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BlackBerry OS autoloader files now available

Although there are still BlackBerry devices out there that have yet to receive any sort of BlackBerry OS 10.3.3 update despite it being officially available, another build is already starting to roll out. This time around, OS has been made available both officially on factory unlocked devices and through the autoloader files available from BlackBerry servers.

BlackBerry and TCL sign smartphone software and brand licensing deal

BlackBerry and TCL have now officially announced they have entered a long-term licensing agreement wherein BlackBerry will license its security software and service suite, as well as related brand assets to TCL Communication who will design, manufacture, sell and provide customer support for BlackBerry-branded mobile devices. Additionally, TCL will manage all sales and distribution and serve as a global distributor of new BlackBerry-branded mobile devices along with dedicated sales teams.

Grab a BlackBerry DTEK50 from B&H Photo for only $230

Grab a BlackBerry DTEK50 from B&H Photo for only $230

If you missed out on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals but are still looking to get a DTEK50 for a great price, you might want to consider B&H Photo. Right now, they're offering factory unlocked versions of the Android-powered BlackBerry DTEK50 for only $230 with free expedited shipping.

Amazon Prime Video now available in more than 200 countries

Amazon today announced that Amazon Prime Video is now available to customers in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Amazon Prime members in Belgium, Canada, France, India, Italy and Spain can start watching today at no additional cost to their Prime membership. Customers in the other new Prime Video territories can sign up at an introductory price of $2.99 (or €2.99) per month for the first six months, starting with a free 7-day trial.

How durable is the DTEK50? JerryRigEverything puts one to the test

For a lot of folks, the durability of their smartphone is pretty high of their hierarchy of needs and when it comes to testing such things, the JerryRigEverything channel on YouTube has you covered. Previously, Zack who runs the channel put the BlackBerry Priv through its paces and now he's back with BlackBerry's lower cost DTEK device, the DTEK50, to put it to the test.

Five things you need to know about the new BlackBerry

Five things you need to know about the new BlackBerry

With BlackBerry's announcement of their new comprehensive mobile-security platform for the Enterprise of Things, BlackBerry Secure, we're really starting to see where BlackBerry is headed with their software pivot. Despite their well laid out and shared plans, though, there's still plenty of misunderstanding and misconception about what exactly BlackBerry is doing and where they're headed as a company.

Softgames brings their HTML5 instant games to BBM

Softgames brings their HTML5 instant games to BBM in beta

With BBM Games taking off in Indonesia, it was only a matter of time before we saw a similar launch elsewhere across BBM and now if you live in North America, you can head to the Discover tab in BBM and find a new games icon. Launched in beta form, the games are powered by HTML5 game provider Softgames, and there are currently around 20 to choose from, which are all free to play.

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Trajectory

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Trajectory

If you missed out on BerryFlow Upstream last night, you can now get yourself caught up. This week, we take a look BlackBerry's new enterprise changes, what's happening in BBM, the official announcement of 10.3.3 and much, much more! You can catch the audio and video below.

BlackBerry Beta Zone now rolling out December beta for AT&T Priv

Just a little bit of a heads up for those of you out there who own an AT&T branded Priv and are taking part in the BlackBerry Beta Zone OS updates. BlackBerry has begun rolling out build AAI020 to those devices. Unlike the AAH667 build that went out earlier, this release contains the December security patch updates. Keep in mind; this is just for AT&T branded devices. Other Priv variants should be on builds AAH995 / AAH667.

BlackBerry pushes latest build of Hub+ Services out to Google Play

Although BlackBerry updated their whole suite of Android apps a few days ago, a new build of BlackBerry Hub+ Services has now started to roll out through Google Play. This time it's hard to say what has been changed in the release due to the fact the changelog notes the same 'bug fixes and performance improvements' it has for the past three or four releases.

BBM partners with Reservasi to launch BBM Travel in Indonesia

Following up on the launch of BBM Shopping, BBM has now also announced that they have partnered with Reservasi to launch BBM Travel in Indonesia. As part of the new offering, Indonesians will be able to purchase airline tickets, book hotels, have access to special deals and even pay for it all right within BBM.

BlackBerry officially announces BlackBerry 10 has passed NIAP certification with OS 10.3.3

Although BlackBerry OS 10.3.3 has been rolling out for a few days now, BlackBerry has officially announced BlackBerry 10.3.3 for Government Release, targeted at users in government and other highly-regulated industries. As highlighted in the announcement post by Ralph Pini, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager for Devices at BlackBerry, this release adds to BlackBerry's security credentials by achieving National Information Assurance Partnership certification.

BlackBerry rolling out December beta updates for DTEK50 and DTEK60

Are you taking part in the beta builds for DTEK50 and DTEK60? If so, you'll want to go ahead and check for updates as BlackBerry has now pushed out the December beta builds for both devices.

