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BerryFlow Upstream

Did you miss out on checking out BerryFlow Upstream live? If so, you can now watch the video or download the audio for playback. This week, we dug into a ton of different subjects including the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition being spotted running Android, BBM stats, WatchDox plus, John Chen's interview with the Churchill Club and of course, the new images of the BlackBerry Venice slider ). You'll want to tune into this one.

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Have your phone read out your messages with text to speech app Read Out

The name of the app probably gives away what it does - it reads out text for you. If comes from a developer we're familiar with - Sven Ziegler - who has been busy coding apps lately. Updating his existing ones whilst also bringing new ones to the table. Read Out came about as something to be integrated with ReadItNow!, where you could have articles read out to you. The developer then decided to release a full blown app to it could be used with other apps.

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Save 50% today on this durable skin case for BlackBerry Classic

Made from multiple thermoacrylics, this BlackBerry Classic skin case is highly elastic and resistant to oils. Say goodbye to annoying fingerprints! The back features a matte finish with a glossy edging that enhances the grip around your device.

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This isn't an app that will be for the masses but it's a great app nonetheless. This is an app created by a developer for developers. It just made its way to BlackBerry World in the past 24 hours and is already a hit with developers. The idea for the app came about due to the fact that the Vendor Portal isn't very accessible via the mobile browser, so what better way to check app metrics than through an app?

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Sure, next week is IFA 2015, but that doesn't mean we can't have news now!

We're still putting the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 through its paces, but we got one surprise this week: if you put the stylus in backwards, it sticks and will probably break your phone when you try to pull it out (if you can). So don't do that. Apple also announced the date for the anticipated iPhone 6s launch event, more photos of the BlackBerry Venice Android slider leaked out, as did the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL and their Continuum dock.

It's time for Mobile Nations Weekly!

Take the State of the Mobile Nations Phones and Carriers Survey for your chance to win $600 towards a new BlackBerry of your choice! Take the State of the Mobile Nations Phones and Carriers Survey for your chance to win $600 towards a new BlackBerry of your choice!

CrackBerry — Slider from the left, slider from the right

This week, we saw BlackBerry CEO John Chen take the stage at the Churchill Club for a candid discussion on how things are going at BlackBerry plus, the BlackBerry Venice slider appeared in some fresh images which show off the device from nearly all angles. In other news, BlackBerry announced a new WatchDox app for BlackBerry 10 Enterprise customers, closing off the question of how they would integrate the service into BlackBerry 10 devices.

Android Central — A brief moment of panic

Things got a little exciting last week as we all discovered that the combination of the Galaxy Note 5's design and a little user error could well end with the S Pen being stuck inside the phone, or broken, or both. So please, folks. Don't put your S Pen back in the phone backward. That crisis died out pretty quickly, though, so we have a feeling folks got the message loud and clear.

iMore — iPhone 6s Watch, Day 208

Invitations have gone out for Apple's annual iPhone event, and that means come September 9, 2015, we should be getting our first looks at the next-generation iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and Apple TV. Oh, and iOS 9 and watchOS 2 as well. It's going to be a big show this year. How big? Just ask Siri for a hint.

Windows Central — New Lumias cometh

Those yearning for new flagship Windows Phones received some nice surprises this week with new renders and another alleged photo. The Lumia phones – codenamed Cityman and Talkman – are expected to be announced in October and so far, audience reaction to the designs is mixed at best. Indeed, in our currently ongoing poll 1/3 flat out think the new Lumias don't look so hot. Will people change when the phones hit shelves in November? Time will tell.

Windows Insiders received a new build of the Windows 10 desktop OS. Build 10532 hit computers this week bringing along with it some menu UI and Microsoft Edge improvements. Speaking of Windows 10, the OS is now installed on more than 75 million computers and should surpass the OS X install base sometime in September.


This week on Kicked we look at chewable coffee cubes, along with a reinvented axe, a GoPro stabilizer, and more! Plus, Drew and Patrick reminisce about an old Canadian heavy metal band while trying to avoid a YouTube copyright strike.

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This week on Connectedly, we looked at reasons why you should and shouldn't buy the new Samsung Note 5. We also show you a new wireless home monitoring camera that has been getting a lot of attention. We showed you how to make your own motion-sensing monitoring system using an old Android device. Valve stems that alert you of low tire pressure, bicycle lights that you can lock up, and a new product that turns your older car into a smart connected one.

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BlackBerry 'Venice' slider spotted once again in new images [UPDATED]

While the rumors surrounding the BlackBerry 'Venice' slider continue to swirl, the device has now appeared once again in some new, clearer images which are pretty on par with everything we've seen thus far. As you can tell from looking at the keyboard, it falls directly in line with an earlier leak from @evleaks and even has those three dots that got everyone's feathers so ruffled.

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Watch the replay of John Chen's interview with the Churchill Club

As we mentioned earlier, BlackBerry CEO John Chen recently sat down with Rich Karlgaard at the Churchill Club breakfast to discuss a wide array of topics from business transformation to cyber security to the emergence of the Internet of Things and where Chen sees the greatest opportunities for technology innovation and growth.

