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Digital Offers: Become a certified hacker for only $59

As the online landscape grows and changes, so does the requirement for security. One tried and true way of testing security is to crack through it, after all, it's easier to know what needs to be fixed once something breaks through. Believe it or not, this is actually a job known as ethical hacking, and the people who can do such tasks, they are in high demand.

Companies, especially ones that work primarily online, would rather have someone on payroll breaching through their security than someone with bad intentions. Whether you consider yourself adept with tech, or you're just starting out, you're probably wondering how to get started in the world cyber security.

CrackBerry Offers has a fantastic deal on the Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package. This package contains over 55 hours of course content that you will train you to be an ethical hacker. Plus, you'll have unlimited access to for 12 whole months!

If you've looked into online courses for ethical hacking in the past, you know they don't come cheap, but right now you can get the Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package for only $59 rather than the regular price tag of $1599. You read that right; you'll get a savings of 96%.

With job markets in many sectors dwindling, one thing that doesn't seem to be going away is the need for tech security, so why not get started on this course today? Some of the highlights include:

  • Learn how to breach wireless network security with over 55 hours of training.
  • Understand how to handle digital evidence within legal standards.
  • Use Access Data's Forensic Toolkit, EnCase, and other special steps to review data whilst leaving all evidence intact.
  • Learn how to implement an Info Risk Assessment Process and integrate enterprise business objectives with information security policies.
  • Discover IT Strategy and Information systems maintenance practices.

Become a certified hacker for cheap! Learn More

The bottom line is you need a change. Whether you dislike your job, or you are looking for a way to increase job security, this is a great a great opportunity for an extremely low price.

Grab Aukey's folding travel charger for just $6 right now!

Right now you can pick up Aukey's compact folding charger for just $6 with coupon code AUKPAU32, a savings of $4. Once folded up, this charger isn't much taller or wider than an SD card, and has two USB ports to allow easy charging of your favorite gadgets. It has a 2.4A output for making sure you are getting the best charging speed that you can, and thanks to its AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology it can ensure that the charge going to each device is safe and won't cause overheating, overcharging or anything else.

You can grab the charger in either black or white, but don't forget to use coupon code AUKPAU32 for the full savings. This deal is only good for a few days, so be sure to grab one (or even two) if you are interested before they run out!

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Keep five of your devices charged up with this Quick Charge 3.0 charging station for just $20!

Aukey is currently offering its five port USB desktop charging station for just $20 with coupon code AUKUSBC5, a savings of $5. Don't get stuck looking for multiple outlets to charge up your gadgets, and instead just use one to get them all charged. This hub has 4 regular USB ports, along with one USB-C port for easy charging on just about anything you have around. Being Quick Charge 3.0 it will charge compatible devices up to four times faster, and it is still completely safe to use on anything that doesn't support QC 3.0.

Remember, you will need to use coupon code AUKUSBC5 for the $5 savings here. If you've got a bunch of devices to charge up, this is definitely the easiest and best way to do it.

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Digital Offers: Master SEO with this lecture series for just $29

Are you looking to make a career change in 2017 that may involve needing to know more about SEO and how it all works? Learning new skills is daunting. It can be challenging, time-consuming, and even expensive. Luckily, it doesn't have to be all of those things.

Meet the Lecture Series for SEO Certification, a way for you to move through the learning at your own pace. Whether you have some free time in the mornings or evenings, you'll be able to access the six hours of lectures any time of the day, any day of the week. From learning a bit about the history of SEO to mastering best practices, there is a lot to learn here.

With it you'll get:

  • Access 6 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn a brief history of SEO
  • Understand the importance of keyword research to site architecture, link building, SEO measurement, & more
  • Discover local business marketing & local search ranking factors & how to manipulate them to your benefit
  • Master SEO best practices & learn how to track SEO performance effectively
  • Explore careers that exist in online marketing

Master SEO for just $29 Learn More

Don't get stuck paying nearly $500 for the course when you can pay just a fraction of that. This offer gives you the information you need so you can learn it at your own pace, and work towards that SEO Certification you need to move forward in your career.

Being able to grab this for just $29 won't last long, so be sure to get it now. Your future self will thank you later.

Digital Offers: Master Microsoft Office for just $49

Understanding Microsoft Office and how it all works is very important when looking for a job. Don't get left behind at the interview table because you don't know how to use formulas in Excel or analyze data with ease. With Microsoft offering so many apps under the Office umbrella, it can be hard to learn them all, especially if you don't know where to begin. Luckily, getting started doesn't have to be hard.

