BlackBerry offering extended limited warranty to some Z30 owners

Are you a BlackBerry Z30 owner whose update to BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 didn't go so well? If so, you might be able to apply for an extended limited warranty from BlackBerry provided you meet the criteria. As mentioned in the BlackBerry Knowledge Base, if after updating to BlackBerry 10 OS version or, you experienced an issue wherein the screen did not power on, you can apply for an extended warranty.

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The BlackBerry Classic launches in Indonesia


We've already seen the BlackBerry Classic roll out in several countries and today sees another added to the list. Historically a strong market for BlackBerry, Indonesia is to get the Classic - starting on 26th March, 2015 and is expected to come with a price tag of IDR 5,599,000

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Owner of Three UK will purchase O2 for £10.25 billion

Three UK owner Hutchison Whampoa has agreed to purchase O2 UK from Telefónica for £10.25 billion. Talks between Hutchison Whampoa and Telefonica began in January of this year. Now this is all but a done deal, with approval needed from British regulators, which is expected to take up to a year.

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Leaked OS now available for most BlackBerry 10 devices

Yesterday, BlackBerry started seeding OS to those who are a part of the BlackBerry 10.3 beta program and as always, a few hours later the files started appearing for everyone to download. First they appeared for the BlackBerry Passport, then the BlackBerry Z30 and BlackBerry Classic and now that the beta has landed in the hands of even more folks, so have the files for several other devices including the Z10 (No STL100-1) Q5, Q10. As the OS has been 'out there' and kinda 'leaked' since yesterday, there's already a full change log for it from BlackBerry plus, whatever other stuff those who already have it installed have found.

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You CascaRun users out there will want to hit up BlackBerry World today as the awesome BlackBerry 10 fitness tracking application has been updated once again, with many an enhancement, especially if you're using OS 10..3.1.

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The flashing LED has to be one of the most loved, iconic, features when it comes to using a BlackBerry. It's been around for years and I would imagine that most BlackBerry users would feel lost without it - including me.

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Most of us are not using a BBM Custom PIN


Recently we published a poll asking CrackBerry readers if 'you use a custom BBM PIN'. As I mentioned then, we've had the ability to create our own PIN since the last update of BBM and while it's a pretty cool new addition I wasn't convinced that it was worth spending a couple of bucks a month on for the privilege.

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BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Graphite

BerryFlow Upstream

Looking to get yourself caught up on the past week of BlackBerry news? Although it was an arguably light week for news as we head on into the earnings report, we still found plenty to discuss on BerryFlow Upstream such as the Porsche Design P'9983 Graphite, the new BlackBerry Care Protection Plan, BBM Protected, the design of the BlackBerry Leap and more. If you missed out on tuning in live, you can now catch the replay or download the audio below.

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It has only been one month since Quick Launch released and now here we have version 2 being pushed out. If you have any apps or functions you carry out multiple times a day, Quick Launch is a great tool to let you do that quickly without having to navigate to it. Simply press and hold the volume key and you have a bunch of shortcuts to hand. This latest update brings a handful of new features.

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Amazon Unlocked

According to slides obtained by TechCrunch Amazon is working on a new way to entice more downloads through the Amazon Appstore. The new program, called 'Unlocked', will apparently allow users to download paid apps and in-app purchases free of charge for various large name apps and games.

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BlackBerry Leap arrives at the FCC

BlackBerry Leap

Although BlackBerry slipped up a bit early and listed the device formerly known as the Z20, now the BlackBerry Leap, inside FCC documents for the BlackBerry Passport, the BlackBerry Leap has arrived at the FCC seeking approval. As the device is already official, the FCC documents don't reveal much of anything that isn't already known about the latest all-touch device except, perhaps, a possible approximate launch time frame for North America.

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BlackBerry App Roundup for March 20, 2015

Howdy CrackBerry nation! Hope you all are ready for the weekend. This week we not only saw OS update files available for download and the announcement of the BlackBerry Care Protection Plan, but the introduction of the Porsche Design P'9983 graphite. In case you missed it, if you haven't had a chance be sure to listen to the BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Freak where a variety of topics are discussed including the BlackBerry Leap on Vodafone UK and the upcoming BlackBerry earnings report

Now on to the more important topic of the day. It is time to bring you this week's picks for all your passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game I've rustled up for you by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

Smash Hit by Mediocre AB

Looking for some madness with marbles? This gem similar to those endless running games is certainly one that will turn your head. The first thing you notice is the graphics. From seeing the tiniest details on the glass objects that surround you to the first person view while playing it is a wonder to behold. Users can even adjust the graphics quality in settings. The object of the game is to travel through the different mazes and tunnels all while smashing the glass pyramids with your limited supply of marbles. Simply tap on the area of the screen to aim and shoot. For each target you smash you earn extra marbles that will come in handy as they are also used to destroy obstacles and other obstructions in your path. There are milestones to reach and power-ups to collect along the way. The visual style is impressive and there are various checkpoints to save your progress. However, the free version will not allow you to access these checkpoints. Players will have to start from the beginning each time they play. To be able to unlock this feature an in-app purchase of $1.99 is required.

How to install Smash Hit from the Amazon Appstore

Keyboard Shortcuts by Toysoft Development

With the release of OS 10.3.1, keyboard devices gained the ability to assign an action or speed dial to specific keys. As a throwback to legacy devices, it is a productive way of launching apps, composing emails, texts, and BBM's, dialing a contact, or even toggling notification modes and locking your device. Toysoft decided to take things one step further and code an application that works in conjunction with this feature and the ones already loaded. In addition to the 25 available keys you can assign, it gives you 32 additional ones. These include a bookmark manager, clipboard manager, shortcut to speak the current date, time, and temperature, system information, place a fake call, flashlight, and miscellaneous shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts is only available for OS 10.3.1 and is $2.99 to purchase.

