Deal of the Day: BlackBerry Soft Shell for Bold 9930, 9900

Made from high-performance, flexible, plastic-like material, the BlackBerry Soft Shell gives the back and sides of your Bold a protective barrier against accidental bumps and scratches. Available for just $3.95 today and comes in black, translucent, brown and indigo!

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Asking if you folk tend to buy your BlackBerry smartphones SIM free from a retailer or on a contract with a carrier may sound like a simple question, but I suspect it will be dictated slightly by where in the world you are.

Many people wouldn't consider buying the device SIM free purely because it means paying for the handset in full, up front - something that most people in this day and age probably can't afford. This is where the geographical details come into play as in some parts of the world, such as India, you don't have a choice but to pay the full price of the smartphone up front - so I'm told.

With the BlackBerry Passport and Classic rolling out over the next few months the decision of whether to buy unlocked or from a carrier on a contract will be playing on many peoples minds - not just the consumer, but enterprise customers too.

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Toysoft Free Apps Friday! 25 copies of select apps up for grabs while supplies last!

The last couple of weeks have seen a flurry of promotion codes created by developers to share with our readers. This is all due to the release of the new vendor portal for BlackBerry Developers.

Not wanting to be left out, Toysoft Development is holding a "Free Apps Friday" giveaway on eight of their popular applications in BlackBerry World. For today only, you can grab 25 copies of each of the listed applications for free. There is one caveat in that there is a two application limit per user. All of the relevant instructions are shown below so you better get to it while supplies last even though the promotion ends today at 6PM GMT.

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Full BlackBerry Passport spec sheet offers a few new details

For the most part, the BlackBerry Passport specs such as the processor, internal storage, display and RAM were put out there fairly early but there was a few little bits that remained still unknown. A new spec sheet has been posted up and it covers all of the 'other stuff' folks were wondering about such as the full Wi-Fi and Bluetooth profiles supported, port connectivity and more. If you dig the finer details, this should cover mostly everything remaining that you would need to know.

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BlackBerry App Roundup for August 22, 2014

BlackBerry App Roundup for August 22, 2014

Howdy CrackBerry nation! The summer is beginning to wind down here but that still doesn't mean the action has slowed down on the blogs. This week not only saw QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control win the Silver Stevie Award but also an update to the CB10 app.

Now it is time to bring you this week's picks for all your passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

Remote Shutter by K Software

First up this week is an application for Sony cameras that utilize WiFi to take pictures from any smartphone. While this was limited to iOS and Android, one BlackBerry developer, and photography aficionado, took it upon himself to create a native application to perform this function. Remote Shutter is free to download and the full list of supported Sony cameras is shown in the BlackBerry World description. In addition, this week it just received an update to include a W/T switch in the main screen to allow for zoom in/out and a top menu with help and settings button. To be fair, as the only Sony camera I own is a camcorder without Wi-Fi I have not been able to test this application. Please note it does require users to install the Remote Control application from the PlayMemories app site on the camera in order to function properly. It is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices.

More information/Download Remote Shutter

My Lists by FNBG

Throughout all of my BlackBerry World searches, I tend to have a soft spot for list and to-do applications. Being an ADHD type person who is prone to creating lists in different notebooks, devices, and pieces of paper, it is part of my DNA that I try each and every one. That being said the latest to hit BlackBerry is My Lists, a simple application built with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript to manage your shopping list, to-do lists, and day-to-day reminders. What I like about this application is that it flows from one screen to another, offers an easy way to create, populate, and sort lists, and that the interface is clean and easy to read down to the check marks that appear when ticking items off the list. My Lists is free to download for BlackBerry 10.

