BlackBerry 'C-Series' smartphone caught on camera, looks slightly familiar

By Bla1ze on 21 Sep 2013 03:17 am EDT


Now that the BlackBerry Z30 has been announced, a lot of folks have been asking what's next for BlackBerry in terms of devices. Well, after the announcements earlier about BlackBerry reducing their upcoming device portfolio from six down to four devices, the roadmap has certainly changed a bit but one thing that might still be on track is what is known as the Cafe Series otherwise known as the C-Series.

Over at BBIN, they've just posted the above image suggested to be a part of that series codenamed Americano, not that the codenames really mean much, but that's what it's presented as. Based on previous rumors, this one seems set to come in two different variations overall. One being a full touch and the other being a full QWERTY device. In terms of specs, the devices are suggested to be making use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processors with the 8x30 Pro being used in the LTE and HSPA variations, 4.2-Inch or 4.5-inch 720p display and a 5MP camera but, those specs could be subject to device variation.

If you get the feeling of déjà vu while looking at this device, you're not alone. Although I'm just guessing here and this is no way based on any facts, it seems as though this device could quite possibly be the one previously shown off over at BerryFlow as the 'Z5' though, the Z5 naming as far as I know has never really been confirmed as a real device model, it just had to be referred to something and that fit the bill. Again, it's hard to say where this device is now on the roadmap but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

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BlackBerry 'C-Series' smartphone caught on camera, looks slightly familiar


Based on yesterday's news of trimming down to 4 devices (2 full touch, 2 qwerty), what are the chances this even sees the light of day?

It's not the number of devices that's important, it's what the consumer wants and what they will buy.

IMO, there should be a low end, mid end and high end QWERTY+touch and touch only phones. OR, high end and lower ended QWERTY+touch and touch only phones. BUT with the same or better specs than the competition and lower prices than the competition. That's basic economics. BBRY can't charge the same or more for phones with the same specs or weaker specs than the competition when the competition's phones sell but BBRY don't. It's ridiculous.

How great would this be:

High end touch only phone with same or better specs than the competition with a lower price.

Lower ended touch only phone with same or better specs than competition for lower price.

Same thing with QWERTY+touch.

And no, the Z30, Z10, Q10 and Q5 don't fall under that because the Z10, Q10 and Q5 are too expensive, not only competitively but also the Q5 for a lower ended phone is too expensive.

I think the chances are very high. If the rumoured specs are true, it has the same screen resolution as Z30 and same internal specs as Q5, so from uniformity and ease of support for manufacturing, parts supplies and app development perspectives, it makes sense to be the full-touch entry level device replacing Z10 once it sells out.

How would an entry level phone replace the Z10 when the Z10 is a high end phone and not an entry level one?

BlackBerry needs to release two to three, low end, mid end and high end phones, or any combination of that, only touch screen and touch and QWERTY, with specs that are the same or better than the competition and prices that are lower than the competition.

That;s common sense basic economics. If consumers aren't buying your devices but they are buying the competition then that is one of the things you need to do.

I don't think the Q5 was much cheaper. Actually, the iphone 5C can be had for 75 on contract at some carriers.....sadly even apple is better at pricing a lower end phone than blackberry even though much of their market is in areas that generally wont pay the high prices the west will pay.

The BlackBerry Q5 is overpriced off-contract so I'll wait to see what the future holds for BlackBerry, the company. Now if BlackBerry would build a BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 server running on QNX instead of Microsoft Windows Server there might be a lot of interest from organisations concerned about stability and security.

