The BlackBerry Z3 is heading to South Africa with free apps for consumers

By James Richardson on 3 Jul 2014 11:05 am EDT

It was only earlier today that we announced that the latest BlackBerry 10 device, the BlackBerry Z3, is all set to go on sale in Hong Kong. It seems that the roll out is in more than one place as I've just had an email from BlackBerry South Africa letting me know that the budget BlackBerry is coming very soon.

The BlackBerry Z3 smartphone will be available to Vodacom customers in stores and online from mid July 2014. The device has the recommended selling price of R2 999 and will also be available on the Vodacom Smart S plan at R249 per month.

"The BlackBerry Z3 smartphone gives users more ways to securely communicate and collaborate and extends the BlackBerry 10 platform experience to a new generation of South African customers at an attractive price point," said Yudi Moodley, Managing Director at BlackBerry for Africa.

Consumers who purchase a BlackBerry Z3 smartphone from Vodacon in July can benefit from an exclusive app offer. They simply have to login into the BlackBerry® World™ storefront from their BlackBerry Z3 smartphone and download a selection of paid apps - worth R430  - for free.

Sweet. Any CrackBerry readers in South Africa waiting for this one?

Reader comments

The BlackBerry Z3 is heading to South Africa with free apps for consumers


This is approx 280USD. A massive fail in terms of pricing. Poor pricing strategy for SA.

Posted via CB10

As a person who lives here, I can safely say its not.
You will be hard pressed to find a new full touch device to buy out right/not on contract for much less then that

But don't forget the content. Rolling out new models while at the same time shutting down music/video downloads and firing the Developer Relations team sounds like a recipe for consumer dissatisfaction. Keep your eye on the ball Mr. Chen!

I would argue that Chen is keeping his eye on 'the ball', ' the prize', 'the big picture'.

Android Market will make up for any music / video apps missing, plus according to article last night 7 digital isn't going away.

Yes developers may be upset, but developers don't buy phones en mass. I would rather have the teenagers of the world want BlackBerry rather than developers.

Posted via CB10

It was a losing battle without actually having phones sold.

They need to get 30 million phones out. THEN they'll be a viable platform.

Yeah. I'm worried about this part of the plan.

Developers have been supporting BB10, and the speed, compatibility, and congruence of Android apps is still pretty poor.

Also Amazon will have to up their game on attracting apps and keeping them up to date.

So many consumer and business apps are missing or old.

This is a pretty big leap and I think Chen moved to early. He's a man and can't he perfect.

I just hope developers still do apps for BB10.

Posted via CB10

Seeing as South Africa never had access to the video store, so thats a non issue.
As for the music non issue as well, since majority here would rather search online to find it free and for that they have been equipped with a spectacular browser

Considering the Z10 costs R2400 let's see how that price point will do. Still dirt cheap for that kinda phone in my opinion:)

Posted via CB10

I am also waiting to see if it would be a success here. Z3 made me interested in BlackBerry again after I dumped them 11 months ago from BlackBerry 9380 to LG Android. Lost patience of the Z3 being not released here and decided to get the Z10 instead about 3 weeks ago. I'm glad I bought the Z10 for R2400 new which is way cheaper than the soon coming Z3. Hope BlackBerry will market the Z3 well so that more people start using their phones. All the best BlackBerry.

Awesome Z10

Posted via CB10

Z10 for R2,499, better camera, better screen resolution, more RAM better processor. I think the Z3 should be at least R1 cheaper than the Z10 otherwise there is no reason to purchase a lower spec phone for more. The only more you getting is Screen Size. I personally Love the Z3 but price point is everything :)

That's true battery is bigger, but I don't think a little longer battery life is worth the R500 more especially with lower specs compared to Z10. That being said I hope the phone does fly off the shelves. BlackBerry 10 is an awesome operating system and the more people on it the better :)

Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna get the Z3 cuz my Z10 has way higher specs. All Z3 really has is screen size and battery. I'll just hold my peace till I can afford a z30.

Posted via my trusty BlackBerry Z10

As a business owner I'm going to buy these for my staff, the Z3 that us, cheap decent spec and the battery is the real winner for me. Specs are good enough for what they need to do with it

Posted via CB10

Good point considering you.can get a Z10 at R179 on contract.

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

ZAR 2999 equivalent to USD 280 a bit higher when compared to the under USD 200 public announced price....

Posted via CB10

That was for Indonesia, where it was manufactured. They have said that the slightly higher prices in other countries are due to import costs/taxes.

Posted via CB10

Dude...everything electronics-related is way more expensive here. It is ridiculous. R3k is still decent for a 5" phone. Would be nicer if it were R2k but hey...

