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A short while back we asked the CrackBerry nation "Do you lock your BlackBerry 10 smartphone using a password". Although I don't use a password myself I wasn't at all surprised by the results - which saw 70% of BlackBerry 10 users voting that they did indeed use one. 

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BlackBerry Kopi gets comparison photos with Q5

We've seen quite a bit of the unreleased BlackBerry Kopi over the last few weeks, and again today it has turned up in some shiny new images. This time around the Kopi isn't flying solo, rather it's standing in side-by-side with the BlackBerry Q5 for a bit of comparison.

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John Chen Soup

While the new BlackBerry CEO hasn’t been at the company very long, he’s made a lot of changes and most of us agree that he’s been very effective so far.

Lately, on the legal front, he’s shown that BlackBerry won’t take any crap from anyone. The company successfully stopped Typo from selling their iPhone case after convincing a judge that BlackBerry would likely win a lawsuit. The injunction was granted in late March, not that long after Typo hit the market. This new BlackBerry sure moves fast.

Just this week BlackBerry was also successful in court with Dutch semiconductor company NXP. They had been sued for willful patent infringement by NXP in 2012, and the case went to court only last month. BlackBerry crushed NXP. The jurors reportedly deliberated for less than a day.

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After hearing the latest earnings call from BlackBerry it's clear that legacy devices are still outselling BlackBerry 10 devices by a good margin. BlackBerry have also confirmed that they will continue to support BlackBerry 7 for the foreseeable future, which isn't a bad thing.

I don't mind admitting that I don't turn on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 as often as I should, but that's because the OS feels dated to me after spending over a year with BlackBerry 10. However, if consumers are still going out and picking up BlackBerry 7 handsets, there are still some awesome apps & games to be had. Here's a selection of what I would consider to be 'must have' apps for legacy device users.

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Wind Mobile launches new plans, unlimited data starts at $35/month

WIND Mobile, Canada’s plucky underdog carrier, has updated their service plans across the board. The base $20 and $30 plans have both been bumped up by $5, but the $25 plan now includes Canada-wide calling. The WINDtab subsidy on the $35 plan has been increased to $150 from $100, and there’s a new top-tier plan available at $60 that has just about everything you could want: unlimited U.S. roaming, Canada/U.S.-wide calling, global texting, unlimited data, voicemail, and up to $500 subsidy on your handset.

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Formula 1: 2014 Bahrain GP recap

Formula 1:  2014 Bahrain GP recap

It was the second race in just as many weeks on the Formula 1 circuit, but that didn't stop the BlackBerry-sponsored Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg from strutting their stuff. From practice through qualifying, it was clear that the two were out to continue their epic 2014 run — holding down the 1 and 2 positions for the race start on Sunday.

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Deal of the Day: Incipio OVRMLD Flexible Hard-Shell Case for BlackBerry Z10

For today only, purchase the Incipio OVRMLD Flexible Hard-Shell Case for BlackBerry Z10 and save 43% off the list price!

The Incipio OVRMLD Flexible Hard-Shell Case is engineered with raised NGP barriers to protect the soft touch finish from unpredictable scratches and surface wear. The dual-injected design combines impact resistant, semi-rigid NGP with a rigid plextonium frame.

List Price: $39.99   Today Only: $22.95

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BlackBerry Virtual Expert updated with support for the BlackBerry Z3

The BlackBerry Virtual Expert app is not one that is often talked about but it's pretty useful. If you haven't heard of it, it's an app created by BlackBerry that lets you diagnose any device issues you may have. From port problems, sensor issues, microphone, speaker and many more. You can carry specific tests or run a full diagnostic test to make sure everything is running fine. I found it very useful recently as I discovered that the proximity sensor on my device was not working.

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WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10

The now Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp has unveiled a new SIM deal in Germany. This prepaid SIM provides consumers with unlimited access to WhatsApp on top of agreed data limits. It's a milestone since this is the first time the popular service has partnered with carriers to sell a SIM package. If you're a massive fan of WhatsApp and use it on a daily basis, you may wish to read on and keep your eyes open for a similar deal in your region, should one be made available.

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I'm far from an expert when it comes to how clever a car can be but today sees some sweet news for BlackBerry as QNX is officially adopted by VisLab at the university of Parma. 

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We recently ran a poll regarding third party YouTube apps compared to users preferring to favor the BlackBerry 10 browser and it was the browser that won by a long way. I'm still on the other side though and use SuperTube for getting my YouTube fix when I'm just on my smartphone.

The app has been updated to version and with it brings a bunch of new additions as well as some fixes. SuperTube has now been updated a few times since its initial release, going to show the dedication that the developer has with the app - that we like a lot.

