Even though we've had a square screen to develop on with Q10/5 and a big screen to work with on Z10/30/3, the Passport now brings us a combination of big and square. From an app developing point of view this may present some challenges but also brings opportunities for new UI/UX designs that just aren't possible on current devices.

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Not to sound like a broken record, but my BlackBerry serves as my primary camera. No matter where I am or what may be going on around me, it is always there to grab the planned or impromptu shot to document the events in my life. While there is no shortage of photography applications available, I am a strong believer in always having options. Designed by the same team behind Effetica, Camera++ is an advanced camera application to meet the needs of professional and amateur photographers. However, while Effetica focused on editing the images, Camera++ characterizes itself by centering on how an image is taken and all that it entails within the scope of the OS and the available APIs.

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Beta testers wanted for third party Twitch app Blink

We learned back in August 2013 that a third party Twitch app would be coming to BlackBerry 10. The developer has been working hard since then and has now reached the stage where beta testers are wanted to put the app through its paces. If you don't know what Twitch is all about, it is a service aimed at the gaming community. It allows gamers to broadcast their gameplay to the world. As a Twitch user you can then interact with other users watching your gameplay or you can just watch others.

At the time we announced the app was in the works it didn't have a name yet but it seems like Blink has been chosen as the name. And as I've said it is ready for beta testing. So, if you're a Twitch user and would love to try out the app you can download the .BAR file below. It does require you to sideload the app. If you're new to sideloading you can head over to our post on how to sideload apps onto your BlackBerry 10 device.

Blink v0.4 features

  • Browse and search games and channels
  • View stream in portrait or landscape mode
  • Select video quality
  • Login to your account
  • View online streams of who you are following
  • Search people, subscribe and unsubscribe

One thing to note is that the beta is for BlackBerry OS 10.3 only. As the app is in beta, be sure to give your feedback and suggestions to the developer via the forums. The developer is particularly looking for feedback from owners of the recently launched BlackBerry Passport but feedback from anyone is most welcome. So, head over to the CrackBerry Forums to share your thoughts.

Download Blink beta
Feedback and Suggestions for Blink via the CrackBerry Forums

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Get this shell and holster combo for BlackBerry Z10 on sale today for $9.95!

This case and holster combo for the BlackBerry 10 features a textured exterior for an enhanced grip along with a durable rotating clip to attach to your belt, pocket or purse. Choose between black or white models and save 50% off the list price today!

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Since the release of BlackBerry 10, one of the features I utilize the most on a day-to-day basis is the Hub. It is the quintessential feature in my book as it allows easy access to all my accounts without having to switch screens or jump through various menus. As we are all aware, this practical feature makes life simpler so that I can be more productive and get things done faster.

Tundra Core Studios, the team behind Shopping for eBay and What To-Do, released another fine application for BlackBerry users (and abusers) to make sure they get the most out of their device. Hub Browser is the result of their efforts. This clean and straightforward application is as the name implies. From within the hub itself, users may view and open web links sent via email, text messages, or any other application.

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AT&T offering double data on Mobile Share plans for a limited time

Are you a heavy data user? If so, AT&T is hoping you'll look their way and consider their latest promotion. For a limited time, they're doubling up the data offered on their Mobile Share value plans.

Beginning Sunday, Sept. 28, AT&T is offering new promotional Mobile Share Value plans that include double the amount of data offered on Mobile Share Value plans with 15GB to 50 GB of data. New and existing customers who proactively sign-up by October 31 get 30GB of data for the price of 15GB – perfect for families and small business customers. AT&T customers will benefit from this offer, which includes domestic unlimited talk and text, as well as unlimited international messaging from the U.S. to select countries. And if you sign-up by October 31, you can keep your new promotional shared data amount as long as you want – there's no expiration. If you need to change your shared data amount after the promotional period ends, you will need to select from the current Mobile Value Share offers.

That's not the only offer on the table either. Also for a limited time, new customers and existing AT&T customers who activate a new line of service with a smartphone on AT&T Next will receive a $100 bill credit.

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BlackBerry App Roundup for September 27, 2014

Howdy CrackBerry nation! I probably do not have to recap the week for you but if you happened to miss it (and I say if because our eyes were all glued to the live feed on Wednesday) the BlackBerry Passport is finally here. At this very moment, mine is in on the delivery truck and there are no words to express my excitement. That being said, I highly recommend, rather sternly suggest, you all read Bla1ze's comprehensive and thorough review. Informative, critical, and honest, it is one you certainly do not want to skip.

