Star Player adds car driving mode, basic touch volume control, and more

Star Player is a native BlackBerry 10 app for listening to music, watching videos, and streaming and downloading media files. What sets it apart, is how it continues to play media while minimized or when the device is locked. The developer teamed up with QtHelex to bring you a new and improved version which includes Bluetooth button controls for rewind jumps and a car "driving mode."

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PayPal has announced it will shut down its BlackBerry app on June 30. However, BBM users will still be able to send peer-to-peer payments on the messaging service via PayPal.

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 AT&T offers more data for the same price on its high-speed GoPhone plans

AT&T has announced it is adding more high-speed data for customers who are signed up for their pre-paid GoPhone plans.

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Never miss your bus or metro again with Transit App: Real Time Tracker

For the last ten years, I have traveled to and from NYC for work. As such, I utilize several modes of public transportation. This includes, but is not limited to, the Long Island Bus and the MTA NYC Subway as part of my morning and evening commute. To help ease the frustration of commuting, there is Transit App: Real Time Tracker, a real-time tracker for those who rely on public transit in various cities and countries.

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The Messenger app on the BlackBerry Priv is one method with which you can send and receive SMS and MMS messages on Android. While it is a decent communications app, it lacks advanced features such as being able to switch easily between conversations and the ability to customize the appearance. The gestured based messaging app EvolveSMS balances form and function for your Priv. It offers an array of customizable options, as well as, features not found in a basic text messaging app.

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BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Homecoming

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Homecoming

Last night, we celebrated 100 episodes of the BerryFlow podcast, and if you missed taking it in live, you can now go ahead and get yourself caught up by watching the video replay or grabbing the audio file. Topics for this week include the BlackBerry 'Hamburg' purported specs, the annual BlackBerry Security Summit, and the release of BlackBerry Integrity Detection for developers.

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At the moment, the device payment plans for AT&T are AT&T Next 24, AT&T Next 18, AT&T Next 12 and AT&T Next With Down Payment. On June 9, that will change to just two plans.

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John Chen

John Chen is no stranger to turning companies around, and that is what his main focus was when he came to BlackBerry. So, how did BlackBerry convince Chen to join the company? How is he progressing? Well, Chen recently sat down to answer some questions regarding why he accepted the position, his plans to fix the company and much more.

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Save $22 on this charge and sync dock for your BlackBerry Priv today!

Looking for an easy way to keep your BlackBerry Priv charged and synced without the hassle of finding your USB cable each time? If so, BlackBerry's official sync pod is the accessory you want on your desk, as it will give you an easy place to set your device down for these tasks. Right now, you can pick one up for $17.95.

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Mobile Nations Weekly: Google In-and-Out

Google I/O, on the Google campus, where Google unveils all the new Google things...

So, there was this little thing out in California called Google I/O. Only a few small announcements: like Google taking on Amazon Echo, two new messaging apps, built-in VR for Android, apps that only download the parts you need as you need them, and a whole new smart assistant. Oh, and Android Wear 2.0 and Android apps on Chrome OS, which is kind of a big deal.

Microsoft dumped the dumb phone baggage it got in its acquisition of Nokia, selling it off for $350 million. It won't affect Windows 10 Mobile directly, but it will help Microsoft focus better — the dumb phone division never fit in with the rest of Microsoft's ambitions. Apart from that, the Microsoft Band 2 picked up Hiking and Explore features, and Health and OneDrive landed for Windows 10.

Tesla's ramp-up to the Model 3 continues in a big way with a new secondary offering from Tesla. Needing money to finance construction of the $35,000 electric sedan, Tesla's raising $1.4 billion.

Not far away from Google I/O, wevisited the latest overhaul of the Apple Store in San Francisco with a tour guided by Angela Ahrendts, SVP of Retail. The new store approach focuses around "community", with the store sectioned into areas meant to encourage interaction.

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Consume news in a more interactive way with Ripple

Consume news in a more interactive way with Ripple for BlackBerry 10

Little Boat Studios, formerly ReFocus Tech, has now released a new app for BlackBerry 10 called Ripple. Ripple aims to offer you a new and unique way to get the latest news by introducing a predictive chat based feature that helps you browse through the top eight headlines every hour.


  • Ripple provides you with 8 things happening at this hour.
  • Ripple provides you with a chat based interface apart from the 8 news every hour.
  • The Chat based news reader allows you to interact with news and read more about them.
  • Ripple allows you to change the preferences you set for the news you receive including the country and the type of news.
  • Ripple allows you to read in the selected country language.

Ripple is only supported in USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, India, Brazil, Germany, France, Indonesia, South Africa, Czech Republic and the Philippines, for now, but Little Boat Studios does note they're looking to add more supported countries as soon as possible. If you're interested in Ripple, it's available right now through BlackBerry World for $2.99 and while this isn't a review of Ripple, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that it does feel somewhat incomplete. Much like the additional country support, Little Boat Studios notes they're working on additional chat functionality, and I can see why.