New features include:

  • Added channels and playlist searches

  • In the Sort and Filter drop down menu it's been added a sort order for playlists

  • Added kid lock functionality in the video player

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BlackBerry wins patent infringement case brought by NXP

Back in April 2012, NXP hit BlackBerry with a lawsuit claiming the company had infringed upon six NXP patents in their BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet surrounding design, data transmission and other features of those devices. Today, BlackBerry has announced the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division has found both that BlackBerry did not infringe NXP's patents, and that the patents NXP asserted against BlackBerry are invalid.

"We are pleased with the jury's verdict," said Steve Zipperstein, Chief Legal Officer at BlackBerry. "While this is a victory for BlackBerry, we look forward to a time when technology companies will no longer be forced to spend huge amounts of time and money defending frivolous patent cases such as these, and instead invest their resources to drive innovation. Until then, we will vigorously defend our intellectual property rights and contest all meritless claims."

That's a solid win for BlackBerry in the courts where they've been actively defending themselves against the likes of NXP and Typo Products rather successfully. You can jump below for the full press release.

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Share tasks and to-dos with friends and family on BBM with ToDoMate

When it comes to keeping track of everything, I’ve run the gambit. Whether it be handwritten journals, post-it notes, Evernote, Remember, Microsoft Outlook at work, or other third-party applications on my BlackBerry I have tried quite a few to juggle all of my tasks and to-dos whether they be personal or with a group. The whole reason for me purchasing a BlackBerry all those years ago was to keep me organized and be more efficient. That is where TodoMate comes into play.

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BlackBerry announces updated Tools for Android Development 2.0.2 Beta

For BlackBerry developers, having the latest and greatest tools to make apps is important and to help keep things moving along, BlackBerry has now released their BlackBerry Tools for Android Development 2.0.2 Beta. The last update to the tools came back in October, so a new update is great to see. The list of feature additions is pretty long for this one but we’ve got them all for you past the break.

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There was a time when I would regularly check my music audio ID3 tags were labelled correctly. It pained me if they were not sorted. Somehow this habit slowly disappeared. I guess since I started to stream my music via the various services available, there wasn't really any point. However, an app recommendation arrived in my inbox and I thought I would try it out -- ID3IOT. The simply description of the app says it all, it's an app that lets you clean up your audio tags.

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StoreDot's Nanodot bio-organic nanochrystals will charge you phone in 30 seconds flat… in 2016

We use smartphones nearly every minute of every day, and that can be an issue, specifically for batteries. If there’s one area in tech that we haven’t seen any innovation – not for lack of trying – it’s batteries. Sure they’ve grown in size and chipsets have become more power efficient, but for the most part, charging is still charging in 2014.

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Deal of the Day: Seidio Surface Holster for BlackBerry Q10

For today only, purchase the Seidio SURFACE Holster for BlackBerry Q10 and save 50% off the list price!

The durable spring clip on the SURFACE Holster holds your BlackBerry Q10 securely in place, and then lifts for quick access. Both the felt liner and the face-in design protect your screen from scratches and exposure to outside elements. This holster can even be worn in both horizontal and vertical positions.

List Price: $29.95   Today Only: $14.95

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Verizon Wireless buying spectrum and assets from Cincinnati Bell for $210 million

Cincinnati Bell Wireless has entered into an agreement to sell its spectrum holdings and wireless infrastructure to Verizon Wireless. The deal, valued at $210 million will see Cincinnati Bell's customers transferred to Verizon "or other wireless providers" over the next 8-12 months, during which time the carrier will lease back that spectrum and those towers for "a nominal fee".

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More BlackBerry Z3 hands-on photos turn up

More BlackBerry Z3 hands-on photos turn up

We've already grabbed some camera time with the BlackBerry Z3 during MWC, but it seems like it's popping up more and more as the release gets closer. As such, a new set of BlackBerry Z3 photos have turned up online. These aren't the greatest shots, but they do again give us another look at the upcoming Z3. Nothing new to be seen for the most part, but for those of you who are anxiously waiting on one of these, it's always fun to see more new photos.

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Spring 10.2.1

It's fair to say that BlackBerry 10 users in the USA have been lagging behind on the OS 10.2.1 update front. Sprint customers have now got a nice moral boost as 10.2.1 is officially released according to our tipsters on Twitter.

While in many regions 10.2.1 has been around for some time now it's only very recently that the American carriers have introduced it - T-Mobile and Verizon hitting customers with it last month (March 2014).

If you're a Sprint customer go and check for an update if it's not pushed automatically to your device. And if there are any device restrictions please feel free to let us know in the comments.

What a nice start to the working week!

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