BlackBerry Priv Camera update brings slow motion video and bug fixes

In addition to the BlackBerry Virtual Expert update, BlackBerry has rolled out an update to the BlackBerry Priv camera app as well. This release covers the typical minor enhancements and stability fixes, improved selfie stick compatibility but the biggest highlight for this release is the addition of slow motion video.

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BlackBerry Priv

Update: Last day folks! Be sure to enter if you haven't already!

It's hard to believe that we're already a month into 2016, but sure enough here we are in February! We hope you're all having a fantastic year so far, but we thought maybe we could make it a little better for one of you. So, we're giving away another BlackBerry Priv to a lucky CrackBerry reader! There are several ways for you to enter to win this phone, so keep reading for all the details.


The winner will receive a brand new BlackBerry Priv, which does not include service.


Normal contest rules apply here. One entry per method per person. This one's open to all folks everywhere such contests are legal, but we can't guarantee the phone will work on your network. (You know how these things go.) The contest ends on February 29th. We'll announce the winner here on CrackBerry shortly after the closing date.

That's it! Good luck, everyone!

Win a BlackBerry Priv from CrackBerry!

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Latest Hub10 beta update adds several new features, improvements and bug fixes!

Back in early February, when Hub10 was introduced into the BlackBerry Beta Zone, it was pretty bare-bones offering that showed a ton of promise for those longing for a dark theme for the Hub on BlackBerry 10. Now, as we close February out, a new beta version has been unleashed into the Beta Zone that greatly expands on the original idea and adds several new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

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BlackBerry Virtual Expert update for Priv adds more tests and clears up some bugs

The BlackBerry Virtual Expert, which lets you run various diagnostics on your device to test everything from the display to speakers to the keyboard, has now been updated on the Google Play Store for Priv owners. The list of changes in short this time around but important as the update adds new testing options and improvements for those already in place.

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Mobile Nations Community Update, February 2016

Mobile Nations Community Update, February 2016

As February draws to a close, it's time again for the Mobile Nations Community Update. Below we're going to take a look at some of the best stuff happening around Android Central, Connectedly, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Central.

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BlackBerry Passport SE leather flip case is just $23

The Silver Edition BlackBerry Passport is a stylish phone, so why not keep it protected in something equally as nice? This leather flip case adds both protection and style to the phone, and right now you can save over 50% on it. Grab yours today for just $22.95!

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Sprint teams with Dixons Carphone to open 500 stores in the U.S.

Sprint has announced a partnership with UK retailer Dixons Carphone to open 500 new Sprint retail stores in the United States. The two launched a pilot program last summer, which seems to have been successful. Each company will have an equal stake in the stores, which will operate similarly to existing Sprint-branded stores run by third-party retailers.

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BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - MWC16

Mobile Nations Weekly: Mobile World Crazy

Back from Barcelona and down to business.

If there's ever a week that's guaranteed to be absolutely insane, it's the week of Mobile World Congress. MWC 2016 was no exception, bringing a huge number of new devices to the mobile party.

Let's start with Android: we finally got to check out the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its bigger and curvier S7 edge stablemate. As well as the modular metal LG G5. And the quite impressive Xiaomi Mi5. Plus the Sony Xperia X and X Performance and Alcatel Idol 4S.

Not to be left out, Microsoft was on hand at MWC as well, showing off the insane new HP Elite x3, targeted at business users with optional desktop and laptop Continuum docks. Huawei unleashed the powerful Matebook and Alcatel went after entry-level customers with the Alcatel Plus 10. Plus Lenovo's Yoga 510, 710, and MIIX 310.

Apple's fight with the FBI continued, and you can expect it to continue for some time across the media, courtrooms, and boardrooms across the world. [Apple filed their formal legal stance on the issue), claiming that the FBI has neither the law nor the U.S. Constitution on their side. We'll see how this is going to play out, but we expect it's going to take a very very long time to reach a final resolution.

All that and much much more in this edition of Mobile Nations Weekly!

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One of my favorite social networking applications on BlackBerry 10 is QuickPost . This must-have app allows you to type once and share messages across multiple social media accounts quickly and easily. As of now, the standard version of QuickPost is available in BlackBerry World for $0.99. Beginning today and going forward, the developer decided to forgo the $0.99 price tag and will be offering QuickPost for free for all BlackBerry 10 users.