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Kids are spending their babysitting money in droves here in Canada on the next iphone. I asked what why, there answer was I don't know, just wanted it. And look I can unlock my phone with my thumb. And oh ya it has ios7. So I asked is there anything new in ios7? Well not really....the camera may be a bit better....and off she went with a death grip on the device. none of them ever put their iphones down. It's a part of their hand now. She also said I don't have many apps....I asked what do you use your phone for....she says texting mainly....Facebook, Twitter. That folks is what they do. and the Hub is superior, yet everyone wants an iphone. An inferior device.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Maybe the kid doesn't want to analyze her phone all day. Maybe she just wants to enjoy it. I have an iphone5 and a q10. I can travel with my iphone and have all the banking, business and entertainment apps I need. I cannot solely use my q10. It doesn't have the apps I need. "Prosumers" are tired of carrying two phones. Why do it when other platforms can give you all in one. An OS is only superior to the degree it meets your needs. Your viewpoint is why BlackBerry has failed.

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I agree.I think we need to accept overall it is a mediocre phone system. You can expect kids or busy business men to be side-loading and installing leaks. It's almost farcical that BlackBerry is going after the prosumers market when they can't make a dent in the consumer market.

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How the heck is it "farcical" when BlackBerry (formerly RIM) placed its stamp in the professional/corporate sector?! Your comment is terribly uninformed at best or just plain misguided. Make no mistake, BB still has a very strong hold of the government and corporate mobile world. The meat of companies now using iDroids (BYODs) as a mobile solution are small upstarts and low grossing corporations that are trimming the fat any way they can. All the big boys still deploy BlackBerry as their mobile solution. BlackBerry is not going anywhere any time soon. Worst case scenario, it will return to its roots as a corporate/business-only device. Once BlackBerries are no longer available for "civilian" consumers, those same people will be clamoring for them because it will be once again viewed as an exclusive, near unattainable device.

I work for one of the big banks in Canada and we use BYOD, so there goes your argument that it is just just for small companies. The majority of companies (big and small) are moving to the BYOD model because that is what their employees want and BES10 makes it possible from a security standpoint. You are living in the past buddy. I have accepted what the future is bringing, and that doesn't include blackberry (as far as handsets go). Time to move on.

Posted using my Z10... soon to be Android or Apple

I too work with one of the big banks and BYOD is still only being talked about. I've heard rumors a few execs were allowed to carry an iPhone but theyre locked down. Majority of the employees are still given BBOS devices because they still work extremely well as a secure messaging platform. We'll probably move to BB10 in the future but it will not be an overnight max exodus to other platforms as some claim it to be and if it does happen it will be notoriously slow for a bank as long as the devices work. Just an example, we're still using XP on our desktops and many are still using BBOS 5 devices. The reasoning is they just work. BlackBerry will be here for a long time and that's that.

I didn't say it was "just" for small businesses. I said the majority. I, too, work for one of the largest banks in the U.S. We're also have the option of BYOD, but if it's not a BlackBerry, you're not getting your work emails or enterprise messaging. And even if we do choose BYOD, unless we surrender it to corporate security policy, the only thing it is used for is being paged, BlackBerry or not.

And yet your carrying two devices, why?

If the iPhone offers so much of a better experience via its app ecosystem as you state, then why have a Q10? Surely the iPhone can do communications just as well no?

That's just it, no one phone can do it all well. As a consumer you have to have the sensibility to understand what is more important, a phone that helps you be productive in your communications or a phone that has access to millions of apps but isn't necessarily the best on multitasking, without being assisted by 3rd party applications.

I for one have everything I need in my Z10! The fact that people buy iPhones on just the "cool" factor is a testament to Apple's marketing. It's stupid IMO to buy devices based solely on this but kudos to Apple for being successful in doing so.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Dude ur dreaming enterprise is leaving bbry in flocks and will continue to do so. BBRY will soon join palm.

Conceivably, they'll sell out of the Z10 and introduce this. Reading between the lines it seems to be the Z10 that's the problem child in the lineup right now.

The company with the z10 was joining the feature phone market. (small number of premium devices)

Management did an excellent job in doing so, 1) they are not in debt which would make the company go under. 2) they did all the recommended steps in marketing - traditional and modern 3) they made a brilliant device. 4) they invested heavily in luring apps and developer support.

