If you're a Pebbler on BlackBerry 10, you'll know that Talk2Watch Pro is the third party app to give you notifications and all the rest. To enhance the experience a companion app was created by another developer called Hub2Watch. This app could catch all notifications that went into the Hub. You can't see the contents of the messages but it was a nice way to see the unread count for the different accounts you have in the Hub. Hub2Watch has just seen an update and it brings along some new watchfaces with some color options for Pebble Time owners.

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Snag this BlackBerry Z30 flip case today for only $9.95

Featuring a secure magnetic closure, the Amzer Flip Case keeps your BlackBerry Z30 safe inside while providing storage for a few cards and cash underneath. When you want to watch a video, fold the case into viewing mode!

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Save $15 when you pre-order the Trident Aegis Case for BlackBerry Classic

Here's how you can score the new BlackBerry Classic Aegis Case for only $19.99 — that's 15 bucks off the retail price!

The fine folks over at Trident are offering our loyal readers a chance to save $15 when you pre-order the heavy duty Aegis Case for BlackBerry Classic from ShopCrackBerry. How protective is it? For starters, it meets military standards and packs both a shock absorbent TPU layer with a smooth polycarbonate exterior shell that are both degradable, compostable, and recyclable. It's got port plugs to keep out dirt and other debris, too.

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Verizon raises price of grandfathered unlimited data

Verizon may soon be raising the price of its unlimited data plan for those who are grandfathered in if they are not under contract anymore. This report, which comes from The Verge, states that Verizon will be hiking the cost of the plan up to $49 a month, up $20 from the current $30 a month fee.

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Accessory listings for the Priv by BlackBerry start appearing

One sign that a device is approaching release, generally speaking, is when accessory listings for said device start appearing across the internet and such is now the case for the Priv by BlackBerry. As spotted in the CrackBerry Forums and on Reddit, a few distributor sites for wholesale deals have now started listing multiple compatible accessories which will eventually be made available for purchase. So which accessories can be expected? Have a look.

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Priv by BlackBerry

Back in June we asked folks if they would buy an Android-based BlackBerry based on all the, at the time, Android rumors that were circulating. Unsurprisingly, the result was pretty unanimous with 53.86% stating that if the device wasn't running BlackBerry 10, they didn't want it. Jump back to last week when we asked pretty much the same question again only this time around, armed with the knowledge of the Priv by BlackBerry's confirmed existence and the numbers behind it all start to look rather different when compared.

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Amazon reportedly considering move into live TV streaming

According to a new report, Amazon is looking into building out its own live online TV service.

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Bell, TELUS, Virgin and Koodo subscribers can now use the Scotiabank mobile payments app

If you're a Scotiabank customer, you may be pleased to know they've now become the first bank in Canada to offer a mobile wallet for credit and debit cards on both Android and BlackBerry devices. Announced earlier this week, Scotiabank unveiled a series of enhancements to its mobile payment service, My Mobile Wallet.

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The Pebble (and Pebble Time) smartwatches are not officially supported on the BlackBerry 10 platform but with the help of a great developer, we have a great third party client in the form of Talk2Watch Pro. While there is a free version (Talk2Watch) to help you get your feet wet, you really want to dive in and get the pro version if you really want to get the most out of your Pebble smartwatch purchase. For a long time, users have been wanting headless integration and it has been something the developer has worked on and has finally figured out a way to add.

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BBM passes another mobile commerce milestone by serving 1 billion ad requests per day

For those of you out there concerned about the business and potential profit side of BBM, Matthew Talbot, Senior Vice President of Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry has once again taken to the Inside BlackBerry Biz Blog to share a new milestone passing for BBM.

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BlackBerry subsidiary Secusmart has now announced a comprehensive partnership with Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division (SED) to evaluate the design, development and marketing of a highly secure mobile communications system tailored to the needs of Government customers in India.

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Priv by BlackBerry

If you tuned into the most recent BerryFlow podcast, you would have heard me mention that I was a little surprised that more of the Priv by BlackBerry hasn't leaked yet given the fact that BlackBerry has now announced plans to launch the device 'late in the calendar year' and the device has been making its way into many folks hands. Turns out, I was just a little bit too early in saying that as a new batch of photos has now appeared offering us all a closer look at BlackBerry Safeguard while also adding some additional confirmation of the device specs for those who may have been questioning whether the rumored specs were accurate.

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BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - SmartSlide

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - SmartSlide

Did you miss out on checking out BerryFlow Upstream live? If so, you can now watch the replay or download the audio. This week, we take a look at five reasons as to why Priv might be a good name for BlackBerry's Android slider plus, we talk about the official images of the device released by BlackBerry. We also dive into the latest OS released for BlackBerry 10 devices and finally, the latest BBM update which interestingly brought features the app to the Apple Watch.

