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From the office to the track, the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 team stays secure with BlackBerry

It's hardly a secret that BlackBerry is one of the sponsors for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 team. The partnership was announced back in February 2013 and continues today but rather than just being a sticker on the cars and a logo on the teams gear and fire suits, BlackBerry is deeply involved in the organization by providing BES 10 encrypted solutions and handsets across the board.

How important is BES 10 to the organization? Well, check out the video below featuring MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Executive Director (Technical), Paddy Lowe, and IT Director, Matt Harris who alongside MERCEDES AMG High Performance Powertrains Managing Director Andy Cowell, explains how BES 10 works for them as a team where the secure protection of data and information is paramount.

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For those of you BlackBerry 10 users that prefer to use an app rather than the browser for watching YouTube videos you may want to check out FastTube as it has been updated with a ton of fixes and improvements.

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Deal of the Day: Seidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand) for BlackBerry Z10

For today only, buy the Seidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand) for BlackBerry Z10 and save 49% off the list price!

The ACTIVE Case provides great shock and impact absorption while adding minimal bulk to your BlackBerry Z10. This two-layer case features a compact and lightweight rubber polymer with a precisely positioned hard skeleton for added protection. The back even sports a retractable kickstand for convenient viewing!

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Hot off the press this morning it looks like John Chen is on a mission to get a fine selection of management in place for BlackBerry's future. Marty Beard has been appointed as COO and starts the new role immediately.

With his previous experience, which you can see in the press release below, Marty sounds like a great new addition to the BlackBerry family. Sure, he may not yet be a BlackBerry expert, but was CEO John Chen when he started and he seems to be doing a pretty decent job or getting things back on track?

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We've featured Enpass before here on CrackBerry as it's my password keeper or choice. Why I use this app comes down to three reasons. First up is its ability to sync with Dropbox, Box and OneDrive - meaning you're never going to lose your passwords. Secondly is the fact that there is a desktop version too so you don't have to use your BlackBerry to find or enter passwords. Last but not least - I just love the whole user experience and UI. It looks good and feels safe.

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From the Editor's Desk: The past month of BlackBerry

From the Editor's Desk: The past month of BlackBerry

Time flies when you're having fun. That's the old saying right? July 19th marked exactly one month since BlackBerry CEO John Chen pretty much fully unveiled the BlackBerry Passport and the BlackBerry Classic. For the most part, much of the focus has been on the BlackBerry Passport. Considering it's the first of the two new devices out of the gate, there seems to be more of them out there in the wild and its admittedly odd look. Even BlackBerry has run with the hype surrounding the device and has slowly been teasing us with more information each week across the Inside BlackBerry Blog.

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The numbers are in, 73 percent of CrackBerry readers still want to see another all touch BlackBerry released

The BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic are the next two devices set to arrive from BlackBerry. They're locked in and John Chen and his team are readying the rollout for each right now. The issue there though, for some, is that both of those devices are QWERTY keyboard devices leaving those who like all touch devices such as the Z10 and Z30 with nothing to really upgrade to. Last week we put up a poll asking, Are you still hoping for another all touch BlackBerry device to be announced? The poll got 8,589 votes and with them now being added up, here's how the numbers are looking.

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Get scrapbooking with Tapyhold for BlackBerry 10

Get scrapbooking with Tapyhold for BlackBerry 10

The Scrapbook app on the BlackBerry PlayBook was a lot of fun. Still owning a PlayBook, I occasionally make a scrapbook with the app. When BlackBerry 10 launched we didn't see a version make its way to the devices, which was a shame. All is not lost though, a scrapbook of sorts did become available on BlackBerry 10 called Tapyhold. It made it to our top journal and diary app roundup but we'll take a closer look at it.

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Since our last look at ClipMan Clipboard Manager, the developer has been hard at work coding new features and improved performance to this popular multi-tasking application. The result is version that not only introduces a plugin to his other application Turbor Reader, to store the last reading position and share text, but offers additional options, bug fixes, and tighter system integration with the BlackBerry Hub.

More than just a cut and paste application it also allows users to create and design their own quick text templates to help you save time. The entire change log is displayed below for your viewing pleasure. As you can see it is quite extensive.