The issue is their previous line of devices still haunted them, and competition has no problem in outclassing their marketing efforts.

It's sad that they fell short of expectations by 50%, but a write down of devices without having the company go under means that those remaining z10's will be sold at a significantly affordable price. Which means, more people will adopt the z10, which.... is the best advertising they can ask for.

The device speaks for itself.

I have the same thought. Z10 is supposed to be the mid tied device once Z30 is out. Now they will discontinue Z10 once inventory is cleared and replace it with Z5 which presumably is cheaper to build.

The Z10 is one of the best devices to ever wear the BlackBerry symbol, bar none. How is it the problem child? Maybe a problem child for other smartphones once/if those users happen upon a Z10 owner who knows how to demo it, but not for BlackBerry.

I like the Z10, trust me. There were two significant issues with it out of the gate though: battery (and when even the Q5 is shipped with a bigger one, that should tell you something), and too many users suffered the random reboot issue to ignore.

Great device, but it's not perfect.

I have had my Z10 since the AT&T US release in mid-March. I am currently running the latest AT&T official 10.1 OS ( and I have not had ANY random reboots since I have had my phone. It's an awesome phone. I've never had any phone with a reliability level that comes close to my Z10. Just wish I saw another one out in public..

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Awful lot of wasted screen space at the bottom. May be. Would hope they maximized the screen if keyboard underneath.

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The apps available in the app world are pretty good, nothing tout see with older devices. And the number is growing with days. For me, I've got all the apps i need. If you want you can check them on the blackberry website, selecting the device you want.

Name one good pic editing app comparable to snap seed, photo editor, camera 360..

Growing in numbers does not mean it is growing in quality..

I would rather have 1000 quality app in BB world than hundred of thousands useless app.. i can understand the developers reluctance to come to bb10 with the company in such a mess..

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For me, photo studio is a good editing app, after, it depends on what you expect from those types of app. l actually dont know the possibilities of the apps you mentionned.

When i talk about a growing number of apps, i mean quality apps are growing with time. Il totally agree that 100 good apps is better than à lot more nonquality ones.

Moreover, you've always got the possibility tout sideload Android apps. Things i havent done yet because, as i said,I've got all i need in app world.

But i steel encourage devlopers to load more apps.

Port app is not good enough, imo. Photo Studio still has a lot improvement to be able to do what camera 360 can do..
I am not a platform addict so i try almost anything out there, iOS Android and OS10. The only one i havent try is windows pbone.
IMO, android is kicking everybody arse right now. Even iOS will have a tough time ahead mainly due to its phone selection limitation.
A usd100 android phone from china can do a lot more than Z10 from applications point of view.. i kid you not..

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While I respect your opinion, that cheap Android phone may be able to run more apps, but the Z10 can run Android apps better than a lot of Android phones. Also, in my opinion, BlackBerry 10 is a much better OS and does the basics better than any other OS.

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That's great but the point is that so few android developers are porting their existing apps to BB10. Side loading may be fine for enthusiasts and tech junkies but it's NOT a viable option for every day consumers.

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Stop thinking about you,! The mass wants all the apps available right now ! They want a super smartphone with lots of gadgets in it! That's is why Samsung is number 1 today! BlackBerry need to innovate high tech product and make apps!

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Except that I don't care about the masses. I only care about me. That's why I got a BlackBerry.

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But if you want BlackBerry to survive you need to think about what s' folks wants! Because if we are only 4% to buy BlackBerry s' phone, they won't survive

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Explain how the Z10 will go lower tier. It makes me laugh every time somebody says something like that. The phone is the same as it was the day it was released for six hundred plus dollars in terms of it's physical being. Actually, it's better than it was on release day in many instances with the official and multiple leaked OS upgrades. So please...explain how it becomes a lower tier device. The only thing lower about it now, is the price, which doesn't necessarily make the device itself lower tier. Some of you kill me with your materialistic views. "Oh, this is newer so it is better!" Give me a break. Lol. The mentioned (rumored) device is supposedly an entry level device at that. How do you figure the Z10 to be of lower status than an entry level device?

