Send anonymous Valentine messages with the BlackBerry Loves Pebble app

This Valentine's Day, why not send some an anonymous love message? If that's something you want to do and you're also a Pebble user, then count yourself lucky as you can do so with the BlackBerry Loves Pebble app. It comes from the developer of Bridge — a third-party Pebble app for BlackBerry 10 users.

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BlackBerry and Canon sign patent licensing agreement

BlackBerry and Canon sign patent licensing agreement

BlackBerry today announced the company has entered into a patent license agreement with Canon Inc. for certain power charging technology used by Canon products. Building on their history and intent to collaborate further, the agreement between the two companies was reached in November 2015, though, specific terms of the deal are confidential.

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BlackBerry and IGT announce agreement on patent licensing deal

BlackBerry and International Game Technology PLC today announced that they have entered into a royalty-bearing patent license agreement related to certain power charging technology used in IGT products. The agreement was reached back in November 2015 and specific terms are confidential.

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BlackBerry Valentine's sale offers Priv and Passport price cuts

BlackBerry is spreading the love this Valentine's Day with discounts at ShopBlackBerry on the Priv and Passport in the U.S. and UK.

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Howdy CrackBerry nation! Another week has passed so you know what that means? Not only is it time to share with you another batch of apps for your BlackBerry 10 or Priv smartphone, but it's also time to catch up on all the news that transpired since we last met.

Starting things off this week was a brand new episode of the BerryFlow Podcast, where James and Chris discussed a wide range of topics including the February Security Patch and how and why the BlackBerry Priv prevents rooting. Also, we saw a hands-on with Face10 as well as an important update to the Android Runtime for BlackBerry 10

Now it's time to bring you this week's picks for all you passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game I've rustled up for you by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite didn't make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

Symbol Series by AsgardSoft

Symbol Series is similar to word search games, though in this case, you are searching for symbols in a particular order rather than letters. These patterns can be backwards, forwards, up, down, or all of the above depending on which mode is selected. All you have to do is follow the hint given at above the playing field. The easy levels require you to search to the right and downwards, the medium levels have you search to the right, downwards, and backwards, while the hard levels can be in any direction.

Playing the game is quite simple. At the top of the screen, you are presented with four symbols and the order you must find them in the grid below. As you recall, the direction in which you find the symbols depends on the difficulty of the level. All you need to do is tap and swipe to select the correct combination which is then highlighted on the board. All puzzles are automatically generated by the app and you can play with or without a timer.

You can download Symbol Series for free in BlackBerry World. Please note, it is only compatible with all-touch handsets, so if you use a BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard, you will not be able to download it.

Learn more / Download Symbol Series from BlackBerry World

Just10 by Just10 Inc.

Smartphones present us with various outlets for expressing ourselves to our friends, family, and acquaintances. Over the years, we've seen various diary apps for writing down our thoughts or jotting down more personal entries to share anonymously. Just10 is a new ad-free social network where you are limited to ten friends and all content posted is private and deleted within ten days.

As of now, Just10 is in the beta testing stage and membership is free. You can add friends, create posts, and send messages (both of which expire after ten days), and modify your profile. All photos and posts can only be seen by you and up to ten friends. The interface itself is straightforward, though the color scheme is rather simple.

Just10 is free to download from BlackBerry World and is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices.

Learn more / Download Just10 from BlackBerry World

Bring! Shopping List by Bring! Labs AG

I tend to leave my grocery list at home when I go to the supermarket. Most of the time this is fine, but more often than not I find myself forgetting an important item or two. To help make sure you do not leave off an essential product there is Bring! Shopping List.

Bring!, however, is not limited to grocery lists. It offers a variety of templates for creating lists for different purposes. For instance, you can differentiate between household, work, party, or vacation items. If what you are looking for is not in the list, you can personalize the name of the list to suit your needs.

There are two ways to add items to your personalized lists. You can search for specific items in the menu or choose from preset categories. Each item is then assigned its own unique icon, or badge, for easy reference. In addition, Bring! also comes with automatic sorting and the option to share with family, friends, or anyone else you wish to include.

Bring! offers a intuitive interface, the ability to create multiple lists, the option to sync live or access offline, and push notifications regarding your shopping trip.

