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BlackBerry preparing BES10 Cloud launch, sign up links have now gone live

If you've been waiting to hear more about BES10 Cloud, it's looking like we should get an official announcement soon. The BES10 Cloud sign up page has gone live whether it was intended to or not and as right now, folks can sign up for the services and even get essentially a free trial until March 2015. Not sure what BES10 Cloud is? Well, we've got some the highlights below for you.

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App Permissions

Since Android applications have been readily available to download onto BlackBerry 10.2.1 devices one of the main complaints I see in the comments is that we have no control over app permissions. Many Android apps will automatically have access to areas of your device including your media content and that's just for starters. As BlackBerry users we like our security!

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BlackBerry App Roundup for April 18, 2014

Howdy all, it's time once again for the weekly App Roundup. Now I spent my time wisely this week rustling up some new, cool, and helpful applications for all you BlackBerry addicts to try. Be sure to check them out by clicking through the gallery below and remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

Tally Counter Pro by Loris Knobel

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Easter Sale

In addition to hunting down hidden Easter eggs this weekend, you can save 20% as find new cases and accessories for your BlackBerry during our Easter Sale (now through 4/22). To take advantage of the savings, all you need to do is enter in coupon code HOP14 during the checkout process. FREE shipping is available on all orders over $50 (domestic US / Canada), and you have lots of payment methods beyond standard credit card including Amazon payments, Paypal and Bitcoin!

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New BlackBerry 10 games

If you've got some spare time over the long Easter weekend there's a couple of treats in BlackBerry World if you fancy some BlackBerry 10 gaming. First up is Where's my Mickey - from Disney which comes with a $0.99 price tag, but if their previous titles are anything to go by it'll be well worth the money.

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Rogers turns on 700 MHz spectrum for communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto

Rogers just activated their fresh 700 MHz spectrum in a few regions across Canada. Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver are the lucky cities today, though we can expect a nationwide rollout eventually. 700 MHz has been widely described as “beachfront” spectrum that’s particularly good at penetration, so you can keep a signal in elevators and parking garages, for example. It also provides added stability to everyday LTE connections.

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BlackBerry’s ace in the hole

BlackBerry’s ace in the hole

BlackBerry quietly and slowly exhales as it sits unnoticeably at a table surrounded by other high profile players sporting taller stacks of chips. Nobody’s head is turned at BlackBerry’s direction but their eyes are secretly watching. The river has quite possibly changed the outcome for BlackBerry, but what cards the other players hold has yet to be revealed.

The world audience waits in anticipation to see if BlackBerry will fold, lose or go all-in. To the surprise of the other players, BlackBerry chooses to go all-in. The tension in the air is high as everything is at stake for them. The other players can afford to lose chips but BlackBerry cannot — not this time. The question on everyone’s mind is if BlackBerry is bluffing, but the veteran player sits confidently with an unflinching expression. What does BlackBerry hold that none of the other players hold?

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BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry will be giving away a Mobile App Development Award at this year's Canada-Wide Science Fair. The Award will be presented during the nation championship of the Fair, taking place in Windsor from May 10-17, and two BlackBerry employees will sit on the judges panel.

Finalists will come from three age groups, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior. Multiple awards will be presented. To win, students must build an application using PhoneGap or Appcelerator, as well as meeting the BlackBerry 10 user interface guidelines. Winners will receive a mentorship with a BlackBerry mobile developer expert, along with a cash prize and a BlackBerry Z10.

The general competition for the Canada-Wide Science Fair is open until April 30, 2014.

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From BlackBerry to CrackBerry Nation, "You can count on us to get it right"

As promised, I made the trip to NYC this week to meet up with Adam Zeis and our new-to-CrackBerry contributor, Jubei Raziel, to catch up on all things BlackBerry.

Specifically, we were going to spend 15 minutes listening to Jubei's thoughts on last week's BlackBerry Experience: New York, but in true CrackBerry fashion we stretched it out just a little bit longer (you know me... I tend to talk a lot once I get going).

It's an absolute must-watch vodcast as we walk through the multiple topics that BlackBerry's senior management team talked about during the BlackBerry Experience event. A lot of tough questions were asked, and a lot of straight answers were given on subjects like BBM and BlackBerry's marketing activities.