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I believe the previous poster was quoting from the Press release on pre Q2 results where BlackBerry wrote: " the Company will re-tier the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone to make it available to a broader, entry-level audience". Now since most of the inventory write-off of around 930 million was attributed to the Z10 then I guess they can now sell it cheaper without taking any further losses especially since they just released a new flagship Z30.
So to your point they aren't revamping the Z10 to be a lower tiered phone -they are just relying on Moore's law and and inventory write-off to achieve the same effect.

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I think the top tier will be of course the Z30 with the C series being the bottom tier and the Z10 will be phase out....this makes sense if they only plan on having 4.

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In my opinion, phone tiers should be based on price. If the Z10 becomes a lower tier device, that would mean positive things for BlackBerry 10. Basically, it's saying that BlackBerry has an amazing lower tier device that can compete with the other manufacturers higher tier devices.

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So...what's up with the bottom row of apps being blurred...?

EDIT: never mind.. I see the top is partially blurred too, to hide those pesky PINs in leaked OSes.

EDIT AGAIN: wait.. if they could have just blurred out the PINs like they did for the top two, why didn't they do that for the bottom two as well?? Unless of course they're trying to hide unreleased apps, to save for a surprise announcement...

A leaker... saving apps for a surprise? lol. I'm chalking it up to they just got lazy in photoshop and blurred it all.

I don't know about that, I looked pretty carefully at the blurred images, I think the one on the far right is file manager, but I don't recognise the others.

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BlackBerry C? As in Cheap Series?! Oh Come On! #TeamBlackBerry #GlobeBlackBerryZ10LTE @BlackBerryPH @CrackBerry

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Yeah! I was going to mention that it looks a lot like an HTC. Interesting.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

We need discussion of prosumer. I'm only familiar with the term as it is used in cameras. That is not for professionals but still for those who want a reasonably good phone that does what they want it to at the cheapest cost. That is not to compete with the pro version (iphone). I personally think it's a mistake. I think BlackBerry can compete with the pros in one high end iconic market. But their most lucrative market will be business. That is a work phone. Cheap but very functional so that businesses can justify. Secure, easy to manage. Effective. The high end versions can also fit. Hence I think two markets are viable. A business market and a pro market. In the middle us dangerous.

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This may just be the one that got through the cracks. I wonder how you end up being one of the lucky people to get their hands on these leak models.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon | @addm | 333ACECA | C00056F02

Mathematical odds this gets released?

Man I'm really gunning for BlackBerry to make it and keep pushing out great devices.

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Why not make an upgrade from the z10 like Z20. Same size of z10 but improved battery life, camera, processor etc. Or most likely same specs with the z30 or better. Z10 has the perfect size not too small not too big.

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Completely agree, this is where my feelings currently stand. I love my Z10 in every which way, make like the iPhone and just upgrade the components and the hardware a tad bit to be more like the Z30!

They did all the research to get that perfect size for a reason, so stick with it BB! Make a "Z20" that's a high end non-phablet area full touch device!


I love the size and functionality of my Z10. Would enjoy a camera tweak and more onboard memory.

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Why? As it stands the Z10 is a better device than most. Specs are irrelevant, there are devices with higher specs than the Z10 that suffer from lags. The Z10 has no lags with the current specs because is an efficient runner.

Design is already proven by BlackBerry what the consumer needs Is a lot of free apps.. to get back in the game :)

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You better re-read the media release, my friend, and STOP listening to the TV commentators.

THEY ARE NOT SHUTTING DOWN, ONLY changing their operational focus, strategy, and device lineup.
In fact, you will still be able to buy a BlackBerry next week, next month, and probably next year.

THIS, people, is THE Clearest Example of how "saying one thing" becomes completely the opposite at the recipient-end of that message. No wonder this company can't catch a break ...

Just my 2 cents froma penny-less country.
Cheers and Keep Moving!