Now it is time to bring you this week's picks for all your passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

Borrowed by Saper-ek

Over the years I probably have loaned or borrowed items out to friends and family more than I can count. In some instances, I forgot about one or two and they were lost forever. Borrowed allows users to keep track and record each one by linking to a contact or entering in the phone number of the person if needed. You may add up to three photos to document the condition of the item being borrowed or loaned, add a due date, and there is a special category for transactions involving money. The layout is quite simple but displays the information in an easy to read manner. Borrowed is compatible with BlackBerry 10 and can be purchased for $.99.

More information/Purchase Borrowed

System Notify by ToZ Inc.

This handy application is reminiscent of the features on BBOS. It is a headless application that provides sound notifications for common system events for BlackBerry 10. This includes low battery, battery fully charged, USB plugged in/unplugged, device on, media volume up/down, and customizable sounds. The application is easy to use and setup and the developer is open to suggestions. You can purchase it for $0.99.

More information/Purchase System Notify

ReadingPocket by Lemming

ReadPocket is a native third party application for Pocket users. With our busy schedules we don't always have time to read articles. This simple applications links to your pocket account so that you can save content to read later. The interface is quite simple and allows users to view all of their articles be it unread, favorite, or archived as well as the ability to add new items. If there are ever any articles, links, or videos you wish to read later this application comes in handy. ReadPocket is free to download for BlackBerry 10.

More information/Download ReadingPocket

Uno and Friends by Gameloft

For those who are fans of the original game this latest version brings a new twist. Uno and Friends brings with it an entirely new social experience. Now you can play this classic card game with friends, family, and millions of users worldwide. This multi-player game offers amazing graphics, smooth gameplay, and, of course, all of the fun that you had sitting at the table growing up. No matter who you are with or if you are just looking to pass the time, then be sure to give this a try for FREE from the Amazon Appstore.

How to install Android apps from the Amazon Appstore

qgvdial: A native Qt5 client for Google Voice by Yuvraaj Kelkar

Our final app this week is a native Google voice client for BlackBerry 10. It offers the ability to integrate with Google contacts, option to dial back (specify the number to dial and Google Voice calls you back to the phone you have configured), direct dial, and free texts. Please keep in mind this is not an official application and that the Google Voice service is only available in the USA at this time. You can download qgvdial for free in BlackBerry World.

More information/Download qgvdial

What You Might Have Missed

Breakfast Saga by Marco Gallo

When it comes to gaming on my device, I admit finding the time to sit down and play is rather difficult. It is why I always choose the quick time-wasters, the ones that divert your attention long enough to escape the chaos around you yet still provide hours of enjoyment. Breakfast Saga is a fast, native BlackBerry 10 game that does just that. It may follow the same match-3 formula as other games we are all familiar with, but with a cute twist. The graphics may be simple but it offers a great experience for those precious moments you can sit, relax, and play a game and let your mind rest. You can find it for $.99.

More information/Purchase Breakfast Saga

Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games be sure to head on over to the CrackBerry Forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS or the BlackBerry PlayBook. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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Riptide is a classic jet ski racing game on all major mobile platforms - BlackBerry 10 included. We first took a look at it on video back in February 2013 and the game still remains on my BlackBerry for when I have the urge.

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BlackBerry Passport now officially available in Singapore

If you've been waiting for the BlackBerry Passport to arrive in Singapore, your wait is over. The device has now been officially launched and is available for purchase across several of BlackBerry's authorized carriers such as M1, Singtel and StarHub. Pricing and special offers vary across retailers.

Cameron Vernest, Managing Director of Singapore at BlackBerry said, "This is definitely a milestone for us here at BlackBerry as we introduce the first square screen design and touch-enabled keyboard smartphone – the BlackBerry Passport. The BlackBerry Passport is aimed at mobile professionals and will allow users to elevate their productivity and collaborate more effectively. With this in mind, we believe the BlackBerry Passport will resonate well as Singapore is seen as a regional hub for many businesses and organizations."

