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BlackBerry introduces new Privacy Shade app for Android

Along with the bevy of app updates to the BlackBerry Hub+ Suite, BlackBerry has now also introduced a new Android app called Privacy Shade. It's an interesting little app that allows you to selectively choose to obscure anything that is displayed on your screen so that others can't look at it.

BlackBerry Hub+ Services for Android update now available

The rest of the apps are now rolling out as well such as Hub, Calendar, Launcher, Password Keeper, Contact, Notes, Tasks and even DTEK. Additionally, the previously announced BBM improvements are now in full swing.

A little bit of an update to BlackBerry Hub+ Services is now rolling out through the Google Play Store. I say a little bit of an update because unfortunately, the changelog at this point simply highlights bug fixes as the only changes that have been made in this release.

BlackBerry hosting 'Introducing BlackBerry Secure' webcast on March 16

BlackBerry announced their comprehensive mobile-security platform for the Enterprise of Things, better known as BlackBerry Secure, back in December but if you're still wondering what it all entails, you'll want to tune into the 'Securing the Enterprise of Things: Introducing BlackBerry Secure' webcast that BlackBerry is hosting on March 16.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen congratulates BB Merah Putih on the launch of the Aurora

Now that the BlackBerry Aurora has been officially announced, BlackBerry CEO John has put out a new video congratulating BB Merah Putih on the launch. While the video itself is brief, Chen also addresses the Indonesian customers for whom the device was built, for their continuous support and loyalty.

Good morning. I apologizeI cannot be with you in person today to celebrate our partnership with BB Merah Putih. I've always recognized the importance of the Indonesian market to BlackBerry. I remember being in Jakarta in June of 2014 to launch my first BlackBerry smartphone as CEO of the company. TheBlackBerry Z3, codenamed, Jakarta, and I'm very proud of the fact that Indonesia has the largest user base of one of my favorite apps, BBM. It's with your continued support and loyalty that BlackBerry has been able to turn around and transform itself into a leading secure software company we are today.

Your commitment has not gone unnoticed. I recognize how much you love BlackBerry smartphones and of course on that, I share your feelings. I will make every effort to ensure that as part of BlackBerry's future, we continue to deliver smartphones to you. Not only would it get the state-of-the-art, industry-leading security the device will be proudly labeled, made in Indonesia. Congratulations on today's launch and thank you from me and everyone at BlackBerry. I look forward to continue to innovate and partner with Indonesia.

Additionally, the Inside BlackBerry blog has now also posted up more information surrounding the launch, with Alex thurber noting 'Today, I congratulate BB Merah Putih on the debut of their BlackBerry Aurora smartphone. Welcome to the family!', be sure to give that a read as well.

BB Merah Putih officially announces the BlackBerry Aurora for the Indonesian market

As expected, based on earlier information, BB Merah Putih has now officially announced the BlackBerry Aurora for the Indonesian market, giving it the honor of being the first BlackBerry smartphone released by BB Merah Putih under its new brand licensing agreement signed with BlackBerry Limited in September 2016.

Get a closer look at the BlackBerry Aurora in this new product video!

As we edge even closer to the official launch announcement of the BlackBerry Aurora, more content continues to appear for the device as well. This time around, we get a closer overall look by way of a new product video meant to highlight the camera.

BlackBerry Aurora to officially launch in Indonesia March 9

Although the device has been up for pre-order across several Indonesian retailers for a few days now, BB Merah Putih has yet to officially announced the BlackBerry Aurora. That will change on March 9, though, as noted by several Indonesian outlets including CNN Indonesia and MetroTVNews who have now had a chance to go hands-on with device ahead of official launch.

Grab an unlocked BlackBerry DTEK60 right now for only $460!

If you're looking to pick up a BlackBerry DTEK60 but not really feeling the Shop BlackBerry price of $500, you might be interested in taking up Daily Steals on their offer. Right now, you can pick up a BlackBerry DTEK60 through them for only $460. That's certainly not a bad deal and is currently cheaper than Amazon's offers as well. Not feeling the DTEK60? Well, Daily Steals also has the BlackBerry Priv available for $290. But Priv deals are easy to come by, the DTEK60 thus far, hasn't really been discounted often.