For just $49 you can get access to a year of amazing Microsoft Office information to help you master the suite of apps. From the basic features and functions to data analyzing, you'll have access to it all.

The courses in this bundle include:

  • Microsoft Excel Course Section 1: Foundation
  • Section 2: Orientation & efficiency
  • Section 3: Administration
  • Section 4: Data Handling
  • Section 5: Data Analysis
  • Section 6: Presentation

But that isn't it. There is more than 100 hours of learning material from in-depth data handling to formatting options, and much more. The bundle also includes:

  • Over 100 hours of learning material
  • Essential Excel functions (doesn't waste your time w/ useless functions)
  • Basic terminology & setup
  • Data analysis basics w/ PivotTables & more
  • In-depth data handling: sorting, filtering, lookup & more
  • Formatting options & training

Master Microsoft Office for cheap! Learn More

That's quite a lot of information, and for a limited time you can get it for just $49. This is a huge savings from the original $453 price tag that you would pay on all these courses. Whether you think you are good at Office or know you need to get better, you won't want to miss out on this deal.

Be sure to grab this mastery bundle for 89% off before the deal ends.

Keep your phone safe in the car with this $10 magnetic car mount!

One of your resolutions for 2017 should definitely be to keep your phone out of your hands when you are driving, and this awesome magnetic car mount makes that so much easier. Anker's magnetic car mount is a simple way to keep your phone out of your hands but still in view so you can use it for navigation, music streaming and more. The strong magnet allows it to work universally with just about any phone, so it won't matter how often you switch you can use it with any device you have with you that day.

This $20 discount isn't likely to last very long, so you're going to want to pick one up sooner than later. Something like this makes for a great investment for each car you own, so be sure to grab a couple to keep your loved ones safe on the road.

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Amazon will sell you a 200GB microSD card today for just $63

Amazon has once again dropped the price of the 200GB SanDisk microSD card to $63, which is a pretty great deal. While not the lowest price the card has ever hit, this is pretty close to it. Whether you need some additional storage in your phone, camera, drone, or even computer, you'll be thankful to have 200GB that is so portable. Load up your favorite pictures, movies, music and more to carry around with you all the time!

This deal is only good for today, December 30, so be sure to grab one now if you are interested!

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Digital Offer: Get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for only $29!

Using the internet is becoming increasingly risky, and many people aren't taking the precautions necessary to protect their data and ultimately themselves. Using a VPN to protect yourself is never a bad idea, but free services are often unreliable, slow, and unsafe.

What you need is an affordable VPN service with a proven track record to keep your data private while you browse the internet. You have several devices, so you need it to work on multiple platforms, and you need servers close to you so you don't suffer from slow speeds.

Right now, CrackBerry Digital Offers has a sale on a lifetime subscription to the award-winning VPN Unlimited. A one-time payment of $29 never runs out — if you're unsure if this is the VPN for you, get the 3-year subscription for $19 and give it a good test.

Grab the most popular VPN of 2016 for $29 Learn More

VPN Unlimited has servers in over 35 countries to ensure internet speeds are fast and reliable. You can use your subscription on up to five devices at once and can delete unused devices and add new ones. The VPN Unlimited app is available in multiple languages and is compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Windows Mobile.

Connecting to the internet with a VPN means your data is encrypted — unlike many other VPN services, there is no limit on data usage, and you won't experience any throttling. The internet isn't getting any safer, so why wait? This lifetime subscription deal for only $29 won't be available forever.

Digital Offers: Save more than $500 on this DevOps Mastery Bundle!

Looking for a career change in 2017 and want to get started with mastering development opportunities? There are so many different coding languages, things to learn and ways to learn it that it can quickly become overwhelming. Beyond all that, it simply gets expensive, and not everyone has hundreds or thousands of dollars laying around to drop into learning.

Luckily, thanks to great bundles like the ultimate DevOps mastery one you can get access to nearly 70 hours of presentations on different topics for a fraction of its regular cost. That's right, from learning Redis from scratch to better understanding the fundamentals of Linux and Unix Admin, there is a ton of great information here.

The courses that are included are:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam Guide - $49 Value
  • Learn Redis from Scratch - $49 Value
  • Become An AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Associate - $49 Value
  • Fundamentals of Unix & Linux System Administration - $69 Value
  • Projects in Hadoop and Big Data: Learn by Building Apps - $69 Value
  • Get CISSP Certified in Quick and Easy Steps - $49 Value
  • Algorithms and Software Engineering for Professionals - $49 Value
  • Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide - $69 Value
  • Introduction to Kubernetes Using Docker - $100 Value

Save over $500 on this great mastery bundle Learn more

All of these courses would run you more than $550 if you were to purchase them individually. Right now you can bundle all of them together for the low price of just $43 which is less than any single course here costs.

