BlackBerry Hub+ App Suite beta updates now arriving for Priv and DTEK50

If you've updated your Priv or DTEK50 to the latest beta OS releases available, you might as well grab the newly updated beta apps too. Although they started to roll out through Google Play in smaller batches earlier, they have now reached a larger audience.

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Latest BBM for Android update now available through Google Play

BlackBerry has been busy updating the Priv and DTEK Beta Zone OS builds and plenty of apps but they have certainly not forgotten about apps already on the Google Play Store either such as BBM. A new BBM build for Android has arrived and is now available for download. The changelog appears to be recycled from a previous build but takes a look in case you missed out on something the first time around.

  • Simplified BBM Channel profile and join UI
  • 'BBM Groups' can be accessed from the main navigation menu
  • Navigation enhancements to services in the Discovery screen and BBM in-app browser
  • Full-screen video support in BBM in-app browser
  • Phone Number sign-up feature enhancements
  • Bug fixes

I know some folks who were using an older version on Nexus devices had some issues with earlier builds and according to the forums, this appears to have corrected them. Either way, go ahead and get it downloaded and let us know if you spot any bugs not mentioned already that have been fixed.

Download BBM for Android from the Google Play Store

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BlackBerry DTEK50 now available from Rogers in Canada

BlackBerry DTEK50 now available from Rogers in Canada

Although they're coming in just a little later than some other Canadian carriers, not counting third-party sales at Costco, Rogers has now made the BlackBerry's second Android-powered smartphone, the DTEK50, available to their customers.

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BlackBerry rolls out their first DTEK50 Android beta through Beta Zone

Following the release of the latest Android beta update for some Priv owners, BlackBerry has now started to roll out their first Android beta for DTEK50 owners as well. Those who signed up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone and went through the process of enabling the debugging tokens should be seeing the update available.

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Summer may be almost over, but there are plenty of ways to keep your fitness goals going. Fitness trackers help us monitor our steps, calories, and distance traveled when we are active throughout the day. While some of us use wearables and smartwatches to track this information, others use fitness apps on our devices. One such app is bActive by Toysoft Development. It uses GPS to track your movement while jogging, walking, biking, and even driving. The information collected includes speed, distance, GPS coordinates, and date/time of the activity. This data can be exported and review at any time.

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BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Redemption

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Redemption

As BlackBerry's software business continues to grow, U.S appeals court has sent a shareholder lawsuit back to a lower court. ShopCrackBerry has new BlackBerry DTEK50 accessories you can purchase and BlackBerry BetaZone adds DTEK50 and Hub+ Suite as testing programs. Lastly, BlackBerry has redeemed existing convertible debentures and issued new ones at a better interest rate. If you missed out on BerryFlow live, now is a good time as any to get yourself caught up!

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BlackBerry rolls out their latest Android beta build to some Priv owners

Ahead of the general monthly security patch update, which should around September 6th, BlackBerry has now pushed out their latest beta release for Priv owners through the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Unfortunately, it's not for everyone but instead is specifically for those running AT&T, Canadian carrier, and AsiaPac devices. This release, when downloaded should appear as AAG202 - AT&T / AAG191 - Canadian and AsiaPac with security patch level showing September 6th.

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Mobile Nations Weekly: Ludicrous zero-day nougat

Android goes to 7, Apple goes to the repair kit, and Tesla goes for maximum speed.

Android 7.0 Nougat is finally here! … if you have a Nexus phone. If using a modern Nexus phone, it might be a while before you get the update — or never. But does that really matter?

Apple found itself in sticky security waters following the disclosure and prompt patching of a trio of particularly nasty zero-day exploits. What's more terrifying than these sort of "fix it immediately" exploits is who is making them: private malware firms that cater to governmental desires for ever-more-prying eyes. Thankfully, Apple did the right thing and moved fast to patch their products.