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WhatsApp, the popular cross-platform messaging service, has decided to cut support for a number of those platforms. That includes all versions of BlackBerry OS, including BlackBerry 10, by the end of 2016.

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If you are looking to grab a few good utility applications, Canada Inc. is holding a weekend sale on three of their popular applications. For a limited time, the apps listed below will be available at a discounted price or as low as $0.99. They are also running a promotion whereby users can download up to 100 copies of each app (with restrictions) listed below for free.

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Howdy CrackBerry nation! Another week has passed so you know what that means? Not only is it time to share with you another batch of apps for your BlackBerry 10 or Priv smartphone, but it's also time to catch up on all the news that transpired since we last met.

Starting things off this week is a chance for our readers to purchase some CrackBerry swag, more specifically a limited edition "Back in BlackBerry" t-shirt. This design will be available through Teespring until March 3, so be sure to get your order in! Also, this week was a brand new episode of the BerryFlow Podcast, where the team discussed several topics coming out of Mobile World Congress including the new mobile payments option through BBM powered by Barclays Pingit.

Now it's time to bring you this week's picks for all you passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game I've rustled up for you by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite didn't make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

Reading Trainer by HeKu IT GmbH

As someone who is constantly reading documents for work, class, and leisure, there are times I would like to read faster and concentrate better. Reading Trainer is one such app which provides the tools for you to improve your reading speed and comprehension.

Reading Trainer accomplishes this by presenting you with an array of challenges, including eye exercises, which are designed to teach you effective reading techniques. In a sense, you are basically training your eyes to rapidly recognize words, letters, and numbers and improve your retention. The lessons are straightforward and the app comes with a clean user interface.

This is an easy-to-use education app that you can download for free through the Amazon Underground (US, UK, Germany, and France only) or for $2.99 in the Amazon Appstore.

Learn how to install Reading Trainer from the Amazon Appstore

Penzus MMS by Penzus

If you are looking to quickly create shortcuts on your homescreen for files located on your device, SD card, or the cloud, then Penzus MMS is one such tool. This productivity app recognizes 200 different file extensions, including music, video, images, documents, and more so that you can access your files faster.

Using Penzus MMS is quite simple and the process takes only a few seconds to complete. When you launch the application, you are presented with three options. These are finding and selecting the desired file, choosing an icon for the shortcut (should you wish to use a custom one rather than the default), and modifying the name of the shortcut. Once you have completed all three steps, all you have to do is tap on the 'Add to home screen' button at the bottom of the screen and your shortcut is generated.

Penzus MMS is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 handsets and is $0.99 to download in BlackBerry World.

Learn more / Purchase Penzus MMS from BlackBerry World

Alto's Adventure by Noodlecake Studios Inc

Alto's Adventure is an endless runner snowboarding game. In this adventure, it is your mission to snowboard your way across the various hills and mountains. Along the way you must rescue runaway llamas, collect coins, dodge obstacles, hit big jumps, perform snowboarding tricks, and test your skills by completing level specific goals.

The game itself offers stunning visuals, solid gameplay, and is quite difficult to put down. The backgrounds are impressive and it comes with full dynamic lighting and weather effects. For example, Alto's Adventures will shift between night, day, and dusk, or a storm may suddenly block your path to make the journey more challenging. I find it is harder to spot the rocks and horse riders in your path when its night.

There are six different snowboarding characters to unlock, each with their own attributes and abilities, and 180 handcrafted goals. Tricks are not difficult to learn and the game comes with a tutorial to help master the easier ones.

Alto's Adventures is cross-platform and is free-to-play. While there are no ads or banners within the game, you can view videos to continue playing in select circumstances and you can use the coins collected to purchase upgrades. For a one-time fee of $3.99 in the workshop area, you can double every coin collected and there is no expiration on this feature. This is the only purchase to make and even that is optional.

If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable game, you can download Alto's Adventure for free in Google Play.

Learn more / Download Alto's Adventure from Google Play

Accomplish: To-Do list reborn by Accomplish Software

Trying to keep track of everything during the day is no easy feat. This is especially true when our attention is directed towards meetings, deadlines, or other commitments. Accomplish is a unique task management app to schedule to-do's and reminders. Not only can you create simple to do lists but you can also plan out your time.