They don't need a budget phone. They just wrote-off a billion dollars worth of Z10 inventory. Since they've already been written off as losses, those phones should be reduced in price to sell at the low-end. I like the idea of the 4.5 inch screen as more likely to be successful in the U.S. market, but the 4.2 inch screen on a Z10 should be fine. The Z10 is a great device and I love the idea of getting it into more hands at a lower cost of entry. Let's say out of contract = $299... or $150. That should raise a few eyebrows. :-)

But, if they were truthful today and they really will be focusing on enterprise and prosumer markets, they don't need this phone. This is a good entry-level consumer model.

Just my initial thoughts...

This model was going to be the next one introduced, so it was probably advanced enough in the development cycle that some prototypes have already been built, probably even a pre-production run.

Whether it ever actually makes it to market is anyone's guess.

I doubt this will ever launch, if it does, they need to firesale the z10s off first.

Looks like a "quote-bait". But I think with the surprise they did with the z30, this one may actually live to be released into the market. Just methinks, that is.

The problem is, if you add up a number of things, where does it fit? You can't launch a budget devices which you are trying to firesale... sorry "retier" it's big brother with a better spec. Moreover there are a number of other issues - if you have flooded the channel with duds that nobody wants to buy (think about it - three devices on the market, sub-million quarter for BB across twenty plus markets - must be sub-100,000 in some key markets), how do you get it to 'eat' this device?

You don't.

I'm inclined to agree with you, but only if that means the Z10 is staying in production. There's also the chance that they might just sell off remaining Z10 stock and introduce this budget model later. Or, they have so much Z10 stock that they could sell it for the next two years...

Answer: BlackBerry trade-in program world-wide for Z10 devices.

Win-Win situation for everyone, with marketshare to brag to the App developers.

Probably cheaper than Z10 inventory writedown ?

Alcatel and ZTE have some really budget "phablets". They are 5", and sport 512MB. There are also phones that are nearly 5" and aren't marketted as flagship / hero phones.

Screen might not be bigger. Remember the Z10 has a unique resolution and they announced that all other full touch devices would have a different resolution than the Z10. Could just be that the 1280x720 holds 5 rows better than the 1280x768 does

Maybe they will kill off the Z10 and produce a cheaper Q5 like version of it to save on costs and push entry level adoption of BB10.

Is it just me, or does the image above look a lot like it could be just an earlier version of the Z30? It's quite ugly in my opinion sadly, but mirrors a lot of the Q5's looks and that is the cheaper Q model and all. If it's not an early Z30 model, I don't know what to think - it looks like it very well could be a 5" screen, especially because it holds 5 rows of icons like the Z30, so why would they be making a "cheap model" phablet Z.. Phablets are mainly meant to be higher-end phones because they are supposed to be tablets that are also phones.

I feel like the Z10 is going to be the "cheap model" they need a high-end non-phablet area Z series device.. Like Z30 quality, but Z10 screen size.

Judging by the 5 rows of apps, I'm sure this is at least a 4.5 inch screen. Actually looks like a Z30, but dulled down. Spec-wise this sounds like it would be positioned just below the Z10, making it a possible Z5. However, with BlackBerry changing the number of phones in its portfolio, this could be used as a next-gen replacement for the Z10. The problem with the Z10 is that it's to close spec-wise to the Z30. Ditching the Z10 and bringing this out to replace it, and rebrand it as a Z15 would make a lot of sense.

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+1, it has the cheap feeling curves that they made apparent in the Q5's design. I'm assuming those curves will always be there for their cheap models, but they look hideous to me even for a "cheap model".

BBRY better do something in stead of selecting coffee. Starbucks and Coffee Beans are many years in the market!

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Just make it reaaaally affordable and we are on the right track. Don't care how it looks, what the specs are, just wanna see BlackBerry flooding the market.