The long-awaited HP Elite x3 is finally here. Kind of. Almost. But Windows Central got one and went hands-on with the latest and greatest Windows Phone anyway. It's the first Windows Phone to tout both a fingerprint scanner and an iris scanner, and all sorts of high-powered bits.

The Tesla Model 3 is set to start at $35,000. Tesla's newest Model S option, the P100D, starts at $134,500. It's just a small difference. But that P100D is the quickest production car on the planet, making it to 60mph in a dizzying 2.5 seconds. If you can afford it… and the inevitable speeding tickets.

So you're interested in getting into VR, but which headset should you be donning? VRHeads sits down and looks at the desktop-class options to figure out which is better: HTC Vive or Oculus Rift?. It's a tough call with how many variables are at play here, but rest assured that both are pretty damn cool.

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BlackBerry Announces Redemption of Existing Convertible Debentures and Issuance of New Convertible Debentures

Following the halting of BlackBerry stock for pending news, BlackBerry has now announced the redemption of existing Convertible Debentures and the issuance of new Convertible Debentures. Additionally, BlackBerry also announced that it has entered into an agreement with Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited and other institutional investors who will subscribe for 3.75% unsecured convertible debentures of BlackBerry on a private placement basis for an aggregate subscription price of USD$605 million.

"The restructuring of our convertible debt will enable us to significantly reduce our interest expense and potential future dilution for our shareholders," said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry. "I am pleased that Fairfax will continue as BlackBerry's leading lender, reinforcing its ongoing commitment to the company as we continue to execute on our strategy of pursuing growth and sustainable profitability."

I know, not exactly the exciting news one would expect when trading is halted but alas, it does explain why it happened. As with all financial moves, the closing of the transactions are subject to customary conditions, including approval from the Toronto Stock Exchange.

BlackBerry Announces Redemption of Existing Convertible Debentures and Issuance of New Convertible Debentures

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 26, 2016) - BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB), a global leader in secure mobile communications, today announced the amendment of the indenture governing its 6% unsecured convertible debentures (BB.DB.U) (the "6% Debentures") to permit optional redemption prior to November 13, 2016. Additionally, there will be an issuance of a notice of redemption to holders of the 6% Debentures pursuant to which BlackBerry will redeem the entire outstanding principal amount of the 6% Debentures on September 2, 2016 (the "Redemption Date"). As of the date hereof, approximately USD$1.245 billion aggregate principal amount of 6% Debentures remains outstanding.

The 6% Debentures will be redeemed on the Redemption Date at a redemption price of 106.7213% of the outstanding principal amount of the Debentures. The redemption price includes all of BlackBerry's obligations in respect of principal and interest, and no additional amounts will be payable under the 6% Debentures. BlackBerry may revoke the redemption notice at any time prior to the close of business on the business day prior to the Redemption Date. The normal course issuer bid for the 6% Debentures announced by BlackBerry on August 4, 2016 will terminate upon the completion of the redemption.

Holders of 6% Debentures remain entitled to convert their 6% Debentures into common shares of BlackBerry ("Common Shares") at a conversion price of USD$10.00 per Common Share at any time on or prior to September 1, 2016, pursuant to the terms of the 6% Debentures. Based on the conversion price, BlackBerry expects that none of the 6% Debentures will be converted.

BlackBerry also announced that it has entered into an agreement pursuant to which Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited ("Fairfax") and other institutional investors will subscribe for 3.75% unsecured convertible debentures of BlackBerry (the "3.75% Debentures") on a private placement basis for an aggregate subscription price of USD$605 million. The transaction is expected to be completed on September 2, 2016. The 3.75% Debentures will be convertible into common shares of BlackBerry at a price of USD$10.00 per Common Share and will be due on November 13, 2020. Based on the number of Common Shares currently outstanding, if all of the USD$605 million of 3.75% Debentures were converted, the Common Shares issued upon conversion would represent approximately 11.57% of the Common Shares outstanding after giving effect to the conversion. The other terms of the 3.75% Debentures are substantially identical to those of the 6% Debentures, except that the 3.75% Debentures are not redeemable prior to maturity.