You can check out all the offers by hitting the carrier links above or head on over to our full BlackBerry Passport review to learn more about the device. Also, don't forget to swing by the CrackBerry Forums where many folks have already received their BlackBerry Passports and are discussing everything you need to know.

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This isn't the first time we've given away some free copies of the BlackBerry 10 game Grid. However, the first time around it was only 100 copies whereas now we have a whopping 1500 free copies up for grabs. Have a look and see if it's a game for you!

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Airplane mode no longer required on flights in Europe thanks to new EASA ruling

Through a new decision made by the European Aviation Safety Agency, or EASA, the doors may be opening up to in-flight phone calls, emails, and streaming video on a flight in Europe in the future. Though EASA had allowed the use of personal electronic devices (PEDs) on flights in airplane mode last year, the new ruling on Friday would allow these devices to remain on whether or not they are placed into a transmission-restrictive airplane mode.

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John Chen

Here we are again. Another quarter has gone by and BlackBerry has reported another set of financial results. I look forward to these reports. I enjoy breaking down what can often seem like complex stuff into something that novice investors can understand. I enjoy being able to focus on what matters.

Before I go into the numbers, let's have a quick glance at the markets. As I write this, BlackBerry stock is up about one percent, but it has been as much as 5% higher at times. The overall market is up about half a percent, and names such as Google, Apple and Microsoft are also up slightly. For a smaller name like BlackBerry to be up only marginally more than the market tells me Wall Street doesn't really think much of the results.

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A while back, we told you about an application called Signal Tracker. This handy application allows users to not only monitor their cell strength over time but maps your location via GPS to alert you of troublesome areas. The developer made some tweaks and fixes and the application now stands at version 2.0.

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Deal of the Day: Incipio Feather Hard Case for BlackBerry Q10

Measuring less than 1mm thin, Incipio's Ultra Light Feather Case is ideal for the BlackBerry Q10 user seeking inconspicuous, first-class protection. It's made of an ultra light and strong polymer for form-fitting, durable protection without the added bulk. Get yours in black, pink or gray today for only $13.95!

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Monthly Active Users for BBM grows to 91 million

Monthly Active Users for BBM grows to 91 million

BBM continues to grow after having gone multi platform. Announced during the Q2 fiscal 2015 earnings call, Monthly Active Users for BBM grew from the previous 85 million to what is now 91 million. While there was no breakdown of where those users were gained, it's still great to see that BBM is continuing to grow. With new value added services such as BBM Protected and BBM Money continuing to roll out, that number is sure to grow even more. Of course, BBM stickers are probably helping a bit as well.

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Over 200,000 BlackBerry Passports sold through Amazon and Shop BlackBerry

Since announcement of the BlackBerry Passport in Toronto, London and Dubai, there has been over 200,000 devices sold across Amazon and Shop BlackBerry. As noted by BlackBerry CEO John Chen on the Q2 2015 earnings call, the BlackBerry Passport has moved to the number one spot on the Amazon unlocked device list and sold out through ShopBlackBerry within the first six hours after sales had gone live. You can check out our full BlackBerry Passport review right here and discuss more in the CrackBerry Forums.

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BlackBerry Q2 Fiscal 2015 Earnings Call

BlackBerry Q2 Fiscal 2015 Earnings Call

The Q2 Fiscal 2015 earnings call kicks off at 8 am ET, and be accessed by dialing 1-888-503-8168 or by logging on at the BlackBerry events website. A replay of the conference call will also be available at approximately 10 am by dialing 1-647-436-0148 and entering pass code 8015758#. For now though, anyone who is tuning in live can join us below for some chat as we listen to the call. We'll have some follow-up content coming up shortly as well to help further explain the numbers and what we're all looking at here.

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BlackBerry announces Q2 FY2015 financial results


The price comparison website MySmartPrice is now enabling millions of consumers in India to check out better deals online, even when they have little connectivity. The web service will allow users to utilize WhatsApp, the massively popular cross-platform messenger, to make quick and speedy product price comparison searches.

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This solid black version of the BlackBerry Passport is hot!

In the lead up to the launch of the BlackBerry Passport we had heard there was several different color variations of the device out there in limited numbers and at least one has appeared in Dubai. Attending the Passport event in Dubai, @LeonJayJay found a solid black version of the BlackBerry Passport in his gift box when he unboxed it as posted up by @Emkwan.

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