Watch the managing security threats in today's Mobile Enterprise webcast replay

To go with the BlackBerry Enterprise Products and Services webcast, BlackBerry also hosted a 'Managing security threats in today's Mobile Enterprise webcast' on January 27th, and if you missed out on that one you can now watch the replay. The event including the Q&A session lasts around 45 minutes and you can check out the overview below.

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This hard case and holster combo rocks serious protection for your BlackBerry Z10—now 47% off

Including 3 layers of protection, the Seidio CONVERT Combo shields your BlackBerry Z10 from the worst impacts you'll encounter. With a low-profile hard case on the inside, surrounded by a silicone and plastic exoskeleton, you can all or remove layers depending on the occasion. Also included is a rugged swivel holster that's great on most utility belts! Yours today for $28.95

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New BBM beta for BlackBerry offers landscape support, multiple picture transfer from the pictures app

Although this is a limited beta and not available to everyone right now, after many folks were upset that BBM on iOS got landscape support, I figured it was worth a mention that BlackBerry users haven't been forgotten and it looks as though landscape support could be coming soon, assuming all goes well with the beta.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Products and Services webcast

Did you miss the BlackBerry Enterprise Products and Services webcast that was held on January 28th? If so, you can now watch the replay of the event. Principal Analyst Brian Bernard outlines the following BlackBerry Enterprise Products and Services and offers you invaluable insight into how they can amplify your business:

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Sony's memory products are discounted by as much as 69% on Amazon

If you're looking to get an SD card or a USB drive, be sure to check out Amazon's Gold Box deal of the day, through which the retailer is offering heavy discounts on Sony's memory products.

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It's time to gear up and buckle down for this weekend's big game! No matter what team you're rooting for this year, we can all agree that 15% off all accessories here at ShopCrackBerry is a pretty sweet deal.

We've got cases, chargers, batteries, etc. for the hottest BlackBerry devices including the BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Z10, Blackberry Z30, BlackBerry Q10 and many more.

To receive 15% off your entire cart, use coupon code: GAME15 at checkout and you're all set! We also offer FREE shipping on all orders over $50 and provide expedited shipping options for those that need their order on the fly.

So, place your bets for your favorite team and save some serious cash on your favorite BlackBerry accessories because this deal is only going on until midnight, February 2.

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Disney-Valentines-Collection- BBM-Stickers

To get you in the mood for valentines day, which will be here in a couple of weeks, Disney have added a sweet sticker pack into the BBM Shop. The Valentines Collection features a selection of the most popular disney characters portraying various love related messages, which you can share with your romantic BBM contacts.

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BlackBerry Classic officially launched in the Philippines

With Australia now taken care of, it was onto the next region for the BlackBerry Classic and this time it has now been officially announced for the Philippines although you'll still have to wait a few days before you can purchase one. Teaming up with MemoXpress, BlackBerry has now announced the BlackBerry Classic will go on sale in the Philippines starting February 5th, 2015 with a suggested retail price of PHP 20,990.

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Home Screen Plus updated with resizable widgets, new countdown timer and bug fixes!

While the last update to Home Screen Plus brought forth some massive changes including widgets and a name change, the latest release has now arrived in BlackBerry World and keeps the changes a bit smaller while still adding some new features that folks are sure to appreciate.

Building on the widget experience, this release adds the ability to resize most of the included home screen widgets and also introduces a new countdown timer that shows the remaining days until a holiday or event with many major holidays already pre-set up within the app and of course, the ability to add you own as you see fit. If that's not enough, multiple bugs have also been squashed based on user feedback.

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Signal strength

In a ruling that's resulted in a $40 million fine, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's smacking down TracFone's speed throttling of customers that were paying for unlimited data service. The case in question only applies to TracFone, but it helps to reinforce a precedent that could apply to even the larger carriers in the United States.

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Emberify launch Follow Mail for BlackBerry 10


On the off chance that you don't find your BlackBerry 10 device as efficient as possible when it comes to email, you may want to check out the latest offering from Emberify. Follow Mail has launched today and offers some additional productivity features.

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Leather case lovers rejoice! This BlackBerry Q10 pouch is 72% off today

Hand crafted and finished in genuine leather with a soft inner lining, this BlackBerry Leather Pocket protects against drops and scratches. It also recognizes settings and preferences, while power saving technology works to help extend battery life of your BlackBerry Q10. Yours today for only $9.95!

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A new survey of mobile gamers conducted by the NPD Group says that they are playing, on average, over two hours a day on their devices. The survey, conducted in late 2014, indicates a 57% increase in the average play time for mobile gamers, compared to just 80 minutes a day in 2012.

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Use this Spigen Magnetic Clip to keep your OEM Leather Flip Case closed

You may recall, back in December, I reviewed the OEM Leather Flip case for the BlackBerry Passport. It was not a case I was going to use again as I wasn't happy with it. The case was made with good quality but it was just a bit stiff that it didn't close properly and that was my main gripe. Even the fact that the case required you to stick it onto your Passport with adhesive didn't put me off. It was just that it didn't close. I tried to loosen it up. It helped to close it a bit further but if I opened the flip all the way to the back, to use the device, then it would just make it sit more open again.

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AT&T reports Q4 2014 results, 1.9 million net adds, $34.4 billion in revenue

AT&T has reported its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2014 today. Overall, the carrier brought in revenue of $132.4 billion on the year, with $34.4 billion in the fourth quarter alone — up 3.8 percent over the same quarter a year ago. Additionally, the company reported that, after compensating for a 77 cent per share loss because of various charges, earnings per share were up to 55 cents compared to 53 cents for the same quarter last year.

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A new LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 now available in BlackBerry World

A new version of LinkedIn has now appeared in BlackBerry World for all you LinkedIn users out there. The version number will vary across devices and OS but it's certainly there, and it's certainly new. You are no doubt wondering what's new in it and we'd love to tell you, but the changelog on this one thus far remains a mystery as the changes weren't highlighted. They look to of have just been recycled from a previous 10.1 release. If you're a heavy LinkedIn user, go ahead and download it. Maybe you'll spot what's new and if so, share it in the comments.

More information/Download LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10


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Some BlackBerry Classic owners on Rogers receiving OS

While a lot of folks are sitting around waiting to see if the rumors of a January 27th roll out of BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 is going to happen on a grand scale (it's not), it seems at least something is happening. Earlier it was noticed that the previously leaked OS (SW was appearing on BlackBerry servers and now, it has seemingly been pushed out in some official capacity on Rogers for BlackBerry Classic owners.

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'BADASS' surveillance program let British, Canadian governments spy on smartphones

More information about government surveillance has come to light, and it seems that the British and Canadian governments apparently used special software filters to acquire sensitive smartphone user data from the servers of a number of advertising and analytics companies. The program, called BADASS, gathered unencrypted data sent to the companies from mobile devices, including BlackBerry, Android, Windows and iOS devices, though it's not clear if the program targeted BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, or both. The data collected by these companies can give whoever is looking at it a lot of information about individual users.

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If you're considering picking up the BlackBerry Passport and are going down the SIM free route, now would be a good time to make your purchase. UK online retailer Clove have reduced the price of the Passport by £55 which is certainly a nice saving. This means you can get either the black or white Passport for just £399.00 including VAT.

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