Here's the winner in our Rogers BlackBerry Passport contest!

Hey Canadians, the time has come to announce who has won a free BlackBerry Passport courtesy of Rogers and CrackBerry. With just short of 5500 entries on the contest post, it was clear that many of you are still clamoring to get your hands on the latest BlackBerry smartphone, and we certainly can't blame you. We know there were some disappointed readers out there since this contest was only open to Canadians, but never fear. We always have another contest and another opportunity to win something fantastic just around the corner. Let's not delay any longer.

The winner of the BlackBerry Passport from Rogers is:


Congratulations bbfanatic11! We'll be in touch soon to get your prize sorted! Everyone else, keep your eyes on the blog for the next awesome contest.

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Twitter client Twittly now available from BlackBerry World

This Twitter client had been announced a couple of months ago, in August. Shortly after that, Twittly went into beta zone for people to try out. Today, we see it arrive in BlackBerry World, available for all. For most, Blaq has been the Twitter client a lot of people have been using for features not found within the native Twitter app. Twittly wants to join in on all the fun and I must say it's a very feature rich app. I've been testing it out and I do like it a lot. Especially the fact that I can change the color theme.

Twittly has a very long feature list but let me pick out some of my favorites. Quick show icons so you can reply or retweet and Tweet faster, color theme, set a wallpaper, Action Drawer which lets you update your status, send an email/SMS without leaving the app.

If you have a BlackBerry Passport, Twittly has full support for the device too, like being able to use the touch sensitive keyboard to scroll.

Twittly features list

  • Super Beautiful User Interface,User Experience, User Friendly & Faster Network Response
  • Compose from the BlackBerry Hub
  • Set / Change In App Wallpaper
  • Full BlackBerry Passport Support (UI + Touch Sensitive Keyboard)
  • Super Advanced Compose Page with complete Emojis & Emoticons
  • Ability to attach Videos, Photos, Voice Notes and Location
  • Snap2Chat Photo Editor Integration
  • DropBox Integration
  • Ability to Merge Timlines from Multiple Accounts
  • Supports Full Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Online Wallpaper Store
  • Supports Unlimited Multiple Accounts
  • Super Advanced Translation Tool, Translate from any language to any language
  • Backup and Restore Settings
  • Ability to View Multiple Media in a Tweet
  • Ability to post from all accounts at the same time including BBM & Facebook Status Update
  • Ability to Switch to Dark Theme
  • Can View/Play 3rd Party Media Site Contents from Youtube, Vine, Instagram, SoundCloud and more without leaving the app
  • Ability to Compose SMS, Facebook Status, LinkedIn Status, BBM Message, and Email without leaving the app
  • Ability to Customize the Active Frame and show only latest Messages, Mentions or Timeline
  • Customize the Overall Color Scheme with our Beautiful Color Presets
  • Search with Super Advanced Filters: Only Users, Photos, Top, Recent, All or from Saved Search
  • Ability to Filter Timelines with only Replies, Photos, Retweets
  • In App Password Security
  • Advanced Retweet Options
  • Quick Pinch Gesture for Quicker Actions
  • Quick Tweet Button
  • Ability to Save Tweets for Offline Use
  • Customize Font Size, Weight and Alignment
  • Customize the Keyboard's Enter Key to Submit or as a New Line
  • Drafts
  • Ability to Live Stream Tweets with a Keyword/Location/Home Timline
  • Ability to show a Tweet's Location and Open the Location in an advanced 3D Perspective Map with a Compass and able to navigate
  • Option to Stay where you left off / Hold Place in Timeline
  • Ability to Share a Tweet to any type of Accounts(text only, with link .. etc)
  • Ability to Copy a Tweet with customizations very quick and easy(text only, with link .. etc)
  • Tells you the Count of Retweets, Favorites, Followers, Following etc...
  • Share a Photo / Text / Link from the Gallery or anywhere in the OS to Twittly
  • Ability to show quick buttons for quicker actions
  • View Photos of a User Profile / Timeline
  • Super Advanced Preview of URL Embedded Content
  • Includes a Smooth and Fast Built-in Browser
  • Quick Jump to Top & Bottom Buttons
  • Less Clicks and Actions to go or do something
  • Has all the Official Twitter Functions
  • Open Links, Hashtags, Mentions from anywhere in the OS to Twittly
  • Ability to Clear Cache for a new and Refreshing Experience
  • Set how many items it should load per network request for a more personalized experience

One thing to note is that not all above features will be available off the bat. Twittly is free to download. This will give you your regular Twitter features, for all the other things above that, like changing the color theme, the Action Drawer and all the rest, this requires you to upgrade to the full version which costs $1.99. Twittly is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Check out the video above to see the app in action.

More information/Download Twittly for BlackBerry 10

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Charge your BlackBerry Q10 and a spare battery simultaneously with this OEM charger—now 50% off!

This OEM External Battery Charger is great to carry with you when traveling. Pop in a spare battery, plug in your BlackBerry Q10 and enjoy a quick and efficient charge for both! Since there are no cables included, you'll want to use your existing wall or car charger to power this unit. Get yours today for only $11.95!

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Samsung 5G

The world is currently rolling out 4G, but already some parties are looking at what 5G could bring to consumers. Samsung has been testing out its own infrastructure for the next generation of wireless and the company has been able to achieve jaw-dropping data transfer speeds using high frequency signal.

