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The smartest smartphone KEYboard

The smartest smartphone KEYboard

I was tight on studio time this week but found a few minutes to fire things up for another CBK video. You don't call a phone KEYone without a big part of the story being about the KEYboard, so in this video I dive into what makes it so damn smart.

A few weeks ago on Valentine's Day I posted a gush fest video about why physical keyboards still rock and will have a place in the smartphone world for years to come despite the majority of devices these days being touchscreen slabs. If you missed that video, you can watch it here.

In this video I followed up with another video about the BlackBerry KEYone's KEYboard and what makes it so fantastically smart. Of course, if you're reading this on CrackBerry you're likely already up to speed with the KEYboard's awesomeness. Like many keyboard smartphones before it, you can program shortcuts which make the phone more immediately useful every time you pick it up (short press & long press options make these shortcuts even smarter). And like some newer BlackBerry keyboard models, you can also swipe on the keyboard like a trackpad. The KEYone goes a step further adding a fingerprint sensor to the spacebar, which still boggles my mind every time I use it (basically magic!).

I hope you enjoy the video! It's meant to be fun and entertaining and a little informative - we'll definitely do deeper dives into the KEYone's keyboard in the weeks ahead! If you do enjoy the video, I really do appreciate any Shares and Thumbs Ups you can give to the video on YouTube (that'll help re-kickstart our channel a bit), and if you're not subscribed then PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! The more people who watch them the more we'll make! Be sure to turn on notifications so you don't miss any!

To be honest, CrackBerrians are like... umm.. the COOLEST Complainers [Podcast]

Following BlackBerry's Q4 2017 Earnings Report and Conference Call, we fired up the CrackBerry Podcast machine to discuss all of the BlackBerry news that was, including the KEYone elephant in the room.

Buckle up, it's time for another CrackBerry Podcast! Going into this show (recorded live Sunday night) I wasn't expecting it to be a super fun one, but fun we had!! Continuing our series of CrackBerry 10th Anniversary Podcasts, our special guest on this episode was the incredibly talented and TALL Simon Sage. Simon's blogging in BlackBerry goes back almost ten years where he first got his start on a site called BlackBerryCool. At the end of show we reminisce about some of those early days.

We kicked things off though focusing on all the BlackBerry news of the week, including the company's Q4 2017 Earnings Report. From there we of course addressed the KEYone elephant in room regarding the timing of the KEYone's rollout. We also spent some time debating the best way to continue rolling out CrackBerry Meetups around the globe - I think we came up with a clever idea for that and I'd love to hear your feedback on it. And we covered a WHOLE bunch more than that, so you'll have to listen in.

As for the title of this episode? Well, if you listen to the entire show you're going to agree it's a fitting title. :)

I hope you enjoy the show!!

PS. We're on a pretty steady cadence now of recording the podcast on Sunday evenings. The exact time will vary but if you follow @crackberry on Twitter we'll always announce it there and you can tune in live via YouTube and participate in the Q&A. We'll then post the video replay here to CrackBerry once we have the audio cleaned up and the podcast feeds updated.

Giveaway: Win CrackBerry Kevin's Favorite Phone Accessory! [Winners announced!]

Our CrackBerry-branded Spigen Style Ring winners are posted at the bottome!

Step Right Up Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls for the Most Fantastic Phone Accessory the World Has Ever Seen.....

Not Since the BlackBerry Holster has there been such an oddly practical accessory for smartphones that will literally transform the way you use your phone day in and day out.

When I first saw the Spigen Style Ring aka "phone ring" I thought it was a freaking joke. I laughed at it. I made fun of it. And then I used one on my phone for a weekend and now it's been on all my smartphones ever since. It makes every smartphone better - BlackBerry, iPhone, Galaxy, touchscreen phones, keyboard phones, you name it. Why? Watch the video and you'll find out. I've made Style Ring believers out of literally hundreds of people the last six months without even trying. They just see me use my phone like a Ninja and realize its amazing power to transform the way you use your smartphone.

Watch the video. You'll see the logic behind it. If you have the guts to buy one, I can almost guarantee you that if you just commit to using it for 48 hours you'll be hooked after that.