More information/Download My Lists

7 Little Words by Blue Ox Technologies

This game isn't exactly new to the other platforms, but it is technically new to those who frequent the Amazon Appstore on their BlackBerry. As a fan of crosswords and word puzzles in general, this is a great way to exercise your brain each and every day. Each puzzle contains 7 clues, 7 mystery words, and 20 letter groups (consisting of more than one letter). It is your mission to decipher the clues and find the mystery words. In order to do so you will have to combine the letter groups, which may or may not be broken up by syllables, at the bottom in the correct order. For instance, one free puzzle shows "comic actor Fred." The answer in this case is Armisen but you would have to select the letter groups "ARM," "IS," and "EN." It's not always as easy as it looks and the clues are quite challenging at times. It is free to download and you get a free daily puzzle to download as well as 50 free puzzles. Additional puzzle packs are obtainable through an in-app purchase and vary in price. Please note that I have tested this on my Z30 and on my Q10 and found that it functions best on all-touch devices.

How to install Android apps from the Amazon Appstore

MyProfilesPro by Fonware

For anyone who remembers ShortcutMe on legacy devices it was an application that provided quick access to various applications on your device with over 150 fully customizable shortcuts. The team behind that useful application created MyProfilesPro, a native and NFC-enabled app that allows you to automate several tasks on your device thereby making life easier. Recommended in one of my BBM Groups, I jumped on the task to try it. There are pre-configured profiles once you launch the application. Using these icons you can quickly change each of the profiles including bedside mode, do not disturb, work, or theater, or launch it automatically by tapping an NFC tag. Not only is this convenient but you can modify existing profiles and create your own custom ones as well. By editing these profiles you are presented with an array of functions to add or remove and each are triggered when activated. Certainly, this is a tool that will help us on a daily basis. The Pro version is $2.99, though there is a light version available.

More information/Purchase MyProfilesPro

PRISM Break Secure Email by Pronic

If you wish to add an extra layer of security to your email messages then is an option for you. Unlike other application, it enables free reading and sending of secure messages of up to fifty characters without having to purchase the full premium version. The application uses asymmetric cryptography (RSA 1024-bit) which means it encrypts your messages using a public and private key. In order to function properly you will have to share the public key with your recipients, while the private key is stored on your device inaccessible by other applications. However, it will switch to AES 256-bit encryption if a public key is not provided. Additional features include being able to launch directly from the hub, attach one external file, and backup/restore your keys. Prism is available for free but to unlock the full license there is an in-app purchase of $9.99 which is a little steep. Though it is up to you what you wish to pay for security.

More information/Purchase PRISM Break Secure Email

What You Might Have Missed

BlackBullet by QtHelex

This week the developer behind ClipMan Clipboard Manager released a beta version of their native client called BlackBullet. As we have already mentioned, this application offers the ability to send texts and website links from your desktop to your BlackBerry as well as from the IFTTT service. It is also integrated with Talk2Watch which means you can send these notifications to your Pebble. The free version offers basic functionality but you can grab the full featured version for $.99 through an in-app purchase. As this is a pre-release beta, more information about the application, including the ability to leave feedback, can be found in the forums.

More information/Download BlackBullet

Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games be sure to head on over to the CrackBerry Forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS or the BlackBerry PlayBook. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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BlackBerry 10.2 - The world's best mobile OS!

This is the kind of news I like to see just in time to kick off the weekend. Over in India it seems that good old BlackBerry 10 has been put through its paces along with it's competition from iOS, Android and Windows Phone and has come out on top!

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Deal of the Day: BlackBerry L-S1 1800mAh Battery for Z10

You can't always recharge your BlackBerry Z10 when you'd like to, but with an extra OEM L-S1 1800mAh battery on hand you can talk, type and work as long as you need to. Keep it in your briefcase or purse and stay connected, powered up and ready to get the job done. Get yours today for just $12.95!

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100 copies of QuickPost up for grabs!

One of the first apps I download to my BlackBerry 10 device is QuickPost. A great social media app. It allows you to type out a message you want to share once, then pushes it out to different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, even BBM Channels. For those that use Blaq, you'll find QuickPost pushes there too. What I love about QuickPost is that it integrates with the accounts so you don't need to login to your social media accounts within the app once you have already done so.

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Fish Out Of Water

Fish Out Of Water is another Android game that I recently discovered works perfectly well on BlackBerry 10. I downloaded this one for free from the Amazon Appstore and if you don't yet have that on your device be sure to hit up the link at the base of this post for instructions.