"The restructuring of our convertible debt will enable us to significantly reduce our interest expense and potential future dilution for our shareholders," said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry. "I am pleased that Fairfax will continue as BlackBerry's leading lender, reinforcing its ongoing commitment to the company as we continue to execute on our strategy of pursuing growth and sustainable profitability." The closing of the transaction is subject to customary conditions, including approval from the Toronto Stock Exchange.

In light of Fairfax's interest in the 6% Debentures being redeemed and its subscription for 3.75% Debentures, these transactions are "related party transactions" that will be exempt from the minority approval and valuation requirements of Multilateral Instrument 61-101 - Protection of Minority Security Holders in Special Transactions of the Canadian Securities Administrators. BlackBerry intends to complete these transactions in fewer than 21 days in order to achieve the financing objectives described above.

About BlackBerry

BlackBerry is securing a connected world, delivering innovative solutions across the entire mobile ecosystem and beyond. We secure the world's most sensitive data across all end points - from cars to smartphones - making the mobile-first enterprise vision a reality. Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, BlackBerry operates offices in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The Company trades under the ticker symbols "BB" on the Toronto Stock Exchange and "BBRY" on the NASDAQ. For more information, visit

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BlackBerry DTEK50 now available from multiple Canadian carriers

If you live in Canada and have been waiting for carriers to release the DTEK50 instead of picking one up from ShopBlackBerry, your wait just might be over. Multiple Canadian carriers have now listed BlackBerry latest Android-powered smartphone as available, and pricing is pretty consistent across the board.

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WhatsApp will start sharing your phone number with Facebook, but you can opt out

Get ready to see more targeted ads on Facebook.

WhatsApp has announced that it will start sharing your phone number with Facebook, its parent company. The messaging service has updated its privacy policy to indicate the changes as well as other additions to the platform, such as WhatsApp Web, desktop clients, end-to-end encryption, and voice call service.

That doesn't mean that you'll start seeing ads on WhatsApp. The messaging service is sticking to its promise of never offering ads on its platform. The data will instead be leveraged to show you targeted ads on Facebook, offer better friend suggestions, and fight spam. And if you don't want the service to share your data with Facebook, you can opt out.

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Stay on task with multiCRON for BlackBerry 10

Being able to juggle the various tasks for home and work is not easy. Time Management is one area in which I sometimes struggle with. There are several techniques available such as Pomodoro, which employ the use of timed intervals. By breaking down our tasks into manageable time periods, we free ourselves from being distracted until the job is done. For one BlackBerry 10 developer, they took this concept to the next level with multiCRON. It is the ultimate process timer for home, work, cooking, exercise, etc. by using multiple timed intervals and sequences.

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BlackBerry adds DTEK50 and Hub+ Suite beta programs through Beta Zone

If you're a DTEK50 owner and took my advice to update your BlackBerry Beta Zone profile, there's a good chance you have an email coming inviting you to join the DTEK50 Android beta program. If you didn't take my advice, well, there's still time. As announced on the BlackBerry Beta Zone, BlackBerry has now added the DTEK50 Android beta program as well as one for the BlackBerry Hub+ Suite.

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CrackBerry Back to School Gift Guide

It's that time of year when students are gearing up for their return to school. These days, gearing up doesn't just mean textbooks and pencils. Your budding academic is going to want some of the best tech available to enhance their student life — both in the lecture hall and in the dorms.


Dell XPS 13

College students today need a laptop that's compact and light enough to take along with them everywhere, yet still reliably powerful for everything that college life throws their way.

Enter the Dell XPS 13, a 13-inch laptop with a decent amount of power under the hood and a brilliant display. We're talking a Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, up to 256GB solid-state drive, and a battery Dell says will last up to 18 hours on a full charge. This won't be enough for heavy video editing or top-end gaming, but it will be more than serviceable for most students to get through a full day. And then there's that sweet InfinityEdge display that goes edge-to-edge, maximizing every possible inch of the display.