Apart from greedy carriers and governments that like to screw us over.
Also I dont think ANYTHING is manufactured here, so its all shipping and import costs, plus our currency is kinda worthless, so that doesnt help either

You can never make a direct conversion when selling to different countries. Even the supposedly cheap Nexus 4 retailed for $500 (equivalent) in my country when it came out.

Posted via CB10

It's also possible that they're trying to manage demand. If the Z3 is selling extremely well in Indonesia (and I admit we don't have sales figures to confirm that either way), BlackBerry may have decided that other markets would bear a higher price and it would reduce strain on the supply chain.

Ha you guys are getting slow.

Took 8 posts before the first door and gloomer posted

HTC TOUCH, Nokia-N97, BlackBerry Torch 9800, Z10

They'd first need to make LTE variants of this. But if you're on Sprint, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Wahooooo :D coming to Mzanzi but wish it was more along the lines of R2,499 but still a good price :)

Waiting for the passport; have a Z10.

At the moment in South Africa a Z10 is cheaper than the Z3 - not sure that the Z3 will do well with this price...

Posted via CB10

Nice, but it will not sell if not advertised. Many people in South Africa who have legacy devices don't know much about BB10. I have had my Z30 since December and still get reaction when people see it. Convinced a friend to get Z30, he got it. Broke the screen after dropping it, and has taken another Z30 from his second contract.

They must market the fact that android works as well.

Posted via CB10


Sometimes I think Legacy devices shouldn't be sold anymore, coz very few people in SA know about BB10. People leave BlackBerry because they don't know there are new Blackberry's out there - they complain about battery pulls, and some clock issue, and the terrible camera.

Posted via CB10

I agree South Africans have No clue that the current BlackBerry 10 operating system is not the same as OS7. Another problem is BIS,blackberry consumers here are don't want to spend money on data. I have put more BlackBerry 10's on people's hands than i can count because i show them what the operating system is capable of. They often ask me what phone i have when they see me type and Flick words up on my Z10 , then i show them instant reply, lock screen notifications, the Hub and the way i multi task without leaving what I'm currently doing. South Africa needs BlackBerry stores and people that have passion for the brand and BB10 to sell these phones and trust you me,if I've managed to p do so much alone without BlackBerry backing me imagine if they were with a team of like minded individuals.

Posted via CB10

Agree. With Cell C BIS is not the issue. I'm with Cell C and I'm on the BB10(BIS) pre paid. People here do not know about BB10 capabilities. All we need here in Mzantsi is good BB10 marketing, and BlackBerry will be back on top.
Happy with my Z10.

Posted via CB10

I took the Cell C Premium BlackBerry Bes10 option. I get 2gigs of data as well as unlimited data to the corporate.
Unfortunately the corporate moving from Bes10 to Airwatch because some consultant told them it would be cheaper.
None the less my 2gigs is the cheapest data at R99. No one bests that rate. Thank you Cell C for being BlackBerry Friendly.

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

I don't think this phone is coming to the states. It doesn't have lte which will be a deal breaker for any phone selling here.

The passport and the classic are our choices in the near term and the follow-on to the Z30 and Z10 sometime next year for the all-touch people.

At some point in the past, Chen said there will be an LTE variant(s) of this phone. That could mean Europe/ROW, or NA.

Looks like the whole world is getting Z3 outside of North America and Europe.

Posted via CB10

That's gonna be my Z10's "Bodyguard"... and at an affordable rate too! I love the way we (BB) are stepping-up our game in the 'Full Touch' world. SA is on the map... Z3 welcome to the land of the living.

Posted via CB10

Will do well. Vodacom is one of the major carriers in SA with the biggest market share. Price not bad at 280 USD.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

Great news!

I think R3000 is about R500 less than I expected so the price is less bad than I expected but a new Z10 might still get my money if I were to buy new.

The specs might not be great for me coming from a Z10 but for those faced with a choice of a nasty cheap Android phone this Z3 with its 5 inch screen and good battery life might just be an option. That and the availability of Android apps from Amazon. Here's holding thumbs for the Z3 in SA!

Posted via CB10

What does winter in south Africa feel like?? 15*C?? ;-)

Kidding... but seriously...?

Ferrari ZetaTrenta STA100-2 Versione

Remember we have no central heating. Drops down to about eight degrees in my lounge at times...

Posted via CB10

Oddly I don't here a lot of noise about BlackBerry in Cape Town. I hear people say "I bought a Samsung because if I have to buy data to use bbm then I don't want a BlackBerry." That tells me that without bis in South Africa on a series 10 phone, sales will be low.
Of my personal contacts and close friends, I only know of five people that now have a series 10 phone. That's a potential market loss of 8 units. I'd say that's quite serious. I meet many people daily that have legacy phones though. Food for thought.