You can download Bring! Shopping List for free in Google Play.

Learn more / Download Bring! Shopping List from Google Play

Downwell by DevolverDigital

Looking to battle monsters, explore caves, and search for untold treasures? Downwell is a retro-styled pixel game where your character is a curious young boy who ventures down a well with only his gunboots for protection. The object is to not only survive the treacherous caverns filled with menacing creatures but to collect red gems and unique weapons as well.

Downwell only has three controls. Your character can move left, right, and jump/shoot. Each level is randomly generated so no two levels will ever be the same. While the graphics are retro, you cannot say this style is easy to recreate. The attention to detail from the cavern walls and monsters to the traps and menus is quite a feat. While it sometimes can go a little too fast, due to gravity, gameplay is smooth and I can't help but feel nostalgic for the countless hours spent on my NES and Colecovision systems.

While some may prefer the graphics of more modern games, I can sit and play this retro arcade game nonstop. Sometimes, the old fashioned style games are the best.

You can purchase Downwell for $3.00 in Google Play.

Learn more / Purchase Downwell from Google Play

Perfect Tube by LyStudio

For those who wish to have native experience for viewing YouTube videos rather than using the browser, another options is now available called Perfect Tube. This native BlackBerry 10 app is a basic YouTube app. It gives you the ability to search and play videos, filter searches by category, browse your favorites, and gives a low resolution option for slow internet connections.

As a basic app, Perfect Tube does not offer login support or more in-depth settings. However, it offers background playback, playlists, and videos play smoothly.

You can buy Perfect Tube in BlackBerry World for $1.99.

Learn more / Purchase Perfect Tube from BlackBerry World

What You Might Have Missed

Hub10 by sirious_27

New to the BlackBerry Beta Zone this week is an app which brings us a dark themed Hub. To be clear, this is an individual app (it does not replace the BlackBerry Hub) for BlackBerry 10 that supports themes and other customizations similar to how the Hub functions on the BlackBerry Priv.

As of now Hub10 is a preview version and is currently missing a few advanced features. It currently supports priority Hub, email tabs, pinch filters, cascaded search filters, calendar events, view and search emails, and add to contacts from email recipient lists.

Many of us have been asking for a dark Hub and if you are interested you will need a Beta Zone account and accompanying app to download Hub10. To create a Beta Zone account you can sign up for free though access is restricted to certain regions.

More importantly, don't forget to submit your feedback, including bug reports and feature requests, from there as well.

Learn more / Download Beta Zone from BlackBerry World

Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games, be sure to head on over to the CrackBerry Forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS, the BlackBerry PlayBook, or even Android Apps in the Google Play store for the BlackBerry Priv. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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BlackBerry announces Priv availability for Nigeria

BlackBerry announces Priv availability for Nigeria

In keeping with their promise to have Priv rolled out to 31 countries, BlackBerry has now announced the next market for the device. The first-ever BlackBerry smartphone powered by Android will be available in Nigeria as of February 13, through SLOT retail outlets and online. Pricing for the Priv in Nigeria has been set at ₦220,000.00, a limited time special pricing according to the SLOT website.

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Bridge, an app that brings Pebble support to BlackBerry 10 users, now supports BBM notifications and it also a now allows Vector smartwatch. If you haven't heard of Bridge before it is a third party Pebble app for BlackBerry 10 users. The developer has been constantly working in the background to continually improve the app and this update is quite a big one.

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Quickteller Mini update makes sending and receiving money over BBM easier than ever

Back in October of last year, BlackBerry and Interswitch announced a new partnership to integrate payments through BBM by way of a new app called Quickteller Mini. That app, at the time, allowed BBM users with a Nigerian bank account to make a request for money, airtime and payment for services from one of their BBM contacts. A new update has now been released and it makes some improvements to the process.

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Great Apps on BlackBerry

While the shutting down of the Built for BlackBerry program for developers was a bit of disappointing news, at the time BlackBerry announced it, they did make mention that they would be assessing new opportunities for developers to highlight their apps and now, BlackBerry has announced a new way in which developers apps can be highlighted within BlackBerry World.