Learn more / Purchase Keyboard Shortcuts

Geodesic Asteroids by Peter Musgrave

Going through the storefront I came across this arcade game to pass the time. It is a physics based game whereby the surface is played along a torus or a donut. The path your ship takes is on a curved space, not a straight line, which makes it difficult to shoot the objects around you. That is also why it allows you to play on both a 3D torus or on a 2D map view of the space. This may be a simple game but it is quite interesting in its mechanics and concept. There is a free version and a premium for $0.99 that enables bonus ships. You can download this for all touch devices only.

Learn more / Download Geodesic Asteroids

Camera ZOOM FX by Androidslide

Both stores may be flooded by photo apps but that won't deter me from finding the best ones. There is nothing better than taking photos of everything and anything on your device and editing them while on the go and this one is no exception. Camera ZOOM comes with a myriad features and options to work with such as a voice-activated shooting mode, time lapse mode, and collage mode. There are also a variety of overlays and textures and a button to randomly apply them. This application gives you more control over your photos and is $2.99 to purchase.

How to install Camera ZOOM FX from the Amazon Appstore

CryptoWipe - Data disposal by CircleTech, s.r.o.

An interesting app popped up this week called CryptoWipe. As a simple file manager, it allows you to securely delete your data, with overwrite, ensuring that no physical data remains recoverable. The free version allows you to wipe any file without limitations such as size, location or type. There is also a premium version that grants another option called periodical wipe so that users can choose directories that are supposed to be wiped after a certain period of time. The application is free to download for BlackBerry 10.

Learn more / Download CryptoWipe

What You Might Have Missed

Kloudmix by Brandon Orr

This week saw the official release of the first native MixCloud client for BlackBerry 10. Previously available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, it allows users to login to their account and access their favorite mixes, follow other cloudcasters, and even add their own mixes to the service. There are various features at your fingertips to access the online music service. Not only does it integrate with the systems Now Playing toast, music control shortcuts, and extended search, but it also lets you use Kloudmix as the default app for MixCloud links, share cloudcast links, and view, browse and search through cloudcasts. For those of you with a Pebble smartwatch, it even offers integration with Talk2Watch Pro. You can purchase this application for $1.99.

Learn more / Purchase Kloudmix

Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games, be sure to head on over to the CrackBerry Forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS or the BlackBerry PlayBook. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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BlackBerry is now offering its BBM Protected services to iOS and Android devices. This will allow those smartphone owners to access a more secure enterprise-based version of its BBM messaging service.

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Password Keeper for BlackBerry 10

Although the app is often overlooked and replaced with third-party options, Password Keeper on BlackBerry 10 is still a great BlackBerry built solution for keeping track of your passwords. The app doesn't get updated all that often, so it's a bit surprising when one does appear. Such an update has now arrived in BlackBerry World and luckily, this time around BlackBerry has included a fancy change log for us all, even if it is rather small.

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WhatsApp updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone with multiple bug fixes

It would seem as though beta testers for WhatsApp are really good at finding bugs. A new build, available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone right now, aims to squash several rather large bugs that have been found in the app. Everything from navigation issues on the Classic to some OS 10.3.1 specific bugs have been marked as fixed in this release, so if you've had some issues with the previous beta or even the BlackBerry World release, you just might want to give this build a go. Have a look at the full changes.

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Behind the design of the BlackBerry Leap

BlackBerry Leap

Like all of the devices coming from BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Leap design has a story behind it. Over at the Inside BlackBerry Blog, Donny Halliwell has sat down with the designers of the BlackBerry Leap, Brian Paschke and Younghwan Kim, to discuss some of the design inspirations for the latest all-touch device.

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Telkomsel now taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Classic

Although the initial roll out of the BlackBerry Classic came pretty fast, there's still some regions out there waiting for the device to arrive fully and one of them is Indonesia but the wait is soon over. Telkomsel, one of Indonesia's largest carriers, has now started taking pre-orders for the device and will continue all the way through until March 24th and through their partnerships with, and, they also have some special offers in place.

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When it comes to keeping our messages secure we are all aware that our BlackBerry devices have our backs. However, that doesn't mean we can't take extra precautions safeguarding our personal messages from prying eyes. While multiple applications are at our disposal to hide unwanted text messages from other uses, having one more option at your fingertips is always a good thing.

With Secret SMS and MMS, selected contacts and their conversations are stored within the application and removed from the Hub. Similar to the Private SMS feature in their populate Privacy Suite Pro application, this time it gets its own standalone headless version with some nice additions to improve the experience.

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We've followed Kloudmix, the first native Mixcloud client for BlackBerry 10, throughout the beta stages and now the time has come for it to be released on BlackBerry World. If you missed it during the open beta, Kloudmix taps into Mixcloud and allows users to login to their account, favourite mixes, follow other cloudcasters, as well as upload their own mixes to the service.

As it is a native BlackBerry 10 app, built completely with Cascades, Kloudmix is able to integrate with BlackBerry 10's NowPlaying toast, music control shortcuts, and Extended Search, allowing users to search for mixes through the virtual assistant. As well, the app can be set as a default app for links giving Mixcloud users a high-quality listening and discovery experience.

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T-Mobile's new Carrier Freedom program is designed to steal customers from Verizon and AT&T by offering to pay all of their outstanding phone payments and device leases.

T-Mobile announced this plan as part of their "Uncarrier 9.0" press event. It says that this new program is for phone or tablet customers who bought their devices on AT&T Next or Verizon Edge plans.

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