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Hub+ update integrates Google Hangouts notifications

Hub+ update integrates Google Hangouts notifications

BlackBerry Hub+ Services was recently updated to version and in typical fashion updates for the Hub+ applications are starting to arrive for users. This update brings new functionality to the BlackBerry Hub including support for Google Hangout notifications. In addition, new messages around Quick File feature and added support for GroupWise mail out-of-office notifications have been added to the mix.

Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes by BlackBerry all have the usual 'Bug fixes and performance improvements' notes in the changelog but go ahead and grab the updates and let us know if you notice anything else within the version bump.

Users are also reporting that BlackBerry Notable and the BlackBerry Privacy Shade are starting to appear for users as part of the Hub+ Suite for non-BlackBerry devices. Your mileage may vary as there are dozens of Android devices in the market and your device may not be whitelisted as of yet. With this update, we've gone back and updated our master list of social accounts that integrate with the BlackBerry Hub.

Download BlackBerry Hub+ Services

Thanks John!

More BlackBerry KEYone news is coming your way next week!

Hot on the heels of Carphone Warehouse opening up pre-orders for the BlackBerry KEYone, Steve Cistulli, President & GM of TCL Communication (TCT) North America let it be known we should expect more KEY KEYone news next week. What it may be, we're not sure but to spark some further excitement, he tweeted out a pretty slick photo of the BlackBerry KEYone along with what we can only assume is a look at the retail packaging.

BBM News brings global and local news right into your BBM

For a lot of folks, BBM and BBM groups have always been a way to aggregate and share news and information from around the world, and with that in mind, BBM has now introduced a new feature in the Discover tab of BBM called BBM News. The service, available to users worldwide brings global and local news and entertainment stories from leading news providers around the world into BBM via the discovery platform Outbrain.

BlackBerry expands its CyberSecurity Services reach via Allied World

As BlackBerry continues to grow and expand their distribution channels, they have now announced a new agreement with Allied World Assurance Company Holdings wherein Allied World will provide its cyber policyholders with direct access to BlackBerry's cybersecurity expertise through an online self-assessment tool that will identify areas of weakness.

BBM for iOS updated with image and gallery refinements

BBM for iOS devices was updated today to version 300.0.10.38. This update introduces a new gallery mode that allows users to swipe through images shared in chats and groups. Along with this addition, backend changes to the BBM infrastructure have been implemented to help reduce spam invites. Also, users can now zoom-in to photos shared in chats.

Change Log:

  • Infrastructure features to reduce spam invites
  • Introduced gallery view allowing users to swipe through shared images in chats and group chats
  • Users can now zoom-in to photos shared in chats

These quality changes for iOS users on BBM come as a welcomed addition to the growing advancements being made by the BBM team. Last month we shared a big update to BBM that brought a new look, chatbot APIs and much more. If you haven't grabbed the latest version of BBM for your iOS devices, hit the link below.

Download BBM for iOS

Want to try Browsie Browser for free? We've got 150 free copies available

When it comes to alternative browsers available for BlackBerry 10, Browsie Browser has long been fan favorite due to the sheer amount of additional features it offers. The latest release has now arrived in BlackBerry World and to help spread the word, the developer behind Browsie Browser has sent along 150 free copies to give away. Why do you want it and what are those additional features? Glad you asked!

Inst10 for Instagram updated with new features, fixes and improvements!

Inst10 continues to be one of the top ways BlackBerry 10 users can access Instagram on BlackBerry 10 and a new update rolling out through BlackBerry World right now adds several fixes and improvements to keep the app going. This time around, the change log is short but important.

Change Log:

  • Updated: Instagram API Version
  • Improved: Authentication Flow
  • Added: Login Solver
  • Added: Account Recovery Feature

In addition to the noted fixes, improvements and new features, Nemory Studio also highlights some coming soon additions such as Instagram Stories, multiple photo uploads as well as a revamped UI. If you already have Inst10 installed, the update is available via BlackBerry World now. If you're new to Inst10 and want to give it a go, it's available for free on BlackBerry World. You'll get a free trial to the pro features and after that, if you wish to continue there is an in-app purchase for them.

Download Inst10 from BlackBerry World

The CrackBerry Forums are now prettier, faster and better than ever!

Yes, it's true. We gave the CrackBerry Forums plenty of love back in February by launching an all new design and plenty of behind the scenes and upfront improvements but that was only laying the groundwork for where we wanted to go.

Latest BBM update adds even further UI enhancements and improvements

The last BBM update to roll out through Google Play laid the groundwork for some UI enhancements and improvements but the latest release, now filtering out through Google Play, has brought even more to the mix.

Beta Zone will longer provide BlackBerry beta OS updates

Update: Added more information at the bottom in regards to how to disable diagnotics logging for those on beta OS releases currently.

Since the BlackBerry Beta Zone refresh in April 2016, the BlackBerry Beta Zone has been providing beta OS updates for BlackBerry smartphones, but as announced today, BlackBerry has decided they will no longer be offering beta OS releases. They will, however, still continue with offering up beta releases for their apps, such as BlackBerry Hub+ Suite.