Posted from Jamaica via Q10


Android's number one advantage is *price*. If Android wasn't cheap, their market share would be much, much smaller. Blackberry needs a BB10 device that competes on PRICE!!

Size similar to Z10 and still has 5 rows for icons.....plz do the same for Z10....
I guess this will have same specs that of Z10 as Z10 will be out of market soon... :D

Given what we heard about restructuring I doubt we will see any new devices and two of those out there will be dropped. .

Unless somebody buys the company, I doubt if we will see the specialized apps that are what people mean by "no apps." Such as those from stock brokers. Only Bloomberg has made one of those.

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BB will just regroup and it will stay right where he began, waiting for the time when people will desire their phones and they will emerge again conquering it all! Jeez people, you are so pessimistic.

Please blackberry please not more than 299-350$ off contract. First please gain more consumer base, good word of mouth would follow soon :)

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Why won't Blackberry give these new devices cool flagship names or series???? That would at least give subtle marketing to a potential customers with an idea or theme about the NEW BlackBerry products.

Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, or Z5= NOT Tactical marketing strategy.

London, Colt, Blackforest, Winchester, Bold, Storm, Torch, etc= BETTER Product identification which makes for better commercials because now you have a theme to work with, all makes for better marketing. Codenames should be acronyms and numers. Final product should have a blessed name!!!!!!

Otherwise it might as well be called the


i hope it will be at a reasonable price :P in some places you can see q5 vs z10 with a price difference of 30 euros.and this is totally ridiculous!!! :(:(:(

Hope they will not kill the Z10, iys such a nice phone, design wise and all!
My optimistic interpretation is that BlackBerry will no longer release new phones. They allready have 4 now. So, i'm hoping that they will go for a touch and a qwerty for low -tier ( that is Z10 and Q5) and Z30 with Q10 for high end.

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Just because the wrote down some inventory does not mean that a phone us being discontinued or that support will end. It just means they have more inventory than they realistically believe the can sell

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I like this design look better. The "thicker bottom chin look" in silver seems to give a signature look that BlackBerry could stick with. Looks more blackberryish for full touch design. Z10 looked somewhat iPhone 4 and 5 from the front and sides

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Looks like it will be Initially priced like a iPhone 5c or galaxy 3 assuming BlackBerry is going to not go lower than $50 on a 2 year. And z10 will go on full clearance pricing. $50 or free

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My interpretation of the downsizing from 6 devices to 4 devices was more of an annual thing, not period. I would imagine that this could be part of the ones for next year, granted they continue to make phones. They would have to have something in the works regardless of whether they still produce for "consumers ", which to me is still suspect. I like the way this phone looks. I love my Z10 and can't wait for the Z30. I will be riding this horse until it's dead.

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I hope you are wrong. Releasing this hardware in 2014 will be the last straw...

Posted via CB10

Same camera, same display, arguably same storage. Existing models are not selling with that hardware at fire sale prices, so what makes anyone think this would sell?

Watching BlackBerry's execution of each device is like watching the movie groundhog day. It's the same routine over and over, same problem and nobody realizes it.

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BlackBerry will survive. The media is just scared of losing their advertising dollars from apple and Samsung who probably spend 50x more than blackberry, and they would lose too much money in their declining apple stocks. It's a sad world where being the best doesn't matter, it's who pays you the most that matters. I love my Z10 and can't wait for my Z30! Stereo speakers and all :) I just wish they had an upgraded camera, but it still has as good of a camera as the latest iPhone. Maybe I will pick up a real camera with Wifi connectivity. BlackBerry has the best operating system period!

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BlackBerry is dead....they want to cash it out. Why would you always release bad news right after good news. Today BBM4all launches. Last night, everyone I know because I am an avid BlackBerry user asked me if my phone was going to work in the near future. Now today I am going to ask them to download BBM for me? For my device? Not a fucking chance. BlackBerry wants to commit Harry Carey, they can just go do it.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Well, as a large share holder, I am frustrated too, but if you want to say things like this, you should change your footer first.