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Amazon UK has today announced a new same-day collection service, available free for Prime subscribers. The online retail giant will allow Prime members to have a package delivered to a chosen collection point within 12 hours, part of its Click & Collect service. If you're not a Prime member, you'll have to part with £4.99 for the luxury.

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Q10 Keyboard

Our second slice of news out of South Africa today and this one is the perfect example of why certain people are BlackBerry users.

If you're going to write books using a smartphone it makes sense to be a BlackBerry user. Although the majority of phones on the market these days are sporting a touchscreen keyboard you can't beat a good old hardware one on a BlackBerry for productivity.

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BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry fans in South Africa won't have long to wait to get their hands on the monster BlackBerry Passport as the Canadian company have today announced that the flagship handset will be launching there in November.

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Search for IMDB

Just a quick one for you movie buffs that have picked up a BlackBerry Passport. S4BB's application - Search for IMDB has been updated in the last 24 hours to offer full Passport support and it sure looks great.

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Take a survey, win $600 for a new phone

Right now it's crazy season for new phones. Between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Android L, the BlackBerry Passport and Classic, and Windows Phone 8.1. There's never been a hotter time for new gadgets. So we want to know what you think — what phones are you looking forward to, what's important to you in a phone, and what you think of your carrier. So we have a survey, and one lucky survey-taker will win a $600 towards a brand new phone!

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These incredibly thin BlackBerry Z10 hard cases are over 50% off today!

Crafted from a hard yet flexible material, the Seidio SURFACE Case provides an amazingly thin layer of protection without adding any excessive bulk. Seidio's signature soft touch finish provides a great feel and better grip without attracting lint. Get yours in black, blue, red or purple today for just $16.95!

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Here's just a quick heads up if you fancy some fun gaming action on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. ThumbZilla is free today in the Amazon Appstore and as you can see from the above video it's packed full of carnage. With fast paced game play, fantastic music and sound effects, it's a great little time killer is this one.

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Coming soon - A close look into how the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS team use BlackBerry 10

With BlackBerry having chosen the winning Formula One team to sponsor this year they have managed to achieve some of the best marketing out there - not just the BlackBerry logo being on Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg's cars, but also on their helmets and most items of clothing - racing and casual.

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BlackBerry Classic spotted again in new batch of photos

It would seem as though if you want to get your hands on a BlackBerry Classic ahead of schedule, you'll have to pack your bags and head to Shenzen. Although the BlackBerry Classic has been spotted several times already, someone decided to throw a BlackBerry party and in attendance was a BlackBerry Classic and it got caught posing for some new photos.

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Amazon now sending out delivery estimate updates for Passport orders

Have you ordered a BlackBerry Passport from Amazon and been waiting for it to ship? If so, you'll want to keep an eye on your inbox for a status update from Amazon. The company has now sent out several emails letting customers know their orders have been processed along with letting them know their new delivery estimates.

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BBM Meetings launching soon for enterprise, consumer release in 2015

Back in June during the BlackBerry earnings call a new app called BBM Meetings made an appearance. Since then, there hasn't been a ton of info about it relayed by BlackBerry but like all the other BBM initiatives BlackBerry has been working on such as BBM Protected, BBM Money, Cross-platform BBM, BBM Channels, BBM stickers, BBM Meetings is still well on its way according to BlackBerry's President for Global Enterprise Solutions, John Sims who spoke of the value-added service recently with The Jakarta Post and dropped a few more details on what it's all about.

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In case you didn't catch the news, we're celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada by giving you 20% off everything at ShopCrackBerry including cases, chargers, batteries, screen protectors—the whole caboodle!

To enjoy these holiday savings, all you need to do is apply coupon code: Thanks20 at checkout. You'll instantly see a revised cart with reduced prices on everything you've added. And, this offer is valid for both US and Canada stores!

There are plenty of payment methods including PayPal, Bitcoin and standard credit cards along with incredibly fast shipping options! This sale ends tomorrow at midnight PST, so be sure to get your orders in while the gettin's good.

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AT&T launches new Passport international plans

AT&T launches new Passport international roaming plans

AT&T has a new set of international plans, and while they'll still hit your wallet hard, they're an improvement of what came before. AT&T's new plans, dubbed Passport, Passport Plus, and Passport Pro (not to be confused with plans for the new BlackBerry Passport), bring the same data allotments, but at least offer easier billing international data packages than we've seen before from Ma Bell, though heavy users will still find themselves shelling over the big bucks.

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We've got BlackBerry JM-1 Batteries on sale today for only $9.95!

Flight delays, power outages, longer-than-expected trips—you can't always recharge your BlackBerry when you'd like to. But with an extra JM-1 BlackBerry battery on hand you can always talk, type and work as long as you need to. Keep it in your bag or briefcase and stay connected, powered up,and ready to get the job done. Get yours today and save 80% off the list price!

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Those who rely on Dropbox to store their personal files may have lost some of their data. The service has experienced some issues regarding a bug in older versions of its available desktop apps. This bug deleted files uploaded by affected users who activated the Selective Sync feature, leading some to find they'd lost a large amount of files.

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River Island

I'm not sure about the rest of the world but here in the UK if you head down any major high street chances are you will find a branch of River Island where you can pick up some sweet clothes. Their application is now available on BlackBerry 10 and although a little late to the party it sure will come in handy for many folk.

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