If you don't have the guts to buy one, don't worry, because you can win one!!


I posted this video to my CrackBerry Kevin YouTube channel a week ago. I didn't even blog it up here on the site because I didn't want you all making fun of me and this odd looking gadget. But the video blew up on the YouTubez and is sitting at 245,000 views as I post this. That's pretty HUGE. So let's celebrate with a giveaway.

TO ENTER: Simply login to and leave a comment on this post letting me know your favorite usability aspect of the Style Ring based on watching the video

That's it. Contest is open worldwide. We have TWENTY Style Rings to give away. We'll make the deadline Sunday, April 2nd, at Midnight PST. Good luck!

Here are the winners!

  • 93Aero
  • BionicKris
  • Bryan Pitt
  • Delano Mizrahi
  • diggs007
  • diploria
  • ImOfficial007
  • jakie55
  • jamescarruthers
  • Omahahaha
  • OTCHRussell
  • Ragbert
  • redchilli88
  • Sarek1701
  • smnc
  • soapydarren
  • syclone1978
  • TheBirdDog
  • theCHIVERChance
  • tinochiko

Learn More / Buy the Spigen Style Ring

PSA: Official @BlackBerry Support Forums now closed and directing users to @CrackBerry

As BlackBerry completes its transition from smartphone manufacturer to software company, the company has officially shut down their official support forums and are now directing users to CrackBerry for BlackBerry Smartphone support.

Earlier this week I gave a heads up in the CrackBerry Forums that BlackBerry's Official Support Community forums would soon be shutting down and instead direct users to CrackBerry for support. As of today, that change has become official. All forums and threads on the support site have now been locked and each page features the message below, directing users to our CrackBerry forums.

For those of you reading this and thinking it may be crazy for a company like BlackBerry to shut down their community support forums, I'll just remind everyone that for many years -- the years when BlackBerry was the #1 Smartphone manufacturer on the planet -- they didn't have these support forums at all. I actually remember when they first launched thinking it was a bit crazy that they were even bothering since CrackBerry was already the go-to destination for everything BlackBerry support related at that time. I guess it made sense for them though, and in the end many passionate BlackBerry users did help many BlackBerry owners with their questions or issues through those forums over the years.

For all of the active members of the BlackBerry Support Community now calling CrackBerry home, let's give them a BIG welcome. And to all those BlackBerry owners out there who will find their way to CrackBerry, let's continue to give them a helping hand as we always have over the years. As much as the CrackBerry community is a place for passionate discussion and debate around BlackBerry, first and foremost our mission has always been to help BlackBerry users.

Visit CrackBerry's Forums

We're giving away 10 BBM Enterprise licenses, with a lifetime subscription!

BlackBerry is now a software company, so we're trying something a little different and awesome on the giveaway front. From the Office of the CEO of BlackBerry, we have TEN BBM Enterprise Licenses up for grabs, Free For Life!

As we continue our 10 Years of CrackBerry celebrations, the fine folks at BlackBerry have cooked up a special giveaway for CrackBerry Nation. With BlackBerry's focus now firmly on software, the prize for this giveaway is a suitable one... up for grabs are 10 BBM Enterprise licenses, with a FREE subscription for LIFE.

Here's the official word, by Neelam Sandhu from the Office of the CEO of BlackBerry:

In celebration of 10 years of CrackBerry, we are giving away 10 BBM Enterprise licenses, with a lifetime subscription.

BBM Enterprise introduces a new layer of encryption to the existing BBM security model, giving you enterprise grade encryption for BBM communications. What's more, it is cross platform so, it works on BlackBerry, Android, and iOS.

The CrackBerry community is incredibly important to BlackBerry, and we want you to be a part of our journey as we define, connect and secure the Enterprise of Things (EoT) market, with our BlackBerry Secure software.

For a chance to win, tell us what excites you most about BlackBerry's leadership of and innovations in the EoT category, in the comments section below. Take a look at John's letter to CrackBerry last month for inspiration.

The winners will be announced, by John, on Monday 10th April, right here on CrackBerry. Good luck!