It's so good, we gave it a Windows Central Choice Award.

See at Dell

MacBook Air

Walk around any university or college campus and what do you see? MacBooks. MacBooks everywhere.

If your student wants a MacBook for school this year, we recommend getting them a MacBook Air. With its slim profile and outstanding battery life — 9 hours for the 11-inch model, 12 hours for the 13-inch model — the MacBook Air has the right size and longevity to go from lecture to lecture throughout the day.

Starting at around $1100 for the 11-inch model, you get a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of onboard memory (upgradable to 8GB if your student needs more power), and an option between 128GB and 256GB flash-based storage (hint: you should definitely opt for 256GB).

Each MacBook Air comes standard with Apple's full collection of productivity apps, perfect for taking notes in a university lecture, working on an important presentation — or just watching Netflix.

See at Amazon

Noble Security Wedge Profile XPS 13 Lock Kit

It's every student's nightmare: you step away from your computer for only a minute in a busy study hall and when you turn back around, your laptop is gone. All those important lecture notes and ongoing assignments gone — but at least you backed up the most important stuff somewhere safe… right?

Eithe way, you just can't trust people not to jack your shit. That's why if you get your student a Dell XPS 13, you should definitely also get something to keep it safe and secure. The Dell XPS 13 wedge lock kit from Noble Locks gives you added peace of mind that your laptop will never walk away on you. It's quick to click into the locking port built into the laptop's top-right corner, and lets you use the loop-ended galvanized steel cable to tether your laptop to something secure as you work. The four-inch stand built in on the bottom is an added bonus.

It's also perfect for shared dorms. Your student might trust their roommate, but their friends... maybe not so much.

See at Dell

Kensington SafeDock Security Dock

If you decide to go the MacBook Air route, you'll want to make sure your investment is kept safe wherever you go on campus. But due to the sleek design of the MacBook Air, there was absolutely no space for Apple to include a dock for a locking mechanism.

That's where Kensington has come in, with their SafeDock Security Dock for the MacBook Air. Simply slide your laptop into the dock, flip up the aluminum plate and pop in the included Click Safe Lock. The security dock doesn't add much bulk to the slim laptop profile so you can still slip it easily into your bag, plus it might actually make typing with the MacBook Air more ergonomic.

Make sure to protect your laptop investment with this quality Kensington SafeDock locking system; just because you trust your student, doesn't mean you should trust their classmates.

See at Amazon

Battery Pack

Anker Powercore 10000

With how busy college life can be, your student might not have the time to stand around tethered to the wall waiting for their phone to charge. That's where a quality battery pack comes in real handy.

The Anker Powercore 10000 holds 10000mAh of power, which Anker claims will charge most phones at least three times or a tablet at least once. Thanks to QualComm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, it should charge a phone up to 80% in around 35 minutes, so your student can get on with their day without worrying about their phone's battery life. And best of all, the Powercore 10000 is smaller than a deck of cards making it incredibly portable — it fits perfectly into a pants pocket or bag. Also small? The price, starting at $30.

If your student is worried about the charger overcharging their phone or causing damage they can rest easy; the Power Core 10000 has surge protection and temperature control to keep both your device and your student safe when the phone is charging.

See at Amazon


Best option: UE Boom 2

There's a reason why this little speaker is called BOOM — it's going to knock the ears off whoever's listening.

Its 360-degree design allows it to deliver sound to an entire room even when it's sitting right in the middle. Users can't stop raving about the quality of sound that comes from a speaker about the size of an energy drink can.

The speaker is Bluetooth enabled and your student can stay connected up to 100 feet away. Not to mention up to eight people can connect their devices to the speaker, meaning their friends can all share DJ duties. A 15-hour rechargeable battery will keep the party going late into the night and will still have some juice the next morning when your student catches up on recorded lectures.