Right now, the chat based portion of the app isn't really chat based in the fact you're never really 'chatting' with anything. Whether you select the feed mode of getting news or go with the chat based option, you're still only tapping the next button to retrieve your next headline. Sure, it feels a slight bit more interactive because it plays along with you and asks you whether or not you'd like to subscribe to different types of news but ultimately, it's the same method of showing you the news as feed mode. I've put together a quick little video of Ripple in action that will hopefully make things a bit clearer.

To sum it up, Ripple is a nice looking and functioning native app that does deliver the news in a more interactive way, but I'm not sold on the chat based side of it yet. Hopefully, Little Boat Studios will continue adding more functions to that area as stated.

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Colbert emoji

BlackBerry has announced that BBM will be the first messenger app to add support for the "Colbert emoji" from the Unicode Consortium. It includes a face with a raised eyebrow and resembles the same one used by late night talk show host Stephen Colbert.

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BlackBerry announces BlackBerry Integrity Detection for developers

Remember that BlackBerry Bide APK that piqued interest in the early Priv leaks? Well, we're finally learning more about what it is exactly, thanks to a new announcement on the BlackBerry Developers Blog introducing BlackBerry Integrity Detection for developers.

With the recent software update to Android Marshmallow being rolled-out to BlackBerry PRIV owners, the good news also extends to BlackBerry Developers as we're thrilled to share the developer release of BlackBerry Integrity Detection!

What is BID

It's like a personal security guard for your smartphone, exclusive to the BlackBerry PRIV.

Technically speaking, BlackBerry Integrity Detection (BID for short) is a trusted/secure background process running at the system level, that monitors the device for known security vulnerabilities. The BID service has its definitions updated regularly (silently) to ensure that you're protected against existing and future exploits.

When you combine this with BlackBerry's aggressive OS patching strategy, our choice to embed security into our hardware and DTEK's customization, it's clear how BlackBerry's Android is second-to-none for security and privacy.

BlackBerry PRIV users are already familiar with the BID engine running on their devices, albeit unknowingly, since the popular DTEK app has been leveraging the BID framework since launch. Now, with the update to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow/API23), the same service providing data to DTEK is also being made available to BlackBerry Developers targeting PRIV.

As BlackBerry notes, The BID framework allows developers to add an additional layer of security to protect themselves, and their user-base, in the event of an (attempted) security breach. This is particularly valuable in a BYOD scenario where enterprise administrators can't trust what end-users have done to their device.

If you're a developer interested in learning more about BlackBerry Integrity Detection, when to use it and how integrate your app with BID, be sure to check out the full BlackBerry Developer blog post.

Learn more about BlackBerry Integrity Detection

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Veteran BlackBerry analyst says company should get out of the handset business

Gus Papageorgiou, the veteran Wall Street analyst who covered BlackBerry for many years and joined Macquarie Group in March, has initiated coverage of BlackBerry once again with a sell rating according to Bloomberg, believing that the market would applaud the company exiting the device business.

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BlackBerry rolls out their fourth Android Marshmallow beta build to Priv owners

While many thought the public release of Android Marshmallow to Priv owners meant the beta testing was over, BlackBerry has proven that to not be the case at all. A new beta build, the fourth in the line of betas, has now been released.

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BlackBerry hosting annual Security Summit on July 19 in New York

For the past two years now, BlackBerry has held their annual BlackBerry Security Summit in July and this year is no different. BlackBerry has now sent notices letting folks know their third annual BlackBerry Security Summit will be held on July 19 in New York.

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Save big on the leather flex shell for your BlackBerry Passport SE today!

Looking for a way to keep your BlackBerry Passport SE standing upright when you aren't using it? If so, BlackBerry's leather flex shell will make a great addition to your phone, as it matches the overall design and look, and provides the functionality. Right now, you can grab one for just $14.95.

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You can grab six microUSB cables of various lengths for just $7 at Amazon with coupon code

Right now you can pick up six Tronsmart microUSB cables for just $7 at Amazon with coupon code 6USBCORD, a savings of $4. The set comes with various cable lengths, including (1) one-foot cable, (2) three-foot cables and (3) six-foot cables. If you are the one who never seems to be able to find a cable when you are in need of one, you'll want to grab this collection.

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BlackBerry 'Hamburg' purported specs turn up on benchmark tests

With two Android-based phones already confirmed to be coming and rumors surrounding those devices having already been swirling for a while now, it was only a matter of time before more information started popping up. The latest tidbit of news comes by way of GFXBench, which is currently showing some purported baseline specs for the 'Hamburg'.

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