Posted via CB10

People will eventually move on from the old legacy BlackBerry phones, BB10 may not be the most popular but at least people have a reasonably priced BlackBerry option and on a new device not an old model Z10.

I don't think that BlackBerry needs to sell in Samsung or Apple volumes right now, BlackBerry needs to keep in the market and wait for users to try BB10. Rome was not built in a day.

If you look at how the Z3 has been released around the world, BlackBerry has launched in one country at a time. I'm not sure if I'm correct in my assumption but to me it would seem that the first launch gave an indication of the demand for the device so that appropriate volumes of the Z3 are made for the next launch. No piles of Z3 phones sitting on shelves tying up cash flow just enough to get into the market and be seem. BlackBerry is rebuilding it's brand and image, BBOS will eventually be put to bed and people will get over the loss of cheap BIS data. Some will follow the crowds to other brands and some will try BB10 and enjoy it. BB10 is only getting better.

Posted via CB10

Not knowing how it works in SA, but where's the difference between a sammy and a BB10 in terms of "buying data"... should be the same thing??

Ferrari ZetaTrenta STA100-2 Versione

I don't buy any different a data plan for my BlackBerry than I would a Samsung here in the us. Data is data these days. I buy the minimum amount I can get by on and run wifi as much as possible.

Posted via CB10

It's exactly the same. Data is data after all.
But Vodacom has been offering people who sign up for new contracts with BB10 atleast 3 months free bbm text only.
I actually landed up getting 6 months for some reason and my mum got a whole year, but that was possibly because of the package shes on

I think BlackBerry should make a scaled down version of Classic, to entice the legacy devices users (who love physical keypad) to convert. Just like the old times, where we had 9000 series as the flagship, and 8000 series for entry level. iToy adopted that same strategy with their 5s & 5c. Unless if I missed something, I think BlackBerry Windermere/Passport is another top-shelf phone.

Q5, just like Q10, wouldn't cut it, IMHO.


Posted via CB10

I'm not from South Africa, but I do agree that there should be a budget version of the Classic; for those who want a physical keyboard but not willing to spend for the Classic's price. If the Classic is along the lines of a Bold, then there should be a budget qwerty equivalent to the Curve.

Posted via CB10

Congrats, but as the dev, does that do anything for you?

Brought to you by my: Z30 (STA100-1FTW) / Z10 (STL100-3) / Q5 (SQR100-1) / Q10 (SQN100-1)

Thanks! There may not be any direct monetary incentive, but it gives HUB++ app some much needed exposures. At the same time, BlackBerry can offer free apps during their new device launch.

I love that app! Good job.

I added it to our BES 10 so everyone can install it in their work perimeter too.

Posted via CB10

What I find interesting is that they must have seriously ramped up production of this thing to be rolling it out to market after market so quickly.

Posted via CB10

North America Now !

Brought to you by my: Z30 (STA100-1FTW) / Z10 (STL100-3) / Q5 (SQR100-1) / Q10 (SQN100-1)

I got my Z10 here in SA for about 320 dollars on special. The new Z3 will be around 300 dollars

Posted via CB10

Me Z30 (upgraded from a Z10), wife Q10, father in law Q5, sister and brother in law both on Z10's

At a launch price of R2999 it's a tad pricy, but it's probably the cheapest 5" smartphone on the market (I hope). Z10 sales are really picking up, as I am seeing a lot of people with new ones (thank goodness it comes with latest software), the white one seems to be popular.

Hopefully some sort of advertising on all media platforms.

Prediction : price will fall by September as the BlackBerry Passport is launched, globally I hope!

Posted via CB10

Funtastic, I'm from South Africa and i hope this device does well here the Z10 is currently selling for around R2500 on pre-paid and i use one on Contract. I reckon BlackBerry South Africa should give me a consignment of these phones and I'll sell more of these devices than the carriers!

Posted via CB10

Great stuff!! Going to pick up one for my sister and mother. Glad BlackBerry bringing this device to South Africa

Posted via the CB10

Truth of the matter is, BlackBerry was a hit when they were offering the OS7 and prior releases. BIS was R59 and everyone was on a downloading frenzy. Networks started restricting downloads, BlackBerry forgot to introduce high end phones then POOF! It all came tumbling down!

Alas! Came the android phones and the masses switched goalposts and BlackBerry lost out. Fastforward to 2014, Z10 was slashed into half and we all became interested again, l even bought a Q5 caused crackberry wasn't giving much support for the OS7 type of phones

The future seems bright though, we are as thrilled about the BlackBerry Classic and Passport more than that dude who is reading this in Montreal.