  • Build AAH990 is available now for all beta DTEK50 devices.
  • Build AAI039 is available now for all beta DTEK60 devices.

Additionally, BlackBerry has also issued their December security bulletin with a list of patches included in these releases. Also, Priv owners will notice there's no beta listed here for them and that's because the Priv update is already started to appear across carriers dependent on their deployment schedules. The build for Priv seems to be AAH995 but could vary by carrier.

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Mercury

BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Mercury

Did you miss BerryFlow live last night? If so, now is the best time to get yourself caught up. This week, there was lots to talk about with BlackBerry 10.3.3 getting released, updates to BlackBerry's Android apps across the board and what could possibly be the first images BlackBerry's last in-house QWERTY device. Settle in, we got a full cast this week!


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BBM partners with Bukalapak to launch BBM Shopping in Indonesia

As was teased not long ago, BBM has now officially announced a new partnership with Bukalapak, one of Southeast Asia's largest e-Commerce marketplace, to launch BBM Shopping in Indonesia. As highlighted in the announcement post on the BBM blog, the new offering will be powered by BBM Checkout, which, securely stores payment credentials and shipping information after the first purchase.

Following the recent launch of BBM Vouchers, we proudly announce the addition of BBM Shopping to the Discover menu.

BBM Shopping is launched in partnership with Bukalapak, one of Southeast Asia's largest e-Commerce marketplaces. Now BBM users in Indonesia will have access to millions of products, and special offers in a streamlined, mobile-friendly shopping experience with secured payment all within BBM.

Bukalapak's customers can seamlessly link their existing online account to BBM Shopping.

First time users are only required to set up their account once, without the need to re-login for subsequent usage to make payments all within the BBM environment.

Powered by BBM Checkout

BBM Shopping, like BBM Voucher and BBM Pulsa/PLN, is also powered by BBM Checkout. Built into BBM, securely stores your payment credentials and shipping information after the first purchase. You'll never have to enter the information again! Just tap to pay, and BBM Checkout will use the information on file, thus making it a fast, easy, seamless and convenient way to pay for transactions on-the-go.

Discover BBM

We're transforming BBM from a tool enabling real-time chat between two people into a sophisticated mobile platform where brands can not only interact with consumers, but ultimately drive purchases. We're also decreasing the amount of time spent at checkout with a highly efficient checkout process, which will result in higher sales conversion rate for merchants who will then experience less shopping cart abandonment.

As part of our ongoing strategy to develop new features and services to provide convenience to our users, and value to our partners, we'll soon be expanding the ability for buyers to communicate through BBM Chat with sellers in BBM Shopping, creating an engaging user experience – so stay tuned!

In the meantime, happy BBM Shopping this Christmas season!

As highlighted, this is just the first portion of BBM Shopping as further expansions are planned, which, will extend the capabilities of BBM even further. Additionally, BBM also has the official announcement of BBM Travel still to come as well.

Grab a BlackBerry DTEK50 from Amazon Canada for only $289

Before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon Canada had a nice deal going for the DTEK50 where you could pick one up for only $279 CAD. That deal quickly ran out, then the price jumped, then it came back at $289 and then it disappeared for a bit and now, it's back once again.

Could this be the first real look at BlackBerry's last in-house QWERTY device?

For months now, we've been hearing about BlackBerry's next QWERTY device and seemingly for even longer there has been purported renders of the device floating around in various forms, some possibly more accurate than others. Adding fuel to the fire is a new set of images which have now appeared on Weibo, which COULD be the first real look at the device.

BlackBerry sets up new European operations in Maidenhead

As noted earlier by BlackBerry COO Marty Beard, BlackBerry has now opened up their new European headquarters in Maidenhead. BlackBerry now occupies three floors of the Pearce Building in the town centre. Although no official announcement came from BlackBerry about the operations, Maidenhead Council did send out a press release welcoming the company.

How to enable 'Dark Theme' on the BlackBerry Launcher

Looking to switch things up on your Priv, DTEK50 or DTEK60? if so, the latest BlackBerry Launcher includes a pretty simple way to change the look of your device by way of a new 'dark theme' and it looks pretty sharp. Need to know how to enable it? It's easy, check out our quick guide as well as some screenshots of what to expect when it's changed.

City Council of Rosny-Sous-Bois selects BlackBerry's AtHoc to improve public safety and emergency response

BlackBerry's AtHoc Software Division have now announced the city council of Rosny-sous-Bois (Mairie de Rosny-sous-Bois), in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, have subscribed to three years of AtHoc Services, to automate and enhance its emergency alert and crisis communication systems.