Neelam Sandhu

Senior Director of Business Operations, Office of the CEO, BlackBerry

A super cool contest from BlackBerry for CrackBerry and you have to love that John Chen will make the winner's announcement post here on CrackBerry himself.

Enter to Win

As Neelam mentioned, just leave a comment to this article on what excites you most about BlackBerry's leadership of and innovations in EoT. Contest ends April 7th at Midnight Pacific, and you can look for John's announcement post on Monday, April 10th.

Good luck!

NYC KEYone Meetup Video: The New BlackBerry Hits The Big Apple!

On the evening of Wednesday, March 22nd, BlackBerry fans in the greater NYC area braved the cold wind and converged at the Up & Down club to get an early look at the BlackBerry KEYone.

We had the venue to ourselves and the turnout was fantastic, with over 200 CrackBerry fans showing up to take a few engineering samples of the KEYone for a test drive. The reactions to the KEYone continue to be fantastic. Hit play on the video above for the 90 second highlight reel.

These CrackBerry meetups are such a blast, bringing out the hardcore BlackBerry fans who are just SOOO FREAK'N PASSIONATE. It was five hours of non-stop BlackBerry talk, mixed in with some tasty food and beverages, good music and a lot of fun taking photos in front of our CrackBerry/KEYone step and repeat.

I hope to be announcing more cities soon to take our CrackBerry meetups too. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, THANK YOU NYC!!

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BlackBerry KEYone gets SIZED up [Video]

BlackBerry KEYone gets SIZED up [Video]

CrackBerry Kevin finally had a chance to take his pre-production KEYone into the studio and this first video addresses the most frequently requested topic of wanting to see how the KEYone sizes up compared to other BlackBerry phones.

In the lead up to the official unveiling of the BlackBerry KEYone, one of the hottest topics in relation to the then-codenamed "Mercury" was the actual size of the device. We even had one awesome CrackBerry member creating mockups to help us better understand how the phone would stack up next BlackBerry phones like the Priv or Classic or Passport.

With actual BlackBerry KEYone in hand, we no longer have to rely on mockups. In this video I do a quick comparison of the KEYone to other BlackBerry smartphones (and even a couple of iPhones for good measure) so you can see how the size compares. It's really interesting. When you see the KEYone in photos with nothing to relate it to, the phone looks a little tall and skinny. But as you'll see in this video, overall it's a very well-proportioned phone that feels GREAT in your hand.

Join the KEYone discussion in our CrackBerry Forums

REMINDER: CrackBerry KEYone Meetups Are Coming to Miami & NYC!

Following the success of our Barcelona and Toronto CrackBerry Meetups, we're keeping the CBK BlackBerry KEYone World Tour momentum going. We're started with CrackBerry's hometown of Winnipeg, then we're off to Miami, New York City, and more soon-to-be-announced destinations! RSVP NOW!

We're making it happen!! As we continue to celebrate 10 Years of CrackBerry and the upcoming release of the BlackBerry KEYone, we're pulling out all the stops to give as many CrackBerry fans as possible an exclusive early look at this awesome Android-powered BlackBerry before it hits stores.

We kicked off the meetup fun in Barcelona on the eve of the BlackBerry KEYone's official launch event. Then on my way home from Mobile World Congress, we pulled together an impromptu meetup in Toronto that had a FANTASTIC turnout. Following that, we had an awesome meetup in CrackBerry Kevin's hometown of Winnipeg.

Next up are MIAMI and NYC!


The CrackBerry Miami Meetup was a HUGE SUCCESS! Thanks to everyone who attended!

This event is being held the evening of Friday, March 17th at The Anderson Miami. Hit the link below for full details and to RSVP. This will be our HOTTEST meetup yet!



This event is being held the evening of Wednesday, March 22nd at Up & Down NYC located at 244 West 14th Street. We have a big turnout for this event so we had to scramble for a venue, but this location should do nicely. We'll have the venue to ourselves so it'll be a truly CRACKTASTIC event. Full details and RSVP at the link below:


Sign Up For KEYone Updates and we'll let you know if a CrackBerry KEYone Meetup is coming to your city!

