BlackBerry announces Good Secure EMM Suite of apps

BlackBerry has announced Good Secure Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Suites, a new set of applications which aim to make it even easier to manage enterprise devices regardless of the operating system. The suite of apps include security, management, productivity and collaboration offerings that all feature best-in-class app security.

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Sprint has published the company's financial earnings report for Q3 2015. The major U.S. carrier made an operating loss of $197 million, which is a substantial improvement over Q2's $585 million in the red. The company also added the highest number of porting postpaid phone customers in three years. Net additions for this most recent quarter totalled 501,000, which is an improvement of 471,000 year-over-year.

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BlackBerry Priv now available from T-Mobile

BlackBerry Priv now available from T-Mobile

If you've been waiting for T-Mobile to launch the BlackBerry Priv, your wait is now over. As announced previously, the Un-carrier has now made BlackBerry's first Android-powered smartphone available online at and in T-Mobile stores.

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How to uninstall and disable applications on a BlackBerry smartphone powered by Android

As you know, the BlackBerry Priv comes pre-installed with a handful of BlackBerry apps, to help ease existing users into the Android world. Some people are loving the apps, such as the Hub while others would rather not use it. If you're part of the latter group, then you'll be happy to know that you can disable the apps. You can disable the use of any of the pre-loaded apps. What about the apps you download from the Google Play store and no longer want? You can delete those, quickly and easily too.

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Secure your device with Pattern Lock Pro - 300 copies available

As part of its commitment to security, BlackBerry embedded several different methods to secure and protect our personal information into its native OS. However, it is always helpful to add an extra layer for safeguarding data and other personal files by utilizing a third party application we've discussed before called Pattern Lock Pro.

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BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Hollywood

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Hollywood

If you missed BerryFlow live this week, you'll want to make sure you catch the audio or video replay. This week, we dig into the recent AtHoc announcements, the BlackBerry Priv's eventual arrival in India and on T-Mobile plus, we discuss the ending of the Built for BlackBerry program for app developers and much, much more.

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Rumors of leaks, leaks of rumors, updates on suppositions of tales of releases.

We're entering something of a lull in tech news. Well, lull might not be the right word. It's not like the end-of-year holiday hiatus slash pre-CES quiet time. No, this is more like that period of time at the restaurant between the appetizer and the main course. In this metaphor, CES was the appetizer, and now we're talking about how much we enjoyed that little taste and how much we're looking forward to the surprises of the main course: MWC. It's still a few weeks out before the Barcelona trade show, but already things are starting to heat up in the kitchen.

On the Android front, Galaxy S7 silly season is in full swing. We've got Galaxy S7 benchmarks that don't matter (and might not even be real), and the rumored return of the microSD card slot on the Galaxy S7. And in companies not called Samsung, it looks like Android 6.0 Marshmallow is in testing for both HTC phones and Honor devices. The BlackBerry Priv also started hitting other carriers in the US, with T-Mobile up first.

Samsung's not the only smartphone company making the rumor rounds: the iPhone 7 is going to be the continued topic of conversation for months to come, but the iPhone 5se might get here first. iPhone silly season is the longest silly season of all. And in addition to updates to iOS 9 and OS X Yosemite, Apple pushed out an enormous update to GarageBand for iPad and the new artist-centric Music Memos.

And then there's Microsoft, who set the date for their Build 2016 developer conference and promptly sold out. At the same time, firmware updates came out for the 3rd-generation Surface tablets, Dropbox released a new universal app for Windows 10, and the first previews of the Xbox February update began to arrive.

All that and more, this week on Mobile Nations!

CrackBerry — T-Priv

This week was unsurprisingly filled with quite a bit of Priv news as BlackBerry continues to expand the device availability. T-Mobile has revealed their pricing, we're expecting a launch in India soon and several other carriers are now offering the device. In other news, BlackBerry has shut down the Built for BlackBerry app program for developers and AtHoc has scored another win.

Android Central — Something for everyone

There was a solid mix of news this week, offering a little bit for everyone. On the app front, Pocket Casts released a big update, Link Bubble has been re-released as the Brave browser and WhatsApp is dropping its annual subscription fee.