See the BlackBerry DTEK60 at Daily Steals See the BlackBerry Priv at Daily Steals

BlackBerry begins rollout of March Android security update

As noted by the BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team on Twitter, BlackBerry has now begun their rollout of the March Android update. Once downloaded and installed, you should see your security patch level set as 'March 5, 2017'.

BlackBerry rolls out new Hub+ beta apps for Android

BlackBerry rolls out new Hub+ beta apps for Android

Following their standard practice of rolling out new beta releases ahead of the monthly security update, new beta releases of the BlackBerry Hub+ Suite apps have now started to roll out through Google Play. As noted on the BlackBerry Beta Zone, these updates (v1.5.1.12521) are mainly bug fixes and minor adjustments and a continuation of the previous beta builds. As a reminder, here's what those beta releases brought:

Can't wait for the BlackBerry KEYone? Download these KEYone wallpapers right now!

If you simply can't wait to get your hands on a BlackBerry KEYone, you can now at least make your current BlackBerry look a little like the KEYone. Two of the most requested wallpapers from the KEYone have been posted in the CrackBerry Forums for download, and they sure do look pretty.

John Chen discusses security and the future of BlackBerry on CBS This Morning

Update from Kevin: Added YouTube embed so will be easier to watch across all devices!

Stopping by CBS This Morning, BlackBerry CEO John Chen sat down to discuss what exactly is going on with BlackBerry, their move to software and security and what the future holds for BlackBerry in the long run.

Rogers joins Bell and TELUS in offering the BlackBerry KEYone starting in April

Aside from letting it be known here in the CrackBerry comments section, Rogers has now confirmed on Twitter that they too will be offering the BlackBerry KEYone starting in April. In reality, Rogers was kind of a given to carry the KEYone anyway. They were on hand in Barcelona to do a BlackBerry KEYone hands-on plus; reps have been visiting Rogers locations showing off the device since it was officially announced.

BB Merah Putih BlackBerry Aurora official product page has gone live

With device images and press images already out there and pre-order pages having gone up across multiple Indonesian retailers, it was only a matter of time before the BB Merah Putih put the official BlackBerry Aurora product page live as well. The new site confirms pretty much everything we learned earlier about the BlackBerry Aurora, including the specs, available colors and more.

The BlackBerry KEYone will be available from Bell starting in late April

With TELUS already on the confirmed list of Canadian carriers taking on the BlackBerry KEYone, others are starting to share their plans as well. In this case, Bell Twitter support has now confirmed they will indeed be carrying the BlackBerry KEYone starting in late April.

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A passion for hardware and having strong products is key for BlackBerry Mobile

When it was announced that TCL would be licensing the BlackBerry brand to create BlackBerry Mobile, many folks were wondering what BlackBerry Mobile could do with the brand that BlackBerry could not and what the markers for success would be once things began rolling. In a new interview with TCL's Nicolas Zibell from Chris Foxx at the BBC, we finally get some answers to those questions.

BlackBerry KEYone scores plenty of awards at Mobile World Congress!

Going into Mobile World Congress 2017, we had a pretty good feeling folks would be impressed with the BlackBerry KEYone and as it turns out, that feeling was pretty spot on. As MWC2017 comes to a close, the time has come for the awards portion of the show to take place and it's fair to say the BlackBerry KEYone has been cleaning up.

BB Merah Putih built BlackBerry-branded device now has a name - BB Aurora

Following the images of the first BB Merah Putih built BlackBerry-branded device appearing, it seems as though Indonesian retailer Elevenia has outed the go to market name of the device as well. According to a small pre-order listing on their site, the device when released will be called the BlackBerry Aurora and is expected to arrive on March 3, though, we've heard a date slightly later than that but only by a few days.

Latest BBM release delivers a new look and feel, Chat API, spam reporting and more!

If you're not already on the latest release of BBM for Android and iOS, now is a great time to go ahead and get yourself updated. The latest versions available through Google Play and the App Store have gone through some significant changes there's plenty of new features and additions for you to check out.