I'm planning out more destinations to visit and will have updates on that soon. In the meantime, if you haven't yet be sure to sign up for our BlackBerry KEYone mailing list and fill out the fields for your LOCATION. As we take CrackBerry Meetups to more locations, we'll send out a note to each city with full details. I'd had for you to miss out on the fun and your chance to go hands-on with the KEYone.

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CrackBerry 10th Anniversary Podcast 03 - Under Promise, Over Deliver

For our third 10th Anniversary Super Special, we cover all of the topics BlackBerry fans have been pondering since the KEYone was unveiled at Mobile World Congress!

On this episode we welcome James Nieves to the CrackBerry Podcast! James is joining the CrackBerry team full time and is going to crack the whip to make sure you're never more than a week away from your latest CrackBerry podcast.

It's been a few weeks since our last show, so on this episode we play catch up and cover everything that's been happening in the world of BlackBerry, going back to the BlackBerry KEYone's official unveiling at Mobile World Congress. We talk about the press event, our crazy and amazing CrackBerry meetups (that we hope to do more of), and CBK covers some of his impressions on the KEYone now that he's been using it for a couple of weeks. We also spend some time talking about the BlackBerry Aurora. There's a LOT more than that covered in between the big topics, so if you're a BlackBerry fan you won't want to miss a second.

We hope you enjoy the show!

From the Editor's Desk: What city should we do a CrackBerry Meetup in next?!

The vibe was so awesome at our Toronto CrackBerry Meetup with so much BlackBerry KEYone love in the air that I just have to take the CrackBerry Meetup show on the road

Hello from Toronto!

I'm back on Canadian soil after what was a crazy, busy, awesome and hella fun stint in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress.

While in Barcelona we celebrated CrackBerry's 10 Year Anniversary with a meetup which included TEN CrackBerry members flown in from around the world. If you missed James Nieve's recap, you should read it - memories made for life!

Flying home from Barcelona, I'm fortunate to have with me a BlackBerry KEYone to use. As it's still a pre-final production run unit, I won't be posting any sort of full CBK-style review of it just yet (our full review will go up at the same time as other publications when that happens), but that doesn't mean in the meantime we can't have some CrackBerry fun with it.

Case in point, on Saturday evening we held a CrackBerry Meetup in Toronto where attendees had a chance to go hands-on with the KEYone. Honestly, when I put out the word on this, I thought we'd have 15-20 BlackBerry fans RSVP. Instead, we had 180 people RSVP in the first 24 hours. Considering I put out the word before having a venue booked, I had to cap the RSVP limit at 180 people - I'm pretty sure if I left it running we would have had more than double that RSVP!

The meetup was a HUGE success with a fantastic turnout. From 6pm to 12:30am it was BlackBerry fans past and present packing the venue and feeling totally at home with each other, talking BlackBerry, playing with the KEYone and having a blast.

I've been loving the KEYone these past ten days, so for me it was exciting to see so many other people also declare it AWESOME. I'll be following up with plenty of thought pieces soon going into the details of why the KEYone feels like a winner and should be your next phone.

Recovering from the meetup Sunday morning though, I only had one thought going through my head... THAT WE NEED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN AGAIN ASAP IN AS MANY PLACES AS POSSIBLE!

I'll be blunt. If the KEYone was a dud I'd be going back into CrackBerry Retirement right now. February was a blast as we celebrated 10 years of CrackBerry, but it was a big stretch for me beyond my normal work/husband/life duties.

The thing is, the KEYone rocks. And the more people I witness using it, the more I'm confident that this is a BlackBerry that's going to find a big audience of owners that love the hell out of it and put BlackBerry Smartphones back on the map. And there's nothing I'd like more than to make that happen. Which means I'm making it my personal mission to make sure I get my KEYone into into as many hands as possible in advance of its official release.

What Cities Should I Visit Next?!

So with that, I want to know.... where should CrackBerry Kevin head to next?! New York? Vancouver? South By South West is kicking off in Austin, Texas this weekend - maybe I should head there?