In terms of phone software, Marshmallow updates are in testing or on their way for both HTC's recent flagships and several Honor phones in the UK.

The Galaxy S7 speculation is growing a bit, and we're doing our best to analyze some of the available rumors. This week we explain why we don't care about benchmarks, and what an SD card slot could mean in the new flagship.

iMore — iPhones, Apple Watches, and Updates, Oh My!

This week at iMore, we saw rumors over the iPhone 7 and wireless charging and a smaller iPhone 5se, Georgia Dow gave us a primer on iOS 9.3's new Night Shift feature, and Serenity bemoaned the state of Google Drive on the iPad Pro.

We also saw a few new releases from Apple: iOS 9.2.1 and OS X 10.11.3 brought security fixes and bug updates, while the new Music Memos app and GarageBand update for iPad Pro had Serenity singing.

On the Apple Watch side, we heard more rumors about what to expect this March, and for those willing to drop $1100 on an Apple Watch, the Hermes model is now available online.

Windows Central — Updates wanted

Microsoft is pushing on with OS updates, Surface news and their Build conference set to kick off at the end of March.

First up is Build, which is taking place once again in San Francisco on March 30. Tickets went on sale for developers but within one to five minutes the event was sold out. The $2k tickets went faster than expected and leaving many developers a little peeved. Luckily, the event is streamed, and dev sessions later will be available for online viewing. Additionally, Microsoft won't be giving away any free hardware to attendees and will instead focus on offering more developer sessions at the event.

The Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 picked up a rather significant firmware update. Newer Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book owners, however, are still waiting for their fix for ongoing power issues. Additionally, 1TB editions of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 also went on sale. Microsoft also did a voluntary recall of some Surface AC power plugs.

Dropbox has a new universal Windows 10 app that is part of their renewed partnership with Microsoft. HERE Maps and apps finally returned to Windows 10 Mobile after a bug fix.

Rounding things out was the Xbox February update, which is now rolling out to insider preview members.

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Firstmonie, MMIT and BlackBerry team up to enable social commerce through BBM in Nigeria

Back in November, Matthew Talbot, Senior Vice President of Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry noted that BlackBerry was expanding BBM Shop payment options for Nigeria by making use of the Firstmonie mobile wallet, provided by Nigeria's largest bank, First Bank of Nigeria Limited and teaming up with Mobile Media Info Tech (MMIT) to bring secure payments to the BBM Shop. Those partnerships have now gone into effect and Nigerians can now access and pay for digital content available on BBM Shop using their Firstmonie mobile wallet, from FirstBank.

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How to change your video settings on the BlackBerry Priv camera

Our smartphones have become an all-in-one device that we carry around every day and it is the device most of us will reach for to take photos and videos. I love to take home videos on my BlackBerry smartphone, as I'm sure many of you do too, and that will continue with my use of the BlackBerry Priv. If you didn't know already, the Priv does 4K video recording but of course other video shooting modes are available too. Here's a quick tutorial on changing the video settings on your Priv.

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Text to Speech app Read Out is available through BlackBerry World again

After leaving the BlackBerry World store in December, Read Out has made it's return. As the name suggests, Read out will, well, read text out loud, be it an email, an article or any text you send to the app. It can come in handy when your hands are otherwise occupied and you can't hold your phone, like when you're in the car. After running into bugs with the app, the developer pulled Read Out from BlackBerry World back in December. It has taken a while for the developer to fix the problem, but now Read Out is again available from BlackBerry World.

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See how addicted you are to your BlackBerry Priv with Instant

For those seeking to track their device usage, BlackBerry 10 users are familiar with Instant by Emberify. This utility application tracks how much time you spend on your device so you can better understand your daily phone usage trends and make adjustments according to your needs. Priv owners will be pleased to know the developer coded a brand new version and made it available to download in Google Play. Not only did they bring over features from the original BlackBerry 10 version but introduced a few more to take advantage of the capabilities of Android.

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Howdy CrackBerry nation! Another week has passed so you know what that means? Not only is it time to share with you another batch of applications for your BlackBerry 10 or Priv device, but it's also time to catch up on all the news that transpired since we last met.