Moral of the story, it's never too late to do the right thing. Viva 10.3 Viva! Viva crackberry Viva!

I'm in South Africa but I have a Z30 & I'm very satisfied with it, maybe i'll get the Z3 for my lil' sister.

Posted via CB10

This is excellent news!!! (also price)
I am certain that it will catch on with the teenagers here at that price point inc. looks/features etc.
Go BB10 users of SA! Viva (lmao)

Jared, in terms of pricing, I'm on the fence about it. BlackBerry will need to really pull good adverts, with the carriers of course, rope in celebrities to flaunt and recommend them. The recommended price of the Z3 comes at a time when Sony is killing it and the trend, is to play the waiting game, till prices are reduced, then masses will pounce!
lt will be very intresting to see whether the graph curve will dip or spring up when the passport and classic drop. The other device that we'll adopt a "wait and see" attitude, will be the re-emergence of the Bold. We've all been instructed to wait for the classic, instead

My handle gives it away, and yes I'm a loyalist. Great news BlackBerry, just hope you not looking for people to break down doors for this phone. South Africans will hold out for the price drop (when you release the Passport), then you will see our buying power. Marketing is costly and BlackBerry is trying to get the balance right but do something, anything hell PopUp Shops where we get informed salespeople, accessories and such, come on!

100% BlackBerry

Glad to see that the BlackBerry Z3 is going strong, what, with the releases in new regions. John Chen is leading this company in the right direction!

Posted via BlackBerry Z30, the BEST smartphone out today!

We really need to have dollar conversions for at least 5 standard currencies.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Pricing is a complete miss. 30% too expensive to gain any traction is SA. Vodacom fail.

Posted via CB10

That price point might be out of reach for the majority of BlackBerry users in SA that are still holding onto their Curves. The Z10 is around the same price, especially with the weak ZAR. We'll see! Thank you for bringing it though!

Posted via CB10

The Z10 is selling for much less! Everything about the phone is enticing but the pricing doesn't make sense to an ordinary buyer.

Posted via CB10

The price is not good!

If you take sales tax out of the equation then it is about $240. If you take both the sales tax and free apps out of the equation then it is about $205.

The other issue is that I have seen the Z10 retailing for less than this when in special!

Posted via CB10 using my Z10STL100-2/

M frm south africa n own a z10,i dnt see myself switching to the z3 as its up prized than the z10.
I truly dnt see the z3 having a good traction,maybe after 3 or 4 mnths

Good to see blackberry targeting countries where BlackBerry is big. Problem is that for that contract pricing you can get a z10 or for a few bucks more you can get a z30.

Posted by Z10'er

Z3 target market isnt for contract users, its pre paid, I think everyone seems to be missing that.
This price point on a new full touch 5" device is very reasonable compared to other similar devices on the market.

I just posted a comment on a previous post asking when the Z3 would be available in South Africa & whalla. Now I can get my kids an updated & better BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Thats great news,but amazingly,here in SA,the Z10 is selling For R2399,and from my knowledge,the Z10 is a better device then the Z3 in terms of Specs

Eish I want that z3, but coming from my zee10, will wait maybe get it for my brother in Zimbabwe

Fantastic Zee10

And people complained about the $199 price. At this point I'm expecting to see the lte version in the U.S. sometime around next April at 500 dollars.

When Z10 was said to launch at R6999, it originally launched at R7999. Hopefully price predicted for Z3 is true, but still more than Z10. Z30 has dropped to R6500, will wait for further drop, unless Z3 blocks it.

Posted via CB10

Z10 selling for R2400 and the Z3 selling for R2900. That's a R500 difference. Blackberry you could have done better. But I suppose the Z10 is dead stock they are trying to get rid off. People remember the Z10 was written off by Blackberry. Thats why the R2400 price tag. The Z3 Is a brand new phone. I still believe R2500 would have been a fair price thou for a using a Z10 and I can say its the BEST PHONE on the market. The Samsung(R9000) and iPhone (R10 000)are just way too over rated and over priced. Viva Z10 viva!!!!.

Posted via CB10

Great but looking at current pricing it would probably cost R3500 cause our carriers are that greedy. A lot of people will probably buy it which makes me happy

Zee 10 swish

Hi I am in johannesburg-cbd south Africa. Wil be getting one soon...I like the size and medium big screen of it..
But 5mp turn off as I am using z10 8mp...

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry wants a sell in SA....simple bring an updated version of BIS(myb BIS10) 2 the current models n they will sell...ths is considering how many people use legacy devices...which is a lot in my opinion...

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