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Mobile Nations Weekly: At the nexus of anticipation

A week of anticipation, resolved and pending.

The word of the week is 'anticipation'. We saw the resolution of that concept in Google's announcements of the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, along with a shiny new Pixel C tablet and updated Chromecast media streamers. But that's not all — we also saw the launch of the new OS X 10.11 El Capitan from Apple, bringing Macs around the world up to the latest and greatest

And while Apple and Google are busy resolving anticipation, it's only building for BlackBerry and Microsoft. BlackBerry's let loose a bit more about the BlackBerry Priv Android slider, but the week ahead is going to belong to Microsoft with an enormous New York City event where we expect to see not one, but two variants of the Lumia 950 as well as a Surface Pro 4 tablet and an even-bigger Surface XL tablet.

It was an exciting week, and it's going to be an exciting week. Let's dive in!

CrackBerry — It's Priv time

With all the Priv by BlackBerry and earnings call news that happened last week, this was a little slower paced by comparison but there was still plenty more Priv to talk about and show off.

Android Central — All Nexus all the time!

It's entirely possible that we've never had a week as big as this one, having hit the West Coast for the Google's 2015 Nexus event, then the East Coast for an LG event with a big new phone, and a sneak peek at a new watch.

iMore — El Capitan has landed!

Another week, another operating system from Apple! Joining iOS 9 and watchOS 2 we now have OS X 10.11 El Capitan and all new Mac mojo that comes with it! Of course, we're still in the midst of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launch-mania, and Apple TV and iPad Pro are still to come. So. Much. Fall. Stuff!

Windows Central — Anticipation

This week was a rather good week if you are into leaked news, bad if you are Microsoft and looking to keep a secret. Indeed, we saw more information about the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL – expected to be announced this coming Tuesday – arrive in the form of new, high-resolution photos. That was after Microsoft accidently listed the phones on their website.

Likewise, the new budget Lumia 550 got some new renders and even Microsoft's new Treasure Tag accessory got peeked at via the FCC. At this point, Microsoft just needs to fill in the details like pricing and dates for their phones.

In other news, we compared those news Nexus phones from Google to the upcoming Lumias and even pitted the Google Pixel C against the similarly-priced Surface 3.

Kicked — The future is now: a hoverboard for real-life!

This week on Kicked Weekly we feature a high-tech hoverboard and a low-tech device to help you take selfies with your dog! We also looks at some other cool campaigns including a digital camera with a retro twist! You can probably guess Dan's favorite subject to shoot. Keep it tuned to Kicked as we've got some fun stuff coming up soon including another giveaway!

For the coolest crowd funding projects you need to know about (along with a few weekly antics) be sure to subscribe to the Kicked TV YouTube Channel and follow us on social media. We're active on Twitter, Facebook and of course Instagram.

Connectedly — For the connected life

This week on Connectedly, we learned that Amazon Dash buttons can be a lot of fun, with hacks that can control your Tesla and order you pizza. We also saw the release of a few new products, including the new TiVo Bolt home entertainment device, a new more "affordable" Red Raven 4K camera, Hero+ GoPro announced, and the Logi Circle home security camera. On the lighter side, we looked at tech products we can't believe actually exist, and tech struggles today's youth will never experience.

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BlackBerry Classic

There has been a lot of buzz around CrackBerry lately with all of the news about the new Priv by BlackBerry. Everyone is getting pumped up waiting for the release, passing the time drooling over the pictures and debating specs. In the meantime, let's go ahead and announce the winners from last month's BlackBerry Classic bundle and CrackBerry mystery box winners! Winners are listed below, so let's see who the lucky readers are!

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BlackBerry App Roundup for October 2, 2015

Howdy CrackBerry Nation! Welcome to another edition of our weekly roundup. Another week has passed since out last outing and what a week it has been. From updates to Helium and Evolution Browser to a few hidden gems in the official BlackBery PRIV image and a Mobile Nations Community Update.

Now it's time to bring you this week's picks for all your passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game I've rustled up for you by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

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Airbus Group

In addition to PSA Peugeot Citroën adopting BES12, BlackBerry has now also announced that Airbus Group, a world leader in aeronautics, astronautics and defense, has once again renewed its confidence in BlackBerry by upgrading to BES12 to securely manage its global multi-OS mobile fleet.

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PSA Peugeot Citroën choose BES12 for cross-platform enterprise mobility management

BlackBerry has now announced that PSA Peugeot Citroën the second largest car manufacturer in Europe, selected BES12 for Enterprise Mobility Management in a rollout that will take place over a 3-year period.

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