This pricing won't last long, so be sure to grab this bundle now so your future self can thank you!

Bluetooth headphones

Amazon is currently hosting a large sale on Bluetooth headphones, slashing the price by more than 50% on some sets. There are some in ear, over the ear, around the neck, completely wireless and more from brands like TaoTronics, SoundPEATS, Mpow and several others. Whether you are looking to spend under $20 on a pair, or more than $100, you'll likely be able to find one here that will meet your needs.

Some of these can still be delivered before Christmas, so be sure to try out Amazon Prime to get free two day shipping on your order. Which pair will you pick up? Let us know in the comments!

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Digital Offers: Become a certified Project Manager for just $69!

Project Management happens to be one of the fastest growing fields in several industries right now, and you may be looking to make a switch. But just how does one get started with Project Management and learning the ropes? Well, they take expensive courses that consume a lot of time, right? Wrong.

You don't have to spend a ton of time and money to begin learning the basics. Meet the Ultimate Project Management Certification bundle which provides you access to 9 comprehensive courses seven days a week, 24 hours a day. From learning the basics to getting more in depth with Six Sigma Black, this is a great way to jumpstart your career change.

With the bundle you'll get:

  • Access 9 comprehensive courses 24/7
  • Explore study materials for PMI Risk Management Professional, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Project Management Professional (PMP), Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Bundle, PRINCE2 Foundation Certification, and PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification
  • Learn a structured approach to managing projects
  • Understand how to manage stakeholder engagement, service strategy process, & how to analyze data
  • Plan human resources needs & identify project risks
  • Use exam prep quizzes, tests, & mock exams to ensure you're ready to take on the real certification exams

Save over $4,000 on this great bundle Learn more

Normally, a bundle like this would set you back around $4,300, but right now you can pay a fraction of that. For access at any time of any day to nine different courses, you can't really beat the $69 price tag here. From learning structured approachings to managing projections to planning upcoming human resource needs, and more, there is tons of valuable information here.

This huge 98% savings won't last though, so you'll want to grab it for yourself now before it is too late.

Digital Offers: Pay what you want to learn how to code in 2017

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to learn how to code something new in 2017? Whether you have your eyes set on redesigning a website, building your first mobile app, or anything in between, odds are you aren't looking to spend a fortune to do it all.

Luckily, you won't have to. If you grab this awesome pay what you want bundle you'll be able to make 2017 the year you learn how to code. From learning the basics by example to mastering GitHub and more, there is a crazy amount of value in all these courses.

All you have to do is beat the current average in order to get all the courses for that amount. You can also decide to pay what you want for it, but that won't score you all of the courses.

Beat the average to grab all these courses now! Learn more

You can also aim for the top of the leaderboard by beating that amount, which is still currently less than the price of some of these courses by themselves. If 2017 is the year for you to learn how to code, this bundle is a neccessity for you. Don't miss out on this great offer, your future self will thank you!

Save over 30% on these great Bluetooth headphones right now!

Anker is currently offering a few of its Bluetooth headphones for as little as $19 at Amazon, which is a savings of more than 30%. There are three different pairs of headphones to pick between, all of which are highly rated from previous buyers. They are all sweatproof and offer noise cancellation for the best sound quality possible. Per charge, each headset should give you a minimum of six hours of life before needing to be recharged.

Whether your new phone has no headphone jack or you just want to rid yourself of wires, you won't want to miss out on this awesome deal. Which set will you be picking up? Let us know!

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Grab one of the best travel chargers available for just $4 right now!

How does one of the best portable charging plugs for less than $5 sound? Well, right now you can pick up iClever's BoostCube plug with dual USB ports for only $4 with coupon code ICLEVER0, a savings of $7. The charger comes in both black and white, and happens to be the top pick for travel chargers by the team over at The Wirecutter. It is small, compact, and lightweight, and has a powerful output of 4.8A to easily power both USB ports at the same time.

This deal likely won't last very long, so be sure to grab one (or two) right now! Don't forget to use coupon code ICLEVER0 for the full savings here.