A companion app regularly delivers updates and even entirely new features to the speaker, and because it's waterproof and shockproof, it won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Check out this awesome speaker that starts at about $180.

See at Amazon

Best Option: Bose QC25

Give your student the gift of amazing Bluetooth audio with the Bose QuietComfort 25 over-ear headphones.

Bose is the premiere name for quality audio, and its QuietComfort 25 headphones are top of the class. Designed to be lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day, your student is sure to get hours of enjoyment from the crystal clear sound we've all come expect from Bose.

And with superb noise cancellation, your student deal with a noisy roommate, or just to turn off the sounds of the outside world for awhile; extremely helpful when they're hitting the books in a noisy study hall, or deep into binge watching their favorite show on Netflix for the umpteenth time.

See at Amazon


WD My Passport Ultra

These days, an external hard drive is as essential for students as a backpack or textbooks; every student needs to know that all their most important digital files and projects are backed up and secure in case something horrible happens.

Western Digital is one of the most trusted names in external drives, and their My Passport line is a reliable and convenient option. We recommend getting 1TB model, since that will give your student more than enough space to backup everything on their laptop, their notes and project — with some space remaining for their favorite movies and TV shows to bring along with them wherever they go.

It connects via USB 3.0 for quick file transferring and is preloaded to work out of the box with any PC running Windows 10 or earlier, but can also be easily reformatted to work with a Mac with the included software. With a three-year limited warranty, My Passport is durable and portable, so your student can confidently keep it in a bag pocket without worry.

See at Amazon


If your student is complaining their dorm TV lacks the funtionality of their neighbors smart TV, there's no need to drop serious coin on a new TV. Just get them a Chromecast.

Don't let the small package fool you; Google's Chromecast is an incredibly handy accessory that turns any TV with an HDMI port and access to a WiFi network into a smart TV. With a Chromecast, your student will be able to stream their favourite movies, TV shows, YouTube, play music — even casual party games! Seriously, there are a lot of really cool apps that are compatible with Chromecast (even if someone has an iPhone).

Set up is dead simple, and it's portable enough that your student can bring it along with them wherever they go. Anyone with a phone and WiFi access is able to connect up to the Chromecast, allowing for collaborative playlists of party jams, or a convenient way of sharing hilarious YouTube videos without everyone crowding around a laptop screen.

Ready for more good news? It's also dirt cheap at under $40. Thanks Google!

See at Google

Booq Daybag

Every student needs a reliable bag for carrying all their textbooks and supplies, along with a laptop, tablet, and any other tech or accessories they carry on a daily basis around campus. What's more, you want it to be comfortable to wear and look really cool.

The Booq Daybag checks off all those boxes. This deceivingly compact bag opens right up and provides enough space to hold a 16-inch laptop, along with your student's texbooks, binders of notes, and whatever else they might need during the day. With a bevy of pockets inside and out, comfortable shoulder straps, soft back padding, and a high-quality handle it's both comfortable and convenient to carry around throughout the day.

Side pockets remain flush, or can expand out to accommodate a water bottle or umbrella. Speaking of rain, the zippers are also waterproof, meaning your bag might get a little wet, but your valuables inside will remain protected and dry.

Starting at $90 and available in four colors, the Booq Daybag is a perfectly stylish and functional option for your student.

See at Booq


BlackBerry DTEK50

So your student loves BlackBerry and needs a new phone. What timing! BlackBerry just came out with their latest phone, the DTEK 50, and it's pretty decent for the company's second attempt at a pure, mid-range Android device.

Powered by a Snapdragon 617 processor and backed up with 3GB of RAM, the DTEK 50 is no slouch. It also features a hot swappable microSD slot that supports up to 2TB and an ingenious customizable Convenience Key, which you can program to quick launch your favorite app and use as a mute key on active calls.

