi-language setup that allows you to automatically switch between languages without having to toggle anything. When the BlackBerry Priv launched, the BlackBerry 10 keyboard was also ported over, much to everyone's delight. However, earlier versions of the keyboard did not allow multi-language support. The December (2015) update to the BlackBerry keyboard app has brought this function to the Priv and if you haven't found out how to set it up, read on below to get set up.

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BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - CES 2016

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - CES 2016

As you may have guessed, this week's BerryFlow is all about CES 2016. With CES, we got plenty of QNX news to discuss as well as new carrier announcements for Priv and much, much more. We skipped out on the topic list for this week simply because we got on a roll with some deep discussion but both the audio and video are available for download, so hop and give it a listen or what the video playback at your leisure.

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Mobile Nations Weekly: CES 2016 Edition

It's the biggest tech show of the year, and we were all over it.

CES 2016 was last week in Las Vegas, and unsurprisingly there was a lot of news from the trade show. It takes over pretty much all of Las Vegas — it's simply absurd. The world's biggest tech companies (well, most of them), descend on the desert oasis with all their latest wares. There's everything and anything on the show floor, and we were all over it to bring you the very latest.

So what happened? Huawei rolled out their new flagship, the Mate 8

Check out all the news from CES 2016!

CrackBerry — Going for a CES drive

This past week was all about CES and while BlackBerry didn't have much to announce that wasn't already known or otherwise assumed, their subsidiary QNX was on site to unveil and ultimately introduce a ton of innovation for the automotive sector by way of multiple advancements to Automated Driving.

Android Central — So much CES

The week was dominated by news and our hands-on impressions of devices from CES 2015. We saw new devices, product announcements, old devices that were refreshed and plenty of general industry buzz about where the next round of innovation is headed.

The big stories can be best rounded up by our Top Picks of CES 2016, where we handed out awards to the top 10 products that were shown off at CES. There's more to see from a show this large, of course, but these Top Picks are the best of the best.

Outside of the direct reporting from CES, a few other things happened in the Android world. Motorola announced that the shorter "Moto" name will be taking over, alongside Vibe, as the primary branding for its phones, dropping the full "Motorola" in the process. Sprint is finally killing off 2-year contracts, Marshmallow still accounts for just 0.7 percent of active Android devices and Twitter is considering boosting the character limit on tweets.

iMore — Welcome to 2016!

2016 has begun! For many that means CES 2016, the event that starts the year by showing you what manufacturers hope we'll all be buying by the end of the year. For Apple, it means…. silence. Sure, there are early iPhone 7 leaks already, but mainly this week was about finishing what came before so we can all get ready for what's coming next! That includes new critiques, new concepts, new contributors, and more!

Windows Central — The laptops of CES

This week we were at CES in Las Vegas, and while the overall show was met with little enthusiasm, there was plenty for Windows fans to enjoy. Microsoft took a backseat to let their partners unveil some astonishing new hardware coming out in the next few months, and one word is back: premium.

Companies like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer and more showed off new Ultrabooks, gaming laptops, PCs and even a few Windows Phones. Plus, we featured Tobii's eye tracking technology that you can use for gaming and even in Windows 10.

Finally, to close out the week Microsoft published Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.63 to Insiders, and early reports suggest people like the fixes and improvements. And who could forget that Windows 10 is now on more than 200 million devices worldwide? Not bad for just five months.

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Inside the QNX Toyota Highlander at CES 2016

Inside the QNX Toyota Highlander at CES 2016

This year at CES, QNX took the covers off their latest technology concept vehicle, based on a Toyota Highlander, and it's packed will all the latest innovations from the company. For the Highlander, QNX took their usual digital instrument cluster and a head unit concepts one step further and created what they refer to as a "glass cockpit" that combines the functions of both systems, along with ADAS safety alerts, a tachometer, album art, incoming phone calls, HERE navigation results and the current radio station into one seamless display but reduces distraction by only showing the information that the driver requires at the time and nothing else.

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BlackBerry Virtual Expert arrives on the Google Play Store for Priv owners

BlackBerry has now added another app to their growing list of Android offerings and this time around, it's one that will be familiar to some BlackBerry users. The BlackBerry Virtual Expert, which lets you run various diagnostics on your device to test everything from the display to speakers to the keyboard, has now arrived on the Google Play Store for Priv owners.

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BlackBerry Camera app updated through the Google Play Store

The good news: For all you Priv owners out there, the BlackBerry Camera app on the Google Play Store has been updated to v1.0.0.3605. The bad news: We have no idea as to what has actually changed within the app as the changelog itself has simply been recycled from the last it was updated back on December 14th, 2015. If you spot anything actually new in the update, be sure to let us and everyone else know in the comments. Until then, it's a mystery update much like the BBM one from yesterday.

Download the BlackBerry Camera app from Google Play

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Howdy CrackBerry nation! Another week has passed so you know what that means? Not only is it time to share with you another batch of applications for your BlackBerry 10 or Priv device but also a way to catch up on all the news that transpired since we last met. This week, all of the exciting tech news came out of CES 2016. Whether it was QNX showcasing their advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), John Chen announcing the Priv will soon be available on other US carriers, or BlackBerry partnering with Sharecare it was an interesting week of big announcements and new gadgets.

Now it's time to bring you this week's picks for all you passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game I've rustled up for you by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite didn't make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

Racing 3D - Fury Road by KAPlus

What would this roundup be without a high-octane racing game to get the adrenaline flowing? I've been playing racing games since I was a child on various gaming systems and at the arcade. The latest one to hit the storefront is filled with action, great graphics, four different courses, and responsive controls. All you have to do is race your car until time runs out. Players must accomplish this all while weaving in and out of traffic, collecting coins, and grabbing lightning bolts.

