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Deal of the Day: Mobi Products S-Line Case for BlackBerry Z10

For today only, grab the Mobi Products S-Line Case for BlackBerry Z10 and save 67% off the list price!

The S-Line cover is a slim, form-fitting TPU case that wraps around your BlackBerry Z10 to protect against drops and scratches while providing a better grip on your device. It sports a unique "S" design on the back, separating two different textures and giving your BlackBerry Z10 a personalized look.

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iGrann Pro

Chances are that if you're a BlackBerry 10 Instagram user you may well already use iGrann. The free native Instagram app does an awesome job and is the one I use daily.

But things have just been spiced up at bit as a Pro edition is now available in BlackBerry World for $0.99. The new 'Pro' features are currently very small but sound fantastic.

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Amazon Kindle on the BlackBerry Z3

Amazon has today announced a new ebook rental service called Kindle Unlimited. The new service enables consumers to choose from over 600,000 books, listen to thousands of audiobooks from Audible and more for just $9.99 a month. Think of it as a music streaming package, but for books with Amazon.

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Strike a Can

If you are reading this prior to checking out the video you may well be thinking that I've gone mad or am desperate for content as I've featured a game where you toss balls at cans. I've not lost the plot (I don't think) and have three very good reasons for writing about the game.

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The end of the working week is here for most of us and what a good way to end things for the people of the Philippines. BlackBerry have announced the Z3 will be launching there at authorized retailers at the price of P 10,990.

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BBM Beta goes live on the Windows Phone Store

BBM Beta goes live on the Windows Phone Store

If you've joined the BBM Beta program for Windows Phone, there's good news. The BlackBerry Messenger app is now live and ready to be downloaded in the Windows Phone Store, allowing Windows Phone customers to message friends on the BBM service. Of course, most folks here won't care as everyone already has BBM on their BlackBerry but hey, you can tell any Windows Phone folks you know it's being tested and put through its paces.

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen heading up Security Summit on July 29th in New York

BlackBerry has been doing a lot recently to reinforce the fact security is important in Enterprise mobility where they remain the market leader but to help push it even further, BlackBerry CEO John Chen and his senior leadership team, BlackBerry partners, customers and industry experts are hosting an exclusive Security Summit on July 29th in New York.

Discussions and demos will address today's security threats, future security risks associated with the Internet of Things, investments in mobile security and security imperatives for regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services and government.

Attendees will hear best practices for implementing secure mobile communications and learn about the latest steps BlackBerry is taking to reinforce its leadership in delivering the most secure end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions.

It's hard to say if there will be any announcements during the event but any time John Chen is around you never know what's going to happen. Unfortunately, I won't be attending the event personally but we'll be sending Adam to make sure we (and you all!) don't miss out on anything. Hopefully, John Chen will be willing to show off the BlackBerry Passport and Classic some more as well but we'll have to wait and see.

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Back in November, BlackBerry announced the departure of Kristian Tear as Chief Operating Officer, and Frank Boulben as Chief Marketing Officer. Their exit left room for John Chen to make some new hires of his own and when it came to marketing, he opted to appoint Mark Wilson as Senior Vice President of Marketing. Wilson previously served as Senior Vice President, Corporate and Field Marketing at Sybase as well held position as Chief Marketing Officer at Avaya, so he came to BlackBerry prepared.

It's fair to say that when it comes to marketing, the feeling among the community is that BlackBerry could be doing better, but sitting down in a recent interview with AdAge, Wilson highlighted some of the changes he's put in place since his arrival at BlackBerry and his long-term marketing objectives for BlackBerry.

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Disney Villains and Paul Frank stickers now available in the BBM Shop

The BBM team has been adding a new batch of stickers pretty much a weekly basis for the past little while now and seems this week is no different. Two new BBM sticker packs are now showing in the BBM shop to choose from, both of which are priced at $1.99.

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Deal of the Day: BlackBerry Soft Shell for Bold 9930/9900

For today only, grab the BlackBerry Soft Shell for Bold 9930/9900 and save 75% off the list price!