For efficiency's sake, North America will be the first region to tackle, but if we can make this happen together, I'll do my best to make it a CrackBerry World Tour. I met so many great people on Saturday in Toronto - I'd love to meet all of you!

So hit up the comments with where you think I should head to next. If you haven't yet, be sure to Sign up for BlackBerry KEYone updates -- and when you do, let me know what city you live in -- that'll help me plan things out!

Hope to see you soon, LITERALLY.

Kevin Out!

Don't miss out on the BlackBerry KEYone fun. Follow @crackberrykevin & @crackberry everywhere!

Another Chance to Win an IOU for a FREE BlackBerry KEYone

Hit the link at the bottom of this article to jump over to Android Central and enter for your chance to win!

Updated: April 1st: The Winner Announcement Has Been Made on Android Central. See Who Won Here!

I'm still recovering from the craziness that was Mobile World Congress 2017. It was a big show for BlackBerry Mobile, with the BlackBerry KEYone being super well received by both the press and attendees. I had dozens of conversations throughout the week with folks who had a chance to play with the KEYone and left the show being super encouraged by the overwhelmingly-postive response. This wasn't feigned excitement over a new gadget - I talked to sooo many former BlackBerry users excited to get back on a physical keyboard with a BlackBerry that didn't make them compromise on apps.

I was also excited to see that within our Mobile Nations family that MrMobile and the Android Central team were also excited for the KEYone (to the extent that they issued it one of their coveted Best of MWC awards). They all had plenty of time during the week to play with the KEYone and sharing an apartment with them in Barcelona they also witnessed my transformation as my fingers got used to typing on a physical keyboard again and I transitioned into becoming a full fledged CrackBerry Addict on the KEYone.

Given all the love the KEYone was getting, even from the broader Android community, I decided that with CrackBerry's first KEYone giveaway over that I'd offer up a second chance to win a KEYone. This time though, I posted it over on Android Central to give that audience a chance to enter. Of course, that doesn't mean if you're reading this you can't enter for a chance to win. Just hit the link below :)


Meet the KEYone at a casual CrackBerry meetup in Toronto this Saturday!

Updated: We now have a venue! The come and go meetup will be at O'Grady's on Church on the second floor.

Live in the Toronto area? BlackBerry fan past, present or future? Want to get a first look at the new BlackBerry KEYone before anybody else? Free Saturday night? If yes, Keep Reading!

I'll be flying home from Barcelona tomorrow and spending the weekend in Toronto. While I'm there -- with a few pre-final production run BlackBerry KEYone phoness in my hand courtesy of BlackBerry Mobile -- I thought it only makes sense that we pull together an impromptu CrackBerry Meetup so BlackBerry fans in the area can get an early first look at the new phone weeks before anybody else does.

If you're in the Toronto area and think you can make it, hit up the link below for more details and to RSVP via It'll be a casual come and go type affair on Saturday evening, starting around 7pm and going until we shut the place down. Speaking of venue, I haven't quite figured that out yet. We'll see how many people RSVP in the next 24 hours or so and will find a suitable venue based on that. But assume it will be downtown Toronto in a bar or lounge of some sort (so you'll need to be legal age to enter).

I'll keep this short and sweet. If you can make it, I'll see you Saturday! I am LOVING the BlackBerry KEYone and can't wait for you to give it a try too. I predict you're going to love it! :)

More Details and RSVP Here

Some Highlights from our Barcelona CrackBerry Meetup

From the Editor's Desk: KEYone Keynote

From the Editor's Desk: KEYone Keynote

HELLO from Barcelona!

If you're reading this and have been following along all month as we celebrate 10 Years of CrackBerry, you understand that it's been a crazy couple of days.

A lot has happened in the past 48 hours. The BlackBerry "Mercury" was officially unveiled as the BlackBerry KEYone, at an event I had the honor of participating in. And we celebrated our 10th anniversary in style with an awesome meetup, with 10 CrackBerry Members we surprised and flew in from around the world joining in on the festivities. I could write thousands upon thousands of words about both of these events, but instead I'm saving that for our next CrackBerry Podcast.