Accomplish is comprised of two components. The first is the to-do list for entering in all of your tasks. The to-do list is accessible from a slide out panel from the left side and each task can be color-coded. Any item you wish to remember is added to this part of the app. The second part is the day view where you can plan out your tasks in advance with popup reminders. Items can be added to the day view by dragging them from the to-do list, creating new tasks, or syncing tasks from other sources such as your Google calendar or BBM Group. Syncing works both ways and any to-do created in day view can be synced to your Google calendar.

Using Accomplish is quite easy. The interface is fluid, comes with a clean design, and offers gestures controls. For tasks scheduled that are not completed, they will move back to the panel. As of now, recurring tasks are still in the experimental phase. For those who do not prefer the white background, you can switch to a dark theme in settings. For an IAP of $1.08, you can install an additional color scheme.

For those who want a task list coupled with the ability to schedule them you can download Accomplish for free in Google Play.

Learn more / Download Accomplish from Google Play

Marble Power Blast by EntwicklerX

One of my favorite PC games was Zuma. It was an addictive match-3 puzzler whereby a stone frog idol fired magical marbles to eliminate all of the colored marbles from the temple before they reached the skull at the end of the path. Marble Power Blast is a similar match-3 bubble shooter game for your BlackBerry device.

Marble Power Blast comes with fifty levels and seven different locations for you to play. By unlocking the shuffle game mode (at level 10) you can generate your own levels with random difficulty, marble waves, length and number of colors. It also offers high resolution graphics and a smooth playing experience.

Marble Power Blast is free to download in BlackBerry World for all touch devices only and is an Android port. This game is not compatible with BlackBerry handsets with physical keyboards.

Learn more / Download Marble Power Blast from BlackBerry World

What You Might Have Missed

Blaq for BlackBerry 10 gains Quote Tweet option, adaptive theme and more

Popular third party Twitter app Blaq received a major update this past week. A few of the new features included in this update is the Quote Tweet option, adaptive theme, support for new languages, Instagram previews and viewing, and removal of the 140 character limit on Direct Messages. If you haven't already done so, be sure to load up BlackBerry World and download the latest version. New users can purchase Blaq for $2.99.

Learn more / Download Blaq from BlackBerry World

Until next week

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games, be sure to head on over to the CrackBerry Forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS, the BlackBerry PlayBook, or even Android Apps in the Google Play store for the BlackBerry Priv. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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Sprint is bringing back two-year contract pricing options for its smartphones. The company previously announced it would ditch those contracts in August 2015, and it finally did so in early January 2016, but now the wireless carrier is offering those pricing plans again.

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Save on Tronsmart's QC 2.0 wall charger at Amazon

Tronsmart is offering its Quick Charge 2.0 wall charger for $5.50 with coupon code WALLCHAR, a savings of $5. Being QC 2.0 compatible, you'll be able to charge your phone or tablet at an even faster pace, giving you that extra battery to make it through the day.

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If you've been unable to download the Android Runtime update, try now!

Back on February 10th, BlackBerry issued an update to the Android Runtime for BlackBerry 10 which corrected errors that occurred when uninstalling Android apps from the system on OS Unfortunately, not everyone was able to download the update due to connection errors that popped up within BlackBerry World. Those errors have now been corrected and the Android Runtime update should be accessible to all. Additionally, various other connection errors within BlackBerry World, such as updating apps should also be corrected now.

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BlackBerry hosting networking event seeking new employees at all levels

While the news of BlackBerry laying off employees always tends to make a lot of noise, hardly anyone mentions when they go on hiring sprees. So, let's go ahead and change that up a bit. As announced on their job listings portal, BlackBerry will be hosting a Bay Area networking event on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 seeking to hire some new employees at all levels from new graduates to director level.

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QNX OS for Safety

While Mobile World Congress is going on in Barcelona this week, Embedded World 2016 is also taking place in Nuremberg where BlackBerry subsidiary QNX has won the best product in the software category award for its QNX OS for Safety, an operating system designed for safety-critical applications in the automotive, rail transportation, healthcare, and industrial automation markets.

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BlackBerry expands security portfolio with launch of Professional Cybersecurity Services

BlackBerry has announced the launch of its new Professional Cybersecurity Services practice that will further expand BlackBerry's security portfolio by offering organizations new consulting services, tools and best practices. To help with the offerings, BlackBerry has acquired UK-based Encription Limited in a deal that closed on February 19, 2016.

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