Made from high-performance, flexible, plastic-like material the BlackBerry Soft Shell gives the back and sides of your Bold a protective barrier against accidental bumps and scratches. Easy to install and remove, this case also has access to all your ports and buttons. Colors include black, translucent, brown and indigo.

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London Underground

Three UK has announced that it is partnering with Virgin Media to provide its customers with free access to Virgin's Wi-Fi network on the London Underground. Other carriers like EE, Vodafone and O2 have already made similar deals in the past.

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The top 5 travel apps for the BlackBerry Z3

travel apps

With BlackBerry seeming to be pursuing two types of customers at the moment - business users and the consumer market, the BlackBerry Z3 could well fall into the hands in either of these two camps. Sure, we may see top executives rocking a BlackBerry Passport or Classic in the future, but there will always be companies that don't want to spend the big bucks and the BlackBerry Z3 will still serve its purpose.

So whether you are travelling on vacation or on a business trip I've put together my top five BlackBerry 10 apps for you to put on your Z3. And the best news is that they are all free to download!

BlackBerry Maps

BlackBerry Maps will come preloaded on your Z3 and for voice guided navigation it does a fantastic job. I've mentioned this before in another article but I feel it's important so here goes again.

BlackBerry Maps may not be as fancy as the likes of Google Maps or Here Maps from Nokia but it gets you to your destination and using the app is really simple. One of my biggest loves with it is the fact that it is integrated with the search feature in BlackBerry 10 - so you can just tap the search icon and enter the address/post code/zip code and off you go. Sure, it may not be as detailed as the alternatives on other OS's but it's my navigation app of choice and I own an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy and a Windows Phone.

More information/Download BlackBerry Maps

Navita Translator

If you're travelling to another country and don't speak the local language Navita Translator could be a lifeline for you. As you can see in the video above, the app lets you select from dozens of languages and then it's just a case of typing in what it is you want to translate. If you're not happy with trying to pronounce the translation fear not as the app can speak it for you - clever stuff.

If you're going away this one is well worth having on your BlackBerry just in case you need it.

More information/Download Navita Translator

BlackBerry Travel

If you're traveling overseas BlackBerry Travel has to be the most important application for you to have on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. It's packed full of features which will assist you in your journey in so many ways.

First up is the auto scanning option. You can set the app to scan your inbox for any flight confirmations and when it finds them the app will pull them in and present them in an orderly fashion so you can glance at the app at any time and see the detailed information about your upcoming trip. To take things a little further it will also integrate with your calendar and prompt you of reminders in advance of your flight.

Things don't stop there. A currency converter is built in which is customizable - meaning that wherever in the world you go you'll have instant access to see if what you are purchasing is a good deal compared to back home.

Weather is also integrated and will give you the current conditions as well as a forecast over the following four days. And to round things off there is a World Clock section - again, customizable, so you can check what the time is in other cities around the globe - good stuff.

In addition - as if that wasn't enough - the following is also included:

  • Safer: BlackBerry ID integration for peace of mind

  • Money Saver: Do you ever wonder if the hotel room you booked is really a good deal? With our new Price Alert service, we'll let you know if there's a better price for that hotel room, a comparable hotel for a cheaper price, or if there's a much better hotel for slightly more.

  • Social: Share all your travel information including flight updates with your friends and/or colleagues via BBM, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter

More information/Download BlackBerry Travel

FX Rates

I think the main reason I was attracted to FX rates was the user interface. It's very user friendly and being set on a black background with big bold icons just makes it look good. As you will see in the video; adding countries to your list of featured currencies is super easy - just press the + icon and select from the huge list. Once you have your selection made you can, at any time, tap one which will open up a box where you can enter the amount you need to convert. The results will then be shown in each of the counties you have open.