Bad news helps Prima with his buyout venture. Once things get finalized you will see stability again. The Z30 rocks! The Z10 is awesome, it's only the corrupted media that got them off to a bad start. BlackBerry isn't dead. They aren't even in debt! This is all part of a difficult transition and things will improve, even if BlackBerry becomes a niche player, thriving in the enterprise industry, they will survive, and I will support them.

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I hope this has the same guts as the Q5 but with a full touch-screen. That would be my phone, in red though

I'll sum up why bberry is failing, I walked into best buy today and the z10 demo phone was detached from the security cable....and not one person bothered to steal it!

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That's probably because the displays are generally in some back corner (for the Z10 and Q10). I walked into a local Futureshop the other day, and the Galaxy's, iPhones, other Droids were all prominently displayed. (I'm talking working demo models). The only Blackberry placed amongst them....the Q5?! It's not even trying to compete directly with the S4 and i5.

I hope it has a micro USB/HDMI port. I was really disappointed when the q5 didn't.

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The Toronto Star quoted 2 analysts today as saying BlackBerry is dead or done for. One even sold all his stock. They misinterpreted yesterday's news but it doesn't matter. That BS sells papers. If anything this is the lowest low point. When a newspaper sells the public on: "Oh no. BlackBerry cuts it's staff by 1/3! Might as well get some analysts to scare everyone from ever buying a BB phone again so the other 2/3 can lose their jobs too." I don't think I'll ever understand the media. They know how much influence they have over peoples lives and yet they care more about selling sensationalist BS than just informing the public. It's like they need an exciting story to capture their audience.

I agree with most of the posters. BlackBerry needs to just focus on a main plan. A high end touch along with a lower end. Same with the qwerty versions. Going to design something a new PlayBook. Just my thought.

Screen has been confirmed as 4.5", but I'm surprised by the 5 rows of icons.
Both the touch and qwerty versions went through certification, so let's hope it wasn't for nothing. I'm expecting them to launch early next year as the 2 low-end devices for 2014.

In the pic beside the iPhone, there's no way this is a 4.2" screen, it's either 5" or 6" in my opinion. Just sayin'

So that's it no more new bb10 phones for the year? Aw man I liked how this 1 looks too

Man blackberry better market these phones since it will only be 4 this year

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Maybe this C series phone is the 6th device that BlackBerry said they would release in the year which for them is probably for fiscal 2014. Maybe the change from 6 to 4 devices released per year is starting in fiscal 2015. Next year is when the next gen Z10 will be considered their entry level phone and future development of the C series and possibly any new BBOS 7 devices will be wound down to just have a lineup of z10 z30 q10 q5. Again all this is starting next year...All those who say why bother do anything at this point please look yourself in the mirror and say the same thing about your life. Why bother?? Stupid is as stupid does.

Bla1ze, you're smoking crack if you think BlackBerry will release a fifth smartphone after the last announcements but given the odd behaviour of BlackBerry management maybe you'll be right. I'm not listening to BlackBerry anymore despite enjoying much of BlackBerry OS 10.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Bbq10..just whays does the iphone have that your q10 doesnt?

I have all my bank apps, weather, FB, Gas buddy, BB travel, a great browzer, BBM, Soundhog..what else would a guy need?

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Good grief. I pray they've canned that phone. The Z10 is now their economy model. They need to fire sale it to get it out to consumers. It has all gone so horribly wrong...

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I love Blackberry as a company and devices but, I will not have shocked if it collapsed

let me explain something the chairman Thorsten Heins (of CEO I don not care what is he) is really dumb enough to kill the company and here is the point of why he made so stiupid decisions:-

1- Releasing new device or near to release (2 weeks before the actual release) and in the same time announce for upcoming devices will make people wait for the other devices>

2- Releasing BBM in Android and IOS without paying for the service will make people really thing about leaving the old (Blacknerry OS4 - OS7) for Iphone and Android and in the same time BB10OS is not stable enough to make people switch without the exclusive BBM, although the BB10 is the best OS I ever used (personal opinion).