To keep things semi-efficient, I'll do a quick-ish brain dump of thoughts going through my head at the moment. It's after 3am here in Barcelona, and I need to get caught up on some sleep :)

And the winner of an IOU for a BlackBerry KEYone from CrackBerry Kevin is...

The time has come to announce the winner in our Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Mercury from CrackBerry Kevin giveaway

In total, we had over 12,000 BlackBerry fans enter the Win an IOU for a BlackBerry "Mercury" From CrackBerry Kevin giveaway.

Today, after recovering from a post-BlackBerry Mercury/KEYone launch party hangover, we put that list of entries into our contest winner picking machine to decide who would be the lucky recipient of the newly-christened BlackBerry KEYone.

The Best BlackBerry KEYone Video You Need to Watch

Want to get up close and personal with the BlackBerry KEYone? There is no better video on the YouTubez to watch right now than MrMobile's BlackBerry KEYone Hands On

The BlackBerry KEYone has officially been announced, which means the internet is beginning to fill up with tons of videos and first impressions of the newest BlackBerry. I suggest checking them all out and filling up CrackBerry's BlackBerry KEYone forum with your reactions.

That said, if you want to achieve BlackBerry-like efficiency of your precious review viewing minutes, the 4 minutes and 46 seconds you'll spend watching MrMobile's Hands-On of the KEYone will be time well spent. It's clearly the best hands-on video of the KEYone out there right now. Be sure to watch it!

As for CBK's video impressions, I'm not going to rush getting them up. I'll be heading home from Barcelona with a KEYone in hand so will be cranking out multiple videos between now and the time you'll be able to head out and buy one for yourself (we'll be sure to have a lot of fun killing that time together so the wait doesn't feel too long).

Enjoy the video. And if you're not yet following MrMobile, hit the links below and get on it!

Stay Social with MrMobile

You'll never guess who's hosting the BlackBerry Mercury Launch Event at #MWC17

CrackBerry Kevin to be the show host as BlackBerry Mobile officially unveils the "Mercury" to the world!

I'm incredibly excited to be able to share with everyone some fun news leading into Saturday's BlackBerry Mercury Launch Event in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.

In honor of CrackBerry turning 10 Years Old at midnight on Saturday, the team at BlackBerry Mobile thought it would be fitting for the occasion that CrackBerry Kevin take to the big stage and be the Master of Ceremonies as the "Mercury" gets officially unveiled to the world.

It's truly an honor and I'm thankful for the opportunity. I've sat in the audience at numerous BlackBerry events over the past ten years. Never once did I imagine myself being on stage to help unveil the next BlackBerry to the world.

If you're in the audience in Barcelona, I look forward to seeing you there. And to BlackBerry Fans around the globe, I hope you tune into our CrackBerry-powered livestream of the launch event as we make BlackBerry history! I would love to have your support, even from a far. You can find the link to the livestream below and we'll be firing up a live blog and chat before the event. The livestream and chat will go live shortly before 7pm CET / 1pm EST on Saturday.

Let's do this!!

Watch the BlackBerry Mobile Launch Event

Win an IOU for a BlackBerry Mercury from CrackBerry Kevin!

This is your last chance to enter our IOU for a BlackBerry Mercury giveaway. We'll be announcing the winner on Sunday, February 26th. If you haven't entered yet, do it now!

Fill out the form below for your first chance to win a BlackBerry Mercury

*/ /*-->*/

It's February 2017, which means CrackBerry turns TEN YEARS OLD this month. This wouldn't be CrackBerry and I wouldn't be CrackBerry Kevin if we didn't celebrate by giving away a chance to win the latest and greatest upcoming BlackBerry Smartphone.

That is of the course is the Android-powered BlackBerry 'Mercury' that BlackBerry Mobile will unveil later this month at Mobile World Congress.

To enter, all you need to do is fill out the form below (open worldwide). Come February 26th, the exact day of CrackBerry's 10 Anniversary, I'll announce the winner that will be selected at random from all the entries. As soon as there is availability, I'll buy one personally and ship it to you!