Emtek Group and Ant Financial team up to launch new mobile payments platform

Emtek Group and Ant Financial have now announced a strategic partnership to launch a new mobile platform for payment and other financial services in Indonesia that will make its way to BBM.

BlackBerry awarded nearly $815M in arbitration against Qualcomm

BlackBerry today has announced a binding interim arbitration decision awarding BlackBerry $814,868,350.00 in royalty overpayments made to Qualcomm Incorporated. As noted, hearings were held in San Diego, California from February 27, 2017 to March 3, 2017 under Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services rules.

CrackBerry Podcast - Leadership and Privacy

CrackBerry Podcast - Leadership and Privacy

Looking to get caught up on the latest BlackBerry news? Make sure you check out the latest episode of the CrackBerry Podcast!

If you missed out on tuning into the CrackBerry podcast live on Sunday, you can now go ahead and check out the video or grab the audio. This week on tap for myself and Simon Sage was the news of John Chen being named Executive of the Year, what makes the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard the smartest smartphone keyboard. Plus, we dig into BlackBerry's stance on privacy in light of new FCC legislation. We kept things brief, so it's an easy listen. No Kevin rants, which, could be a plus or a minus depending on how you look at it. ;)

On-demand viewing enabled for BlackBerry Webinars

On-demand viewing enabled for BlackBerry Webinars

BlackBerry has recently opened up Webcast Central for on-demand viewing. Webcast Central is an archive of different informational webinars that BlackBerry hosts regularly. This web spot also hosts upcoming webinars so you can check it out to know what's coming next.

Right now there are about 20 webinars you can go through and watch if you want to level up your enterprise know-how and learn more about BlackBerry Enterprise solutions.

The resource is for those who want to find out more about the products and services BlackBerry offers. They cover a range of topics from AtHoc product demos to details on Samsung Knox integration with BlackBerry UEM.

BlackBerry Webcast Central

BlackBerry earns 5-Star rating in CRN's 2017 Partner Program Guide

Although BlackBerry is no stranger to winning awards and certifications for their services, it never hurts to add even more. This time around, as noted by Richard McLeod, Global Vice-President of Enterprise Software Channels at BlackBerry, via the Inside BlackBerry blog, BlackBerry has now earned a 5-Star rating in CRN's 2017 Partner Program Guide for their BlackBerry Solutions Provider Program.

John Chen: 'We make it our business not to know your business'

In the United States, new legislation signed Monday night means that soon internet service providers (ISPs) will be able to legally monitor your online activity. Previously these providers had to get customer permission in advance through an opt-in process. The new FCC internet privacy rules have some concerned as customer information under the previous administration had stricter regulations.

BlackBerry begins rollout of April Android security update

Keeping in line with their monthly security update schedule, the BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team on Twitter has now let it be known that BlackBerry has begun their rollout of the April Android update. Once downloaded and installed, you should see your security patch level set as April 1, 2017, or later.

John Chen named Executive of the Year by Ascend Canada

John Chen named Executive of the Year by Ascend Canada

Ascend Canada has announced the recipients for their 4th Annual Ascend Canada Leadership Awards. Among the five individuals recognized at the gala celebrations on April 4th, was BlackBerry CEO John Chen who took home the award for Executive of the Year.

BlackBerry Secure webinar taking place on April 6

BlackBerry Secure webinar taking place on April 6

Find out how BlackBerry is securing the connected world in a new webinar that airs tomorrow afternoon. The showcase will feature David Kleidermacher, Chief Security Officer at BlackBerry. Kleidermacher will be joined by Alex Manea and Jonathan Jackson to discuss BlackBerry Secure and what this terminology means as BlackBerry advances BlackBerry UEM (Unified endpoint management) formerly known as BES. The dialog will include strategies around collaboration and boosting mobile productivity.

BlackBerry will elaborate on the end-to-end nature of their security implementation and discuss the rich developer platforms and secure communication tools that can help elevate your business to embrace the Enterprise of Things.

The Internet of Things is transforming how we live and work. With more connected things, comes more potential vulnerabilities. BlackBerry is uniquely qualified to address this emerging market need – we secure, manage and connect the Enterprise of Things via BlackBerry Secure. Being BlackBerry Secure means enterprise-wide solutions that recognizes vulnerability wherever it lies.

Join our webinar hosted by David Kleidermacher, Chief Security Officer at BlackBerry, to find out how BlackBerry is securely connecting the world through:

  • Comprehensive unified endpoint management with industry-leading security
  • Best-in-class secure mobile productivity and collaboration for improved operations
  • Rich development platform for enhanced custom/partner app enablement
  • Secure communications infrastructure for complete end-to-end protection

    What happens when BlackBerry gobbles up your startup?

    What happens when BlackBerry gobbles up your startup?

    You work at a startup, then out of nowhere 'BlackBerry' of all companies swoops in and buys you up for $59 million in cash. You're now an enterprise developer, and your work culture has entirely shifted. But what happens next?