3-Broken Promises. Playbook and Headless apps.

4- Sharing company strategy with people in the internet (like company board make decisions for another strategy in the future).

5-Markting problems, like dumb ads.

if the company do not fix these issues it will be part of historical failures.

Is it only me that noticed that this phone seems to have 5 icon rows like the Z30 rather than 4 like on the Z10? It's supposed to have the same kind of screen size as the Z10 I'm pretty sure (looks that way compared to the hand holding it)

This Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor is better than the one on Z30, right!? So how come this device will be low end?

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Who wants to bet that this is the device that Thor was so excited about launching at the end of the year??

My vote goes to the 'slider'.... check out the button at the bottom bezel. Since BlackBerry doesn't use home buttons, this could be a hardware qwerty keyboard launcher. Just sayin'.

I like Blackberries for its innovative software and security. However, in reality, BB sales is directly proportional to its physical appearance and feel. Unfortunately BB's weaknesses in these aspects are seriously affecting its sales demand and competitiveness. Here is my two bits worth of advise:
1. Concentrate on perfecting existing designs and minimize the product skew to reduce working capital drain on the already depleted financial resources.
2. Compared to competitions, existing BB devices, for the same screen size, have too much plastic and too little screen. They must be condensed and trimmed down to about 85% of existing physical sizes and weight while maintaining the same screen size and thickness. There are tons of existing technologies out there to achieve it by working with BB's supplies of materials and production equipment. By reducing the product skew would make it easier for BB to achieve the economy of scale to better its designs.
3. In this post Snowden era, the world is still waiting for BB to clarify how its security features compared to its Apple and Android competitors. BB's present failure to strongly publicize, market and defend its security features has demoted BB to the ranks of just another average leaky US software run consumer smart phone and eroded its niche market strategy chance of success.
4. BB's core strength is security and software. BB should stop expanding its existing skew and concentrate on mending its existing physical design weaknesses.
Apple has just release its latest design with a finger print recording switch - a fatal fraud that would scare away US spy weary consumers around the world. This is the time for BB to come out fighting hard and defend itself. Good luck BB.

Well looks like Blackberry isn't dead yet, I'm glad they're planning to bring out more devices and this only proves they're still well and alive. Please fill the market with all sorts of new devices and designs as well as different in colors, with BBM just around the corner watch out world. The new beginning has just started. Blackberry forever.

Non-removable battery, like q5. It has become fashionable. Sad.
Keep going to death, dear BB. RIP

And I thought we had...

Z30 and Q10 = luxury devices
Z10 and Q5 = budget devices

I know Z10 was supposed to be higher end, but at this point if the Z30 is coming out, surely that is the all-touch first-tier model and the Z10 is now pushed down into second-tier all-touch model. Similarly, we already know the Q5 is a more budget-level version of a Q10 for the keyboard-models. Isn't that 4 phones?

I think they need to work with these lines of phones and work on the production side to continue lowering the costs. I know Z10 was supposed to be "high-end" but the longer it is in production, the more are made, the cheaper it should theoretically get. BlackBerry cannot afford to release a cheaper all-touch phone. Apple is already killing it with the older iPhones and even the new ones are becoming more affordable due to their huge economies of scale.

BlackBerry needs to make the Z10 as inexpensive as possible and continue lowering the cost of the Q5, while continuing to sell a larger/faster Z30 and more refined Q10 into the "higher" professional tier, and that's it. I can't see the logic in spending money on designing and pushing out yet another phone with crappier specs to try and save a few bucks on production, and then not sell enough to make it worth it.

I know the devices have been trimmed down from 6 to 4, but this seems like an awfully good replacement to the Z10. Let's not forget that the Z10 has been out nearly a year already. That is AGES in smartphone years...

I'm not sure if it would be wise for me to invest in a BlackBerry device at this time. That's right I said (wrote) it

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