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Diaree gets rebranded as Candid, new update now available!

If you a Diaree user, you're going to want to load up BlackBerry World and grab the latest update. We took a deep look at Diaree in the past but the latest update changes things up, a lot. For one, the app has been rebranded to something a little bit more appealing. Diaree shall from here on out, be known as Candid.

A name that not only sounds better but also fits how people are intended to use the app. Candid is a completely anonymous service in that no one can identify you within the app. All of your interactions, including comments, likes, and favourites, as well as your personal diary entries, remain completely anonymous and cannot be linked back to you.

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AT&T rolling out BlackBerry 10.2.1 update for Z10 and Q10

After a few early hints last night, BlackBerry 10.2.1 has started rolling out officially on the AT&T Z10 and Q10.

BlackBerry 10.2.1 adds in quite a few welcome features, such as a pinch gesture in the hub to filter the view, direct installation of Android .APK files, a customizable quick settings menu, and many, many more new features. If you're looking to update, just swipe down from the top of the screen, go to Settings, and scroll down to Software Updates.

AT&T customers, do you already have 10.2.1 on your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10? Was it worth the wait?

Source: AT&T

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Leading Canadian organizations begin deploying BES10

Today BlackBerry announced a handful of enterprise customers upgrading to BES10. An obvious one is the City of Waterloo, BlackBerry’s hometown. Municipal workers are using BBM to stay coordinated on all fronts, but they have some outward-facing partnerships too. They’ve worked with BlackBerry to create an app called Ping Street which enables users to find location-specific information like upcoming events, road detours, and even garbage and recycling pick-up schedules.

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Earlier today we reported the news of BlackBerry updating the 10.3 Roadmap. I'm afraid some may have taken some of the news out of context (good, bad, or otherwise), so I hope to provide context around the line items mentioned. First and foremost, realize this is an announcement for the 10.3 developing environments which will obviously have end user implications but perhaps not quite what you may think. I hope I don't get long winded in my explanations here but there is a lot to cover. I will do my best to "translate" from "developer speak" to end user implications.

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Signs of life from AT&T - BlackBerry 10.2.1 now appearing

If you're a BlackBerry 10 user on AT&T, you're probably wondering what the hold up is with BlackBerry 10.2.1 considering BlackBerry delivered it many months ago. Sure, you could install one of the leaked OS' out there but really, you shouldn't have to. Fret no more though as it seems AT&T will be rolling out a 10.2.1 or more specifically, OS software version shortly.

For some, it's already appearing in BlackBerry Link and the files are already readily available for those who wish to install it on their own bypassing the OTA and wait time however, if you're not wanting to go that route you'll want to keep checking for updates on your device wherein you can take the official OTA as soon as it arrives.

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Third party Facebook Messenger app, Messenger, made its way to BlackBerry World after being available in beta via the CrackBerry Forums for the past couple of months. Only a few days later, we are seeing an update to the app. There are a few tweaks to the app, including a new icon and a splash screen. I've been enjoying Messenger a lot.

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Back This: Symple ID makes signing into your favorite sites simple!

It seems not a day goes by that I don't end up resetting a password for some site or service that I use. Even though I use several different password reminder services, they're not always a perfect solution. But what if it there was a solution that utilized your phones NFC functionality and and a simple NFC tag? Would that be easier? Richard Fox-Ivey thinks so and he's come up with Symple ID.

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smartphone theft

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are but a few of the names that have announced a commitment to including features to deter smartphone theft in all future products. Even the carriers are on board, with the big four announcing support and commitment as well.

What they're all committing to is the "Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment." All phones sold by the signees after July 2015 will offer, at no additional cost, the following tools and services:

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BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry’s preparing for the developer launch of BlackBerry 10.3 with an update to their public roadmap. Though there are a few nice additions due to land in May, but the most noteworthy thing about the following 10.3.1 update is that Adobe AIR won’t be included as an on-device runtime. Devs that have made apps that use AIR can port their creations over to Android or WebWorks easily enough, according to the FAQ they wrote for the end of life for AIR.

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