Racing 3D is free to download from BlackBerry World and is a fun way to pass the time. Please note there are in-app purchases for obtaining fuel and other items if you do not have the patience to earn them as you play.

Learn more / Purchase Racing 3D from BlackBerry World

File Stash by DevJay

Looking for a way to keep personal and sensitive files hidden from prying eyes? BlackBerry 10 users have a variety of options at their disposal to keep their data safe. These include utilizing a password lock or picture password, enabling system encryption, and downloading a third-party application. File Stash is another way in which users can secure their videos, photos, music files, and documents.

With its simple UI, you can quickly add and remove files, view private media files with an in-app media player, and set a password for additional privacy. Please note that uninstalling the application will permanently remove your files. All you have to do is restore these files before performing this action. Users can try the free version with limited functionality or purchase the premium version for $0.99.

Learn more / Purchase File Stash from BlackBerry World

Photo Editor by Aviary by Aviary, Inc.

Life is full of moments. No matter how big or small we always look to capture them in one form or another. Once an image is taken, we can edit, enhance, or modify before saving them. There is a variety of editing and photography applications available to download, and it can be overwhelming to narrow it down to a specific one. In my case, I was looking for one to use on the go.

Photo Editor by Aviary (which is a subsidiary of Adobe), is an easy-to-use editing application with a polished interface. All of the editing tools appear at the bottom of the screen for quick access. This is perfect for those times you need to make edits on the go, especially for those of us who perform tasks one-handed. While it is not the most robust and comprehensive editing tool out there, it does offer a decent array of features. This includes making your own memes, an endless supply of effects, frames, stickers, overlays and more from their store. Many of the add-on packs are free or can be purchased for a small fee.

All of the standard effects are included (i.e. enhance images, crop, focus, orientation, lighting, sharpness, blur, etc.) as well as a new feature called Discover. Discover allows you to explore a curated stream of user generated images, the step-by-step editing process, and the tools and supplies used to create them.

Photo Editor by Aviary is free to download from Google Play.

Learn more / Download Photo Editor by Aviary To-Do List & Task List by

My quest to find the perfect productivity or GTD app continues with this task-oriented application. What impresses me about this application is the minimalist design. The simplicity mimics that of a daily planner. Upon creating an account, users are presented with their daily list of tasks. You can change the view and layout with a simple tap, drag and drop items, swipe to complete, set a reminder, add sub-tasks, notes, and attachments, and shake to remove. To add tasks, simply tap on the plus sign at the bottom of the screen, speak the command, or send an email to a designated address.

The application is free to download and is cross-platform. However, functionality such as customized recurring tasks, unlimited collaboration and moments, location based reminders, and custom backgrounds require a paid subscription. At the time of this post, a monthly subscription is $2.99, and an annual one is $26.99. The downside is that many of the useful features are reserved for the subscription service.

For those do not mind paying a small fee in order to unlock the additional features, you can find in Google Play.

Learn more / Download from Google Play

Vox Blox by Martin Cietwierkowski

For those times you need a quick distraction from work or school, there is this simple game similar to Minecraft. In this generated world, players can dwell into dark dungeons, swim in vast underwater caverns, and build an entire town. All you need is your imagination and an endless supply of blocks to create your own adventure. It plays well and is free to download in BlackBerry World.

Learn more / Download Vox Blox from BlackBerry World

What You Might Have Missed

John Chen discusses BlackBerry's CES 2016 announcements

After BlackBerry's 2016 CES presentation, John Chen sat down with CNBC's Jon Fortt to discuss the various announcements. This discussion included news about smart cars (i.e QNX's ADAS system, new Acoustics Management Platform (AMP) and collaboration with Ford), security and encryption, as well as the current market. If you have a few minutes available, be sure to sit and watch the entire segment.

View John's Chen's interview with CNBC's Jon Fortt

Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games, be sure to head on over to the CrackBerry Forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS, the BlackBerry PlayBook, or even Android Apps in the Google Play store for the BlackBerry Priv. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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Sprint adds 36 more countries to its international roaming add-ons

Sprint has announced that it has added 36 new countries to its Open World and Global Roaming add-ons, allowing users to take advantage of affordable calls and data, along with free texts when venturing around the globe.

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John Chen confirms commitment to BlackBerry 10

Following the recent reports that BlackBerry was all but abandoning BlackBerry 10, John Chen has cleared the air on the company's stance regarding the operating system. The reports claimed that BlackBerry was going all-in on Android, and was leaving behind the BlackBerry 10 platform.

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Sprint kills 2-year contracts for smartphones

Sprint has gone through with its plans to 2-year contracts for smartphones, according to an internal document sent to our sister site, Android Central, by an anonymous tipster.

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No matter what level of expertise we possess when it comes to photography, be it novice or expert, we strive to capture the perfect shot to track important events, milestones, and all of the special moments in-between. Camera++ and Effetica Pro are two such advanced photography and editing applications with which one can edit, customize, and exert more control over their images. As part of a special promotion ending on January 15th, users can purchase both of these applications for only $1.99 each.

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T-Mobile is adding even more services to its recently launched Binge On program, which allows its customers to stream video from select services on the carrier's network with no data plan penalty. The new services include A&E, Lifetime, HISTORY, PlayStation Vue, Tennis Channel Anywhere, FuboTV, Kidoodle TV, Curiosity Stream, Fandor, Newsy, ODK Media, Lifetime Movie Club, and FYI.

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