Kicking things off was a brand new episode of the (BerryFlow Podcast which discussed the Good Technology announcements, the latest BlackBerry 10.3.2 release and BlackBerry's announcement of DTSec. Also discussed this week was how the Department of Veterans Affairs selected BlackBerry's AtHoc to power its crisis communications and the end of the Built for BlackBerry program.

Now it's time to bring you this week's picks for all you passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game I've rustled up for you by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite didn't make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

ALONE by Laser Dog Games Limited

ALONE is a fast-paced runner for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone that will keep you occupied as you try to survive a solitary journey through space. The object is to navigate your spaceship around caves, rocky debris, comets and other obstacles.

All you have to do is drag up and down on the screen, which is not as easy at it looks as the controls are inverted by default. This means you have to swipe up to go down and vice versa. However, you can adjust this in settings. The ship itself can take a minor hit or two before the shields fail but not if you crash into the rocks themselves.

After a few seconds, the nerves start kicking in as you try to weave through the ever-changing hectic environments.

You can find ALONE in the Amazon Appstore for $1.99 or download for free in the Amazon Underground (US, UK, Germany, and France only).

Learn how to install ALONE from the Amazon Appstore

Flippy Bottlecap by Swavek Zielinksi

Flappy Bird has come and gone but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a similar game to distract us from from our busy lives. Instead of birds and pipes, we have bottles and bottlecaps. The object of the game is to avoid the bottles, collect gold caps, and earn achievements. It's simple, fun, and ad free. Flippy Bottlecap is a native game that is only compatible with all touch BlackBerry 10 handsets.

Learn more / Purchase Flippy Bottlecap from BlackBerry World

Bonza World Puzzle by MiniMega

Bonza is a non-traditional crossword puzzle game. By that I mean it is a mashup of several different types of puzzles (i.e. word search, jigsaw puzzle, and trivia game). The result is this non-traditional and challenging game.

You're presented various puzzles packs that are unlocked as you play or through an in-app purchase. Each pack contains a variety of puzzles, which increase in difficulty as you progress, and are centered around a particular theme. Included with every puzzle is a clue to give players an inkling of what the possible words may be, as Bonza makes things even more challenging by not providing a list of words to fill in or even per-word hints. The board is cluttered with letters as jumbled up jigsaw puzzle pieces. Using the clue(s) as your guide, it is your job to rearrange the pieces back into their correct order and unearth all of the hidden words.

The game comes with several starter packs such as a free puzzle of the day, plus your choice from among the paid packs. Frustrating and fun, you can download Bonza World Puzzle for free in Google Play.

Learn more / Download Bonza World Puzzle from Google Play

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock by Northcube AB

Getting a good night's sleep is an important part of keeping our mind and bodies healthy. Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your motion during the night and determines the best possible window of time to wake you up such as when you are in the lightest sleeping phase.

The application works by monitoring your movements while you sleep using your device's accelerometer. This means users will have to place their device exactly where the app instructs them too, which is usually at the corner of the bed adjacent to the pillow. Based on your sleeping habits, it finds the optimal time to wake you up during a 30-minute interval based on the alarm time you've set. This means rather than being jolted out of a deep sleep first thing in the morning, you will be woken up slowly and not in the middle of a dream. This sort of wake-up leads to you rising more refreshed and in a better state to start your day.

Not only does Sleep Cycle track your sleep and act as an alarm clock but it includes detailed sleep statistics and graphs, the ability to use your own music as the alarm, an option to snooze by shaking or tapping the phone lightly, customized wake up windows, a background mode, and sleep notes.

You can download Sleep Alarm Cycle from Google Play for $0.99.

Learn more / Download Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock from Google Play

A Better Camera by Almalence, Inc.

If you are looking to improve upon the capabilities of your camera, A Better Camera offers a range of controls, optimizations, and features when capturing an image. Not only does it make your shots look good but it also records video and comes with time-lapse photography.

This full-featured camera application offers several modes with which to take the perfect shot including burst, HDR Photo/Video, night mode, single shot, panorama, objects removal, sequence shot, self-timer, and smart multishot. The controls are easy to use and it employs gestures to hide or access each of them. I tend to leave the grid on to utilize the Rule of Thirds for my images.