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Digital Offers: Grab the Complete Finance and Economics bundle for $49

Finances and economics may be two of the most complicated things out there. Having too little money can be a struggle, and having too much can become a problem. Learning how to manage it, where to invest it, how to make it turn into more money, and all that fun stuff is not an easy thing to learn.

You could spend hours and hours trying to search different stuff and spend thousands to try and learn from someone else, or you can take it into your own hands. This awesome finance and economics bundle will take you from getting started to trading using machine learning for the low price of just $49. It offers 9 courses with nearly 380 different lessons.

The courses you'll get include:

  • From 0 to 1: Bond Theory & Valuation - $49 Value
  • From 0 to 1: Investments & Portfolio Theory - $49 Value
  • Case Studies in Macro-Economics - $49 Value
  • Corporate Finance 101: Equity Valuation - $49 Value
  • Corporate Finance 101: Financial Statement Analysis & Ratios - $49 Value
  • Economics: Game Theory, Competition, Elasticity - $49 Value
  • Case Studies: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple - $49 Value
  • Learn By Example: Statistics and Data Science in R - $99 Value
  • Quant Trading Using Machine Learning - $99 Value

If you were to purchase all of these courses separately you'd end up spending nearly $550, but luckily right now you can pick them all up for a fraction of that. Priced at just $49 you can get all 9 courses for what you would normally pay for just one.

This huge 90% discount won't last long, so be sure to great it now if you want to learn some more about finance and economics!

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Grab RAVPower's 22000mAh power bank for just $30 right now!

Right now you can pick up the massive RavPower 22000mAh power bank for its lowest price yet, just $30. With such a large capacity you may think it will be a pain to carry around, but in all reality, it is actually quite portable and similarly sized to many mobile phones. 22000mAh should be enough to charge your phones and tablets anywhere from four to seven times, depending on which device you have hooked up to it.

The battery pack has three USB outputs, and each port puts out 2.4A, so you can charge using all three at the same time. This deal will only be available today, December 12, so don't miss out!

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Save big on select Anker charging accessories today only

Amazon's Deal of the Day can score you some pretty big savings on select Anker charging accessories. Whether you need a new wall charger for your phone or a portable battery pack to carry around, you won't want to pass this one up. Anker is a reputable company that has been making mobile accessories for quite some time now, and most of the products have great ratings on Amazon.

Some of the deals include:

Remember, these prices are only good for today, December 8, so be sure to act quickly if you are interested. For a full list of the items on sale today, hit the link below.

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Digital Offers: lifetime subscription can be yours for just $39!

Life is busy and relaxing can be hard. Avoiding distractions isn't easy, they are literally everywhere. Whether you need to avoid them to get some studying done or need help getting yourself to sleep, it can be a struggle to get it done. There are a number of different programs and options out there to tune out these distractions, but unfortunately they aren't all cheap.

Luckily, is a great way to tune them out at an affordable cost. For just $39 you can grab a lifetime subscription that will help you boost your productivity and get that to-do list accomplished.

With this lifetime subscription you'll be able to:

  • Choose whether you're trying to work, relax, or sleep, & experience an original composition specially generated for that scenario
  • Adjust the stream to play for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or indefinitely until you turn it off
  • Explore different recordings & audio tracks for each category on your own
  • Access premium-only content & track your work progress

This huge 80% savings that brings the price to just $39 won't last too long, so you'll want to act quickly. Whether you need to buckle down and study for that upcoming exam or just need to relax after a long day of work, is the perfect option for you.

Don't wait for the price to jump back up to $200 and instead grab this lifetime subscription for yourself right now.

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Grab two of Aukey's car chargers for just $12 right now

Right now you can pick up two of Aukey's dual-port car chargers for just $12 with coupon code AUKCARCC, which is a savings of $5. Each charger has two USB ports to plug in the cable of your choice, and each port offers 5V 2.4A of its own for maximum charging speeds. It also has built-in safeguards to protect your phones and tablets from overheating, overcharging, and receiving excessive current.

All you have to do is add two of the chargers to your cart and then use coupon code AUKCARCC at checkout for the savings.

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Ditch the wires with up to 66% off these Bluetooth headphones

Right now you can save up to 66% on a variety of SoundPeats Bluetooth headphones at Amazon, but only for today. The discounts range from the company's sport headphones right down to the truly wireless ones, so you won't want to miss out here. Whether you need to pick up some headphones to replace an older pair, or can't use your old ones in your new phone without a headphone jack, Bluetooth is the way to go these days.

If you need a new set of headphones, today is the day to buy a pair. This deal will end tonight, so be sure to act quickly and pick some up right now,

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