Version Change Log

  • The last reading position at the app Turbo Reader gets now stored within ClipMan
  • Reworked ListView with some additional indication elements
  • Option to delete the last reading position at a text block
  • New fields and indexes at the database backend
  • Some fundamental changes and extensions were added to the database backend to support future improvements
  • Improved performance in case you're editing a large text
  • Fixed some minor bugs and handling issues
  • Undo History with infinite storage (until you finally close ClipMan)
  • While editing an item it is extremely easy to discard a draft and lose what you have just written. To avoid to learn this behavior the hard way by losing a draft a discarded draft gets now moved to the UNDO history. Just restore the text in case you have aborted the editing by accident
  • You're now able to combine multi-selected items to a single one, just press and hold on an item in the list, select "Select More" and combine those afterwards to a single item (The original will stay in the list and you get a new item pushed to the clipboard which contains the text of all the selected items combined, separated by two carriage return and in the order they are currently in the list)
  • Added a new BBM Channel to keep the users informed about the future development
  • Several small adaptions and fixes including some revised texts for the Headless version and internal changes
  • You're now able to send a single clip as a (volatile) notification to the BlackBerry Hub. This gives you new possibilities like a place for notes or instructions to look at with a fast gesture while using a different app or a simple reminder. The text is at the Hub write protected but you're still able to mark and copy what you need. Those notifications are not permanent, so don't forget to keep in ClipMan what you may need again at a later point

This feature-rich productivity application will organize your time and get things done quicker when moving several pieces of text between various applications on your device. The upgrade is available to download. New users can purchase ClipMan Clipboard Manager for $1.99.

More information/Purchase ClipMan Cllipboard Manager

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How to edit photos on the BlackBerry Z3

How to edit photos on the BlackBerry Z3

In this day and age producing the best photos is second nature to many of us. With apps such as Instagram as well as our social networks we are sharing so much more content than in previous years.

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Deal of the Day: Clear-Coat Screen Protector for BlackBerry Z10

For today only, buy the Clear-Coat Screen Protector for BlackBerry Z10 and save 34% off the list price

This screen protector is custom cut to fit your BlackBerry Z10's display and shields it from scuffs and scratches. It's 100% clear, easy to apply and doesn't add any bulk to the device. Grab this deal while supplies last!

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blackberry z3

The Expansys USA web site has listed the unlocked BlackBerry Z3 as its "Deal of the Day" and is currently selling the BlackBerry 10-based smartphone for just $229.99.

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HeroCraft's Ice Rage: Hockey available for free on the Amazon Appstore today!

Although I'm not much of a sports fan, I do oddly enough enjoy playing a lot of sports video games, especially hockey games. I've been playing them since NHL 95' arrived back on the Super NES and Sega Genesis all those many years ago. Earlier today, StuBurke8 let me know that HeroCraft's awesome Ice Rage: Hockey was available on the Amazon Appstore for free so I decided to give it a go and it's pretty awesome.

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Being BlackBerry 10 users we are all a little security conscious - especially if you use your device for business. With the ability to easily run Android apps on BlackBerry 10 some folk see this as a threat to the security of their device.

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Missed the Project Ion Internet of Things webinar? Catch the replay

If you missed out on the Project Ion Internet of Things webinar that was held on July 10th, this weekend might be a good time to get caught up on it all, as the replay is now available. The QNX Cloud team hosted the event and ran through a lot of stuff surrounding Project Ion and the initiatives happening at BlackBerry and QNX in the Internet of Things arena.

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7Digital drops their own music purchasing app into BlackBerry World

Remember back in July when we noted 7Digital was still working with BlackBerry on a solution to offer music to BlackBerry customers? They seemingly wanted to get the message out thanks to it having a negative effect on their stock. At the time, we postulated that the arrangement could end up simply being the release of a 7Digital app on BlackBerry World and lo and behold, that's exactly what has happened.

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BlackBerry Passport gets caught in hands-on video and fresh images!

Well, this has been a long time coming so, sit back relax and enjoy a good nearly three minute hands-on video with the BlackBerry Passport. In the video, you get a nice look at the hardware everyone is waiting to get their hands on and although the video is chopped a bit to cover up the PIN, you get to see that capacitive keyboard in action. It's hard to say going by video how final this device is but it certainly looks pretty sweet.

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BlackBerry App Roundup for July 18, 2014

Howdy CrackBerry nation! It's been another mighty fine week here for BlackBerry what with the announcement of the BlackBerry Assistant, the new version of MockIt, and the TV Show discusses the start of the David Tennant era. Okay that last one isn't technically BlackBerry related news but it is about Doctor Who and that counts right?