Last Chance to RSVP for Friday's CrackBerry Meetup in Barcelona!

We still have a room for a few more people to attend our CrackBerry Meetup on Friday evening in honor of our 10th anniversary. RSVP asap if you can make it!

All Systems Are A GO for the CrackBerry Meetup we announced earlier this month. Everybody who RSVP'd early is confirmed and in addition to Meetup attendees getting to have a CrackBerry blast on Friday night, they'll also be able to attend Saturday's BlackBerry "Mercury" Press Event in person.

When we first announced the event we didn't yet have a venue booked. We ended up getting a nice location that's going to be perfect (and the food and drinks are guaranteed to be delicious as well). The location is big enough that we can invite about ten more people into it than we currently have RSVP'd. So if you're in Barcelona tomorrow night and want to come hang out with a bunch of crazy and awesome BlackBerry fans, you're welcome to join.

Note, BlackBerry Mobile is at max capacity for their launch event on Saturday, so if you RSVP now you won't get that added bonus of attending the launch event on Saturday. That said, BBMobile's Steve Cistulli will be dropping by the meetup with a BlackBerry Mercury in hand so you'll still be among the first in the world to see it and get to hold it!

How to RSVP

Since our Community Events Coordinator, Michelle Haag, is currently on an airplane to Barcelona, we setup a quick Meetup on where you can RSVP. Hit the link below, login to, and Join and RSVP for the event. Hope to see you there!


We just surprised 10 CrackBerry members with a trip to Barcelona!

In honor of CrackBerry's 10th Anniversary and BlackBerry Mobile's "Mercury" Launch Event in Barcelona Spain at Mobile World Congress, we surprised 10 CrackBerry members with free trips to attend in person!!

If you're a regular reader of CrackBerry you know we've been bringing back the good 'ole days this month as we celebrate 10 Years of CrackBerry. Nothing screams the good 'ole days more than a new BlackBerry launch and the timing couldn't be more perfect with BlackBerry Mobile set to unveil their new Android-powered, QWERTY rocking BlackBerry "Mercury" this Saturday in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress. That same night at midnight, CrackBerry turns 10. Crazy, right?!

Our new friends at BlackBerry Mobile wanted to make sure the CrackBerry milestone would be one to remember, so they've financially supported us in pulling an Oprah Winfrey move to bring TEN hardcore CrackBerry folk to Barcelona so they could attend our CrackBerry Anniversary Meetup and be in the audience as the BlackBerry Mercury gets unveiled.

Here are the lucky members going from CrackBerry who I think were truly surprised and delighted to be contacted out of the blue: slagman5, Quizm, mainely_linux, pkcable, superfly_fr, FF22, BigBadWulf, Denise in Los Angeles, Elite1, and Shao128. We took a mix of regular members and our volunteer ambassadors and moderators.

Pretty awesome, right?! I can't wait to see everybody in person. Huge thanks go to BlackBerry Mobile for making this a reality for us. And to everybody who isn't there in person, we will be thinking about you and be celebrating in your honor. Lots of photos and videos to come! :)

Where to watch the BlackBerry Mobile MWC 2017 Press Event Livestream

This Saturday, February 25th at 1pm EST / 7pm CET, BlackBerry Mobile will unveil the newest BlackBerry Smartphone to the world. For those not attending the press event in person, you'll be able to watch the livestream right here on CrackBerry!

As we celebrate 10 Years of CrackBerry this month, we're going all out as we cover the launch of the BlackBerry "Mercury", which will be officially unveiled by BlackBerry Mobile at their Barcelona Press Event this Saturday. From what we gather, it's shaping up to be the biggest and most exciting BlackBerry event we have seen in years.

Wanting to make sure as many BlackBerry fans from around the world will be able to witness this historical moment, CrackBerry is the official community partner for the event and we will have a crew on hand to power the livestream action. In addition to watching the livestream, we'll also have a live blog and chat setup so you can participate in the fun. You'll be able to watch all the action at

Spread the word, and we'll talk to you on Saturday on the livestream!

BlackBerry Mobile MWC2017 Livestream