BlackBerry took what they learned from the Priv and streamlined things a bit to create, admittedly, a more traditional Android-based phone experience. While some may be quick to bemoan the lack of a physical keyboard, the DTEK 50 features BlackBerry's Intelligent Keyboard, which uses swipe gestures for predictive text, quickly deleting text, and toggling between letters, numbers and characters. And if your student doesn't like the keyboard? That's okay, they can simply download any of the other great Android keyboard alternatives from the Google Play Store.

But unlike any other Android phone on the market (save for the Priv, of course), the DTEK50 comes with BlackBerry's commitment to protecting your privacy. They're calling it 'the world's most secure Android smartphone', and seem to have done the due diligence to back that claim up.

Keep your student's data protected by giving them the brand new phone from BlackBerry!

See at Amazon


Ikea Micke desk

Dorm rooms are small, but your student is still going to need to cut out a quiet space for them to study and store all their things. For those reasons, Ikea's Micke desk is an ideal candidate to send out with your student as they head off to college.

As with most Ikea furniture it's intelligently designed to keep cords organized and out of sight, while also providing a built-in drawer for some added dorm storage. Plus, it's reasonably cheap and available in a classy black-brown or modern-chic white.

Some assembly definitely required.

See at Ikea

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BlackBerry DTEK50 accessories are now available at ShopCrackBerry!

ShopCrackBerry is now full of the best BlackBerry DTEK50 accessories, so check them out!

If you've recently picked up the BlackBerry DTEK50 odds are that you have been looking around at some accessories to pick up for it. Luckily, ShopCrackBerry has you covered with all of your needs, from cases to battery packs, Bluetooth speakers, memory cards and much more.

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U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sends BlackBerry shareholder lawsuit back to lower court

A lawsuit brought against BlackBerry by shareholders alleging that BlackBerry and its executives knowingly misled investors about the sale performance of the BlackBerry Z10 in order to artificially inflate its stock price, has been kicked back to a lower-court judge for further review in light of what plaintiffs claim is new evidence.

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BlackBerry Priv

Right now you can grab an unlocked AT&T version of the BlackBerry Priv for just $299 at eBay. This is the best price we've seen for the phone off-contract and matches the recent deal that was offered. With this savings the price drops down to the same as the recently-announced DTEK50, but offers a larger screen and physical keyboard with it.

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Browsie Browser updated multiple fixes and new features!

Popular third-party browser Browsie Browser is chock-full of features to help you with your daily browsing experience, and now, the latest update is filtering out through BlackBerry with multiple fixes and even some new features.

Fixes and New Features

  • (fixed) shortcuts not working.
  • (fixed) Navigation button speed dial.
  • (new) Bookmark search improved.
  • (new) Add Bookmark will remember the last folder you used.
  • (new) Javascript is now enabled in private browsing.
  • (fixed) Address bar didn't show url while loading a new tab
  • (fixed) fullscreen bug when loading a new page.
  • (fixed) Visual bugs

Browsie Browser is a solid and well-built application that is compatible with BlackBerry 10. You can download it for $2.99 in BlackBerry World. Of course, users who already purchased Browsie Browser should see the update available for free. It should be noted, this particular update is only available for Passport users for now. Based on how runs for Passport users, it could be rolled out to other devices later.

Learn more / Purchase Browsie Browser

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BlackBerry's software business continues to grow with new customers in Australia and New Zealand

As BlackBerry continues to focus on the software side of business, they're now seeing growing momentum in Australia and New Zealand as organizations choose BlackBerry's cross-platform solutions for multi-OS EMM, secure file-sharing, and networked crisis communications.

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BlackBerry DTEK50 listed as 'coming soon' to Wind Mobile

If Wind Mobile is your carrier of choice and you've been waiting for them to pick up the BlackBerry DTEK50, your wait could soon be over. The DTEK50 has been listed on the Wind Mobile site as 'coming soon', though, that's where the release information stops. Earlier rumors had it coming on August 19th but instead, that appears to be the day it got listed on the site according to a post in the CrackBerry Forums.

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