Now it is time to get back to the show and see what this week's picks are. You can find each app and game by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

MyBucketList by DHabkirkDesigns

As the name implies this applications is for placing all of your life goals or things you would like to accomplish. Whether it be deep sea diving, skydiving, or even visiting your favorite city you can create, change, and store all of your dreams right here within the application. In addition to the interface being quite user-friendly, you can tick off each item as they are completed, mark them as "chickened out", or share with your friends and followers. Currently on sale for $.99 MyBucketList is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. It even includes a variety of suggestions to get you started.

More information/Purchase MyBucketList

BPainter Pro by HSU TING YU

I actually discovered this application through a Twitter recommendation and I could not be more pleased. While I am artistically challenged there is nothing like an easy to use native BlackBerry 10 drawing application to get the creative juices flowing. The pro version, offers a smooth drawing path, no ads, ability to search and select Flikr images as backgrounds, BlackBerry Express Support and a variety of basic drawing functions. The full version will set you back $1.99 but there is a free version available to try out as well.

More information/Purchase BPainter Pro

Seecrypt by Seecrypt Pty Ltd

New to the storefront this week is this encrypted communication application. Seecrypt offers users the ability to make and receive secure voice calls, send and receive encrypted text messages and attachments between Seecrypt Mobile-enabled devices, anywhere in the world. Seecrypt SC3 employs a unique double-layer AES 256 & RC4 384 end-to-end crypto scheme, with new ephemeral session keys for each call and message, so that all types of communication are strongly encrypted. The application is free to download as is sending and receiving messages and calls. If you choose to make a call you will need to subscribe for $3 per month or $30 per year. Seecrypt is an Android port and supports only touchscreen BlackBerry 10 devices.

More information/Download Seecrypt

Real Football 2015 by Gameloft Inc.

Already missing the World Cup? The folks over at Gameloft released this gem for legacy BBOS devices. This latest version of their social and real football series brings the International Cup to you with 3D animations and graphics. Whether you are a newcomer or an expert this difficult game lets you challenge opponents from around the world with a one-tap match finder or take on Seasons mode to manage a team. If you want to rise through the divisions and top the leaderboard you can download this for free in BlackBerry World and experience this sport all year round. Please note that this is only a demo version and the full one will set you back $4.99.

More information/Download Real Football 2015

FilePLAY Music Player by Traxx

Going through the [BlackBerry 10 App announcement forums[( this week I happened to come across this simple music player. Functionality is basic in that it allows for the user to play all music within a specific folder. All you have to do is select a folder with music in it and it will play continuously. In addition to music files, it can open video files as well, however, only the audio portion of the file will play as it does not support video output. FilePLAY is able to search for audio and video files on your device, SD card, and computer hard drive with "Remote File Access." Additional features include a sleep timer with five options, shake control, and the ability to play, repeat, and shuffle. FilePLAY Music Player is $.99 to download and is compatible with BlackBerry 10.

More information/Purchase FilePLAY

What You Might Have Missed

Touchgrind BMX

This week James had a chance to share with us the latest game to grab his attention. Touchgrind BMX is a free biking game where you have to maneuver around the course all while performing tricks and jumps. The controls are slightly different than one might expect so be sure to check out the full video shown above. It offers smooth and detailed 3D graphics, challenging levels in various worldwide locations, and is quite enjoyable. If you are searching for some quick and fun action on your all-touch enabled BlackBerry 10 device then be sure to give this a try.

Download Touchgrind BMX / How to install Android apps from the Amazon Appstore

Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games be sure to head on over to the CrackBerry Forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS or the BlackBerry PlayBook. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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Dear Berry: How do I change the name of my device?

Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. Today's question comes from a reader who asks:

How do I change the name of my device? I have a few BlackBerry devices and when I go to connect them to a Bluetooth device or to BlackBerry Link it's confusing seeing the long BLACKBERRY name and distinguishing between them.

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Deal of the Day: Mobi Products S-Line Case for BlackBerry Z10

For today only, grab the Mobi Products S-Line Case for BlackBerry Z10 and save 67% off the list price!

The S-Line cover is a slim, form-fitting TPU case that wraps around your BlackBerry Z10 to protect against drops and scratches while providing a better grip on your device. It sports a unique "S" design on the back, separating two different textures and giving your BlackBerry Z10 a personalized look.

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