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Sweet Valentine's Day gifts for the tech lover in your life

Set your significant other up with some awesome tech gifts this Valentine's Day that expand beyond the traditional cards and candy.

Looking for a fun way to surprise the tech lover in your life this Valentine's Day? We're here to help with our unique gift guide that encompasses everything from smart mood lighting and key finders to fitness trackers and amazing speakers.

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BBM for iOS updated with improvements for BBM Protected

BBM for iOS updated with improvements for BBM Protected

Following the update to BBM for BlackBerry 10 and Android that brought improvements to BBM Protected, iOS users now have the update available as well. Appearing as v293.0.0.20, this release carries the exact same changelog as the BlackBerry 10 and Android versions.

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Android Runtime update for BlackBerry 10 now available

Android Runtime update for BlackBerry 10 now available

If you've been experiencing issues with the Android Runtime since OS was released which introduced a pretty weird bug to the system, you now have an official means of correcting it. Rather than waiting for the release of 10.3.3, BlackBerry has for what I believe is only the second time, published a new update to the Android Runtime through BlackBerry World that will correct following.

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A new WhatsApp update for BlackBerry 10 has now arrived. This update noted as v2.12.340.2, has quite a few changes listed in the changelog, including improvements to the WhatsApp web client features, contact info screens and more. Luckily, WhatsApp was nice enough to lay out the full list so have a look:

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MTN, Vodacom and Cell C now offering the Priv in South Africa

Although it was previously announced that MTN, Vodacom and Cell C would be offering the BlackBerry Priv in South Africa, at the time of the announcement there was no real date set for release, but as it turns out, potential Priv owners didn't have to wait all that long. Right now, the first Android-powered smartphone from BlackBerry is available from all three providers in South Africa at varying prices set, though a quick look shows MTN is offering special pricing of R519.00 with a two-year plan.

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1Password for Android gets Material Design overhaul and more

Popular password manager 1Password has received a big update for Android, bringing along a redesigned interface and much more.

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Rogers, Bell and TELUS rolling out February Priv security update

In keeping in line with the updates already sent out to ShopBlackBerry, AT&T and T-Mobile Priv's, Canadian carriers Rogers, Bell, SaskTel and TELUS have now started sending out the February update to Priv owners. Build AAD444 as it is otherwise known comes in at 17MB, and if you haven't got the notification to update yet, you can head to Settings, About phone and checking for it there. Looking for the notes on what security has been improved? BlackBerry has outlined the full details through their Knowledge Base, which you can check out right here.

Discuss more in the CrackBerry Forums

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Following recent reports that it was testing the feature, Instagram has officially announced that it is rolling out full support for multiple accounts. Starting this week, users will be able to log into multiple accounts at once, and easily switch between them within the Instagram app for Android and iPhone.

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Check out Hub10 in Beta Zone for a dark themed Hub

Check out Hub10 in Beta Zone for a dark themed Hub

Have you been longing for a dark theme for the Hub on BlackBerry 10? You're not alone. A developer has been working on an app that gives us a dark themed Hub. The app works exactly like the Hub, in the way it looks and even has the triage options that came about in OS 10.3. It still in the early days of development right now but you can check it out through BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Since the app is in beta, a lot of the functionality isn't quite working yet. Most of it is just in preview mode to get a feel for what the app will look like. The main Hub view is just a preview, so you can tap into the messages, however if you filter into an account, you can tap the message to open it. You can't reply to messages but you can compose new ones. Here's a list of Hub10 features right now.

  • Preview themes (Settings -> Display and Actions -> Theme)
  • Priority Hub
  • Email tabs (Social tabs will come in later)
  • Pinch filters
  • Cascaded search filters
  • Compose (Rich/Plain text)
  • Calendar Events
  • View and search emails
  • Add to contacts from email recipient lists

The developer is open to feedback and suggestions, so if you do download it you should definitely give your feedback, either through Beta Zone or the CrackBerry Forums, where the developer has been actively responding to questions and feedback. You will need a Beta Zone account and the Beta Zone app to download the app. If you haven't got an Beta Zone account, you can sign up for one for free. Note that Beta Zone availability is limited to certain regions.

Learn more / Download Beta Zone from BlackBerry World

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