To maximize your BlackBerry's camera, you can download A Better Camera for free from the Amazon Appstore, with optional in-app purchases. A free version, called A Better Camera Unlocked, is also available in the Amazon Underground (US, UK, Germany, and France only) and offers full access to all camera features.

Learn how to install A Better Camera Unlocked from the Amazon Appstore

What You Might Have Missed

Ad Blocker for Default Browser by ShaoSoft

For those who wish to block or remove ads from the BlackBerry 10 default browser, there is Ad Blocker by popular developer ShaoSoft. This browser presents users with the ability to block ads on your device when connected to Wi-Fi. Additional features include blocking ads at the source, improved privacy, automatic ad block updates, does not run in the background, and configuration takes less than two minutes. While it may only support this feature when connected to a Wi-Fi network, the developer is looking into having the service work when running on a cellular network.

You can find this native BlackBerry 10 application in BlackBerry World for $1.99.

Learn more / Purchase Ad Blocker for BlackBerry 10 from BlackBerry World

Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games, be sure to head on over to the CrackBerry Forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS, the BlackBerry PlayBook, or even Android Apps in the Google Play store for the BlackBerry Priv. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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Amazon UK

For one day only, Amazon UK is offering £10 off any order of £50 and above. All you need to do to avail the discount is add products totaling £50 or above to your cart, and use the promo code BIGTHANKS at checkout.

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BlackBerry hosting Good Dynamics App SDK webcast for Enterprise Developers

Now that the acquisition of Good Technology is wrapped up, BlackBerry has been hosting several webcasts that offer a look into how the Good and BlackBerry world's meet. One such webcast is scheduled for February 2, 2016, at 11 am ET where Ed Bourne, Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager and Richard Schaefer, Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager will discuss the BlackBerry and Good product integration roadmap as well as the Good Dynamics SDK, which enables developers to create enterprise apps employing the features of the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform.

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U.S. carrier Verizon released the network's financial report for Q4, showing some solid performance and higher-than-expected earnings. The company brought in $34.25 billion in revenue, which is slightly higher than the previous quarter of $33.2 billion, and a further 1.5 million new postpaid customers were signed up.

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BlackBerry Priv now available from Saudi Telecom Company

As BlackBerry noted back in December, the Priv is now seeing a broader release in the Middle East. Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is now offering the first-ever BlackBerry smartphone powered by Android to their customers through their website and retail outlets. As expected, pricing for the Priv has been set at SAR 2899 ($772 USD) but is available with lower pricing through postpaid bundles.

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The Built for BlackBerry program for app developers has ended

Back during BlackBerry 10 Jam in 2012, BlackBerry introduced the Built for BlackBerry program to further promote great native BlackBerry apps. As part of the certification, developers got permission to use the designation in association with their app marketing and the Built for BlackBerry logo badge and icon, appeared next to apps in BlackBerry World, letting folks know that the app was of quality. In an email sent out to developers, BlackBerry has now ended that program effective as of January 19, 2016, and no new Built for BlackBerry submissions will be accepted.

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BlackBerry Priv now available in the Netherlands from KPN

Adding to the already existing availability of Priv through ShopBlackBerry in the Netherlands, BlackBerry has announced their first Android-powered smartphone is now also available through the various KPN channels including KPN retail stores, KPN XL stores, KPN B2B channels and online through

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ToySoft has brought their popular BlackBerry 10 app Power Tools to the Priv

Although we haven't heard from many BlackBerry 10 developers looking to move their apps to Android, the folks at ToySoft have slowly been releasing a few of their popular BlackBerry 10 apps onto the Google Play Store as well as creating new apps for the platform. The latest Android app for them is the well known BlackBerry 10 app, Power Tools, and it's jammed packed with features, options and settings that aim to improve your overall smartphone experience.

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If you regularly work with text files, you may have already come across Editor, an app we have written about before. Editor allows you to create and edit plain text files, and it supports a long list of file types, including CVS, XML, CPP, DOC, TXT, HPP, SQL. It has just received an update that includes some new options, interface tweaks and some bug fixes.

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