Features include:

  • Free Real-Time Multi-Currency Conversion

  • Supports 139 Currencies

  • Cross-Currency Conversion

  • Offline Mode (no Internet needed to use latest exchange rate)

  • Share Cross-Currency Conversion through BBM, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Text, WhatsApp, NFC

  • Customize Currency Order and Layout via Drag'n'Drop

  • Exchange Rate Update On-Demand

More information/Download FX Rates


Foursquare won't be for everyone, but if you like to check into places while you are on your holidays or just visiting another city it's a great way of letting your friends know what you are up to. With the ability to share via Twitter, Facebook and BBM you can keep your buddies in the loop of your activities and even include photos to make them jealous!

As well as just checking in to venues you can also use the app to discover new places that you may want to visit. If any of your Foursquare friends have been there before you'll be able to see it and if they left any comments on the venue.

More information/Download Foursquare

Happy travelling

So if you are jetting off to another country your BlackBerry Z3 should be a great tool for helping you out in a bunch of ways. From experience I've used all the above apps when I've been abroad and I certainly wouldn't want to be without them.

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Still have football fever? Check out Training with Messi

The World Cup for 2014 ended on Sunday July 14th, 2014, with Germany beating Argentina in the final 1-0. While World Cup fever may be over, what are you going to do to fill that football void? How about trying out Training with Messi. It's not quite a fully fledged football game but it's a nice bit of fun to kill some time.

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Could the Apple/IBM enterprise mobility deal bring Microsoft or Google closer to BlackBerry?

Yesterday IBM and Apple announced the start of a significant courtship that stands to forever change the landscape of enterprise mobility. In short, Apple and IBM launched an exclusive deal by which IBM will sell iPhones and iPads to its enterprise customer base, create iOS apps and services, and launch other cloud solutions including mobile device management (MDM).

That last bit … cloud hosted MDM … sounds a lot like it could be a major competitive threat to BlackBerry, right? That's how it's being represented across most of the media thus far. The street has reacted similarly as well, with BBRY shares trading down nearly 12% today. I don't think it's quite so cut and dry.

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Adding a bit of personal flair to the BlackBerry home screen is one of the first things on my to-do list when activating a new device. No on older models, I employed themes and wallpapers to achieve this effect. However, on BlackBerry 10 we are somewhat limited to changing wallpapers. However, that doesn't stop Toysoft, best known for their useful productivity applications, has a few tricks up their sleeve with their own headless take on the standard wallpaper changing application.

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Connect to Salesforce app for BlackBerry 10 updated

Connect to Salesforce app for BlackBerry 10 updated

For those is business, being able to access the data they need when they need it is extremely important and for because of that, many people turn to BlackBerry and the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management platform. A new version of the Connect to Salesforce app for BlackBerry 10 has now been released both through a native app and on the web. Released as v2.0, the app brings several changes aimed at improving the app and offering a robust Salesforce1 native application experience.

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RBC Express Mobile

The Royal Bank of Canada released a new dedicated app for business customers today. RBC Express Mobile has all of the bells and whistles of RBC's Express Online website, which includes industry-standard encryption and optional two-factor authentication for added security. Beyond that, it's clearly enjoyed a fresh, polished user interface.

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BlackBerry Assistant

BlackBerry tooks the wraps off BlackBerry Assistant today, which aims to provide voice actions for just about everything you could want to do with your phone. We've caught glimpses of Assistant through leaked BlackBerry 10.3 builds, and we suspect the whole affair is powered by Waterloo local Maluuba.

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Deal of the Day: BlackBerry Micro-USB Travel Charger

For today only, buy the BlackBerry Micro-USB Travel Charger and save 77%

This folding blade charger is made for maximum portability and can be used at home or the office. You'll be able to keep any Micro-USB device charged and ready wherever you go. The cable is 3ft. long when unraveled to maximize your flexibility.

List Price: $29.99   Today Only: $6.95

Learn More and Buy Now

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If you have the Amazon Appstore on your BlackBerry 10 handset you'll want to hit it up today and grab 'today's free app of the day'. Normally costing a few bucks you can get the full version of Orbital for absolutely no hard cash - nice.

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