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BlackBerry PlayBok

For many of us the BlackBerry PlayBook is a thing of the past. Sure, I still have mine, but I'll be honest and say that these days I very rarely switch it on. The PlayBook itself is still, in my eyes, a great tablet - it's just with no ongoing support from BlackBerry it is I'm afraid a dying breed.

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BBM Stickers

Just a quick heads up for you BBM sticker lovers. You'll want to hit up your BBM Shop this morning as we have two new offerings for sale. First up is a Travel pack which comes to us from BlackBerry themselves. Here we have some familiar icons in sticker form for you to share with your buddies.

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Newer BlackBerry Blend retail demo video found in OS

We've seen a couple BlackBerry Blend retail demo videos since the app started appearing long ago but another one has now been dug out of OS In fact, everything about that OS is technically Blend ready right down to the desktop component actually launching on Windows and Mac but it's still locked out because it doesn't fully download. No matter though, at least we have a new video to watch.

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BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 shows off its front and backside

While the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 makes its way through some certification processes, the latest BlackBerry 10.3 OS has given up just a few more goodies about the device as well. Previously we saw what can only be referred to as placeholder images in the OS but now that the device has progressed a bit more, there's now official renders taking those spots. Of course, it's hard to say how pleasing to the eye the device will be simply based off of what we see here, but the device is apparently moving along so I'm sure we'll see the full monty soon enough.

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Vote for BlackBerry products and services eligible for the upcoming CTIA Awards

Everyone likes to take part in those smartphone challenges we see on sites right? Well, now's the time to add even more voting power and let the CTIA know what BlackBerry products and services you think deserve recognition. Each year, the CTIA hands out awards for those in the wireless industry and each category has a "Best Online Pick" section and voting is now open and BlackBerry has several spots.

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Hands-on with BlackBerry Assistant

Hands-on with BlackBerry Assistant

As most CrackBerry readers know by now, BlackBerry has introduced their BlackBerry Assistant app and a lot of folks are looking forward to actually using it. That said, aside from some early demos of it the app itself has never really been shown off, even in some of the BlackBerry Passport leaks. So with BlackBerry OS having now popped up and offering a mostly function version of the app, we decided to take a look at it as many have been asking to see it in action.

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Typo for iPhone

The Bluetooth-enabled keyboard case for iPhone back by Ryan Seacrest, Typo, continues to earn the legal ire of BlackBerry as they're still on sale. Apparently 11,000 Typos have been sold at $100 a pop, causing BlackBerry to issue another request for a sales injunction from California federal judge William Orrick. The sale of Typo keyboards violates an earlier court order barring their distribution. The letter to the judge apparently calls the move "brazen and blatant."

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BlackBerry OS autoloaders now available

If you fancy living on the edge and don't mind running some autoloaders on your device, you can get a pretty recent build of BlackBerry OS 10.3 loaded up right now. It's not official in any way, so the usual 'leak' disclaimer is in effect. You mess your device up, it's entirely on you for doing so.

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It's been a while since we've seen an update to Facebook for BlackBerry 10. If you have been waiting for one, then you're in luck, if you have a Beta Zone, that is. It's not a big update but it does bring some new features to the mix. Like an Active Frame showing top stories. Definitely nicer to look at if you use Active Frames.

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John Chen listed as one of Canada's top 50 most powerful business people

John Chen wasn't exactly an unknown before he accepted position as CEO at BlackBerry but since joining the company he's been tossed into the spotlight even further and has people paying attention to BlackBerry and what he might be doing next. Over at Canadian Business, they've now released their 'Canada's 50 Most Powerful Business People' list and perhaps, it's no surprise John Chen is in the top 10 coming in at 8.

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Sprint's not leaving the single-line users out of the party — they're offering a new $60/month unlimited talk, text, and data plan. There's just one catch: You have to bring your own device, pay for one up front, or sign up for Sprint's Easy Pay monthly payments and upgrade plan. That said, if you're a Sprint customer (or are considering being one), that's still some substantial potential savings you're looking at.

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