As expected, a lot of that discussion surrounded what's going on with BlackBerry and how John Chen is leading the changes there. The interview is about an hour long, so be sure to set aside some time to check it out. Want to cut the fluff? Skip to 33:10 and 53:30 for the good parts where John Chen discusses whether or not BlackBerry is building an Android device.

Thanks, James!

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Watch the BES12.2 enterprise developer webcast replay

BES12 enterprise developer webcast

If you're a developer and missed checking out the 'BES12.2: What's New for Enterprise Developers' webcast live, BlackBerry has now posted up the replay that you can watch whenever you see fit.

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John Chen talks lack of apps and need for partnerships

In the latest discussion at the Churchill Club, BlackBerry CEO John Chen discussed the company's need for more apps, and his desire to gain more partnerships. During his conversation, Chen noted that he feels as though apps are a big part of the problem, and that Amazon's offering for an app store wasn't enough to fill the gap.

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BlackBerry App Roundup for August 28, 2015

Howdy CrackBerry nation! Hope you all enjoyed your week, which happened to just fly by since last time. This week we saw updates to several applications including Talk2Watch Pro, ReadItNow!, BBM beta, and a new WatchDox App for Enterprise. There was also the introduction of the Amazon Underground for free apps, and even a campaign by T-Mobile for BlackBerry users. Not bad if I do say so myself.

Now it's time to bring you this week's picks for all your passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game I've rustled up for you by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

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Mobile Nations Community Update, August 2015

Mobile Nations Community Update, August 2015

Greetings all! Time for the Mobile Nations Community Update, your monthly look at the best contests, recent happenings, hottest forum threads, and more from Android Central, Connectedly, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Central.

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Check out PAC-MAN 256 on BlackBerry 10

Check out PAC-MAN 256 on BlackBerry 10

He's a lovable chap is Pac-Man. I'm old enough to remember when he was first around and many, many, many years later he's still giving us some gaming pleasure. Luckily we can now do this on BlackBerry 10 smartphones rather than a 100 kilo machine like in the 'good old days'.

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Not too long ago we introduced you to Editor, a simple application for creating and modifying text files as well as offering a promo code to try it for free. HugSoft is back again offering another round of promo codes but this time for a few of their applications.

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Sprint takes aim at AT&T, offers DirecTV customers a full year of free service

Sprint has announced its latest bid to pull customers away from one of its biggest rivals, and it's a doozy. To "celebrate" the AT&T and DirecTV merger, Sprint is offering DirecTV customers a full year of service for free. The plan that Sprint is offering up for free includes 12 months of unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data per line on up to five lines. While this obviously isn't for the data-hungry, you can't beat free.

Additionally, Sprint says it will offer to buy out switching customers' current contracts and pay up to $300 per working phone. To take advantage of the deal — which starts on Friday, August 28, and runs through September 30 — those interested must show verification of their DirecTV account by either signing into their account while at a Sprint store or showing a copy of a recent bill.

Finally, there are a couple of catches with the deal. Customers are still responsible for paying for their devices, and they must also cover a one-time $36 activation fee, along with taxes and surcharges each month. Further, after the year is up, customers on this plan will be moved to a rate-per-line plan that runs from $50 for one line to $180 for five. Still, this is a pretty aggressive offer from the nations fourth-largest carrier, and an interesting way to combat AT&T's bundle offers.

Source: Sprint

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For those who use a Pebble or Pebble Time with their BlackBerry 10 smartphone will probably be using Talk2Watch Pro to get functionality out of the watch. With a dedicated and active developer, it really is the recommended app. The developer has been busy working on some updates and fixes and a new update has just been pushed. It brings fixes to the music controls where the play/pause button wasn't quite working as well as some nice new additions.

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It was only yesterday that we saw BBM get updated over in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. That's been swiftly followed by Whatsapp, which is offering up a nice selection of improvements and fixes to make using the app a little more flawless.

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Every so often I find myself heading over to the UK carriers and retailers websites - more than often to see who's 'not' selling BlackBerry 10 devices. Today I ended up with Carphone Warehouse who historically have been pretty loyal to BlackBerry. I was quite surprised when I hit up the BlackBerry Passport page as the two color options were not quite what I was expecting - Black or the new Silver Edition.

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Amazon Underground app offers $10,000 worth of apps and games 'that are actually free'

In a slightly odd series of events, Amazon has ended its Free App of the Day promotion and introduced a new app, Amazon Underground. The new app brings over $10,000 worth of apps, games and even in-app items that the company states 'are actually free.'

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T-Mobile wants you to bring your BlackBerry to their network

Yes, it's true! Now that T-Mobile and BlackBerry have repaired their business relationship, T-Mobile has kicked off a bit of a campaign, letting BlackBerry customers know they're welcome to bring their BlackBerry smartphones to the uncarrier. Of course, there are some requirements such as the fact you need to purchase a qualifying plan, pick up a T-Mobile SIM and have a compatible unlocked BlackBerry, but those are all pretty standard things when bringing your own device to a carrier. In any case, it's nice to see this coming from T-Mobile. Now all they need to do to win some BlackBerry users love is push out some more updates with WiFi calling.

Learn more via the T-Mobile website

Via: Rapid Mobile

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BlackBerry today announced some updates for WatchDox, including additional platform integration and a new app for BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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